Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - L'arrestation - full transcript

We must have no illusions.

Since the attack on the truck,
we can't use our weapons.

There are cops everywhere.
The wops have fallen.

- Sergio and the gang?
- Him, his wife and 2 friends.

They shot Sergio on a chair,
he was so messed up.

She killed herself rather than talk.
Swallowed glass.

- Any news of the inter-regional?
- None. I'm like you.

I keep my head down.
I see no-one.

- Aren't you bored?
- It's less boring with two.

I haven't seen my wife since...

I don't remember.

I hope she'll recognise me
after the war.

I've had no news in over a year.

Bad news.

Weber's been arrested.

The Gestapo.

He had a list of our hideouts.

- They're summer hideouts.
- If the Boches go to the chalet,

they'll know we've got someone
at Georges's bar and ask questions.

- They'll catch Jérémie, and then...
- What can we do?

- We have to warn him.
- They'll be watching the bar.

- Does he have a place?
- No idea.

We have to go there.

Who'll go?

We're all wanted now.
We're all equally at risk.

- It's me, then.
- I'm coming with you.

Don't be ridiculous.

- It's less dangerous for a couple.
- Suzanne...

- My photo's not out there.
- It's irregular.

I don't care.



If you come too often,
they'll notice.

The women next door
are collaborators.

You're in no position
to give me safety lessons.


The girl you sent me the other day
was my sister.

Your sister?
Strange family you've got.

She could have been sent
by the Boches.

I have a sixth sense.

You thought she was my girl.

A sister is better for safety.
Is that why you're here?

No. I need a doctor.

We took some weapons from
some Boches and wounded one.

You want to treat him?

- He's a prisoner of war.
- Nonsense.

He'd cut you to pieces.

That's his problem.

Do you know a doctor?

Are you sure?

- When was this?
- First the cake, then the present.

No, the present first.
He can put his watch on to eat.

Does he suspect anything?

He forgot completely last year.

He's thinking about the others.

- Not about himself.
- We must show him the cake first.

Right, let's put the candles on.

When he arrives, we'll light them.

Hide and then come out.

- OK.
- Goodbye, Roger.

- I'm going.
- What time will you be back?

- Not before 8. I have 10 patients.
- Don't come back

too late.
You promised Tequiero

- you'd read him a story.
- I'll do my best.

- Ezechiel, can I talk to you?
- Yes.

I have bad news.

The Milice came
to Moissey town hall

yesterday and today.

- Were they looking for me?
- We can't be certain.

They've never come
to Moissey before.

You want me to leave?

We said a week. It's been four.

Please understand.
I'm afraid for my family.

I should have gone sooner.

But the warmth of a family
makes me...

I'm sorry.

I'll pack my things.

- Not before the birthday surprise.
- You know about it?

On the way to Villeneuve,

I'll speak to someone
who can take you for a few days.

Don't tell Sarah or the children.

- Of course.
- I'll tell them.

Sarah, I don't have my keys.

They're at the locksmith's.
Will you let me in?

Of course.

Thank you.

Tell me...

Do you ever think about Julien?

- No.
- Never?


You never say what you're thinking.

Then why ask me?

I think about him often.

I think about his mother.

Have you seen her?

I'll go and see her after the war.

At least, that's what I tell myself.

After the war, we may have
other things to do.

A honeymoon?

- You think only of yourself.
- I'm thinking of us both.

You, me, us, it's all the same.

It's unimportant.

- Why do you say that?
- Why have you stopped?

- Why do you say that?
- I don't know.

Sergio died on a chair.
Carlotta bled to death.

Comrades die every day
fighting the Nazis.

After the war,
we'll have to fight for socialism.

And all you think about
is your guilt over Julien,

or our honeymoon.

It's unimportant.

And what would be important?

Stepping outside
your little bourgeois world,

thinking only of your little house
with your little husband

in your little capitalist world.
You think Julien died for that?

What do you think he died for?

To make a better future
for the world's children.

The world's children?

While you take care
of the world's children,

ours never see us,
and it's killing them! Me too!

Don't touch me!

- Wait.
- Hurry up.

We're on a mission.

The global revolution won't wait.


Suzanne, wait for me!

- More coffee?
- No, I'm worked up enough as it is.

- With me?
- No, not with you.

With these idiots
who can't organise themselves.

And with your brother, who knew.

Yes, one second.

- I only consult by appointment.
- It's an emergency.

What kind?

I heard you treat anyone,
whatever their views.

- Not at any hour of day.
- It's an emergency.

- We have a gunshot wound.
- It's impossible.

- I have to be in Moissey tonight.
- Just remove the bullet.

It isn't far.

You'll be in Moissey before 7,
I swear.

Is he a friend?

A German soldier.

You're mad!

If he's not treated, he'll die.

Then you shouldn't have shot him.

