Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - L'Alsace et la Lorraine - full transcript

11 NOVEMBER 1943
11 AM

Hurry up.


It should fall.

But it isn't falling.

It isn't falling.

- Come on, fall!
- Be nice.

Are you gonna fall, you swine?


Shut up.


Please don't fall, pole.

Don't fall!

Not too bad a start.



- Well?
- It's done.

Villeneuve is cut off from Moissey.

Boys all right?

I can't keep them in line.
You need to tell them

to stay in the trucks.

- Will the Boches come this way?
- It's the shortest way to Moissey.

- I hope it works.
- It'll work, don't worry.

What are you worried about?

Everything else.

Come on.


- What are you working on?
- Nothing.

What's that?

It's personal.

You collect birth certificates?

My uncle
collects death certificates.

- A matter of temperament.
- Yes.

He has over 3,000.
He classifies them.

Men, women, children, young, old.

A legionnaire says there are flowers
on the war memorial in Gournay.

- Has he removed them?
- No. He doesn't want trouble.

- Send someone.
- We're short on men.

Call the PPF in Gournay.
They're friends of mine.

Is our war memorial
under surveillance?

Two auxiliaries,
but they're off at noon.

Keep them on.

You can go. It will
remind you of your early career.

As you're approaching the end of it.

Whatever you say.

Call the gendarmes in Poligny.
I want a report on the situation

in the town centres.


Tell the Kommandantur
about the flowers.

They'll say they don't care,

- but we'll have told them.
- Give me the duty officer.

All the phones are busy.

Call from my office!

If the captain won't do anything,

I'll denounce him
as a Resistance member.

Keep me posted.

The gendarmerie lieutenant in
Poligny gave his men the day off.

That means nothing.

Something's going on, Jeannine.
There are too many details.

Do you trust

- Blanchon?
- Yes.

The others are jokers.
The Milice are stuck in the south.

If something is staged here,

I can forget Paris.

I don't believe it.
When will you grow up?

It's not my fault.

- Whose fault is it, then?
- What's wrong?

He wets his bed. He's 12.
You said you'd make an effort.

That's hard when you're asleep.

That's it, encourage him.

- You can wash the sheets.
- Why say that?

He's already ashamed.

Heinrich, it's for you.

The terrorists have attacked
the police station at Moissey.


And possibly the Kommandatur.
We can't get through.

Who told you?

The police superintendent phoned,

but he was cut off.

Now no-one's answering
in Moissey.

Not even the Kommandatur.

That doesn't mean anything.

The superintendent saw
two soldiers who were wounded.

He's not making it up!

They wouldn't attack
our troops like this.

It makes no sense!

They're attacking, Müller!
While we argue!

And once again,
you have nothing planned.

We need to act straightaway.

We shouldn't do anything


For the moment,
this isn't an attack,

they're just not answering
the phone.

Sir, German soldiers
may be under fire.

I request we go there
with all available men.

If you do that,
Villeneuve will be left undefended.

Undefended against what?

I don't know.

Enough talking.

Do you agree
we should go to Moissey?

We can be ready in 15 minutes.
I hope you'll come with us.

It's time you had
that operation, Müller.

You're becoming paranoid.

That's unfortunate
for an intelligence officer.

Let's go!

Why did Moissey call the Boche
before calling us?

The line might have been busy.
Have you tried Moissey again?

Still nothing.
The line must be cut.

You two stay here
with the remaining orderlies.

Forget about the monument.
We'll call when we're there.

They weren't lying.

They'll be busy elsewhere.

I've never been so scared.

Don't worry.
It will be fine.

You'll be able
to tell your grandchildren.

Have you seen all the fuss?

- They've nearly all left.
- If only it was for good...

- Do you need anything?
- No, you can go.

Thanks, but there's still work
to do. See you later.

- I wish he'd gone.
- Don't worry, he adores me.

Everyone adores you.

It's working.

They're going!

An Officers' car, a sidecar,

and three lorries.
How many left in Villeneuve?

Between five and ten.

