Undekhi (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Might of the Atwal Empire - full transcript

A new player comes in as a roadblock to the Atwal's plans of business expansion. Daman and Teji are determined to save their friends and make inroads into the family business.

- Shash! Have you lost your mind?
- Are you mad! There's somebody outside.

'Who are you?'

Who are you?
And what do you want here?

Well... I got confused.

I've lost my way.

I'm Mrs. Teji Atwal.

Oh, sorry, ma'am.
Actually, this is a restricted area.

You want to meet sir, don't you?
Please follow me.



- We're going to die here now.
- F**k!

Ma'am, Sir is calling you inside.

Oh, hello!

What a surprise!


- Leave me!
- You're still weak. Calm down...

Your wounds need to heal.
If you do this...

- Leave me!
- ...your wounds won't heal!


No one is going to harm you here.

Now calm down, and rest.

Look, please don't misunderstand.

I was just passing by
and I happened to...

- Trespass?
- Sorry?

It's normal. You want to know about
your new family's business.

Am I correct, Mrs. Teji Atwal?

I guess I've confused you enough.
I'm so sorry. Please...

- No, I'll manage, thank you.
- Please.

First of all, congratulations
for your wedding...

- ...to my college junior Daman.
- Oh, I see.

I wanted to attend your wedding,
but I had some urgent work...

...in the US, so I couldn't come.

- By the way, Samarth.
- It's lovely to meet you, Samarth.

Same here.

When I tell Daman about this
unplanned meeting...

- ...he'll be surprised too.
- I'm sure.

You're in Manali now.
So, we must plan something.

Daman and I would love that.

Yes, actually, that's a good idea.
We must.

But I have an important meeting
right now.

- Oh, of course.
- And I'm sure you wouldn't want...

...to be around for that.

- Say hi to Daman.
- Yes, I will.

And I hope I find
the right exit now.

- I'm sure you will.
- Okay.

- You're smart enough. Please come.
- I'll manage.

- Please.
- Bye.

Hey! How are you, son?

You don't have time for Papaji
these days, do you?

Mr. Atwal, don't say that.
I'm never too busy for you.

- Come. Rinku, come.
- Come.

Well, right now, we have
a production capacity...

...of delivering stuff
worth 100 million dollars.

'Because of which
security challenges are increasing.'

So, Atwal ji, any special reason
for this meeting?

'Listen to me, son.'

Whether it's the security
or the operation...

...we've worked very hard,
with a lot of dedication.

We've maintained
high standards too.

And now, this business
is expanding. Right?

So, we feel we should be partners
in this business too.

Impressive. Your plan is good.

In fact, my network is also
about to be set in Punjab.

The network in Punjab is set,
thanks to Rinku.

Our network is the best over there.

Our network there is the best.
Now, I'll tell you what.

Get us the Punjab territory,
and then you'll see...

...how we expand this business
on a larger scale.

Atwal ji.

You already know
what business we're in.

- Yes.
- And people like us need to...

- '...stay under the radar.'
- You're absolutely right.

But the mess you made in Manali
last week...

'...is known to people
far and wide.'

- You a*****e...
- 'Hold on, Atwal ji.'

Here's the petition.

The families of the film crew have
put it forth in Delhi High Court.

You know that their children
are missing. They demand an inquiry.

Moreover, one of them is a foreigner.

So now,
not just the Delhi police...

...but the foreign consulate
will also be after you.

In that case, how can irresponsible
people like you...

- ...handle such a big operation...
- Listen, you a*****e!

You're a middleman.
Behave like one.

Don't try to be the owner.

Papaji, we'll talk to the
Israelis personally. We don't need him.

'Let's go.'

He still doesn't get it, Mr. Atwal.

Even for that, you'll need me.

I'll have to call lawyers
from Delhi to save you.

Otherwise the reputation of
my company will be at stake.

So, in this situation, the best
option you have is...

...to keep a low profile.

And just be happy
with what you're getting.

You better not tell us
what we deserve.


I have a meeting, so I'm in a hurry.
Shall we?

- F**k!
- Oh, f**k! F**k!


Sal... Nothing will happen
to you.

Nothing will happen to you.
I will get help, okay? Yeah?

- F**k!
- F**k!

- F**k!
- Almost done.

Yeah, it's almost done.
Up, up, up. Listen... Yeah.

Just don't die on me, okay?
Just don't die.

I'm going to pick you up.

- Hello, Rinku.
- Yes, Muskaan.

- I saw a missed call from you.
- Yes, I'm coming to you now.

Why? Papaji spoke to your father.

Yes, he agreed when he spoke
to Papaji...

But later, he was telling mom...

'...that he won't
let me marry you at any cost.'

- Kill your family...
- No one's killing anyone, got it?

'You won't touch my family.'

I left a letter for him.
You won't call my dad. Promise me.

Okay, fine. Come soon.

Gerri! Isaac! I wasn't expecting
this call today.

Well, we weren't expecting...

...to hear about the violence
at the factory.

We have put you in charge.

You were supposed to report
any such incident to us.

