Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Naissance d'un chef - full transcript

We refuse to work in German
labour camps. Is that a crime?

- That's not a reason to steal.
- We have to eat.

He sells to the Germans.
Can't he give us some?

Not to everyone.

Who does he give to
apart from the Krauts?

Who speaks for your group?

I do.

- Why you?
- You want a vote?

No, it's OK.

Kids in the woods stealing chickens
are not labour camp objectors.

- They're troublemakers.
- That's easy for you to say.

Especially for a woman who doesn't
risk being sent to a labour camp.

You know you could be grassed on
to the police?

I didn't know the Resistance
were friends of the police.

Or that you do business with
the Krauts. Funny way of resisting!

Anselme does business
with the Krauts to gain their trust.

- And he gives you food to eat.
- Amongst others, yes.

- So why can't he help us?
- He doesn't help thieves.

- We're not thieves!
- Labour camp objectors, I got it!

Why is it really?
You don't want to go to Germany?

A Resistance fighter
has to ask me that?

Six lads in the woods
with winter coming in two months.

You won't be able to stand it.

- And you will?
- We have something you don't have.


A cause. That helps
when you're cold and hungry.

- Are you communists?
- Our cause is France.

A Free France. Interested?


You'll need to decide quickly.

And which of the other five
small-time crooks

are ready to commit as well.

I can't decide for them.

What's your name?

Antoine. What's yours?

Listen carefully, Antoine.

We can't be wasting time
with idiots.

If you want to commit to fight for
France, get rid of those who don't.

- Then contact me.
- How?

Do it through Anselme.

And don't hang about or some of
your lads will do something stupid!



You OK?


Yes, I'm fine.

Anything new on the attack
on the lorry?

If the Krauts
don't let us question their men

or see the lorry,
we may not get anywhere.

Of course, they'll blame us.

Anyway, I have something new
on the guy who shot Chassagne.

- He's getting the Legion of Honour?
- Maybe.

He had his overalls cleaned
shortly before.

We found the room he slept in
these last few days.

Clothes, things of no interest,

but also an identity card.

Henri Lopez.

His name isn't Lopez. It's Cohn.

Ezechiel Cohn.

Chassagne was right. He's a Jew.

- You're a real font of knowledge!
- Issue a description.

- That'll please Servier.
- The sub-prefect will be pleased!

You remember the German border guard
that got killed?

Yeah, yeah,
and I told you to drop it.

The Krauts have just been chasing us
up with the ballistic report.

The gun that killed him
was a Ruby Browning, 7.65mm.

A cop's gun.

The report will be checked
against the stolen weapons file.

I issued an appeal for witnesses
in Ligny-le-Vieux.

- Why Ligny-le-Vieux?
- That's where the guy was killed.

- The border guard?
- Of course.

- You haven't looked at the case?
- No, Jean told me to drop it.

When was it exactly?

November 5th last year,
in the morning.

Two kilometres from Ligny-le-Vieux.

Just at the border.
A bullet right in the heart.

I'll take over.
It seems a sensitive case.

I thought you didn't want it.

- I've changed my mind.
- You're hard to follow!

What do you want me to say?
Ask for a transfer.

In the meantime,
find out where Cohn is staying

because that's where Servier
is waiting to trip us up. OK?

Why did you invite him for dinner?
You don't like each other.

No, but we need each other.
It's ideal in politics.

I don't see why you need him.

Jeannine, you look after the table
plan. I deal with politics.

Don't speak to me like that!

What are you looking at?
Go and pluck the chickens!

I'm head of the business here.
I bring in the money.

Even your contacts in Paris, that's
down to Dad, so that's me again!

So what am I?


You are what I want you to be.


I am what I want to be.


All the time. With anybody.

Including you.

I need Muller
to become a secretary of state.

Your father can't do anything for
me. You can't do anything for me.

Politics isn't what we need
at the moment.

It's money, Philippe.


I don't like it. It stinks.

What I like...

is power.

To get power,

you need money.

Don't stop.

What is it you want this time?

A child just brought this parcel
for you.

Oh, God!

- I don't care about the Resistance.
- We need a lasting solution.

We won't survive on our own
in winter.

We can hide in barns
down in the valley.

- How will we find food?
- I don't know.

We won't eat any better
in the Resistance!

- The girl pledged to help us.
- You believe her?

- Yes.
- Did you fall for her or something?

- Very funny!
- Why not? She's rather cute.

There's a lack of women here.

Why did she show up here?