If he dies, the repression

will get worse.

That will be your fault.
Now get out.

You're coming with me,

whether you like it or not.

- Another dinner with her?
- I like her, you like her,

she likes us.
What's the problem?

We don't need to have dinner
together every night.

We've invited her twice in a month.

Three times.

Is there a problem with Marguerite?

No, no.

Come on.
Let's try to sleep a little.

Yesterday you said
I could trust her, and today...

It's not that.

You say you're going to
recommend her for the academy.

She's going to join
the Resistance, right?

I don't like to talk about it.

It concerns me as well.

Yes or no?


So you're going to plot
in front of me...

No, we're going to eat, drink
and have fun.

Is that so bad?

You're complicated sometimes.

I am as I am.

And you're perfect to me.

- You're flattering me.
- And it's working.


Is that a yes?


- I want to see my wife.
- Calm down.

Where is she?

In a cell. Sit down. OK.

- Your wife's situation is serious.
- What situation?

Her brother Antoine
leads a resistance unit.

- She has nothing to do with that.
- She knows where he is.

I doubt that.

I know she saw him two days ago.

- Do you know where he is?
- No.

He's not worth all this fuss.

He wounded and abducted
2 German soldiers.

The Boches described the women
who were with them.

A judge would say
your wife was an accomplice.

The Boches don't know

she's involved, for now.

And how do you know?

If she doesn't talk,
I'll finger her to the Boches.

Then no-one
will be able to help her.

You can see her,

but you must convince her to tell
me where her brother's unit is.


Open the door.

- Can I be alone with her?
- No.

I must be alone with her!

You have 15 minutes.
No more.

Did they hurt you?

Do you think they'll let me go?


Antoine and his men
kidnapped 2 Boches.

One is wounded, maybe dead.
We can do no more for Antoine.

I don't understand.

The Boches won't give up.

He's finished.

But you're not.
You must tell them where he is.

You can't ask me to do that.

I told you not to go.
We have to face up to it.

- By betraying him?
- He's finished.

He betrayed himself
by getting carried away.

You can't pay for what he did.

I can't do that.

It's not about choosing
between him and you.

It's whether he goes down alone
or takes you with him.

I spoon-fed him for 3 years.

I changed his nappies.

I love him more...

more than myself.

You want me to deliver him
to the Germans?

Choose life.

Go away.

It's no use talking any more.

It's like they already know where
he is. They'll just find him sooner.


We're done.

- We're having dinner together.
- Yes.

Tell me...

Did you tell my husband
about what we said yesterday?

Why on earth would I do that?

He seems so delighted
to have you to dinner.

He likes me.
We work together.

I know how to keep a secret.

Anyway, you said he knew.


- He knows, but he doesn't know...
- That it obsesses you.

Your husband is very sharp.

Maybe he knows but doesn't let on.

You seem

to admire him.

You think I'm trying to steal
your husband?

No, not at all.

Don't worry. He's all yours.

- Tonight, you will sing.
- No.

I sing badly.

What you said was horrible.
Really horrible.

Shall we go?

Hello. Would you like to eat?

Is Jérémie here?
I'm his cousin, Jean-Paul.

He'll be here in an hour.


We'll eat, then.

Is this table OK?

Yes, it's fine.

Take a seat.

The special
is Jerusalem artichokes

in tomato sauce.

You're crazy!

OK, I'm hungry, but it's risky.

- And it's expensive.
- We're celebrating.

Some celebration.

One hour to wait.

You're hungry.
You see? I care about you.

So, Mr Schwartz, what do I do now?

Hand her over to Müller?

They'll skin her alive.

Tear out her fingernails
one by one with pliers.

If she doesn't talk,
they'll break her fingers.

By trapping her hand in a drawer
and shutting it very hard,

several times.

Then her breasts....


We know each other well.
You're a pragmatist.

You love your wife, and I must find
Antoine before the Boches do.

You really don't know where he is?

I know someone who might.

Who definitely does.

I'm listening.

He's a farmer.

He's called Anselme.

- That's a nice cake you're making.
- I learned from my mother.

She was a good cook.

My son...

Do you remember him?

Of course.

- He wanted to be a pastry chef.
- Really?

- Didn't he want to be a doctor?
- Pastry chef.

At 7, he made his first strudel.

Even better than my wife's.
At 7.

Do you think about

- what you'll do after the war?
- You know,

I've learnt to think short-term.

Well, in the short term,
I can say my cake has started well.

I hope Daniel gets back soon.

- When will we let him go?
- Is Luc back?

He said he found a good place.

OK, take off the blindfold.

This way.

- What are you doing here?
- Mr Mayor...

I haven't been the Mayor for ages.
I saw your parents.

They're worried.

Are you coming?
I thought you were in a hurry.

Don't worry, I'm a doctor.

I'm going to examine you.

You speak good German.

