Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - Le jour d'après - full transcript

Where is the Maquis?

I don't know.

You seemed to know
them quite well yesterday.

They're locals,
but I don't know where they are.

Tell me.

The knife you tried
to kill me with yesterday,

is it this one?

I asked you a question.

- I was only trying to scare you.
- Come on!

You wanted to slaughter me.

It's easy to be clever
when the enemy's on the ground.

You should have seized

your chance.

Is it a good knife?

Do you sharpen it regularly?

I don't want to cut you
by accident.

It is good.

I don't think your interrogation
methods are very effective.

You have a better way?


Ask someone who knows the answer.

They all know where they are.

They don't.
We've questioned dozens.

It's always the same line.

"A camp in the mountains."

It only takes one to talk.

So, you use your methods.

I'll see if this
is a good hunting knife.



We're the best in France!

- In Europe!
- The world!

Villeneuve is a good start.



Since this morning,
our reputation has spread

beyond Villeneuve!

Radio-Sottens did a report.

Everyone is talking about us.

And Radio London...

- London?
- ..announced a special bulletin


The bad news is,
there's trouble in Villeneuve.

40 arrests already.

There's talk of deportations.


Your father has been arrested.

And your uncle.

Serge. Your brother.


Your parents.

- My mother too?
- Yes.

There's a war on.

We knew there were risks.

For us and others.

You never have any doubts?

Sometimes. Why?

You knew this stupid parade
would cause trouble.

And what good did it do?

That's not true.

It will be remembered.

By the Resistance.
And France!

What will Charles's family

The parade?
Or the day after?

Come on!
We need to get ready to move.

We need to get back to our duties.

The party's over.

We need to be extra vigilant.
They'll be looking for us.

You're crazy to take such risks.

What if someone had seen you?

I was very careful.
And I was lucky.

I thought you didn't want
to get involved.

Marguerite was insistent.

She said it was vital
for the Resistance and for you.

For your safety.

I don't understand.

Wasn't the parade a success?

- Something important?
- Yes.

They were talking about it in Lyon.
It will help in London, but...

I thought you'd be proud of me.

I am proud of you.

You were fantastic.
I didn't think you could do it,

but the risk for you, for me,
for Marguerite.

- That's behind us now.
- Rainer might talk about it.

- Marguerite says he won't.
- "Marguerite, Marguerite."

She says he's in love with her,

and won't say anything or
he'll be sent to the Russian front.


She's right. If he admits
he was flirting with a French girl

while we sabotaged the radio.

I'm scared, Jules.

Don't worry. I'm here.

You won't leave me, will you?

No, Lucienne.

Someone in your department
must have been involved.

We're investigating.
I'm handling it personally.

And what have you found out?

Nothing, yet.

We need to find out
who made the telephone call.

That's just a detail.

No. It's the key
to the whole operation.

And it implies negligence.

Müller, you are in no position
to preach.


Perhaps you can explain
why you released

Daniel Larcher?

The brother of a terrorist
who killed a German officer,

and who harboured a Jew.

Claiming he was an informant,
when he's actually

the husband of your mistress.

Is that true?

It's more complicated than that.

It's not complicated.

It's very simple.

It has nothing to do
with that happened yesterday.

There are some mysteries
to be cleared up.

An excellent idea.
I would like to know

why your radio happened
to be broken that day.

Your radio was broken?

It was I who gave the alert
at the barracks.

A detail.

Come along, gentlemen.

Let's not bicker over details.

Neither Schneider nor I
want to go to Russia.

And odd as it seems,

you seem to like your current jobs.

So, in the coming hours,

we need the insiders in Villeneuve.

And Antoine's head on this desk.

Those of us

who achieve that, will be fine.
But not the others.

May the best man win.

I wanted to tell you...
I'm leaving the Resistance.

Give me one?

No. I'm keeping a supply.
Times are hard.

- You owe me one.
- Really?

The first time we met.
An English one.

You're right.
Now we're quits.

What will you tell him?

- I don't know. Why?
- You've changed his life.

He was just talking
about the rehearsals.

Doing "Remparts"
in front of the Resistance.

I don't know. I'll say...

Why wait?


Claude needs to tell you


The provisions.
What do we have?

A feast!

Sausage, ham, pâté,
some Morbier

and some Comté.