They came here because they need us
just as much as we need them.

I don't need anyone.
I just need to be left alone!

What I need is a nice bed
and a hot chocolate.

Why didn't you want
to go to Germany?

Because it's the war over there. So
I don't want to play war games here!

It's not a game! You know
the Krauts occupy our country?

- We can't do anything about that.
- We can drive them out.

This sissy can't go three nights in
the woods without calling his mum!

Go to hell!

Let's not fight amongst ourselves.

I don't like having Krauts here

What else can we do
other than wait till they clear off?

Wait in Germany. The food's good.

You know what the Krauts do
if they find you?

They gouge your eyes out
and cut your balls off.

- Bullshit!
- I read it.

It's bullshit!

Even if it was true,
we'll live like cockroaches

because we're afraid
of getting our balls cut off?

Is that what being a free man is
to you? We're objectors, goddamn it!

We said no to Laval
who told us to go to Germany

and no to Petain
who told us to obey Laval.

You have to be consistent
with your choices.

Without realising it,
we chose the Resistance.

- Not me.
- I'm choosing the Resistance.

Me too.

I don't want to live
like a cockroach.

Those who are unwilling to commit
need to leave.



I'm going with you.

You've got talent.
You would make a great Rodrigo!

Yeah. In the meantime,
we have to get moving as well.

We don't know what they'll say
when they get down there.

I'm delighted that you accepted
our invitation.

There are few distractions
in Villeneuve.

- That's for sure.
- Maria...

What should I call you?
Madame Larcher? Hortense?

"Hortense" seems fine to me.

- Is your shoulder better?
- I've already forgotten about it.

And what about your back?

What back?

Please, come through.

Straight from Reims.

A special vintage that came here
by lorry, express delivery.

They only produce 500 bottles
a year. Monsieur Muller...

"Heinrich." Come on, let's go crazy.

- Hortense.
- Thank you.

It's nice to see you. I've only seen
you in passing in recent months.

It's nice to see you too.
We never go out.

I'm a woman that is hidden away.
I'm not used to it.

You're not someone who can be
hidden away for very long.

- What on earth is that?
- It was posted to me.

- May I?
- Of course.

Why have you kept that?
I find it morbid!

I'm thinking of putting it
in a glass case. My lucky coffin!

It's a bit small for me!

It's very well made.

Whoever made this
knows how to work with wood.

It's been sanded down...

..varnished, painted.

You smell it?

You're right.
It's a lovely piece of work.

To us!


To us.

This soup doesn't taste of anything.

I didn't put any onions in it.
You don't like that.

I don't like it having no taste

If you brought back some bacon, I
could put some in. That adds taste.

My mother used to do that
before the war.


a bit of olive oil.

Where am I going to find bacon? Hmm?

I thought that you policemen...

well, with all the black market
seizures that you carry out.

I don't do that sort of thing.

I kill people, but I don't do
illegal trade in bacon.

I've got principles.

Any news from the sawmill?


Madame is very worried
about her brother.

Family is important.

It might even be
the most important thing.

Do you have one?

A family?


Social services are my family.

It's a large family,
but we're not very close.

By the way...


You promised me, about Raoul...

Do you still think about that idiot?

Get down on your knees.

Undo your blouse.

What's got into you, interrupting me
at home? Are you drunk?

- I'm as sober as a judge.
- Well?

The Kraut border guard.

Something new?

It won't take Loriot long
to realise it was you.

I think Loriot will grass on you
to Servier.

- Yeah? And why won't you?
- I don't like the Krauts.

Loriot doesn't like
the Krauts either.

Watch your back, Jean.

He'll remember you declared
the loss of your gun.

He'll compare the grooves on the
bullet with it and you've had it!

- What do you want?
- What do you mean?

What do you want
in exchange for this?


Let's just say I like you
in spite of everything.

Let's just say
it's a gratuitous act.

- You know what that is?
- Something you pay dearly for.

See you tomorrow.


Oh, mashed potato!

I can't resist it.
Whisked in butter.

Ratte potatoes only.

It's firm, yet creamy.

I'm sure you'll like it.

You're spoiling us. I don't think
I've had any since 1940.

Black market?


- Hortense, do you prefer the thigh?
- The white meat.

How about you?

I like every part of a chicken.

You know, Heinrich...

You've won the war, but you've still
to learn how to win the peace.

Let's not bother our companions
with all this nonsense.

It doesn't bother me at all.

Politics fascinates me.

And if I was a man,
that's what I'd do.

