Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Un acte de naissance - full transcript

Go on.

Get lost!

Go and find Uncle Anselme.

Go on.


It's me. It's Marcel.

It's Marcel.

I can't see.


Don't move.

So you're the doctor now?

War brings miracles.

What happened?

They took me because...

I was hiding a Jew.


the Maquis.

I know where they are.

I spent 6 days there.

How can I not talk?


Give me this kiss,

a guarantee of our love.

I'm unsure I should.

Cease your diversions.

It's better if I hold your face.
It's more natural.

What about the shoulders?


Give me this kiss,
a guarantee of our love.

I'm unsure I should.

After the war,
we'll put the play on for real.

In a real theatre.

You'll be a great Ariana.

Now we're helping the Resistance.

Marie is a great leader,
but she's not an actress.

Whereas you...

- You don't mind?
- No, no.


Give me this kiss,
a guarantee of our love.

I'm unsure I should.

No, hold her shoulders,

not her face.

Yes, but

the face is more intense.

But then we know
they're going to kiss.

We have to surprise

the audience.
Try it again without the words.

Much better.

Again, from the top.

Give me this kiss,
a guarantee of our love.

- I'm unsure I should.
- May I speak to the star?

Which one?


Go ahead.

We need to work
on the sentries' moves.

No more than half an hour.


I saw Jeannine.

- If you're still interested.
- And?

And, 200,000 francs.

She wants us to do the sabotage.

She'll give us
the guards' schedule and a map.

You did very well.

- I told you.
- I need to send Larcher the money.

I'll send someone.
Was there anything else?

What are you doing with the kid?

I always wanted to try it.

- He's 20.
- 21.

He's crazy about you.

So what? I don't get it,
are you his nanny now?


But I'm his only family.

And I'm a bad match?

Too old, too dry, too what?

It's horrible.
Tequiero will never eat this.

He's asleep.
He who sleeps forgets his hunger.

You go. Say Daniel's not here
and take the patient's name.

And write legibly for a change.

So you're the doctor now?

Gustave, who is it?

Answer her.

Your German friend.

You can say "Boche".

- Go and play.
- I don't want to play.

Do as your aunt says, please.

- What do you want?
- To apologise.


The great Heinrich Müller?

Maybe you'll lose the war
after all.

Look, Hortense,

I've been unfair, blind, selfish.

Yes. That's what I always
loved about you.

Are you sorry for that, too?

I know you did what you did
to help me.

- But you should have told me.
- With you, that was impossible.

I want you to move back in with me.

- No.
- What?

I've got two kids to look after.
I don't know where Daniel is.

You can stay for dinner,
but you must do the shopping.

Very well.

Keep me posted.

Got a migraine?

- From struggling with idiots.
- I'll massage you.

That's good.

- Do you love me?
- More than that.

- What's more than loving?
- Adoring.

That's not more than loving.

Know what Servier said?

The bosses who give money
to the Resistance.

We're about to pull off
something big.

We've infiltrated the guys
who collect the money.

Galbier, remember him?


He gathers the money
and does the accounts.

We'll soon have a list of everyone
bankrolling the Resistance.

We'll really put them
through the mill.

A little more gently, Jeannine.

- Sorry.
- Thanks.

At the foot of our ramparts,
I watch the horizon.

It is filled with barbarians
hostile to our garrison.

- Where is she? We said 30 minutes.
- I'll fetch her.

They went towards the forest.

Stop more in the middle.

By the way,
since you haven't asked,

Gustave is safe with Hortense.

How is he?

He was doing fine.


before Sarah was arrested.

Does he ask about me?

Not since last year.

He hasn't seen you for two years.

When I think you spent a month

10 km from him, without
phoning or going to see him.

You're terrible.

We're both

beaten up, broken, exhausted,

about to be shot or guillotined,

and you still give me lessons
on fatherhood.

I'm not giving you lessons.

Frankly, you're in no position.

Why do you say that?

Alberto Rodriguez.

A Spanish republican.
He told me everything.

How you lied to his face,

saying you didn't know.