What a child you are.

They're going to kill us.

I know they are!

If they bring a doctor from town,

it's not to kill you afterwards.

- I need water.
- Go fetch some water.

Will he make it?

I don't know.

You haven't touched your food.

I'm not hungry.

I thought you were starving.

It's funny. For months,

I've dreamt of eating with you
in a restaurant,

in town,

as if nothing was wrong, and now...

It's happening and I feel nothing.

I'm not happy to be here.

I don't see what's funny about it.

You want something,

then when it happens
you can't profit from it.

Profit is for capitalists.

In a socialist society,
no-one profits.

They share.

Aren't you sick
of reciting your catechism?

Do you see us in the USSR
with Gustave and Léonore?

Our own child

- on a collective farm?
- Yes.

Why not?

Jérémie's late.

In a quarter of an hour, we'll go.

- I don't have a pencil.
- Nor have I.

Excuse me.

- May I have the bill, please?
- Yes.

- Can I borrow your pencil?
- I need it back.

- Right.
- Didn't you like the food?

I'm not hungry.

There's plenty who are.

"Bon voyage." Clear enough?

I don't know.

He's here.

Pay the bill with that.

When I come back, we'll go.

The little lady said
to give you the change.

- Where is she?
- She left.

- Finished with the pencil?
- Yes.

Identity check,

ladies and gentlemen!

ID cards and ration books, now.

Everyone show their papers.

Come on!

Get a move on!

This ration card is expired.

I've not had time to change it.

Come with me.

"Jean-Paul Martin."

A common name, Martin.

- Apparently.
- Especially right now.

More than ever since 1940.

Dining alone?

My wife left to run an errand.

What errand?

To pick up a dress.

Take him away.

Stand there.

No, Thierry, that's wrong.

Ever been to Venice?


A gondola.

- A skiff. You've been fishing?
- Yes.

Imagine you're on a skiff.

- You're gliding on the water.
- OK.

Show me.

You hold the oar higher
on a gondola.

- Hold it higher. Big oars.
- OK.


He'll pull through.

Don't move him for 3 days.

3 days?

- Change his dressing every 4 hours.
- Who'll do that?

You, or one of your men.

Can you show me how?

I have to go.

- I've an urgent operation.
- Urgent operation?

Planned in advance?

A delicate operation.

Will you take me back now?

What are you doing here?

You scared me.

- Come to fetch Léonore?
- Not fetch her.

Just see her.
I miss her so much.

- I'll get her.
- No!

I don't want her to see me.

Just seeing her
makes me feel better.

That's stupid.

Yes, very stupid.

Do you come to fetch her now?

She didn't seen me for so long.

You're late.

- You mustn't be late with kids.
- There was a roadblock.

- Cops everywhere.
- A roadblock?

There was a raid on Georges's bar.


That's what the newsagent said.

Sure you don't want to talk to her?

No, I have to go.

When you breathe in,
relax your shoulders.

When you sing,

you should feel this opening up.

I don't know why

I went dancing

In Saint-Jean, to the accordion

It seems so easy.

It is easy.
You just have to want it.

Go on.

The wine will help you sing.

I don't know why I went dancing

in Saint-Jean...

- Is that no good?
- Yes, it is.

Now lengthen the nape of your neck.

No, the nape, not the neck.

- They're both the same.
- Like this.

You see?

Go on.

I don't know why I went dancing

In Saint-Jean, to the accordion

But one kiss was enough

For my heart to become

A prisoner

Hurry up.

Knife on the right.

I'll fetch Tequiero.

Salt and pepper.

Oh, yes.

- Can I light the candles?
- Of course.


He's here. Get in the cupboard!

Close the door. Quick, push hard!

- Why's he ringing?
- The key

is with the locksmith.

The present! In the bedroom.



Are you OK? You...

Is this Dr Larcher's residence?


Is he in?


That's Kohn. Get him!

Search the place.

It smells of yid here.

Don't you think?

So the good Dr Larcher

is harbouring a wanted yid, eh?

Who are you?

His housekeeper?

His whore?


You've no right.

I have no right?

You're harbouring a terrorist yid
and you talk about rights?

- Do you like yids?
- Let me go.


Is anyone else here?

The table is laid for 5.

Dr Larcher is bringing two guests
from Villeneuve.

Then we'll be back to see him.

Take her as well.

What for?
I don't even know her.

Sure, sure.

- You know the Ribaucourt spring?
- Yes.

Above the river,

50 m up, there's a plateau.

We'll make camp there.

There's a good view
and it's easily defendable.

Right, we'll go there.
Tell everyone.

We leave in 2 days at dawn.

Louis, it's OK.

You're making a mistake.

- Good evening.
- Marie?

I'm sorry about all this.

- We'll let you go.
- In 2 days.

- You gave me your word!
- Our safety comes first.

This is no way
to maintain your safety.