Not me.

"Winning the peace."
That should be your objective.

We would have to win the war first.

You're about to do that.

If you say so.

I find you quite pessimistic.



It's his little superiority complex.

I'll explain to you my plan
which you can help me with.

I'd like to open
a recruitment office

in Villeneuve for the Waffen-SS.

A French Waffen-SS.
Can you imagine it?

And what would be the point of that?

Politically, it would have
a certain impact on the population.

It would serve my interests
in Paris.

You would get more troops. You're
starting to run short, aren't you?

But really, Philippe...

We are losing the war
with the German SS.

What do you want me to do
with the French SS?

I'm sure you're exaggerating.
Stalingrad was a setback, but...

Stalingrad isn't the problem.
It's Kursk.

Well, you're the expert.

But with lots of French SS troops,
your prospects are damn good!


You don't wage war with prospects,

All the same, it's important
to have some in life.

- This mash is lovely, isn't it?
- Superb.

Look at it closely.

What do you see?

- Mashed potato.
- Yes, mashed potato, of course.

But come here
and look at it closely.

Look how firm and creamy it seems.


Imagine it between your lips,
on your tongue,

on the palate,
sliding down your throat...

A right little minx
in yellow velvet knickers.

A delicious prospect, isn't it?

But war, Philippe,
offers no prospects.

This is war!

This is war, Philippe!

You're crazy!

You shouldn't invite crazy people
to dinner, Madame.

It doesn't offer many prospects.

Darling, I think we should leave.

I'm sorry.

- Guys, we can stop here.
- Not yet. We're too near the road.

I can't go on.
I think I've got a fever.

A few more hours' walking
and you'll be fine. Come on.

You can't just order everybody
around like that!

I know you want to be in the army,
but this isn't the army.

Maybe not,
but this is the Resistance.

And we need a leader
or it won't work.

And for now, I'm the leader.
Unless the rest of you object.

- No, I agree.
- So do I.

But we could rest a little
if he's tired.

If you can't cope,
you can head back on down.

No one's forcing you to stay.

It's OK.
I can go on another few hours.

OK, let's carry on.

This idiot is starting
to piss me off.

Don't make a fuss about it.

I'll get that arsehole for this!
I can be stupid sometimes.

You'll be stupid if you make a fuss
about it. He's off his head.

You made a mistake inviting him
to dinner. Now forget it!

- I won't be humiliated!
- He won't tell the world about it!

You saw it. The Larcher woman
saw it. My face in the mash!

- Why worry about the Larcher woman?
- She was there. That's all.

I'll take as long as I need,
but I'll find a way.

I'll make him eat mash!

OK, we'll camp here.

Don't sit on the damp ground.
You'll catch a death.

Death has already caught me.

You're quite an actor.

Is that a criticism or a compliment?


Prepare your bedding.

Avoid moss and put newspapers
between your bags and the ground.

I've no strength to do anything
other than sleep.

- I'll help you.
- Don't encourage idleness.

It's not good.

Are we really going
to join the Resistance?

I don't know. Probably.

If we join, is there a membership
card or something like that?

A card?

I don't have a photo.

I'll go and see the farmer
in a little while.

Will you see the girl again?

I don't know. Maybe.

- There we are.
- Thank you.

What do you want us to do
with these objectors?

We don't have enough supplies
for ourselves.

There are more and more of them.
We have to do something.

They have no training.

We didn't have any training
when we started.

They're too easy to infiltrate.

You just have to be 21 or 22 and say
you're a labour camp objector.

I don't understand.

Our orders are to create
a secret army.

Yes. In theory.

Once we sort these objectors out,
we can make them into soldiers.

Soldiers without weapons,
without training, without leaders.

We could be the leaders.

The one I saw,
I think he would obey me.

And we will get weapons eventually,
won't we?

After the lorry business,
I doubt it.

The guys in Lyon think
we're irresponsible.

- Who was that anyway?
- I don't know. Probably commies.

OK, as for your objectors,
see where it takes you,

but don't be responsible
for their supplies

or it'll be too much for you.

Did you listen to Radio London

No, I avoid it at school now.

No invasion before next year.

I hope it's just to drive
the Krauts up the wall!

Here they are again.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we need to check your papers.


Come on. Identity cards,
ration cards, demob papers.

- Hurry up.
- Your papers.

That's all we're here for.

Papers, please, madame.

Back already?

I'm sorry about the chicken.

You'll get the chance
to pay me back.