How your wife and Marchetti

falsely accused him
to drive him away.

He couldn't have
brought up Tequiero.

Big deal.

Is that your justification?

After the war, if...

by some miracle we survive,
I'll go and see him.

We'll find a solution.

He was shot yesterday.

Daniel Larcher.

- Yes?
- Interrogation.

Be brave.



- Hello.
- Hello.

- I'm looking for Martin. Is he in?
- Martin.

- Martin?
- Maybe.

- I'm here on Raymond's behalf.
- I don't know any Raymond.

Raymond Schwartz.

- Doesn't ring any bells.
- The Schwartz woodmill.

- You don't know it?
- No. Sorry, I'm busy.

- I've an urgent message for him.
- As I said, I'm busy.

- And I don't know him.
- It's a matter of life and death.

Go away.

Look, I'm taking a big risk
by coming here.

Go away, for your sake

- and for mine.
- There's a traitor among you.

Galbier, a redhead, is compromising
people who help the Resistance.

- How do you know?
- I'm Philippe Chassagne's wife.

Galbier. Will you remember that?

Be like lead soldiers,
but ones that move.

- Lead or moving?
- Both. Ready? One, two.

One, two. Come towards me.

One, two. One, two. One, two.

right turn, and continue.

All the way.
Stop reading, be a sentry.

That's good.

Where's Marie?

I don't know.
I couldn't find her.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

You're a pain.

- I'm fine.
- I can tell you're not.

Leave me alone.

That's good, guys.

About time.
Half an hour?

We had things to sort out
with Schwartz.

- Sorry.
- Let's go again.

Antoine, in your place.

- Sorry.
- He's sulking.

He'll get over it.
Cue the sentries.

About turn.

And off you go. That's good.

What now?

I've got an idea.

On my command, forward


Halt. Right turn.

Forward march!


Right turn.


What are you playing at?

- That's what we have to do.
- What?

For Armistice Day.
A parade!

A real parade.
On the streets of Villeneuve.

- What?
- We have the men

and the guns.
We'll find the uniforms.

We'll find the trucks.
We'll get organised...

Very organised. And we'll march.

On the main road.
With our heads held high.

Singing "La Marseillaise".

We'll put flowers
on the war memorial.

- And the Germans?
- We'll distract them.

- And the French cops?
- We'll neutralise them.

- With a magic wand?
- No.

With your friend,
Jean-Louis the Catholic.

He's a cop, he'll help us.

It's ridiculous and infantile.


We'll find them.
We'll make them, like the guns.

We have men trained to parade,

Raymond's trucks
to transport them, and most of all,

we want to show them who we are:

rebels who have chosen free France.
Free, dammit!

Free to parade

to celebrate yesterday's victory
and tomorrow's victory.

Free to show that we are men,



Imagine it.

The people of Villeneuve.

Your parents.

Your brothers, your sisters.

Seeing us march in line.

The Maquis army.

Hearing us sing "La Marseillaise".

They'll see that liberation
is at hand.

The Movement won't be part
of such nonsense.

We'll do it without you.

Tell him it's madness.

It's madness.

But dammit,

it would look great!

It's unfeasible.

- Difficult, but not unfeasible.
- Anselme!

We have to show
we're not terrorists.

Can you imagine the repression
if we did that?

I can imagine the impact
if we do it.

The whole country will know.

And beyond.

I'm in.

Well? Is the United Resistance
Movement convinced?

It's irresponsible, pointless.
I'll oppose it.

It won't be enough.

And the play?

We can't do both.

The play?

You can perform it

to celebrate the liberation.

Can you try to eat more quietly?

Does noise bother you?

It depends on the noise.

I like music,

I like the sound
of the rain on the roof.

But I don't like to hear you
inhaling your soup.

With my parents,

we always ate like that.
It made Mum laugh.

Try to make less noise.

Yes, Aunty.

Do you know where my father is?

Yes, in prison.

- Did he do something wrong?
- Stop it!

No. Why?

It's war, Gustave.

There's no right or wrong.

