Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - La répétition - full transcript

It's moving.

Yes, but we must
be sure before shooting.

We must save ammunition.

I think they're here.
There's someone behind the bush.

Shut up!
They're going to hear us.

-We're waiting for 30 minutes.
-War is waiting.

You're cold,
you're bored and you wait.

-Did you go to war?
-Let's see that later.

Bang! Bang!

You're dead!

I can't believe it!

Congrats to the Red.

They beat us hollow!

You were supposed
to watch our back!

With the Hun,
our lives will be at stake!

Can't you understand that?

It's useless
to watch the front.

Enemies are not rabbits.
They hide better.

We're just pretending.

With fake enemies and weapons.
-We're not!

We're practicing.
-But it's raining!

Can't we practice
when it's sunny?

And when will we have
real weapons?

-I don't know.
-You keep saying that.

When will we fight?
-When we'll get the weapons.

Come on! Those who don't
guard or collect wood

practice again.
This time, the Blue attack

and the Red defend.
Come on, guys!

"A French village"

You should read
the article I told you about.

"The repetition"

What are you doing with this?
-What a great weapon.

Light, convenient, resistant...

Easy to assemble and disassemble.

It looks like
a German weapon.

RAF parachuted it

last night in the forest.

One of our patrols found it.

I wish we found those
for who it was intended for.

But what a nice piece.

The article I told you about...

It's about an officer.

A French officer, but never mind.

He was shot in
his spinal column, like you.

You want us
to exchange our radiographs?

He's been operated
thanks to a new method.

He doesn't suffer anymore.

"After a four months recovery,"

"the patient started
to walk again on crutches..."

Stop it.
Your dear husband talked

about this a long time ago,
when I was his patient.

-So what?
-So what?

One in six chance of remaining
paralysed in both arms and legs.

One in six chance,
it's not bad to stop suffering.

One in six chance...

OK, one in six chance.


-One in six chance, it's good.
-Stop it.

Stop it!


It's still risky,

isn't it?

One month without news.

You said you'd have news.
-Well, I was wrong.

That happens a lot.

Don't you understand
what he is for me?

Maybe he was arrested?
-Servier would have told me.

-But you're not sure.
-If the Germans got him,

Servier can't know this.

-You're hiding things from me.
-I'm not, trust me.

When you came back
from the camp,

when you told
your argument with him,

did he say anything?
-He wants to be a resistent.

What about Anselme,
the farmer?

Doesn't he have news?

And the resistent
who changed his mind?

Did he look like a good guy?
-I really don't know.

It's useless to speculate.

Your brother made a choice.
I don't like this choice,

but you must respect it.

It was so nice
just the three of us.

Look, war will end
and he'll come back.

I want to see him.
Tell me where it is.

It's too risky for us.

And for him too.

Three! Four!

Five! Come on! Six!

Seven! Higher, higher!
It's useless otherwise!

You can do it!

It's all in your mind! You can
do it! Take your place back!

One, two, three...

So, what are our toddlers
going to sing?

-Trenet's "Douce France".
-I don't know it.

I've heard it on Radio Paris.

It was hard to find the score.
-You copied it 15 times?

Well done.
How does it go?

"Sweet France"

"Dear country"

"of my childhood"

"Cradled in such carefree"

"I've kept you"

"in my heart"

France is not
sweet at all right now.

Trénet is not
for the Marshall.

When you arrived here first...


I didn't really trust you.

-Because of the letter?

Do you trust me now?

I think.

That's because I can drink
more red wine than you.

You have a good nature.

Mysterious, but good.

-Are you really sure of this?

let me help you

as a resistent.

I thought you trusted me.

Why would you like
to be a resistent?

I'm not saying I am.

Because I don't like Nazis.

I don't like Vichy.

I don't like order, M. Beriot.
-Then why are you a teacher?

To help dunces.

OK, look,

if I heard about something,
I'll let you know.

Have a nice day.
-Thank you.

So, gentlemen,

where are you with
these groups of refractories?


Well, we know one of them.
They are around 20.

This group is led
by a guy called Antoine,

Schwartz's brother in law.

Nobody's responsible
for its family.

They are somewhere

above Mareuil woods.

Somewhere here.
We're not completely sure.

And you don't do anything?

We don't
because they don't, Sir.

They just killed
three German soldiers.

M. Chassagne,

you know more than us.

I know the local Chief
of the militia in the South,

Captain Janvier.
-Right, the militia.

Your little Black Berets...
So what?

According to him,
STO refractories hidden

in Mareuil woods
attacked your truck.

A group led by Antoine.
-They're not even armed.