You'll attract the Boches.

- We're moving.
- Then let him go.

In 2 days.

That's impossible.
I've got a family.

I have patients waiting for me.

Can we talk for a minute?

- What are you doing?
- Protecting my men.

He won't talk.

- His partner is Jewish.
- Exactly.

If she has problems,
he'll have to get her out.

I don't trust him.

Marie, is it?

The Resistance
doesn't behave this way.

Yours, maybe.
Here it's me who decides.

He saved your wounded man!

He's spent 3 years
sucking up to the Boches.

Two days here is not the stalag.

Let him go.

Bastien will take you back.

- I haven't finished.
- I have.

Take her back, by force if need be.


- Please...
- Sit down, madam.

Search him.

Sit down.


Is that a French name?

Polish. My father came

to work in the mines at Longwy.

Work? The Polacks
only know how to drink.

- What work do you do?
- I'm a student at Besançon.

Call that working?
Where were you before the bar?

- At the cinema.
- With a girl?


Why would you go alone?

To see films.

What did you see?

"Love Story" by Autant-Lara,
with Odette Joyeux.

Got your ticket?

On your way.

Jean-Paul Martin.

Your face looks familiar.

We met at the bar.

Before that.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a tie salesman.

- Got any samples?
- I'm on holiday.

Ever been in jail?


Empty your pockets.

What's that?

A letter.

A heart.

- From your lover?
- Yes.

"Marcel, my love..."

Isn't your name Jean-Paul?

How can I not lose my head

When held in such daring arms?

For we always believe
the gentle words of love

When they are said with the eyes

I who loved him so much

My handsome lover from Saint-Jean

I was intoxicated, helpless

From his kisses

Much better.

In only 2 hours.
You should take lessons.

You don't have time.

I didn't mean with me.

- You're gifted.
- It's easier

with music.

Well, well!

He can't take his drink.

- One glass and I'm tiddly.
- You drank three.


He's out cold.

What will we do?

We'll have to put him to bed,
pamper him like a baby

and get him some aspirin.

I can't do that alone.

Then I'll help you.

Come on!

Mind his head!

- What do we do now?
- We'll have to drag him.


Right. One...

Shall we take a break?

Yes, please.

You've been messing us around
for an hour.

Aren't you tired of it?

Where is Antoine's unit?

That's what we're talking about.

I'm just an honest farmer

who does business with the Germans.

They won't be happy if they find out
how you're treating me.

You'll be seeing the Germans
soon enough at this rate.

Loriot, please,
I can't stand the smoke.

You smoke too.

I don't want to suffocate.
Open a window!


We'll get Antoine's unit anyway.

I wish you every success.

We're trying.

Chassagne's getting impatient.

You've become his slave.

You went nuts for your Jewess.

Don't mention her.

Am I bothering you?

I can leave you alone if you like.

Go and get the girl.

We could get on well, you and I.

I doubt that.

I don't get on with townspeople.
A question of vocabulary.

I won't ask you to hand over
your entire movement.

You wouldn't like that.

- I'm not in a movement.
- Really?

See that? Jura Resistance.

We don't have all the names.
Some boxes are empty, but...

we know who you are.

I could ask you
who the Villeneuve boss is.

But I won't.

I'm just asking you
to hand over one of the unit.

That's all.

I don't know where he is.

And if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

I don't like you very much.

Please, sit down.

- A glass of water?
- No.

Can you take off the handcuffs?
My wrists hurt.

Yes. Loriot...

Do you know this man, Mrs Schwartz?


With every lie, I'll do it again.


He won't talk, but you...

Do you know
where your brother's camp is?

I'll ask you one last time.

Loriot, the window! No!

Shit, goddammit!

"Marcel, my love.

"I can't bear
never living in the present.

"With you,
it's always tomorrow,

"the day after,

"after the revolution,
after socialism, after, after...

"But a child,

"a family, is for now.

"It's now or never.

"I think something

"is ending between us.

"You want nothing
of the beauty of this world.

"I need air.

"I'm going.

"Meet tomorrow at the hideout."

He who loved me so much...

I was intoxicated

Helpless from his kisses...

Hello, Lucienne.

My head...

I don't even know
how I got up there.

Thanks to the LM system.

LM system?

Yes. Lucienne-Marguerite.

- We carried you.
- Really?

From the refectory?

You must be fit.

- Who put me on the bed?
- The LM system.

- Did the LM system undress me?
- No.

- The L system.
- Right.

I told you the dinner would be good.

And you sang.


I sang.

- Why was he arrested and not you?
- We argued.

I left the bar before him.

- You think I'm responsible?
- No, Jérémie said it was routine.

If he doesn't turn up,
it means the fake ID didn't work.

Or he's been recognised.

- What do we do?
- Find out where he is.

Don't worry.
Marcel has always been lucky.