Undekhi (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Needle in a Haystack - full transcript

Ghosh gives Teji a hint which might help her bring down the Atwals. Lucky finds himself in a pickle, when his targets make a run for their lives and escape.


Start speaking, you b*****d.
Where is she?

Paaji, how would I know?
I'm here with you.

If Rinku paaji comes here,
he's going to kill you.

Tell me if the girl
is alive or dead.

She must be dead, paaji.

The ambulance fell down the cliff.

I jumped out on time.

And the woman who was with you,
driving the ambulance...

...who was she?

Paaji, you're confused.

I was driving the ambulance...

...and the girl was lying behind.

- Really?
- Yes.

You want to be a hero?

- You want to be a hero?
- No, paaji...

Beat him up.

Where's my phone?

Stop. Stop!

Yes, paaji.

Ask our men to follow
the film crew.

The b******s should not get away.

- Did Timma speak?
- He will.

We are beating the s**t
out of him.

beating him up won't help.'

Do something and find out
who the woman with him was.

Okay, paaji.

Listen, get out of here
and find the film crew.

I'll handle him.

Look, Timma, tell the truth.

Was there anybody else in the car
other than you and the dancer?

- No, paaji.
- No?

- No.
- M**********r...

You won't tell me, will you? Huh?

- No, paaji.
- Tell me, b*****d.

Why are you trying to save her?

How did the constable meet
with an accident?

Tell me, b*****d. Speak!

The Bengali Inspector...

...gave me the number
of the ambulance driver.

- 'I have some good news.'
-'What is it?'

We got rid of the film crew
on the highway.

'Well done.'

'Shera has taken care
of their car too.'

Then who is going to shoot
the video for your wedding?

Shut up.

You always speak rubbish.

Are all of them dead?

No, Papaji...

...Parjaiji's friend Saloni...

...and their friend, a f*****g
news reporter are still alive.

Shera will finish them off.

'That's okay.
They were a pain in the a**.'

Now get married to Muskaan,
handle the business and let me retire.

You cannot refuse
your Papaji, dear.

'We really
like Muskaan.'

- Isn't it, Parjaiji?
- Yes.

Just get married quickly.

I will.

But Papaji,
you're not getting any time off.

This family and this business...

...cannot run without you.

Son, relax...

...I'm not going anywhere.
I'll be right here...

...but you will handle everything.

I'm sure it's Muskaan. Isn't it?

- Yes, excuse me.
- No problem.

Tell her
I'll call her father tomorrow.

- 'Okay, I'll tell her.'
- Okay.

Have some patience.

What do you mean?

I have to call you secretly...

'...and you don't
even respond to my messages.'

Why did you escape with your dad

It wasn't my choice.

Dad got himself transferred
so that I don't run away with you.

Listen, your dad is an a*****e...

...and he knows it too.

I can come take you away
right now...

'...but the Atwals don't
marry without a celebration.'

Papaji will call your dad.

Ask him to be prepared.

Listen, Rinku, I...


...you will find a bus to Chandigarh
from here.

You'll get a bus to Chandigarh
a little ahead from here.

- Chandigarh?
- Thank you.

Why Chandigarh?
What about our friends?

Shash, they're lying dead there...

- ...where... Shash, listen...
- I know, Saloni. I know.

Alice is also there.

We are not going to Chandigarh.

If we want to make it to Delhi alive,
we need protection.

I know a guy,
he's a big political strategist...

...I just need to give him a call.

Now let's find a phone booth.

Sir, can I make a call?

- Hello? Who is it?
- Mr. Khandelwal, this is Shashwat.

Hello, Shashwat, how are you?
It's been long.

Mr. Khandelwal, I'm in trouble.

My friend and I
are stuck in Himachal...

...and powerful locals are after us.
I really need your help.

I hope you're not involved
in the Atwal case.

- Unfortunately, yes.
- Oh.

Then sorry, boss.
Messing with Rinku Atwal...

'...will be a huge risk
for me.'

Mr. Khandelwal, your memory weakens
as soon as the elections are over.

'That's fine.
I'll remind you.'

The EVM scam that happened
in the last election...

...I was the one who stopped
the story.

Now you decide
if you want to help me...

...or with a few clicks,
you'll be on the prime time news.

'I said
it was risky...'