What if one of them shoots at us?

- They might.
- Send the two squads.

- Load up!
- Come on, everyone!

We're going to position 2.
Come on.

Come on! Get in!

Come on, driver.


Let's go.

You shouldn't waste paper
at the moment.

- I have to call Eliane's parents.
- Do you know them?

I questioned her father.

He used to beat her.

- I still have to call him.
- I can do it, if you want.

No. It's my job.

Hands up!

Don't be a fool, Sorbier.
On the ground.

Face down!
Hands behind your back!

- On the ground.
- Don't move!

Don't be an idiot.

Get up, Marchetti.

Go on, move.

Give me your handcuffs.

- The cuffs!
- OK.

- What are you planning?
- Go to position 2.

- Tell them it's under control.
- OK.

Right, guys,

we will be spending
two hours together.

I'll answer the telephone
and if you move you're dead.

Otherwise, we'll be fine.

"We must rid France
of the Jewish vermin."

"We must purify France
of Jewish vermin."

Do you have to talk out loud?
I can't do my figures.

"Rid France."
"Purify France."

"Purify", I prefer "purify".
It's clearer.


Quick. There are terrorists
in the garden.

Come with me.

There are terrorists.

Shit! My gun is at the factory.
Come on.



- I'm scared.
- I'm here.

Anyone there?

It's the Maquis!

- No-one here.
- The door was open.

Maybe the cleaning lady
went shopping.

Search everywhere.
Check upstairs.


We'll go back to Antoine.

Cut the phone wires.

Oh, my God!

They'll come back.

We need to warn the Boche,
the Milice.


- We have no phone.
- Shit!

It'll be OK.

He should be here by now.


The alert will have created havoc.

What we're doing to Rainer
is horrid.

It's war.

And he isn't here yet.

Sorry if I was a little...

When I found out...

Don't worry.

Everything's fine.

Am I disturbing you?

Not at all.
We were expecting you.

I wouldn't normally
be able to come,

but there's an exercise.

Hardly anyone left in the barracks.

So I came.

That's really kind, Rainer.

- Isn't it, Lucienne?
- Yes.

It's very kind.

Where is the plumbing

- problem?
- Actually, it's the blinds.


I'll show you.

- Aren't you coming too?
- No.

My little girl is ill.
I'm waiting for the doctor.

Mrs Bériot,

you won't tell anyone
I was here today?

I promise.

We control the police station.

All quiet at the Kommandantur.
Not even a sentry.

Chassagne isn't home.

I don't like him being at large.

He might not be in Villeneuve.

- Any news from the school?
- Nothing.

We've lost quarter of an hour.

We can't hang around.

- They know we're relying on them?
- Let's hope.


What's that outfit?

- I'm one of your officers.
- What am I?

Captain. Thierry just finished it
in the truck.

I don't like playing with uniforms.

We're putting on a parade.

And a parade has officers.

- Come on.
- You're right. What about him?

I'm doing security.
We work undercover.

I prefer to shoot at uniforms.

Each to their own.

You look good.



Over here.
Follow me and don't be stupid.

- Go on.
- Do as he says.

Keep your hands
behind your back.

Trucks full of young men?



The Kommandantur
cleaning lady said so.


On the outskirts,
that's all I know.

What's happening?

A far-fetched story.

But if it's true,
we have to act fast.

Or I will be sent to Mother Russia.

Put me through to number 2
in Villeneuve.

The police station, that's right.
It's urgent.

Answer it.

I thought you were answering?

Shut up.

One wrong word
and it'll be your last.

- You're hurting me.
- Poor baby.

- Police, Inspector Delage.
- Heinrich Müller, SD.

I've been told about a gathering
of young men in trucks.

- It's all quiet here.
- Have you done a patrol?

Yes. Nothing to report.

Apart from the flowers
at the monument in Gournay.

Say the attack

on Moissey
was confirmed by Blanchon.

Blanchon sent someone over.
There's trouble in Moissey.

Anyone can make a mistake.

More conviction next time.

Do it yourself next time.

