Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - Les trois coups - full transcript

Mr. Schwartz!

I'm told we have an appointment?

I didn't know.

I didn't know

that you re-started
provisioning the Wehrmacht.

Who told you to come?


To your left!

Get down!


There are Fritz everywhere.
We'll never make it.


Give me this kiss,
the guarantee of our love.

I'm not sure if I must.

Stop beating about the bush.

Do it. The audience has been
waiting for one hour.

I'd like to see you do it.

It's not difficult.

Start at the previous verse.

Give me this kiss,
the guarantee of our love.

Focus, please.

Give me this kiss,
the guarantee of our love.

I'm not sure if I must.

Stop beating about the bush.

You're not holding her right.

You are crazy about her.

You have been dreaming
about it for weeks.


Give me this kiss,

the guarantee of our love.

I'm not sure if I must.

Stop beating about the bush.

Antoine has come back!

They are back!

He's back.

Where's Marcel?

- Have you seen Marcel?
- I don't know.

- Have you seen Marcel?
- No!

You are the best.

He stayed there.

He sacrificed himself
so that others could escape.

He's dead?

No, but they've captured him.

He couldn't get in the car;

we had to leave
and they shot at him.

I understand.

Your friends must have had
an accomplice to do such a thing.

Who instructed them?

I don't know.

How did they know
when you would arrive?

I don't know.

He's already sentenced to death.

It's going to be difficult
to make him talk.


How do you want me to scare him?

Fear doesn't make people talk.

Pain does.


You can tame it

and live with it.

It depends.

It was about time
I arrived, Muller.

You've consorted
with too many French women.

You've lost the sense of reality.

I will help you to find it back.

When I am done with you,

you'll beg me to kill you.

Did you hear me?

I don't know.

But I know.

You are up very early this morning.

- Francoise didn't sleep all night.
- Really?

I don't know how you sleep with
someone crying next you; I can't.

- Especially when it's my daughter.
- When I sleep, I sleep.

I know.

Send this to Marguerite.

It's her music scores.
They've just arrived.

Give them yourself.

- I am already late.
- To go where?

See you later.

you shouldn't cry like this.

give her doll back to her.

No, it's mine.

As a monitor during recess,
you're supposed to watch them.


- Christine, give the doll back.
- No, it's mine.

Christine, give her her doll back!

And you let this child go.

Excuse me?

Go play somewhere else.

If you do it again,
you'll get in trouble.

Lucienne, what's going on?


Take it. It's from Jules.

Are you sure Raymond was there?

My Raymond?

Several witnesses recognized him.

Give us wine, innkeeper.

- It's becoming comical.
- It's not funny.

He was with his brother-in-law,
Antoine, the famous maquisard.

It's bad for our image.

It's because
we are not strict enough.

It's not possible.

Raymond hates politics.

Did you print
a missing person poster?

Don't make it worse.

The Germans must already
be restless.

Come on, Jeannine.

Raymond is not only
your ex-husband.

He's an important entrepreneur
who enters the resistance.

Entrepreneurs go
where the wind blows.

What do you mean?

They used to collaborate.

Now they do it less.

- They don't do what Raymond did.
- No.

I think you're bothering
the mayor and Mrs...

Not at all.

Since September, the Resistance
has been telling companies:

"Help us financially and we'll take
it into account at the Liberation."

You mean the Resistance
plans to tax them?

In a way, yes.

Don't tell me those fools
are paying.

According to the statistics,
more than half of them.

Half of them
give to the Resistance?

We're not really sure.

To me, that's gossiping.
It's overblown.

You know it's the truth.

You don't think the guy over there
is looking at me weirdly?

- He has something in his pocket.
- What are you doing?

- Why are you looking at me?
- I'm not.

What are you hiding in your pocket?
Show me.

Are you okay, Mr. Mayor?

I'm fine.

We can't give up
on Marcel like this.

Sorry for being blunt,

but we need a miracle.

Make one happen, then.

There might be a way.


When I was the mayor,

I knew well a German
military judge, in Besancon.

Villeneuve is in his jurisdiction.

If I talked to him, he could
commute Marcel's sentence

to forced labor for life
in Germany.

- You want us to set you free.
- It's about my brother's life.

And then?
You'll just go see your judge?


We need money.

- A lot of money.
- We don't have any.

We can't attack a bank
or a post office now.

I can find money.


I can sell Jeannine's sawmill.