-How do you know?
-We got a deserter a few days ago.

We got him to talk and gave him
to STO. They are bored.

They're hungry, cold,
but not armed.

They can get weapons
at anytime. They represent

a provocation against
collaboration, against France.

You're supposed to be
very interested in STO's actions.

Yeah, yeah...

How can they survive there?
How do they eat, drink...?

They get along.
They hunt, they fish,

they eat roots, fruits... Nature.
-This is heaven.

We should attack them.
The militia is ready to do this.

The militia has nothing
to do here, in the North.

What I want to know
is who killed

our three soldiers.
-It's them.

-That's impossible.
-Let's get rid of them.

If we judge this Antoine,
can you imagine the impact?

We'd finally
fill STO's quotas.

I'm not going to waste time
trying to get your boy scouts.

But I announce to you

that ten of the hostages
we got lately will be executed.

I will ensure that

these people
will be from Villeneuve.

And we'll continue that way

until the culprits of the murder
of our soldiers will be delivered.

That's all.
Thank you, gentlemen.

Antoine exaggerates.

I mean he wants
to decide everything.

He doesn't listen to anybody.

If it stays thay way, I quit.
-Me too.

Where would you go?

-I like Antoine.
-You like him?

because he never lies.

Are we going
to keep on that way?

Doing push-ups?
We don't know

what we're waiting for.
-Living is waiting.

-Waiting for what?
-Death, of course.

What else?

You never think about death?

Well, no,
not that much.

As seldom as possible.
-I often think about it.

How do you see it?

-Don't you see it?

I don't think so.

Death can not be seen.

I see it.

I really can see it.

It's a tall woman,
dressed in black.

Dry and wrinkled.

I'm in front of her but,
she never looks at me in the eyes.

She has bad teeth,
dirty nails

and her eyes are so sunken
in her sockets, that to see them,

you must get closer.

But if you do, then you smell
her pestilential breath.

She's often here.

So, M. Claude,

when are you going
to visit me?

As late as possible, Madam,
as late as possible!

Why not now?

Wait! I'm still young.
I haven't done anything.

Doing, doing...

Why doing things since
I undo everything in the end?

I'd like to do something big.

That's it!
I'd like people remember me.

After you of course.
After me?

Well, after my death.
But I'm not "your" death.

I'm just Death,
the same for everyone.

Single fee.
I don't take ration tickets.

But if you don't want to come,
I'll take someone else.

Maybe him.

Or him.

Or him!

Unless you prefer to wait.

She's gone.

She flew away.


You see
it's not bad to wait.

I can't do
anything Madam.

None of German services
will sell us morphine,

we're too watched.

-By who?
-By Kollwitz's men.

And by SD internal services.

What about
the French side?

People buy and sell everything,
why not morphine?

I don't know. In any case,
we would need money.

Thank you, Ludwig.

Come on kids, let's go.
Come on, come on.

Don't worry, OK?

With any luck,
when the war will be over...

It's OK.

What's wrong?

He just learned his Dad
has been deported to Germany.

He's been taken
in the roundup yesterday.


it's OK.
-Leave me alone.

It's hard
but he'll come back soon.

We don't know about that.


you know
what we're going to do?

Look at me.
Look at me, listen to me.

Do you know that
God can see everything?

I'm going
to go to the church

and I'll light a candle
for your Dad.


I'll think about him
and I'll pray for him.

I'll pray God
and he'll protect him.

God doesn't do
everything you ask

but if you ask with your heart,
then he hears you.

Are you OK with this?

-Can you bring him home?

Poor little guy.

He is the fifth
who got his Dad taken.

Since Chassagne is the Mayor,
it's getting worse.

Will you come with me?

-At the church.

Your work is over.

And two people
is better than one to pray.



I'd like to see Cyprien.

Unless it's you?
-Unfortunately no.


Thank you.


I have something to sell.

Apparently you're an intermediary
in various types of traffic.

I don't know what you mean.

I've read your file at SD.

Don't worry,

I wouldn't do it that way
if I wanted to harm you.

I have something to sell.
I mean, to trade.

What is it?

It's something very expensive
and it's from London.


It looks
a little dangerous, Madam.

It will if you don't help me.
French police might be

interested in your trafficking...

Can you help me
to meet someone?

I know someone.

It has to be interesting.
He won't move

for nothing.
-I want to be paid with morphine.

Do you have a car
and a "ausweis"?


Come at 11 tonight
at 18 Avenue Clémenceau.

Come alone.

It's a nice church,
don't you think?

I don't know,
I don't look at it


I don't have change.

Me neither.
I thought that...