...but I never said I won't take
the risk.

You always assume before listening
to the whole story.

Why don't you stay right there
for five minutes?

I have someone in Manali...

...he will call you back
on the same number.

Don't get upset, bro.

What did he say?

He's arranging something.
F*****g d**k!

Hey. What happened?

Did someone say something to you?

Daman, stop these guys...

...they're killing everyone
one by one.

What do you mean?

Rinku was telling Papaji
that he got Saloni's entire team...

...killed on the highway.

What do you mean?

It seems, Saloni and Shashwat
have managed to escape...

...but for how long?

They're doing all of this
to hide a murder.

I'm so sick of my family.
That's why I said let's leave.

We still have time,
let's go to the US.

- Daman, you know I can't.
- Why?

I can't forget what happened
to my dad.

These guys threatened to kill him.

I won't go anywhere without
putting them in their place, Daman.

Listen, Saloni and Shashwat
are still alive...

...and they are the prime witnesses
in Rishi's murder.

Once we find them, we can easily
control Rinku and Papaji.

Teji, are you out
of your goddamn mind?


With or without you...
I will fight back.

Hello, Mr. Ghosh. Can we meet?


- Hello?
- Hello, Shashwat.

Mr. Khandelwal gave me your number.

- He said you were in trouble.
- We are stuck in a village here...

...and some really dangerous people
are behind us.

I really need your help,
we are running out of time.

Relax. I've got you.

You'll first be brought
to a safe place...

...and then
we'll take you to Delhi.

- Works for you?
- Yeah.

We are in a village called Naggar.

- The telephone booth here...
- I know your location.

- Look ahead, you'll find an SUV.
- SUV...

- There it is.
- Yeah. Those are my men.

Okay, thank you so much.
I'll see you in a bit.

Let's go.

F*****g b*****d,
I haven't told Rinku paaji...

...about how you masturbate
to Muskaan's pictures.

Imagine what he is going
to do to you.

You love the girl who paaji
is getting married to?

Your luck is so f****d up.

it's better if you shoot me...

...because I can't live
without Muskaan.

Rinku paaji snatched everything
from me.

He does this to everyone.

He takes away what is precious
to them.

Didn't he do that with you too?

He got Lovely paaji killed,
didn't he?

And you're breaking my bones
for him?

Don't you feel angry with him?

No, paaji.

Run away.

Get up. Up!

Get out of here.

And listen...

...from now on, you're dead.

And if I see you again, Timma...


...I will chop you to pieces.


Lucky, did Timma say something?

Yes, Timma said that he was
the one driving.

And the dancer drowned,
and she died.

It's confirmed.

'What did you do
with Timma?'

- I killed him, paaji.
- 'Good.'

Well done.

Once our operations starts
in Punjab...

'...you will handle
Azra Esher.'

Thank you, paaji.

So that's it?

You're abandoning everything
and leaving?

What can I do?

Teji madam, you tell me.

I was ready.

I would have stayed back
to look for Koyal's body.

But the department
has declared her dead.

I've been ordered to leave now...


- I'm extremely sorry, madam.
- Sorry?

What about me? Saloni? Shashwat?

We all are in danger, Mr. Ghosh.

You might get out of this...

...but if Rinku finds out
that I helped you...

...I'm dead.

I completely understand
your disappointment.

Trust me, I'm disappointed too.
Very disappointed.

But I know you won't give up
on this fight.

So I have something for you...

...before I leave.

Migraine tablets?
Are you serious, DSP?

This medicine can kill
the virus called Atwal...

...in a single shot.

Also, keep this.
My Manali number...

...Rinku won't be able to trace it.

When you need my help...

...call from this number.

And remember...

...this is the vaccine...

...to all of your problems.

My car must be here,
I should leave.

We'll meet again.



He has asked you to wait here,
Samarth sir will be here soon.

- Thank you.
- Have a seat.

Azra Esher.

Sounds familiar,
where have I heard this?

Azra Esher.

This place is damn shady.

Come, Rinku paaji.

You're so predictable.

I knew you would come to see me.

And I found out...

...that Bengal's DSP is leaving
everything behind...

...and going away from Manali.

So I had to come see you
one last time.

Mr. Rinku. A fun fact.

The people of Bengal meet new
people in new cities...