I could get about...

300,000 Francs?

- It could be enough.
- She must know you're wanted.

- I'll deal with it.
- Not if it means they can find us.

She's married
to that asshole Chassagne.

If I don't come back, just move.

I'll deal with it, I said.

Shall I try or not?

It's our only chance.

- Looks like it.
- Then yes.

Will you let me go?

What will you say
if you're asked where you're from?

I'll think of something.

Don't worry, only my girlfriend
and my children are waiting for me.


I don't have any regrets.

I shall die a good death.

I shall die a good death.

I'm singing as I flee.

I sing

at every moment.

I sing at every second.

I sing...

There is...

There is only love.

There is only love
that gives meaning to...

And she dies

in the end.

There is only love that gives
meaning to the world.

You're the one who wrote the play?

What are you talking about?

- Let me work.
- You're the one.

No, Bergstein did it.
I'm just making a copy.

Give it back.

It's amazing to write like this.
Why are you hiding?

Mind you own business.

There is only love
that gives meaning to the world.

- It's beautiful.
- No, it's not.

- It sucks.
- Why are you saying that?

Because, I...

I'm not ready yet.

Swear you won't tell anybody.

- If you want.
- Swear it.

- But...
- Swear it.

On the life of the person
you love the most.

There's no one I love the most.

There must be someone you love.

There has to be someone.

Swear it.

Yes, I swear.

On the life of someone you love?


What did you want?

What Antoine managed to do
is amazing.


You don't think so?

I read in the paper

that a guy managed to conquer
the Niagara falls in a barrel.


It didn't make them navigable.

- I don't get it.
- Forget it, it's okay.

Let me work.

Don't say a word.


What do you want?

To talk to you.

Is it about school?


I don't have time then.

I must take care of Françoise.

I'm sure she's asleep.
You wouldn't be here otherwise.

I don't want to talk to you.

I thought we were friends.

- Friends?
- Yes.

Friends tell each other the truth.

- I've always told you the truth.
- Really?

I saw Camille's picture
in your room.

So what?

What does it change?

People like you
should be locked up.



What are you doing again, Marcel?


- Show me your hands.
- No.

Show me your hands
or I'll call dad.

Are you insane?
If dad sees that, he'll...

You want a cigarette?

- What day is it?
- Thursday.

- What time is it?
- No idea.

The fritz took my watch yesterday.

Did they torture you for long?

I think so.

Did you talk?

I don't think so.

I'm afraid to talk.

I didn't talk

because I didn't know
what they wanted to know.

I probably would have talked.

Maria is sick again?

- Curfew.
- That's true.

I need to get a pass for her,
or you'll end up a homemaker.

Very funny.

Isn't it amazing?


That tax for the Resistance.

There are so few brave people
in this country. I'm not surprised.


If they pay the tax, it means...


It means

they no longer believe
in Pétain's France.

Do you?

I do.

I'm not convinced.

Of course I do.

You spend your time criticizing
the government.

You imply nothing is fine.

You think anything is fine?

No, but paying the Resistance tax
won't improve anything.

Those who pay
should be shot in the neck.

When we're really in power,
I swear it'll happen.

Not now.

It's time to pay
your collaboration tax, Honey.

You're shooting in the air?

I don't have ammo.

I'd like to thank you.


I didn't do it for you.

It didn't matter for whom.
My son is free.

Did you thank Raymond too?

I couldn't have done anything
without him.

You like to tease me, don't you?

Not really.

Do you have a girlfriend?

There aren't many women
in the maquis.

Before that.

Before that, I was with Joséphine.

And Raymond.

If you want to thank me,
give us weapons.

We don't have any.

We had one but you have it now.

Don't try to fool me.
You must have others.

There is a meeting later to prepare
the 11th of November. Ask then.

The 11th of November?

What are you going to do?

We meet to decide what we'll do.

If you have ideas, please come.

Love, let me come closer.

I'm afraid to say yes
and then regret it.

Let me come closer, Honey.

I'm afraid to say yes
and then regret it.

I've always wanted to do theater.

Why didn't you?

I'm too scared.

Give me this kiss,
the guarantee of our love.

- I'm not sure if I must.
- Stop beating about the bush.

Learn to be on time, Marguerite.
Especially for such meetings.

- I'm doing my best.
- I need a favor.

- I'm listening.
- You smell of alcohol.

This early in the morning?

We all feel blue sometimes.