The girl from yesterday -
what's her name?

She has no name.

- Did you guys sort yourselves out?
- Yes.

There are just four of us now.

Four out of six want to be
in the Resistance? That's a lot.

They may not want to be in the
Resistance, but they'll follow me.

You have to keep moving.

Go to a place the others don't know.

Done that already.

Where's that?

You're right to be cautious, but you
also have to learn to trust, my boy.

For now, we're on the Black Mountain
near Echets Forest.

You need to move on every two weeks.
Or once a month at least.

And...what do we do?


When you join the Resistance,
what kind of action do you take?

Goodness me! Take it easy, huh?

First, you get settled. You organise
guard duty, play some sport.

Make sure there are no grasses
among you, then look for food.

You'll help us with that?

- Not at the moment.
- When?

When I'm told to.

The girl from yesterday -
how do I contact her?

She'll contact you.

Welcome, sonny.

Welcome to the Resistance.

- We're hungry! We're hungry!
- Settle down, boys, OK?

Especially you, Gustave. You're not
a kid any more. Have some bread.

Be careful, it's very hot.
You'll have to blow on it.

There's no point blowing on it.
I read it in the paper.

You're reading the paper now,
are you?


So what did you read in the paper
about soup?

That you just have to wait.
Blowing makes no difference.

- If you can't wait, what do you do?
- You burn your mouth!

It...might be a patient.

I'll go.

- Dr Larcher...
- What do you want?

I need help.

- We're having a family meal.
- I don't know where to go.

What happened to you?

- Start without me.
- Is everything OK?

Yeah, yeah.

How did you get shot?

Just a short while ago.
At the station.

Identity check.

A short while ago?
That wound is several days old.

I shot the mayor at the school.

And you come here?

That's really irresponsible. My
companion is a foreign Jew like you.

- No one followed me.
- How do you know?

- You think the police warn you?
- I promise you.

Last year, you promised me
you wouldn't run away.

Do you blame me for that? Those
from the school, where are they now?

I don't know.

But how could you do a terrorist act
like this when you have a daughter?

Where is she, anyway?

She was deported last week
with all the kids

from the Jewish children's home.

She'd been there since January.

The adults too,
French and foreigners. Everyone.

In fact, I have one regret.

About my terrorist act,
as you put it.

That I missed the bastard!


- What's wrong with him?
- Very high temperature.

He caught a cold during the night.

I told you I'd caught my death.

For once I told you the truth
and you didn't believe me.

That's the problem for actors.

Shit! He's burning up.

Is it serious, Doctor?

He needs to drink.
Do we have any water left?

Just one or two sips
in Thierry's flask.

He needs aspirin
to lower his temperature.

Don't worry about me.

It'll pass.

Is this for real
or is he pretending?

A bit of both.

We need to build a hut at least,
a proper shelter.

There's wood we can use,
but we don't have any tools.

I know where I can get some.

I'll be back, let's say...at dawn.

If I'm not back by midday,
you'll have to improvise.

And he says:
"Grandpa, where is the gold mine?

"That beautiful gold mine
that can bring us happiness?"

So then Grandpa replies:

"That gold mine is in your heart,
my boy.

"It's in your heart."

Do you understand?

Yes, of course,
it's not easy to explain.

We can't keep him here.
They're bound to be looking for him.

- Where will he go?
- Well, you know...

There are times
when you have to think of yourself.

You said there wasn't much danger
for me here.

Because there aren't any Germans
in Moissey.

No one is looking for you,
but they're after him.

Soon the police will have
his photo up everywhere.

Maybe no one saw him come here.
He said that no one saw him.

What difference does that make?

It's reason enough for him
not to have to go. Really.

That type of arrangement
never works. Remember last year?

You were meant to stay upstairs?
You were always on the ground floor.

You regret that?

Don't talk nonsense.

Daniel, I was with him
when he lost his son.

He's on the run.
He has nowhere to go.

The problem in Villeneuve is Muller.

It's a bit much that it's a Kraut
blocking Franco-German co-operation!

You seemed to be on good terms
the other day.

The 300 hostages? Oh, I was joking.
You didn't take me seriously?

Muller took you seriously.

300 exactly. 50 of them from here.

A disaster! How do you expect to
persuade public opinion after that?

The forced labour camp policy
was the blunder of the century!

- Don't exaggerate, darling.
- She's right.

Until then, at police HQ,
a third were for De Gaulle,

a third for Petain
and a third had no opinion.