I've cut the Comté into small

- Don't you like Comté?
- Yes, I like it with Jura wine.

- I don't have any.
- Not to worry.

If we ration ourselves,
after the play,

we could have a Christmas meal.

Yes. Yes.

That's a very good idea.

Excellent idea.

You can...

- You can be a real bastard.
- You're good at lies.

- Are you all out?
- No.

I'll leave when it's dark.

When you're all asleep.

- Without having to explain.
- You won't.

"Tomorrow, at dawn, as day breaks
I will leave"

Who's waiting for you?

We've questioned 120 people.

The Mayor's tomfoolery won't help.

The people are against us.
They won't talk.

If we stopped someone being
deported they might do a deal.

The Boche will have to help.
Blanchon could ask.

Blanchon was the first to jump.

He's gone to Dijon.

He was in charge!

Who's in charge now?



If we don't find something
within 24 hours, we'll be fired.

- What about the broken radio?
- What radio?

At the German barracks.
Chassagne told me,

but there's nothing
in the Boches' report.

We can't investigate their affairs.

We'll have to go through them.

A broken radio at the school?

We may not have to go through them.


I've just seen Rainer.
There's nothing to worry about.

What do you mean?

Yesterday he said
it was too risky for us both.

Now he's arranged
to meet me tomorrow.

In the loft on the German side.

- You're sure he doesn't suspect?
- His keys fell out while...

And I put them back.

It's a bit of a coincidence.

When you're in love,
you see what you want to see.

If he talks,
he'll be sent to Russia.

Yes, so you said.

But his comrades, his bosses...

They're going to ask where he was.
He'll have to lie.

Is he a good liar?

I don't know.

If he says where he was, it's over.

The SD are not in love with you.

I wish I'd been here.

I think we should go.

Leave the school.

- And go where?
- I don't know.

You could go to Switzerland.
I'll go into hiding.

And me?

Shit, they're already here.

- We can escape via rue des Genêts.
- No time.

It's the French police,
which isn't so bad.

The radio isn't their concern.
It must be routine.

I'll try and stall them.
You have an answer ready for this:

what were you doing yesterday
between 11 am and 2 pm?

I was doing Christmas preparations
with Marguerite Martin.

What exactly?

Around 11, we checked the garlands,
the nativity scene.

Baby Jesus's halo kept falling off.

We talked about the show.
The poems, the songs.

- How long did that take?
- I don't know.

An hour, maybe?

That takes us to noon.

What did you do next?

We rehearsed our act for the show.

Your act?

I sing and she accompanies me
on the accordion.

The German radio
was sabotaged yesterday.

Apart from the Boche, you were
alone there with Miss Martin.

- I didn't notice anything.
- You had lunch with Miss Martin.

- Lunch?
- What did you have?

We... shared a salad.

Stuffed swede.

Goat's cheese.

And an apple.

A very sharp apple, but nice.

What song did you rehearse?

- "Mon amant de Saint-Jean."
- I don't know it.

- Shall I sing it?
- No.

- Where were you rehearsing?
- The canteen.

Where exactly?

- Around the large table.
- Who was next to the wall?



- Take her back to the cell.
- Why are you holding me?

Because I am.

Do you think

they agreed their story?

No. The versions are too close.

They're not making it up.

They never hesitate.

I think it's the truth,

but I still think they're involved.

Inspector Loriot.

It's Suzanne.

It's been a while.
What do you want?

To see you.

You've got a nerve.

That's what keeps me alive.

So? Yes or no?

You know the Garnier gardens?

Main gate. 3 pm.

- Who was that?
- An informer.

He's got nothing.

OK. I'll check up
on what they said.

Ask Delage to check if
Marguerite Martin has a record.

I don't know where Delage is.

It's hard being a copper.

- It's very lonely.
- Really?

No fixed hours.
No stability.

No-one to cook my dinner.

Someone you know?

Leave me.

Make up your mind!

What a surprise!

- I didn't expect to see you here.
- You're right.

I sometimes eat here,
but not drink.

The coffee is dreadful.

Coffee, please!

Any news?

Pretty women run the world.

That's not news.

I've got news.

I'm looking for insiders
on your side.

You're trying to find fault
on our side.

I'm interested in who passed
as the police chief in Moissey.