Now that we are here...

No. You can't light a candle
if you don't pay.

It's not that bad.
I'll pay tomorrow.

It's bad, especially when
you pray for someone else.

We'll light two tomorrow.

Is that OK for you?

As you wish.

Our Father,
who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy Name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

What about the maquis?
-We found

another guy, but we don't know
if he was going there.

The usual.
Apparently, they moved.


M. Mayor.

Are you here
to file a complain?

-I'm here to talk to you.
-Go ahead.

In private.

OK, leave us.

I want you to find Antoine
in the maquis

and to stop him.

I want to bring his head
to Kollwitz.

Weren't you
at the meeting this morning?

I think I saw you.
Or it was your twin brother.

You like when Muller
annoys me, don't you?

I just don't care.

This dear Muller...

I wonder if he would care

if he knew
you killed a German officer.

-I'm sorry?
-Poor officer, he had a family.

His name was
Rudolph Schmutz.

Married, three children.
He was a biology teacher.

He was patrolling
near Ligny-le-Vieux.

And one day in November,
he crossed your road.

I really don't know what
you're talking about.


I have the ballistics report.

I have information
on the weapon you said you lost

three months later.
Everything corresponds.

I'm holding you.

You're not holding anything.

I don't care
about going in jail.

I knew you would say that.

They say you're unpredictable,
that you don't care.

So I investigated.

Have you heard
about Rita Wittemberg?

She's in a Jewish camp, in
Switzerland, close to the border.

I have many good friends
in Switzerland.

They are going to give
these people to the Hun.

One word from me,

and your Rita will join
her mother in Poland.

You're bluffing.

You're inventing a story
from what Loriot told you.

This girl's head against
a Chief of a maquis' life...

This is not too high
a price to pay.

Should I leave that here?



"Wittemberg Rita
born on 06/14/1906"

"Wittemberg David
born on 08/05/1943"

You know,

the guys are bored.

The practice
is going good to me.

I thought
you didn't like to lie.

I mean...
A least, they progress.

OK. They're bored
and they don't progress. So?

What can I do?

It occupies them.
It occupies us.

Chestnut mash is good today.

Congrats for your mash,
you're a real Chef!

I put herbs.

Do you like it?
-It's delicious.

I think the practice is good.
-You don't look like it.

It's hard but necessary.

As food, wood collect,
or guard tours.

But we need activities.
-We have no weapon.

I was thinking
about brain activities.

Like what?

I don't know...

we could practice... theatre?

Theatre? Here?

Nature is great for this.
It's the best place.

We're not here to play
on a stage. We're at war.

With fake guns, fake soldiers,

fake enemies.
Why can't we do this?

It's a waste of time.

A waste of time? Are you kidding?
Time is all we have here.

We are invaded by time.

We won't waste it.

Most of them don't even know

what theatre is.
-They'll learn.

I didn't know
you were a teacher.

Are you a career officer?


OK, let's say that
you prepare your show,

or I don't know what.

-A play.
-A play.

Will you act out at the City Hall
or the Kommandantur?

You'll never perform it.
-It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter?

No text, no comedian,
no audience,

but we need to play.
This is a real challenge.

-You're really crazy.
-Antoine, a visitor...


I missed you so much.

How are you?

How did you get here?

Raymond told me
about the farmer, Anselme.

I made him think
I'm going to have your baby.

That I needed to see you
to tell it to you.

It's funny, isn't it?
-Does Raymond know you're here?

No, we had an argument.
He would be angry if he knew.

He'd be right.
You shouldn't be here.

It's dangerous for both of us.

Is it really wrong
to want to see you?

Look Jo, I'm glad

to know you're fine.
But you can't stay here.

will bring you back.

Not already. Not like this.

will bring you back.

OK, fine.

I'll find my way.
-That's why I'm worried.


Leave me alone.

I brought you bacon.

but I didn't make soup.

It doesn't matter.

In any case, to make it tasty,
it has to simmer.

You'll use it next time.
It doesn't matter.

Are you in trouble?


It's a nice name isn't it?

It sounds Jewish.

You don't like Jewish people?

They killed the Christ.

They had to pay
one day or the other.

You think anyone
has to pay for its crimes?

I don't know.

You talked about Raoul
the other day.

You really would like
to see him again?


-Do you often think about him?

But you don't know
each other for a long time.

It doesn't count.

Time doesn't count.

If you want to see him again,

you're going to have to find
information about M. Antoine.

Specific information.

Are you going out
or should I come in?

I like discretion.

You have something to sell?

To trade.

You know that morphine
is very expensive.

Where did you have that?