Just people fighting.

Your father is fighting us.

He kills our soldiers.
So we arrested him.

- Will you kill him?
- Don't answer.

Your father is a combatant, like me.

He's fighting for his ideas.

I respect him.

You haven't said
if you're going to kill him.


I didn't talk.
I didn't talk.

But they know I know
where the Maquis is.

There's a brutish guy, Schneider,

from the SD.

I know him.


You have to help me to die.

I can't.

I can't.

Would you do it for me?

- It's unfeasible.
- Let him finish.

We tell the Boches on 11 November
that Moissey police station

- has been attacked.
- We don't want any attacks.

I didn't say we'd attack.
I said we'd tell the Boches that.

You want to smoke out the Boches?


This is Superintendent Bertrand."

"The Resistance is attacking us!
We have wounded!"

"We can hear gunfire.
Come quickly!"

He's good.


But the Boches hang up,
call Moissey to check,

- and it's over.
- No, we'll have cut

the telephone lines.

- Cut the lines?
- There are 4 cables to cut.

- I know exactly where they are.
- How?

The phone masts are made
by Schwartz.

I know the layout of the lines.

Long live collaboration!

4 capable men, some decent saws,

and Villeneuve is cut off from
Moissey. They call, no answer.

They think Moissey is under attack.

Hold on.

That won't work.
Where will you call from?

From anywhere.

No. If you call manually, the
operator will say where you are.

Then we'll call automatically.

Dream on.

Only the Boches and the police
have automated dialling.

Then we'll call
from Villeneuve police station.

The police station?

Don't you know someone there
who could help?

Maybe one, yes.

OK. Say you find uniforms, trucks
and some idiots to follow you.

- Like him.
- At 11, you cut the lines.

At 11.30, the guy calls for help.

The Boches go to Moissey.
They'll leave men here.

- How many?
- I don't know.

There are 30 at the barracks.
At least 5 or 6.


If the officers believe it,
they'll go to Moissey.

So what's the problem?

When they see 100
armed Resistance turn up,

they'll hide under their beds.


First they'll call the officers
by radio.

- We'll have cut the lines.
- The telephone,

not the radio.
They'll call the cavalry.

We have to get out immediately
or we're done for.

- We arrive and then we leave.
- Yes.

Sorry, kid.
I almost believed in it.


Where is the radio station?

At the school. Why?

- What radio station?
- It's at the school.

The school is big,
especially on the German side.

We're not allowed in there.

- Bériot said he went there often.
- He's in Lyon, or he'd be here.

- When's he due back?
- I don't know.

In two days' time.

Is Bériot's wife around?


She goes to the German side.
She'd know where the station is.

- Maybe, but...
- But what?

- We don't get on.
- Find a way.

- Find another solution.
- On 11 November, around noon,

we're going to pull off
something big.

We're risking our lives.
Can we count on you?

Of course.

We're depending on you
sabotaging the radio station.

It's full of Germans.

- How will we do it?
- The Boches will be elsewhere.

And if it doesn't work?

We'll wait for your signal.

I'm going home.


We can't make love here.

Why not?
The children are asleep.

How do you know that?

Tequiero is out cold,
and Gustave's room is miles away.

And if your husband comes back?

You're scared of him now?

Scared? No.

But I don't want him to come back.

We're in his house, after all.

You're a strange mix.

You follow no rules,
then suddenly there's a limit.

Recently I've seen death close up.

Death is a limit, you know.

You're cheerful company.

It's not me, it's the times.

Maybe it's the morphine.

I'm going to take some.

Then I'll come back.

What are you waiting for?


Ah, Ludwig.


I'm on my way.

I think you've missed
your opportunity.

You must learn
to seize your chances.


I've news of your husband.
It's not good.

What are you eating?

Chestnut purée.

- It's not bad.
- Antoine saw us.

Now he's planning
something stupid.

The parade?

- I think it's funny.
- If it fails, it'll be a massacre.

If not, the Boches
will have a field day.

You find that funny?

- Yes.
- It's not a game, you know?