Petain supporters
are now hugging the walls!

- De Gaulle's support is increasing?
- No.

- Thank God!
- For the moment.

- What can we do?
- Wait and hope.

- Wait for what?
- Peace.

The return of prisoners.
That'll fix things.

We need more effective collaboration
and it's impossible with Muller.

His affair with Madame Larcher can't
help matters at the SD, I guess?

I guess not.
These potatoes are really excellent.

- They're Ratte potatoes.
- They make a wonderful mash.

For sure.

- You're quite close to Kollwitz?
- We put up with each other.

Close enough to ask
for Muller's head?

No, Muller could have
Kollwitz's head.

The Wehrmacht trails
behind the Gestapo now.

Still, there must be some way
of screwing Muller.

Excuse my blunt speaking, madame.
I'm a man of the people.

There is the attack on the lorry.

Muller will need to get a result.

- And if he doesn't?
- It's not good for him.

What would be really bad
is if we bring those responsible

for the attack
to Kollwitz on a plate.

- Then Muller's had it.
- There we are!

Except we have no chance.

The Germans
are withholding information

and Marchetti's being difficult.

Move him then.

You want to get rid of Muller,
then Marchetti. It'll be me next.

Come on now...

I'm joking.

What are you doing here?

I need some stuff.

We've had no news for three days.
Your sister is worried to death.

- What are you doing here?
- I need some stuff.

Where have you been?

The cops showed up at the factory.
I had to run.

- You could have told us.
- It was tricky.

I met some other guys.

I see. Well,
the main thing is you're here now.

I've arranged
for you to leave tomorrow.

I'm not going. If you've had to pay
for the journey, I'll pay you back.

Where are you hiding
with these other guys?

- In the mountains.
- What's that for?

A shelter.
It's too rough out in the open.

If you'd just asked,
I could have lent a hand.

- Josephine wouldn't have let you.
- You could have called.

OK, live your life,
but don't make your sister suffer.

- I can call who I want when I want.
- And nick stuff from me as well?

OK, what shall we tell Jo now?

You're not going back into the
mountains in this cold. It's crazy.

Tell him it's crazy.

Who are these guys
you're hanging about with?

We're not hanging about.
They're objectors like me.

- Not Bolsheviks?
- Of course not!

- But they are in the Resistance?
- No.

They're just guys who don't want
to go to Germany. Or Switzerland.

I don't understand.

Raymond arranged everything.
You agreed. What got into you?

I decided to go my own way.

Madrier Alban. Objector.

- No. I was going to go, but...
- What?

You were summoned a week ago.

I had things to do.

On the side of a mountain? With
all your kit? Are you a mountaineer?

You got nabbed coming out of Mareuil
woods. What were you doing there?


I was hunting...

I was hunting rabbits.

Listen, Alban, enough is enough.

We have information about objectors
gathering in the woods or mountains.

That's what we're interested in.

Either you grass them up
and it's the labour camp

or you keep your mouth shut
and it'll be hell. Your choice.

Hurry up
because I haven't got all night.

We did nothing bad.

I'll decide whether
it's good or bad. Go on.


There were just five or six of us...

in a sort of Scout camp. That's all.

Any communists?


We just didn't want
to go to Germany.


Well, there is one...

He's not a communist.

It's just he has
anti-patriotic ideas.

What's his name?


- Antoine what?
- I don't know his surname.

But if I understood correctly,

his brother-in-law owns
the sawmill in Villeneuve.


Take him to the judge.
Give him the full charge.

- Goddamn it! You said...
- I don't like grasses.

I can't help it.

The police in Seurres
have tracked down Ezechiel Cohn,

beside the railway line,
southern zone.

Where does it lead?

In theory to Seurres, Gournay
or Moissey.


The Kraut border guard case.

Since you started it, you keep it.
See where it leads.

You know, a year later...

Surely we'll not find much.

The weapon
should tell you something.

A stolen 7.65mm. That's quite rare.

Very well.

I'm on it.

Your sister really loves you.

She'll find it hard
to live without you.

She'll come to terms with it.

You know nothing about women,
do you?

Have you got to know a woman yet?


- Not interested?
- Yes, I am, like everyone else.

No, some people aren't interested.

I saw an interesting woman

- Tell me about her.
- What do you want me to say?

Is she pretty?

Yes, but she doesn't know
how to make the best of it.

- Married?
- I don't know.

That's of minor importance.

You'd cheat on Jo?

No, no, I mean...

What does she do?

I don't know.