What's wrong? You've been weird
since yesterday.


You're a member of the Resistance
now. Your problems are ours.

A broken heart is no concern
of the Resistance.

If it makes you drink...

I can hold my drink, I'll be fine.

- You look very sad.
- I'll be fine, I said.

Talk to Lucienne,
she likes you a lot.

She could give you some advice.

What can I do for the cause?

I had to go
to an important meeting

in Ribaucourt to prepare
the 11th of November.

And you can't go?

I got summoned to Lyon
by the leaders.

I'm writing a report
about our activities.

You want me to go
to Ribaucourt for you?

Listen to what they say
and report to me.

Be there at 3. It'll take two hours
by bike and foot.

- Very well, I'll be there.
- You will?


Your German judge...

You think it'll work out?

I hope so.

We have to be lucky.

You don't get along at all
with Marcel.

I don't know.

We don't have the same opinions?

About what? Politics?


I think he likes you, though.

- He talked about me?
- Sometimes.

He said good things about me?


But between brothers,
it doesn't mean much.

I think you're some sort
of role model for him.


The centrist mayor
who opposes the Front Populaire,

support Marchal Pétain,
and collaborates? I doubt it.

He says you always look
for compromises,

but that you're fair

and sincere.


Too bad he never told me.

Are you feeling better?


It could be worse.

You're not hungry?

- No.
- You should eat something.


There are many things
I should have done that I didn't.

You're not the only one.

Are you afraid to die?

Not really.

It bothers me to leave
without seeing my son again.

He's 12, his name's Gustave.

You're married?

- She died in 1940.
- Mine too.

She died giving birth.

I wasn't there.

And the baby?

- What happened to it?
- It was stolen from me.


The doctor who took care of my wife
took it when she died.

His wife had me arrested
by a traitor cop to push me away.


- Where was it?
- Here, in Villeneuve.

The guy is Dr. Larcher.

Then I escaped.

I founded a maquis with
a couple of Spanish Republicans.

I often thought
I should do something,

but I couldn't have taken care
of a baby.

I wonder how they named it.

If it's a girl, I would have wanted
to call her Laetitia.

It means joy.

Her mother was full of life.

Come, Maria.

You must also clean
under the carpets.

You didn't clean under the carpets
in your last job?

Very well.

This is insane.

Can I have one?

Are you insane?
What if Philippe came?

According to this rag, he's
currently honoring the mothers.

What do you want?

A whisky, since you have some.

I heard about your wife.

I'm so sorry.

I really am.

You entered the Resistance
because of her?

Listen, I'd like to sell
the sawmill to you.

Name your price.
I need cash quickly.

You really loved Joséphine?

I'm not here to talk about it.

What didn't work
between the two of us?

The sawmill?

The wood.

It's useless these days.

I make concrete blockhouses,
camouflage nets; I fix tanks.

My revenue this semester
was 20 million,

so your sawmill...

I see.

In this case,
have a nice second semester.


I might possibly buy
your little sawmill.

Let's say

200,000 Francs?

Nice. It's worth twice as much.

You're in no position to negotiate.

With 200,000 Francs, you can go to
Switzerland and live comfortably.


You have money here?

I have one condition.

Those 200,000 Francs must
be considered by your leaders...

- I don't have a leader.
- Don't play with words.

The Resistance must consider it
a payment by Schwartz Concrete.

- What?
- You've heard me.

Buying the sawmill

would be wasting money.

Helping the Resistance

without anyone - and I mean it -
being aware of it,

is something else.

- Are you kidding me?
- So what?

These days, money has no smell.

It makes me want to puke.

They're preparing
for the liberation.

If the liberation happens,
it won't be anytime soon.

Jeannine's 200,000 Francs
are Marcel's only chance.

He'll be happy to be released
thanks to her money?

I don't know.
I won't speak in his name.

You were in prison with him,
you don't want him to get out?

Not at any cost.

Collaborators with blood
on their hands will have to pay.

With their own blood.

She doesn't have blood
on her hands.

She lives with Chassagne. She fixes
tanks, builds blockhouses.

What else do you need?

I also built blockhouses
until last year.

You're still this close to her?

You're annoying.

It's not about her,
but about saving Marcel or not.

She's offering money.
Let's take it.

About Jeannine and justice,
we'll see.

We can still change our minds.

You don't believe in anything.

- I believe in life.
- It didn't do your wife any good.

I don't really like such tricks.