You played with him.

He's playing with his soldiers.

And we played together.

You're a pain.

So are you.

I hate you.

He needs trucks.

I know.

- Will you give them to him?
- Yes.


Because it's funny.

One, two.
Don't look at your feet.

One, two... Stop.
You're not together.

- It's hard.
- You had it in rehearsals.

- We were in ranks of two.
- The play's different.

Put the taller ones behind.

Fall in with the step
of the one in front.

Let's try marching.

- Pass me the gun.
- Hurry up.


forward march!
One, two, one, two...

One, two, one, two.


Do like you did at rehearsals.

- It's not complicated.
- Yes, it is.

Maybe we should ask Claude.

You sort it out.

I'm sorry about the play.
You can put it on later.

- You're manipulating people.
- Not at all.

First you wanted to act with Marie,
and screwed everything up.

- You could have refused.
- You were good. So was she.

Then suddenly,
like the need to pee,

you come up with your
ridiculous idea of a parade.

It's not ridiculous.

You treat people like pawns.

- So do you, when you direct.
- It's not like real life!

You can ill-treat actors on stage,
but you still respect them.


this parade is like a play.

One that we'll perform
to the whole of Villeneuve.

It's a show that
they'll never forget.

A show that will change the face
of the Resistance in the Jura.

It's a challenge for you.

I wanted to stage "Les remparts",
not some stupid parade.

Why do you prefer a stupid play
to a stupid parade?

- You don't like the play?
- It's rubbish.

It's "Le Cid", without the talent.

It's nothing like "Le Cid".

Love versus duty, in alexandrines,
and not that good.

I'm not surprised
it was never staged.

Look, you can put on loads
of plays after the war.

Better than this one.

I can't do it without you.

I need you. There.

Happy now?

Yes, I'm happy.

Will you help me?

Yes, I'll help you.

Coming back?


Come on.

You know, when you left

in '36...



carried on eating his chicken
as if nothing had happened.


After a while he wiped his fingers
and said:

"Your brother

"is a pain

"and a hothead."

"But he has courage."

We all have courage.

But not for the same things.

Daniel Larcher, stand up.

What are you doing here?

As strange as it may seem...

Give me the form.

I'm releasing you.

Am I disturbing you?

You're afraid of disturbing me now?

- I'm sorry about what happened.
- I don't want to talk about it.


That's not why I came, anyway.

I'm involved
in your husband's activities.

It's none of my business.

Yes, it is.

I need your help.

With his activities? Out of
the question. He'd never agree.

How do you know?

Ask him when he gets back.
You'll see.

I need your help before that.

I don't believe you.

Do you sometimes go
to the German barracks?

Yes, of course.

Less so recently.
They've increased security.

Do you know where the radio is?

The wireless? No.

The military radio.

Yes. In the former map room.

- Could I go there?
- It's strictly forbidden.

And it's locked.

Who has the key?

A sergeant.

Do you know him?


The tall dark one.

A history student
and a sometime poet.

Ah, yes.

His name's Rainer, isn't it?


He has a fiancée in Dresden.

You seem to know him well.

If you must know,
I think he has a crush on me.

I need to get into that room.

Tomorrow, just before noon.

I have to, Lucienne.

If Jules was here, he'd do it.
But he isn't, so we have to do it.


Because we're involved
with people who need us to.

They didn't ask lightly,
believe me.

We have to find a way
to lure Rainer here,

on 11 November, just before noon.

While you distract him,

we'll take the key.

I'll go there and come back.

It's impossible.

It's like singing, Lucienne.

You just have to want to.

Give us the sign.

Ready? One, two,


Sacred love of France

Lead, support our avenging arms...

- Don't squeeze too hard, darling.
- Daddy, my Daddy.

Your Daddy, yes.

Do I owe my freedom to you?

Me and him.

Where is he?
I gather he slept here.

What does it matter?

Do you know how he did it?

He said you were an informer
for the German police.

It was the only way.

To think it's come to this.

Were you scared?

- Yes.
- And Dad?

He's bearing up.