I have two,
with the cartridges.

Cartridges are not interesting.
It's standard.

Beautiful beast.

I'm interested.

-Can you get morphine?
-I can get anything.

-In what quantity?
-Let's say... 8 grams.

How many injections is that?

It depends on the patient.

For someone who is dying,
about ten.

For a chronic patient, a little
more, enough for a few days.


Come tomorrow at 5
with the two weapons.

Come alone.
You know what I mean?


You're supposed to guard
the camp, not to sleep, idiot.

It's morning tea time!

Hey guys!
Etienne's bag is not there.

-It looks like he left last night.

-Are you sure?
-He even took

his rabbit foot.

He was sick
of your practice.

That's why he left.

It has
nothing to do with this.

Etienne didn't talk about it
but all his family is

in Switzerland.


His father is very sick,
in Geneva... Silicosis...

He was a minor in Lorraine.

Etienne went to Switzerland
to stay with him until the end.

Will he come back?

This will depend on
his mother. He has to

take care of her too.

-How do you know?
-He told me.


he was very sad
to leave us. He wanted

to say goodbye,
he was embarrassed.

He told me
he will miss Thierry's food.

And you Charles,

he wanted to thank you
for what you taught him

with the roots.

And he was sad to not
be part of our new project.

Which new project?

We're going to do theatre.

Well, those who want to.


We can put on a show.

those who are interested,

let's meet behind the rock
after the morning tea.

-I said no.
-So what?

You're screwing up
my authority.

Theatre helped you on that one.
You owe it something.

You shouldn't lie to them.

I don't. I tell them
what they want to hear.

What if
Etienne comes back?

One minute.

I'm sorry.

I heard you crying.
I didn't want to...

No, you're not bothering me.
Come in.

I'm sorry.

I just got bad news.

Early in the morning?

I received
the letter yesterday,

but I was tired,
so I read it today.

Someone I knew died.

I'm sorry.

He was killed during a bombing.

A bomb fell on the house.
He was killed on impact.

The fountain is flowing again...

Did you know
that person very well?

Yes, he was...

He was my first love.

It was over a long time ago,
but you can't forget a first love.

That's right.

I'm going to shock you:

he was my history professor
in High School.

His name was Camille.

I love that first name, Camille.

One of my cousins on my
mum's side is called like this.


-I'm bothering you with this.
-No, not at all.

You're lucky,
you married your first love.

There was someone else?

If you don't want to talk...

No, it's not that.

I'm not used to this.

I've never talked about this.

I loved someone... before Jules.

A German soldier.


But Jules knows about this.

Do you often think about him?

All the time.

I'm sorry.

I'll leave you.

Are you OK?

We missed the last
parachuting of weapons.

I don't know what happened.

There was wind,
but our fires stayed.

Then the plane jettisoned
the load but too high.

We only got Bibles
and butter cookies.

Do you want one?

It's good.

Do you have
news from Raoul?

Apparently, he's still
in prison in Dijon.

I don't have recent news.

As for his trial,
it's still a mystery.

I have new directives

from the Regional Bureau
about the maquis.

We must contact them.

What happened
to your Antoine?

I don't know.
He refused to depend on us.

Reconnect with them
as soon as possible.

You used to be against this.

Money and weapons distribution
depends on our number.

If we integrate the maquis,

our number will grow,
do you understand?

Then we'll get more weapons
and more money.

I can go back there,
but if he's not OK, he's not.

You'll find the words.

Breathe deeply.


Now, put your arms
over your head. Don't force it.

As if you'd like to grab a handle
that would be a little too high.

Without standing on
your tiptoes. Try to grab it.

Can you see it?

Without looking at it.
Just imagine it.


If I don't look at it,
how can I see it?

You must see it in your mind.

Look at me.

Above you, there is a big handle
that you could grab.

You could even hang from it.

But, it's a little too high.

Look at me.

Can you see it now?
-No, I see you.

Good. Sincerity is
where theatre starts.

-I see it.
-Good Charles.

Now, jump.

Come on, everyone.


Stop, now freeze!

Don't move.

Without moving,
look at each other.

Curious statues, uh?

get back to normal.

Does it hurt?
Good, you must feel

your body.

OK, now...
-Hey guys!

You should come see this,
down the lake.




Give them to me.




She's pretty. Stop it!

There's a guy.

-Not surprising...
-Let me see... Give!

Fuck, it's a Hun.
-Are you kidding?

Over there,

I can see his uniform
and his rifle.

If he's with a girl,
it's safe.

A "Hun girl"...

Who knows how to swim?

OK, I'll go alone.
-They're going to see you.