I don't think exchanging
information is on the cards.

I think I know who it was.

I promise to tell you.

Just like that.
For friendship's sake.

We're friends?

It's collaboration.

Fine. OK.

We think it was Vernet.
He was one of us.

Where did he call from?

Any automatic line.

No. That's the thing.

Not just any line.

By cutting off Villeneuve from
Moissey they cut all the lines,

all the automatic lines.

Except three.

The Kommandantur.
He didn't call from there.

The SD.

The police station.

He didn't call from the station.
We were there.

Yes, you were there.

Your call about the monument
came through at 11:34,

and lasted four minutes.

Three minutes later,

someone called from the same office

claiming to be the Chief of Police
in Moissey.


left your office,
and never saw anyone

come in?


Thank you, Inspector.

This was a private conversation.

A very interesting one.

I'll leave you to pay.

You said you'd tell me who called.

I lied.

Call me if there's any news.

Marchetti has nothing.

They're pressing those idiots
from the school.

If they used pliers
it would be quicker.

Shall I call Daddy?

He can't help. Unless he
can find the Resistance hideout.

I'm scared, Jeannine.

For the first time.

Your career doesn't depend
on being Mayor of Villeneuve.

I'm not bothered about being Mayor.

I'll be the mayor of the town
with the parade.

My career in Paris is over.

It may be a blessing in disguise.

I need to be advancing.

Being stuck... for years...

I can't bear it.

I hope they get him.

Do you think they'll question
us again?


Then they'll let us go.

Well done, anyway.

It was a good idea about the lunch
we had the day before.

Lying while telling the truth.

It's unbeatable.
I didn't think of that.

It wasn't the real truth.

It was a real lunch.
We ate

what we said.
On Sunday, not Monday.

I've got stomach ache.

Are you scared?

What happened between us yesterday.
It's bad.

I thought it was good.

It hurts.


You chose your moment.

What do you want me to say?

You want me to apologise?

I love Jules.

And Kurt too?

Are you letting us go?

I don't know.

Sit down.

You seem tense.

I'm worried about my little girl.

Don't worry.
You'll see her soon.

We checked your statements
and didn't find anything.


Read them and sign them.

Thank you.

I trust you.

Thank you.

That will be all.

You can go.


how was the stuffed swede?

Can you give me the recipe?

I'll give it to my cleaning lady.

It's just a hollowed out swede

with stuffing.

Lucienne, give him the recipe.

It's like stuffed tomatoes,
but you peel the swede.

So we'll find peelings in your bin?

- Peelings?
- Swede peelings.

The bin men

come Sundays and Wednesdays.

If you ate it yesterday,
in the bin

we'll find swede peelings.

Or an apple core?

What's in your bin,

Mrs Bériot?

I don't know.

Maxime might have emptied it.

He said he hadn't touched it.

What will we find in there?


I suggest you sit down.

There's a gap of one hour,
Mrs Bériot.

The same time as the sabotage.
Are you in with Antoine?

- Do you know where he is?
- We're not involved with that.

So where were you at lunchtime?

We were watching the parade.

In the attic.

You wouldn't lie about that.

Everyone was watching.
That's not a crime.

Who asked you to sabotage
the radio?

Tell me!

Let her go!

I can explain.

We didn't have lunch yesterday.

We were in Marguerite's bedroom.

Watching the parade?
Enough of this!


Not to watch the parade.

What then?


What things?


Things you don't talk about.

What did they do?

You can check with Vice, in Paris.

I've been arrested twice.

In '38 and '40.

I'm listed as homosexual.

Please don't tell my husband.

Do we have Vice's number?

Check it, please.


what progress on the investigation
with the French?

I'm sure there is someone
on the inside,

in the police and at the town hall,

but I've no proof.


Nothing concrete.

It will take days to find proof.

I don't understand.

If you find nothing,
you'll be fired.

I don't think so...

May I remind you that yesterday,
against my advice,

you sent our troops
out of Villeneuve.

When you were on your way
to Moissey

I sent a report to Besançon.

We both sink,

or we both survive.

But you said you had nothing!

Berlin and Paris are demanding
immediate action.

In Ukraine, when it was felt
a village was giving

support to the partisans,

they used a very effective method.

We're in France.
We can't kill half the population!

This method doesn't cost lives.

It takes away their spirit.