...and when they bid goodbye...

...they say abar dekha hobe.

It means, see you again.

And I'm making sure that
I see you again.

DSP saab, what I think is,
if you had to do something...

...you would have done it by now.

I feel sorry about how
I couldn't kill the girl myself.

That's all right.

You said you'll see me again,
so be my guest...

...I'll give you the best room
at the resort.

Thank you.

For now, you will have to move
your car with tattoos.

- They're stickers. I'll move it.
- Please.

Mr. Rinku.

One last piece of advice.

I still believe you should keep up
promises in your business.

You're not a man of your word.

One day soon it will be too late.
Be careful.

Come on, let's go.

Shove your advice up your a**.

These are Papaji's partners,
Gerri and Isaac...

...they own this company.

Why are you looking them up?


I'm going to use the restroom.

Shash, it's Lucky.

That Samarth just sold us out.
Come on, get up.

- Where are they?
- Bhai, they were here.

Where the f**k are they?

Lucky paaji, they were right here.
They were eating a sandwich.

Shove the sandwich up your a**.

They must have gotten out of there,
Lucky paaji.

Come on. Open it up.


Get moving. Check every shed.

What are we supposed to do now,
Shash? What do we...

One second.

We checked everywhere,
we didn't find them.

Check the factory again.
And listen...

...they shouldn't escape. Go.

For how long will you hide?

Show yourselves, I'm warning you!

I'll show you mercy
while killing you.

- It's gonna be okay.
- Shashwat, f**k!

It's gonna be okay.

Oh, no... F**k.


- We are locked. F**k.
- F**k.

Have they disappeared into thin air?

Now what am I going to tell him?

What happened?

Paaji, the two of them
are not here.

We searched every nook and corner...

...we didn't find them.

I think Samarth is f*****g with us.

Are you f*****g sure?

As far as I know...

...Atwal group was made a partner
to handle Azra Esher's security.

Listen, you may all leave.
Come on.

At least, this is the arrangement
on paper.

But I don't see that happening
on ground.

You asked me for the boy
and girl and I gifted them to you.

But you couldn't even handle
that right.

Tell me something, Rinku...

...is it my responsibility
to catch such rats for you?

No, right?
I was just doing you a favour.

Thank you for your help, Samarth.

But you know what?
My men can handle this mess.

You focus on expanding business
in Punjab.

We shouldn't have a problem with that.
What say, Lucky?

See, Rinku,
I know how to do my job...

...and trust me,
business is in safe hands.

But I have an advice for you.

Clean the mess that you created...

...and then you can think
about Punjab.

And one more thing.
Try and avoid jail.

Because that will tarnish
Azra Esher's image.

And such mistakes are called
weakness in our business.

And nobody likes weak people.

Take care, my friend.

He's going to get shot in his a**.

Lucky, find those two first.

Please have some medicine.

Please don't be afraid,
you're safe here.

Please have this.

Drink this, it'll reduce your pain.

Give it some time
and you will heal.

Your name is Koyal, right?

What happened to you?

That amateur thinks he owns
Azra Esher?

He thinks we were smoking weed
all this while?

Well, don't you worry...

...once our job is done,
we'll deal with him our way.

'Focus on your marriage.'

No, Papaji, I can get married

I want Punjab right now.

All right, I'll meet Samarth.

Get ready, I'm coming
to pick you up.

Listen, I need to talk to you
about something.

I don't have the time,
I've to go somewhere with Rinku.

You're always talking about Rinku.

Do I and my son
matter to you or not?

- "Rinku did this, Rinku did that."
- Shut up.

Your head is clouded with gas.

Drink some soda along with beer
and you will be fine.

I got your son married. Do you want
me to help him have children now?

Don't talk rubbish.

Shut up. The problems at home
seem never-ending.

What are you doing, Shash?

Oh, yes...

...my channel did a story on
Azra Esher a few months ago.

Rumours are that they manufacture
illegal drugs...

...and sell them as medicines.

After that, they stopped
advertising on our channel and...

...things cooled down. As usual.

So what do we have to do with that?

- Did you hear that?
- Hear what?

Shash! Shash!

There's someone...

Shash, have you lost your mind?
Are you suicidal?

- There's somebody outside.
- No, don't.

Who are you?