Why didn't they let him go?

- It's complicated.
- It's disgusting.

There's still hope for your dad.

No kiss for me?

I don't want to be late.

He'll get over it.

Maybe not.

If you want him to come here,
I don't mind.

After all...
I owe him my life.

Don't I?

I like

looking after Tequiero.

Once every six months, yes.

That's the radio room.

Ah, Mrs Bériot.
Is there a problem?

Can I talk to Rainer for a minute?


You've won the jackpot.
Your sweetheart's here.

What did he say?

"Your sweetheart's here."
Something like that.

It's more than a crush, then.
This will be easy.

Hello, Marguerite. Hello.

Hello, Rainer.

Mrs Bériot has a problem.

Yes, a plumbing problem.

- And my husband is away.
- I'm not very good at plumbing.

Erich is good.

No, you. That way you can
tell us about Dresden.

I've always wanted to go.


You want me to come now?

No, tomorrow. At 11.30.

Difficult tomorrow.

Special case. 11 November.

Not leave the barracks.

It would be very kind of you.

- The day after.
- The children will be there.

Rainer... Just to please me.

What bad luck.
It's not you he likes, it's me.

What can we do?

There's only one solution.

I'll distract him
and you disable the radio.

You're mad!
I'm not capable.

Stop thinking
you're incapable of everything.

Let go of me.

I'll get him worked up,

get the key

and slip it to you discreetly.

You can do that with a man?

You're funny.
I could do it with a lizard.

- A lizard?
- Don't worry.

You just have to take out a fuse.

Surrounded by 20 soldiers.

There shouldn't be many left.
They'll be occupied elsewhere.

Rainer may not be there.

He's in charge of the radio.
He'll stay.

- We're going to get the trucks.
- Antoine?

I'm being sent to Dijon
to coordinate actions.


I've filed a report
criticising your project.


Give it up. You're doing it
for the wrong reasons.

You're very sure of yourself.
As always.

- You resent me, don't you?
- No, why should I?

You know very well.

I've no reason to resent you.
Safe trip to Dijon.

We need to get there before dark.

If you go, I'll never forgive you.

Stay here for the moment.

You were right.
The guard isn't here.

Nothing left to steal. Come here,
I have something to say to you.

Tonight we'll take the trucks,

but I won't come to the parade.

You'd rather parade in Dijon?

You're a clever kid.

I thought it was ancient history?

Ancient or not, it's my history.

I only care about the trucks.

Who can that be?

The guard wouldn't dare
enter the main building.

- It may be thieves.
- We're the thieves.

Let's go and see.

- Cool it.
- I am cool.

I've found it.

I've never seen my birth
certificate. It's beautiful.

I didn't know I was called

Eliane Monique Clémentine.

You're very kind.
That's rare.

Shall I see what's left

- in the larder?
- What's she doing here?

I promised her a certificate.
I forgot.

Let's wait till she's gone.

Just as you wish, Mr Marchetti.
Oh, no.

I can't call you Jean.

Not even at the town hall.

To me, you will always be

Mr Marchetti.

OK, we'll see.

I have to fetch some dresses
from my cousin.

We left in such a rush last year.

She's in cahoots with Marchetti.
She turned in Jo!

- Oh, my God!
- Stop!

Wait. Eliane!


What's going on?

Antoine, no!

- Jeannine?
- I'm in here.

You know the guy I told you about?


He's been shot dead. Two guys
on a motorbike outside his house.

- My God!
- A bullet in the mouth.

- Did you get the list?
- No.

They took his briefcase.

Goddammit. We'll track them down
and find the bastards.

I'm really sorry, darling.

Are we still dining

- with the Prefect tomorrow?
- No.

The Resistance is planning
something tomorrow.

In Gournay or Moissey. I've asked
for police reinforcements.

If the bastards act up,
we'll avenge Galbier.

Oh, no...

Who did this?


It was Mr...



I don't want to die.


You're not going to die.

I'll find a doctor.

You're not going to die, OK?

It's crazy...

It's crazy...

All those stars...