I was handling it at my end,
so I didn't want to trouble you guys.

That's not it, Samarth. What is
going on with the Punjab network?

We haven't heard anything about it
since we last spoke.

I'm having to do some heavy lifting
when it comes to the Atwals.

Their people have been going around
causing bloodshed.

Son, it's not too difficult.
It's fine.

Have you seen a river?

You must find your own path.
Try and understand.

We have an agreement
with the Israelis.

Secondly, as long as their factory
is on our land...

...we will have a share.

You shouldn't have made them
partners in the first place.

They keep creating a mess
wherever they go...

...and I have to keep
cleaning it up.

Guys, I know how important
the Punjab operations are for you.

And I'll have it up and running
within no time.

Trust me on that.

But our trust
comes with an expiry date.

I'll tell you what, invite Samarth
to the wedding, okay?

Well, there's an obstacle
in the wedding also, Papaji.

- What happened now?
- You spoke to Dhaundiyal...

...now he has changed his mind.

- We've bought a lot of gold.
- Shut up! She cares only about gold!

'Look, son...'

...we can't shoot our in-laws to be.

I'll tell you what, just abduct
Muskaan and bring her over.

- We'll see what happens.
- That won't be needed, Papaji.

She's coming anyway.
She'll be here soon.

You've found someone just
like you. She's the perfect Atwal.

Okay, let's take a break. Yeah.

If you leave me, I'll die, Shash.
I'll come with you.

- No, you won't die.
- Shash... Will I die?

Nothing will happen to you.

Just don't give up. Just stay here.
I'll be back. Yeah?

The good news is that you don't
have to worry about...

...the petition for
those missing people anymore.

Because they are all dead.

And that's the bad news too.

Because of that, you've been
charged for multiple murders.

- What's your name?
- What?

Did your parents name you...

...or were you born an orphan,

- It's Madhur Arora.
- Madhur Arora ji.


There's another name in the list
of those who died. Maybe you forgot.

- Who?
- A lawyer...

...who's just about to be shot.
You rascal!

'Good, bad, ugly, m**********r!'

I know how serious a crime
murder is, kid.

I killed these people,
and I'm not going to court.

That's great.

You don't have to do anything.
I'll handle everything.

And I promise that I won't let you
go to court.

- But... it'll cost extra money.
- 'Of course.'

Rinku ji, you're in the news too.

So, I'll have to manage
the media also.

- It's a family matter...
- F*****g b*****d...

- Papaji...
- He wants money!

Who do you think you are,

Don't get angry. He'll do it.
Won't you?

- Of course.
- Get lost, a*****e!

Yes, tell me, Lucky.
Did you find them?

No, paaji, they escaped through
the jungle.

But Babban and his men
are after them. They'll find them.

- Anyway, the b***h has been shot.
- Great.

Listen, if Saloni is shot,
they can't go very far.

Tell Babban that they shouldn't
get away. Kill the m***********s.

Veerji? What are you doing here?
Come out.

Well, there was a legal meeting
regarding Papaji's pending cases.

Take Parjaiji out
and show her around Manali.

- You'll be stressed for no reason.
- Stress?

You care so much about me
that you got me out of the room.

I really don't know
how you do it.

Seriously, it's an art.

Dad is dealing with lawyers
regarding the murders there.

Nothing will change.
No, there's no way to stop them.

I want to show you something
even more shocking.

So, I went to Azra Esher.

I met Samarth and got to know that Rinku
and Papaji run an illegal drug operation...

'...under this pharma company.'

Don't tell me.

And right now, to make their hold
on the business stronger...

...their eyes are on
Punjab territory.

But Samarth is blocking them.

He seemed like such a nice guy.

If you trust anyone here...

...the next day,
he turns out to be a criminal.

True, but to stop Rinku and Papaji...

...a criminal like Samarth
can help us.

But before that, we have to find
Saloni and Shashwat, Daman.


Mister. Excuse me.
I need your help.

My friend is in
a very bad condition.

She has lost a lot of blood.
Please help me.

What happened to her?

Some goons are after us, sir.
They shot at us...

...and she has lost a lot of blood.
Please come with me, sir.

I'll tell you what, come inside.
Close the door.

I know who you are.

Rinku paaji's men
came to the village.

There's a reward on you both.

If someone sees you, they'll take
you straight to Rinku paaji.

For the reward.

Take the reward money from me,
but please help me.

Well, I'm not greedy
for the reward.

But you see, the treatment
increases the risk.

The expense will be high.

Take this.

This is just a token.
We treat a common flu at this price.

Take this.

'Keep this too. You can perform
a bypass surgery at this price.'

Can we go now?

Mister, I'm running out of time.
Please come with me.

I'll pay you more.

I'll bring my equipment. Okay?

You go ahead, and meet me
with your friend.

Give me your number.
I'll send you a location.

- Sir, I don't have a phone.
- Oh, no.

Take this. I have two numbers.

Calm down.

Guru ji.
Forgive me for calling you.

'I've given her the medicines,
but her fever won't come down.'

She's been blabbering in Bengali.