- You idiot.
- It's easy

to play hard when you're armed,
isn't it?

You deported Jews,

tortured women with cigarettes
and you're lecturing me?

Soon France will be liberated.
And you'll pay for your crimes.

Why not make me pay right now?

It'd be quicker.

We're celebrating
the greatness of France,

not those betrayed it.

You're pathetic.


- You're a cheeky boy.
- You're beautiful.

I'm a romantic girl.

- I need time.
- Time?

I don't have much of that.

Close your eyes.
I'm scared when you look at me.

Go on.

Eyes closed.

I'm in charge.

Or I'll stop.


That's what I want to do.

Dominate a German soldier.

You see, it was worth the wait.

No news from the girls.
We have to go.

We didn't come here to turn around.

If the radio's still working, we
won't get further than the bridge.

We can still go as far
as the bridge.

If we don't hear the bells,
we turn back?

- Yes.
- OK. I'll go with the guys.

- We'll stop on the bridge.
- OK.


Over to you.

Attention please, gentlemen.

Silence. Get in position.
Come on.

Listen careful.
We're in a hurry,

so no talking.
Listen to me,

and do as I say. On the captain's
command, at the double.

Rows of two.
The musicians

at the rear.
Move yourselves!

Come on. Thierry,

the flag.

Hurry now. Quickly.

Come on.
In twos. Quickly.

Come on.

Villeneuve Maquis,
on my command,

forward march!


Remove black fuse

Villeneuve Maquis,


- At ease.
- The men are in position

in the market square.

How long will it take
to get to the church?

- Five minutes.
- Wait for the signal.

What's going on?
Is it for 11 November?

- Stand back.
- Is it for the news?

We're here for them.

The Villeneuve Maquis are parading
in the square in five minutes.

Anyone there?

Anyone there?

Anyone there?
Villeneuve is under attack.

What's going on?

Terrorists have taken over
the police station.

In Moissey?

Here, tell your boss.

Shit. It's locked!

I don't believe it!

What's happening?

Villeneuve is under attack.

Where is Rainer?

I don't know, he said
he had to do something.

We need to send an SOS.

I'll send it!

Oh, God!

I have to go.

- It might be an exercise.
- No.

I have to go.

- Will I see you again?
- Yes.

Don't say anything to anyone.

Push! Push!

Where is he?

Where is he?

I can't open it.

Where were you?

Preparing my report for Kollwitz.

What's happening?

We need the keys, Rainer!

Where are your keys?

They must be in my other uniform.
I'll get them.

You're playing with men's lives.

We have to go.

We have to go!


please listen to me.

We waited as long as we could.

But we have to turn back.


I'm as sorry as you are.

Villeneuve Maquis,

in ranks of two.

Double quick,


Hurry up!

On my command,




What's going on?

Comrades, we can parade after all.


Make the most

of this moment,
you'll never forget it.

Left turn!

Villeneuve Maquis, on my command,

forward march!

Is there a problem?

I don't know!

The radio's not working.
I don't understand.


That's impossible.
It was working fine an hour ago.

I must find out what's wrong.

- What will you do?
- There are four of us.

We can only warn the others.

You have weapons.

We cannot intervene
without orders. We don't know

how many there are
or what they're doing.

Get lost!

..but you will never have our hearts

You will not have
Alsace and Lorraine

And in spite of you

We will remain French

You Germanised the plain

But our hearts

Will never be yours

Should our sons leave their cottages

To engorge your regiments

To cut the throat of France,
our mother

You would arm her sons?

You will not have

Alsace and Lorraine

And in spite of you
We will remain French...

I was so afraid for you.

Come on.

How did you get out?

There's a trap door.

- I'd forgotten.
- You disabled the radio?

Yes, and I called the priest
to tell him to ring the bell.

But we've had it.

The keys. We couldn't
give them back to Rainer.

It's OK. We'll say he lost them
when we were romping.

I'll give them back discreetly.

- He'll suspect something.
- No, he's in love.

As long as he thinks I am too,
we're safe.