I just have to get
to the rifle before him.

After all,
I'm a good swimmer.

Are you sure of this?



Put your hands up!
Don't move!

Put your hands up!

Do you have them?

-Is it give and take?

Well, it seems a little...

No, wait, OK, OK.


I put 10 grams. I like you.

Wait before you go.
A least 5 minutes.


Identity check. Papers,

food card.

Don't you recognize me?
I'm Hortense Larcher,

the former Mayor's wife.

You're out of the city.
Do you have

an ausweis?
-Yes, of course.

What's in your hand,
Miss Larcher?


-What's your name?

-Your family name.

-Lubac from the mill?

We won't talk.

I promise we won't talk.



-Who knows you were there?

Hun can't see French girls.
They were on leave until tomorrow.

If you talk, we'll know.
We have people everywhere.

At the City Hall, at the Police
Department, everywhere.

So we'll come to Villeneuve
and we'll kill you.

You and all your family.

Men, women, children.

Do you understand?


Now get out of here.

They will talk.
When their leave

will be over, the Hun
will be reported absent.

I'm sure they told
their friends they were here.

Two hours later, they talk.

As they get back,
the Hun will get a move on,

it leaves us two days
to move from here.

What do we do with him?

I don't know.

OK. Guys! Meeting!

We have a problem
with the injured German.

If we don't nurse him,
he'll die in 24 hours.

We can't bring him down.

So, we let him die,

or we go get a Doctor.

In any case,
we had to move in a short time.

But bringing a Doctor here,

especially by force,
it's risky.

What do you think?
-If the Hun had a prisoner,

they would have no pity.

In Poligny, they shot men
after having tortured them.

That's the point.
We're not Hun.

That's true.

We're at war.

Hun don't think we're soldiers?

We must
treat them like soldiers.

It's a matter of principle.

I think it's very risky
for a principle.

A human being
is more than that.

Usually, we don't vote.

But here,
our security is committed.

Who wants me
to get a Doctor?

Then I'll get a Doctor
and I'll bring him here.


find us a new place.

We'll leave in two days,

Miss Larcher...

Can you untie her?

Cops are incredible.

They can't find
the guy who shot me,

but they handcuff you.

You might be happy,
you've got your revenge.

Miss Larcher...

Thank you Inspector.

Please, come in.

What happened?

They found you with this.

I'm not going to deny it.

This is an old trick.

The crook sells the drug.
He calls the cop.

The cop arrests you,
he confiscates the drug

and give it back
to the crook.

Then they share the money.

Apparently, you have
the morphine, not the crook.

You must be attached
to your Muller to do this.

He doesn't know, of course.

No... Two revolvers...

I don't get the game
you're playing, M. Chassagne.

I'm not playing, Miss Larcher.

It was a little hard
to digest of course,

but my job brings me beyond this.
You're free to go.

How come?

The cop who arrested you
has been dismissed.

You're free.
Accept our apologies.

-I'm free?
-As air.

Well... Thank you.

Don't forget your stuff.

Consider this
like a present from

the current Mayor
to the former's wife.

Thank you.

If you need more of this
in the future,

don't take so many risks.

Come ask me.

No, not tonight.

Too bad.

Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow or the day after.

Fine, fine.

Tell me, what do you think
of Marguerite after all?

What do you want me to say?

Nothing special.

You didn't like her
in the beginning.

Not particularly.

Don't you remember?

Hearing you,

she was dishonest,
she was a liar, a dissembler.

I forgot about that.

Do you think we can trust her?


I want to recommend her
to the Academy for a serious job.

Yes, you can trust her.

She's a good person.
Very good.

If you say it...

Good night.

Michel Mermoz...

They don't say
who are the Communists

and they complain
that we deport randomly.

Gabriel Herbier...

-Can I talk to you?

What's the matter?

I have a surprise.


I visited Daniel.

For a surprise,

it's a surprise.

How did you get that?

Theft? Murder?


Marriage bond
is something terrible.

I told him he had
collaborated for two years

and that he didn't have
the right to judge you.

This is very debatable.
But the important thing

is that it worked.

Thank you.
I'm good for a while.

-Is he OK, at least?

-Was he happy to see you?
-Yes, very happy.

He said he was missing me.

We talked about our childhood.

I mean, his,
when I was taking care of him.

He told me to say hello.

You know, he's the leader.
He leads 20 guys.

Of course, he's a leader.

Why do you think
I want him to be my assistant?

They are going
to get identified and killed.

They are very attentive
to the security.

If the farmer talked to you,
he'll talk to anyone.

He's safe, trust me.

I hope you're right.