"I'll kill him."

'I don't know
who she wants to kill.'

Sometimes I wonder,
if I hadn't met her...

...she'd have been dead by now.

Is this coincidence, Guru ji?

Me being there, and seeing her.


Coincidence itself is God's sign.

Maybe you'll be able to
atone for your past sins...

...by helping her.

It's here! It's here!

Saloni, stay awake!

Since Rinku told me
you're going to come...

...we both got excited.

We've been busy with
making arrangements.

I'm glad you ran away, dear.

I'm sorry, I had to come
without informing.

Hey, this is your home too, dear.

You were supposed to come here
sooner or later. It doesn't matter.

- Go, meet Rinku.
- Okay.


Tell me.

Papaji and I have decided to forget
whatever happened at the factory...

...and start anew.

But what happened at the factory?
I don't even remember.

I hope Papaji and your temperament
has gotten normal.

Our temperament is always high.

'And there's nothing we can do
about that.'

Anyway, I called to invite you
to my wedding.

- Oh, that's great news.
- Hold on.

But I can't promise.

'You see, I have a lot of work.'

Still, I'll try my best.

Papaji will wait for you. If you
don't come, he'll be heartbroken.

F*****g d**k.

Bloody d******d.

Muskaan, give me my phone!

I have a lot of work,
don't do this to me.

- Muskaan.
- I'm not scared of you.


Now tell me, why are we marrying
in haste?

Listen, silly, the situation here
isn't good.

It's affecting the business.

Papaji thinks things will get better
if we marry.

A deal in Punjab is stuck.
If it gets through...

I see. So, I'm a deal maker.
Okay, fine.

I need my share then.


You have a six-feet tall young man.
Is that not enough?

I'll get you the whole of Punjab,
and in return I only get you?

What are you going to do
without me?

I'll marry someone else.
There are many others.

I'll kill them all.
You know me, don't you?

You belong to Rinku.
Remember that.

That's what I wanted to hear from you.
Fine, I'll give you Punjab.

Let's go.

- What?
- Nothing. Shall we?


See, I know we have found
nothing so far.

'And you said you heard...'

...Rinku saying
that Saloni was shot.

So it makes total sense that they
must have gone to a clinic.

Yes, Teji, but for how long?
I mean, let's face it.

Maybe we'll find nothing.

But there are high chances
for Rinku to find out...

...that we're
looking for Shashwat and Saloni.

'And then we're royally f****d.'

Come on.

Put this in. Calm down.

'Hold her hands.'

'She'll survive.'

Bhaiji, if it hurts too much,
give her these medicines.

- Okay.
- Get rest now.

'I'll come to check on you
three days later.'

Thank you, Doctor.
You okay?

You do have a point.

- You should get a share.
- What do you mean?

I mean, you have become the queen
of this house already.

Show me your henna.

Take care of it.

Oh, my God!

You think I'm smart enough
to handle your business?

- Do you know how to shoot?
- Yes.

I'm sure you can handle
the business too.

What the f**k is it now?

- What?
- 'Paaji, they escaped.'


This is like looking for a needle
in a haystack.

This is the last one, I promise.

- Namaste.
- Namaste.


Do you know her? She's a friend.
She's hurt.

If she came to your clinic
or a clinic nearby, please tell us.

I'm sorry, sir. Our small village
is far from the city.

Please look carefully again.

Ma'am, if I had seen her,
I'd have told you.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. Thank you.

Sir, your car is nice. We don't get
to see such cars in the village.

Can I take a picture?
My son will be happy.

- Okay.
- Sir, please. Owner is also okay.

This is great.

- Papaji.
- Here he is.

- He's come.
- We've decided, dear.

Your engagement is tomorrow.

- Is something wrong, dear?
- No, Papaji.

'What happened to him?
This isn't done.'

'What's the matter, dear?'

- Nothing.
- Why are you sulking then?

You should be happy that my son
is a busy man.

It's a happy occasion.
Have a small drink.

Everyone isn't like you.

We just drink a bit at night.

Muskaan, come and choose
your engagement ring, dear.

- Come, there's a diamond one.
- Hey, now I understand...

...why my bottle is empty
at midnight.

- Come on, hurry up, let's go.
- Yes.

Silly woman.

See, Daman, if we can find them,
that's great.

But even if we don't find them,
we have to do something, right?

On our own.

They don't deserve to die.
In fact, nobody does.

Rinku and Papaji don't trust you.

I still have a chance.
I can enter their business circle.

What are you looking at me for?

I may have underestimated you.

Everyone does, and that's why
I'm perfect for this.

I'm a good boy, you see.

They can never imagine that I could
ever plan to stop them.

Will it work, good boy?

There's only one way to find out.

- Was she alone over there?
- Yes, paaji.

She was alone at first,
but when I went close...

...the boy came from behind, paaji.

Oh! Then why didn't you shoot
the m************s?

I would have, paaji,
but the guy didn't give me a chance.

He ambushed me from behind.

You should have let him f**k you
from the behind too.

No, paaji, that's not...


Shash? Shashwat!