It's fantastic,

what you did.

The Spaniards and the Vernet Group,
bang on time!

Way to go!




Hey, go back over there.

Well done. Bang on time.

- All right?
- Perfect.

All right?

Claude. Let's go.
Tell the musicians.

Thierry! Thierry.

Musicians over here, please.

Come on. Double quick. Hurry.

Here. Give it all you've got.

One, two, three.

Arise children of the fatherland

The day of glory has arrived

Against us tyranny's...

..bloody standard is raised

..bloody standard is raised

Listen to the sound

In the fields

The howling of
these fearsome soldiers

They are coming into our midst
To cut the throats

Of your sons and consorts

To arms, citizens!

Form your battalions


Where are your husband's suits?

- Why?
- Answer me.

You answer me.

I want to see history in progress.
Come on.

To arms, citizens!

Form your battalions

March, march

Let impure blood
Water our furrows

Villeneuve Maquis and Resistance,
on my command,

present arms.

Today, on the 11 November,

we celebrate the victory

of our fathers,

in anticipation of our own.

The wreath.

TO THOSE OF 1914-18

Now, I will ask you

for a minute's silence
for our fallen...of both wars.

To the fallen!


This is police headquarters

in Besançon. We believe
terrorists have overrun your town.

It's just a rumour.

Put Marchetti on.

Hello. This is Inspector Loriot.

Superintendent Marchetti
is in Moissey.

Blanchon said he was in Ville...
Who is this?

We need to scarper.

Tie them up, break the phones
and tell Anselme

to wrap it up.

And in spite of you
We will remain French

You Germanised the plain...

- Long live France!
- Long live the Maquis.

Long live all of us!


We have to scarper.


The Boches and cops know we're here.
We need to go.

Let's go. Assemble the men.


What's the rush?
We hold the town.

Assemble them by the church.
We'll leave by rue Gambetta.

Sir? Thanks.

Playtime's over.
Go and join Claude.

We're regrouping.

Juan, take the north exit.
We'll gather our boys.


- Is someone on the case?
- Yes.

- Thierry, time to go.
- Claude!

My baby!

Your father is proud of you.

How do you know?

See what's written on the wreath?

We have to go.

- We have to go.
- No...

- Bastard! Filth!
- What's going on?

Fall in with Claude.

It's Chassagne, the Mayor.

What's going on?

Leave him alone!
What's going on?

He was starting a car.

Let's give him what he deserves!

You'll see how
a true Frenchman dies!

Stop it! Let him go!

Let him go!

Stop it!
That's not why we're here.

- And we don't have time.
- Make time!

- The Boches are on their way.
- They'll massacre you.

All of you.
Your wives, your kids.

Let me take care of him.


We're leaving. The Boches
are on their way. You understand?

This isn't the Liberation?

Get him out of here. Enough!
Take him behind the church.

And let him go.
Michel, go with him.

Then we go!

You still like white wine.

- Look at my son in his suit!
- He's proud!

What's Claude doing?
Vernet and the Spanish have gone.

Our boys are still here.

Forget it, they can't hear.

Hey, get up!

- What are you doing?
- We have time.

- Regroup.
- No rush. You had your parade.

You had it.

The Boches are here!

- The Boches!
- The Boches!

- The Boches are here!
- Where?

Nowhere. Do like me.

- The Boches! The Boches are here!
- The Boches!

Let's go. Hurry up!

In the trucks!

We don't have time.

The Boches!

Hurry up!

Come on, we don't have time.

Let's go!

- Run, run!
- Keep going.


Can I talk to you?

- We can't be seen together.
- A key fell out

of your pocket.

While we...

Well, you know.

It feels good to touch your hand.

I want you.

I can't see you right now.

There was a problem

with the radio.
I even wondered...


Never mind.

I think I love you.

It's too dangerous.

- For both of us.
- We just have to be careful.

I have to go.

I'll be in touch.

I think of you, too.

Who are the people who came today?

No-one came, Officer.

That is...

I mean...

What are you hiding

- in your hand?
- Nothing.