Goodness me, you don't know much!

Does it matter what a woman does?

Most of the time
they don't do anything, obviously.

But if she does something,
yes, it matters.

How is Claude?

A lot better. He's sleeping,
but he told me he was hungry.

Yes, that is a good sign.

- A friend who'll give us a hand.
- Hello.

Look, there's Antoine.

- Who are they?
- No idea. They came 15 minutes ago.

Wait a second.

Maybe we can go and look
for the other materials?

- Can you help him?
- OK.


- Who are these clowns?
- Just guys like us.

- How did they get here?
- A woodcutter saw us yesterday.

He mentioned it
in the Cafe de Mareuil.

Don't mention Ezechiel to anyone,

Not to your school friends,
nor their parents. No one.

Got it?

Is he a friend of Sarah's?


He's just a Jew?

Yes, just a Jew.

A Jew that's wanted even more
than Sarah.

But are we going to take in
many more?

I don't know.

I don't think so.
Why? Does it bother you?

Well, the more there are,
the more risky it is, isn't it?

Don't worry about the risks.
Just hold your tongue. Off you go.

Don't worry about the string,
Antoine. We have some.

- What's your name?
- Charles.

You think that'll hold?
One gust of wind and it's off.

Nails here. One, two, three. Every
ten centimetres. It's not hard.

You've got a stump here.
Use it. Look.

Put it there and cut it straight.
That way, you have something solid.

That thing there -
one gust of wind and it's off.

When you've done that, put one strut
across here, one across here.

And we'll put a post here.

- Antoine!
- Yes?

- It's the girl from the other day.
- What girl?

Carry on without me.
I won't be a minute.

Hang on. I want to see her as well.

Do you know her?

- What are you doing here?
- I was going to ask you that.

- Can you explain...
- You know I'm married?

I didn't get a chance
to congratulate you.

- Antoine is my wife's brother.
- Raymond...

I thought you weren't
in the Resistance. More lies?

I'm not meant to tell anyone.

- Are you trying to recruit the boy?
- He's an adult.

- Can we talk for a few minutes?
- If you like.


You haven't changed.

You have.
You're wearing trousers now.

I prefer collaborators' wives.
They wear dresses and stockings.

Does your wife?

My wife, who was my housekeeper...


..loves her brother more than me.

He's a talented, honest,
idealistic boy.

A few days ago, he couldn't care
less about the Resistance.

So, from the bottom of my heart,
looking you straight in the eye,

I'm asking you
to leave him out of all this.

Is it the girl I saw last year
when I had the chickens?

Did you hear what I just said?

You can't decide for others. Antoine
chose to join the Resistance.

- Four days ago!
- You have to start some day.

One day you're not in it,
the next day you are.

- Marie...
- Usually, it's not how it happens.

Like a nettle rash! So if your
brother-in-law... Is that right?


..wants to join the Resistance,
it's his problem. Not yours or mine.

Come with me.

Who is that woman?

Someone with many deaths
on her conscience.

- Who is she to you?
- It was ages before your sister.

- What's her name?
- Listen, Antoine.

She is wanted
by the French and German police.

In November, most members
of her terrorist group were killed.

- You and your guys will join her?
- Yes.

Just to piss off your sister and me?

- You have to choose sides.
- Between good and evil?

No. Between those who put up with
the Occupation and those who don't.

You put up with it. I don't.

The moment you go off with her,
you put yourself outside the law.

We can't have any more contact.

I should even tell the police
I saw you.

Will you?

You really disappoint me.

Are you OK?

Do you know Raymond Schwartz well?


Be careful who you recruit.

The cops are bound
to try and infiltrate you.

- What about action?
- Action?

Not for now.

I don't understand.

The United Movements of Resistance
I represent

are creating a secret army.

Nice name.
A name's important, you know!

This secret army made up of soldiers
like you and your lads

will take action
when the Allies land in France.


No one knows.
It's not imminent, in any case.

- Give me an idea.
- It's months away. Maybe more.

We can't spend months doing nothing!

No, not "nothing". Training, sport.

Listen, my guys want to be part
of the Resistance, not do sport.

I thought you wanted people
ready for action.

We don't have weapons, Antoine!
We don't have officers.

The enemy is strong, armed,
violent, ready for anything.

- That's not how it works.
- Those are the orders from the top.

I don't care. We've got no reason
to obey those orders.

In the Resistance
you have no choice.

You always have a choice.
We'll find our own weapons.

We'll find our own targets as well.