Do I have carte blanche?


We've just checked your story.
You're free to go.

You'll keep me informed about
what's happening at the school.

Find out about sabotaging
the radio.

Come back this evening.

Is that clear?

Calling us in just like that!


It's always like this.

Have I shown you my statistics?


Perhaps there's been a development.

- What do we have?
- Nothing.

Marchetti thought he had a lead,
but no.

Mr Philippe Chassagne?


On the authority of
the Third Zone in Besançon,

I am hereby ordered to arrest you.

- What?
- And take you to Villeneuve

On whose authority?


- I object!
- Complaints is Office 14.

Section 3.

I'm your friend!

I'm your friend!



The Mayor of Villeneuve has been
arrested. It's scandalous!

Do you want to go with him?

Off you go.


I'm sorry. Really I am.
Come in.

Mr Chassange
is a faithful collaborator.

He's also Mayor of Villeneuve.

So the head of the police.

Our inquiry shows the terrorists
had help from inside the police.

Unfortunately we haven't been able
to identify any of the officers,

or things would be different.

I don't see how

arresting the Mayor of Villeneuve
will help you.

- Or me.
- It isn't an arrest, Servier.

Berlin wanted mass executions.
We will have only one.

You should be pleased.

In retaliation
for the 11 November parade,

Mr Chassagne will be executed
at dawn tomorrow.

I'll leave you to tell his wife.

Are you alone?

Worried I'd tell the police?

You look well.

Two years with no news.

I didn't know
if you were still alive.

What did you expect me to do?

- Send you chocolates?
- No.

Maybe a postcard every now
and then.

You were a postwoman.

Are you here because of Larcher?

Can you do anything?

I'll call Adolf and ask if he can
release my mate Marcel.

I'll do what you ask.

If you know how I longed
for you to say that.

Two years.

All the girls I made suffer.

I don't have time to cry
over them.


- I'm yours.
- How come?

You're doing this for him.

Love makes you do stupid things.

But there has to be something
worth believing in.

Great to see you.

You look well too.

There must be a solution.

He killed a German officer,

And they're mad
after what happened yesterday.

If you want to save Marcel,
you have to give me Antoine.

And quickly.

Do you know where he is?

Yes or no?


I'm going now.

If you want to talk,

call me.

Take care.

You don't mind eating

in front of me?


Aren't you supposed to share?

Not with fascists.

Is that the toilet?


What is it?

It's Robert's house.

A friend.

He's gone for a walk.

Where are the toilets?

Number one and number two.

We'll have toilets, tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?
- Yes.

They're coming to fetch us today.

To take us where?

You're bluffing.

I wish.

He wouldn't dare.

What do we tell Jules?

About what?

Why they let us go.

Don't worry.

I'll think of something.

He's my husband, Marguerite.
Not yours.

You want me to tell more lies?

It's not my fault.

You seem to be enjoying it.

Lying. Lying to Jules.
Lying to the others.

That's your fault.

So what do we tell him?

I was worried sick.


No problem.
It took ages, but it was fine.

Our versions matched perfectly.

They couldn't pin anything on us.

- They didn't suspect?
- Hardly.

They're not very good.

Marchetti's no fool.

The only thing...

is my morals.

- They checked my file and saw...
- So?

Marchetti wants me to be
an informer.

That doesn't matter.

We're leaving.


I don't know, in a few days.

Are you all right?

- Has Fanfan eaten?
- She's asleep.

I'll go and see her.

She's great, isn't she?


She's great.


No physical contact.

- What's going on?
- Didn't they tell you?

Who's got it in for you?

They need a scapegoat.

You'd be the last person.

It's Müller.

He sent me here.

Why? He dropped you in it,
not the other way round!

I was stupid, Jeannine.

Hortense Larcher.

It was nothing.
Just the once.


I have no feelings for her.

You had to force yourself.

No, you understand...

You know...

I thought you were wrong
to collaborate so closely.

But I understood.

It affected me.

Collaboration is our only chance.

But to cheat on me
with Hortense Larcher.

How tactless.

You need to call your father.

- I don't think he can help you.
- Jeannine,

I'm going to be executed!

I hope she was worth it.



Superintendent Marchetti?

Miss Martin?

I'm a celebrity now.

He's in the office at the end.

Come in.