If we accept her conditions,
we get our feet wet.

Or we could take her money,

but if she wants us to take it
into account

as a gesture
towards the Resistance,

she must help us sabotage
Schwartz Concrete.


Mrs. Chassagne wants
to help the Resistance? Fine.

We'll accept her distastefully.

To prove her patriotism, she must
give us all the info we need:

schedule, surveillance,

The English networks
will know how to use it.

- I doubt she'll say yes.
- It's our only offer.

You're a good salesman.
You can sell the idea.

- You're not at your meeting?
- My meeting? No.

Listen, I have a stroke
of bad luck.

I must go to Lyon
for our activities.

To Lyon?

Don't worry, the demarcation line
is easy to cross now.

Marguerite will replace me
for the meeting.

I think she has worries.

To say the least.

You know something?

It's going to be shock to you.

Marguerite is...

Say it. Marguerite?


I'm looking for words.

Choose easy words.

- She's inverted.
- What?

There's something wrong with her.

She has the picture of a woman
under her pillow.

That's it?

What do you mean?

You scared me. I thought she was
in league with the fritz.

Come on, Jules, she's inverted!

She takes little girls in her arms.

I also take little girls
in my arms. What's wrong with you?

- How do you know?
- It doesn't matter.

I know it,

I told her I knew,
and she didn't deny it.

Yes, of course,
it's a little bit...

As long as it doesn't
become public.

You didn't tell anyone, I hope.

No, of course not.

- What are we going to do?
- What do you want us to do?

You can't keep her, right?

I don't see how her tendencies
are any of our business.


You think it's normal?

I didn't say that,

but it takes all kinds
to make a world.

I'm Jean-Louis,
from Témoignage Chrétien.

I'm Anselme.

What's your name?

This is Antoine, the boss
of the maquis that's welcoming us.

- The Kommandantur, it was you?
- Yes.

Well done.

You look familiar.

I was a cop in Villeneuve
until one year ago.

Nobody's perfect.

Who is he?

He's my deputy.

- You were at the Kommandantur too?
- No.

I'm the group's thinker.

- The thinker.
- I'm Claude.

Who is that girl?

I know her.

Loriot couldn't come?

- He has a meeting in Lyon.
- You're late.

Let's begin.
I don't want this to drag out.

The order of the day
is the 11th of November.

The movement's orders are clear:

we must mark the occasion somewhat.

Without taking to many risks,
of course.

Who has ideas?

The guys wanted to put flowers
on the war memorials.

In three of four villages
without fritz.


We could at least print a leaflet

and distribute it in the church,
during the mass.

"Victory Soon,"
something like that.

We can't print a leaflet
in two days, or only an old one.

What if we asked the teachers
to read poetry in school?

Patriotic poetry?

It's too complicated.

Plus, it'd only touch kids.

We could ring the bells
in the church.

The priest is with us.

I'm sorry,

but all that you're saying...

I'm sorry,

but it sucks.

It's not worthy of the Resistance.

What's your idea?

The 11th of November
is the day of the victory,

of the parade.

Of course, we can't have a parade,

but we must have a grand gesture
that will be remembered.

Like what?

Let's attack the subprefecture.

We get everything
and abduct the subprefect.

We judge him and flood the region
with leaflets about his trial.

To attack the subprefecture?
How do you do that?

Give me weapons.

I've ten guys who've been
training for weeks.

Some know how to fight.
They can't wait to fight.

To attack a subprefecture?

There are gendarmes
and fritz in the area.

Even if we pull it off,
the reprisal would be horrible.

It can't be done.

I was told the same thing
at the Kommandantur.

You got lucky there, kid.

It saved my life.

I'll always be thankful for that,
but she's right.

It can't be done.

Let's vote about the war memorials.

Who is for it?

Great. I'll let you choose
the villages.

We could do something else too.

What is the thinker thinking about?

A great party
with all the local maquis.

We'll make a huge campfire,

we'll drink, dance,
and sing 'La Marseillaise'.

No campfire.
It's too visible.

That's okay,
we'll still have a party.

The icing on the cake:

we'll perform a play.

A play?

We've been rehearsing for days.

It could be nice.

I did theater in middle school.
It was nice.

- What is the play?
- A play by Henri Bernstein.

He's a Jew. It's appropriate.

It's never been performed.

I like the idea
of a party together.


the thinker's proposal is accepted.

No one opposes his coordinating
the maquis' party?

- No.
- I'm good.

It's your idea, so make it happen.
The hot potato's yours.


I told you the play would happen.




It's strange not to know
whether it's a boy or a girl.

I'm sure it's a girl.

That's how I imagined her.

A little brunette
with long hair like her mother.

I can see her smiling
and laughing out loud.

I even drew her once in the maquis,

but it started pouring
and I lost the drawings.

Does your son look like you?

Not really.

More like his mother.

He has her eyes and her mouth.

Did you do things with him?

More or less.

When you're an activist,
you don't have much time.


- A little bit.
- Soccer?

Yes, that too.

Did you tell him bedside stories?


His mother did that.

When she left,
it was during the war.

I understand.

In the maquis,
I told stories to my daughter.

Every night, in Spanish.

Alberto Rodriguez.

We can't be ready in three days.

You're crazy to have offered that.

We can be ready. We will be ready.

It's a matter of willpower.

We haven't even memorized
the lines.

There'll be a prompter
and you can improvise.

But playing a girl
in front of everybody...

Between us, it's okay,
but in front of everybody...

I have to tell you something.

The oldest, greatest,
and most amazing theater...

- Do you know which one it is?
- No.

Japanese theater.

Kabuki was invented
in 1600 something.

There's nothing like it.

- Really?
- Yes.

In Kabuki,
men perform all the parts,

whether they are male or female.

It's the most beautiful theater
in the world.

- Really?
- You'll be an amazing Ariana.

You're strong as a man, graceful
as a woman, sensitive as a kid.

You're an actor.

You're an actor, Thierry.

Later, you'll be a great actor.

- Shall we start?
- Yes.

Back to work.


At the foot of our ramparts,

I look toward the horizon.

It is full of barbarians.

They are hostile to our homes.

I can't do it.

- I'll never be ready.
- You will.

This is unprofessional.

You told us we'd perform
when we're ready.

- And we're not ready.
- We are.

This is bullshit. I'm through.

- Charles!
- Don't.

You can't abandon us.

- This is insufficient, young man.
- Enough.

What do we do?

We'll replace him.

You'll take the part?

With the time we have left,
I can't perform and direct.

I can perform.


It's our 11th of November's event,

so I'd like to be part of it.

You can't act.

Acting is a calling.

- I can't?
- No.


Do it.

At the foot of our ramparts,

I look toward the horizon.

It is full of barbarians.

They are hostile to our homes.

Evening, Captain.

My name's Ariana.

I'm a Bohemian.
Am I bothering you?

Go on your way, Lady.

I'm on duty.

Today, my destiny

is to fool death.

I'm sorrowful
for I have lost my way.

I cannot move forward

for I know it not.

Where are you going?

To the foot
of the northern districts.

- To meet your parents?
- Alas!

They are both dead.

You know the lines?

I've been listening
to your crap for days.

Memory is essential
in military strategy.

Give me the lines.
I can learn them in three hours.

You're very good.

It's great to hear
that from a pro.


I'd like to try something.

Are you coming?

- No...
- It's your only chance.



you're great.

I just want to see
how it'll look like

with a real woman.

- You have a good memory?
- It's okay.


At the foot of our ramparts,

I look towards the horizon.

It is full of barbarians.

They are hostile to our homes.

Evening, Captain.
My name's Ariana.

Come and give them light.

Evening, Captain.
My name's Ariana.

I'm a Bohemian.
Am I bothering you?

Go on your way, Lady.

I'm on duty.

Today, my destiny

is to fool death.

I'm sorrowful
for I have lost my way.

I cannot move forward
for I know it not.

Where are you going?

To the foot
of the northern districts.

To see your parents?

Alas! They're both dead.


It's amazing.

- You have to perform.
- You're insane.

You make an amazing couple.
It'll be a riot.

- What about the lines?
- We have 48 hours to learn them.

At worst we'll write them on big
signs. We do that in drama school.

But you have to perform.

- Isn't she great?
- Yes, she is.

Please, start again.


Gustave? So you're in Villeneuve?

I was so scared.

Let me talk to Sarah.

What do you mean, she's not here?

Where is she?

You're with Aunty?
Let me talk to her.

We're not bothering you, Doctor?

What's wrong with you?

Luckily, a neighbor told us
you were back.

Where is Sarah Meyer?

The little cutie
who was here the other day?

Don't worry, you'll join her.

Very soon.