Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 12 - Un sens au monde - full transcript

You were unlucky.

I believed your story

about dykes.

Your vice record was a long one.

Did you really have
intimate relations

- with Mrs Bériot?
- No, she's married.

And she's stupid.

You lie badly for a queer.

All those I've met
lie through their teeth.

When it comes to hiding the truth...

You're smitten

with Lucienne, aren't you?

It was the school janitor
who did for you. I went back

to close the case, we talked and...
he likes you, by the way.

He said you couldn't have
sabotaged the radio

because he saw you
going upstairs with a Boche.

Rainer likes you,
but not enough to end up in Russia.

The fact that you haven't

handed me to the Gestapo means
you have something to offer me.

It's not you we want.

Nor Mrs Bériot, nor Bériot.
We want

- Antoine.
- I don't know where he is.

As I said,

you're a bad liar.

Either you know,
or you can find out.

You didn't sabotage the radio,

since you have a concrete alibi,
and a German one at that.

Therefore it was Mrs Bériot
who did it.

So she will go down.
Do you know what the Boches do

- to couples?
- I don't want to know.

I understand.

But I want you to know all the same.

They'll rape her

in front of her husband.

Once, twice, three times.

And when they find out
you're keen on her...

I don't know what they'll do,
but they'll do it, believe me.

If you talk, once we've checked,
you're free to go.

We won't touch

Mrs Bériot. I can't promise anything
for Bériot.

But you don't care about him,
do you?

I want three passes for Switzerland.

I'll talk when they're safe.

You still believe
in Father Christmas.

Passes for her and for him.

Do what you like with me.



Once we have Antoine,
you'll get your three passes.

You have my word.

So, where is Antoine?



You smoke too much.

You'll have none left.

I only have
one left myself.

I'm keeping
it for later.

I've got another packet.

Do you want one?

- What kind are they?
- Turkish.

They're strong.

I've never
tried them.


The finest tobacco in the world.
South of Ankara, fields

as far as you can see,
drenched in sun.

I was there
with my first wife in '32.

A wonderful trip.

Wow, that's strong!

But it's good.

Tell me, what did you do

to end up here?

I liked
porridge too much.


A guy is taking revenge on me
and calling it politics.

I'm sure

the Bolsheviks never do that.

No. Everything
is political for us.

There's no room
for a private life.

That must be sad.

No. Millions of us are fighting
for something big,

which goes beyond the individual.

The only score to settle
is with capitalism, and we will.

You won't be around.

I'll have done my bit.

Maybe my name
will be written somewhere.

I wonder where mine will be written.

In the directory

of traitors and collaborators.

You Bolsheviks are so sincere.
That's why you're dangerous.

- You're not sincere?
- Not always.

Not often.

To succeed in politics,
it's not recommended.

I was honest in love, once.
A long time ago.

She married someone else.

Are you married?
Any kids? A woman?

- Yes.
- They come after politics?

I hope they don't know.

Our informer

went to the camp twice.

- Who is the informer?
- The singing teacher.

A homosexual...

- Spare me the details.
- Three auxiliaries went there.

Local guys.
There is a Maquis camp there.

- And Antoine is there.
- Are you sure?

Yes. They saw him.

- They had a photo.
- You've saved

our lives, Marchetti.

- How many?
- Around twenty.

- Nearly all draft-dodgers.
- Are they armed?

Most of the guns

are imitations,
but they have some real ones.

Have you told the Germans?


- I was waiting for your orders.
- Excellent!

Really excellent.

With the reservists,

- we could take them ourselves.
- That would be fantastic.

Keep them surrounded.
I'll warn those higher up.

- The Chief of Police?
- Yes,

among others.

- What's cooking?
- Chestnut purée

with pieces of Comté cheese.
It'll be delicious.

What about Christmas?

I've stocked up.

By the way, for Christmas,

will we put on "Les Remparts"?


I thought, since Marie
has gone to Dijon...

- The role's yours, obviously.
- When do we start

- rehearsals?
- You'll have to ask the boss.

Whenever you like.
In any case,

we have to wait
till the storm passes

and hope they don't find us.

- Will you play Golfo?
- No. It should be Charles.

I'm not sure you'll convince him.

Maybe it should be you?

You'd make a great Golfo.


Having true friends

is the best thing that can happen
on earth.



Did it go OK?


I'm exhausted.

- Did they question you?
- No, they made me sign

something saying I'm their informer
and told me what I have to do.

They kept you a long time.
I was worried.

- I'm touched.
- No, I mean...

I know.

They kept me waiting for two hours.
They were interrogating others.

Did they ask about us,
I mean me...

Don't worry.

No-one will mention it again.
Not even me.

I don't want Jules to find out.

If my father finds out,

he'll lock me up
and take Françoise.

It will be fine.

We'll go

to Switzerland.
At least, you and Françoise will.

You'll wait

for the end of the war.

- How will we do that?
- I've got some passes.

A Resistance guy gave me them

in case the radio mission
went wrong.

- You've got two?
- Three.

That's lucky.

They're only valid for another
24 hours. You must hurry.

Do you ever think about
what comes after?

After what?


I don't know.

There's nothing.

There can't be

nothing at all.

- Strange you should mention that.
- Why?

You've sent so many

to their deaths by deportation.

Did you ever wonder about them?

I did it

in defence of my ideas.

- You should understand that.
- No.

We communists
don't send anyone to their deaths,

- except collaborators.
- What about the trials of '36-38?

- That's different.
- Thousands

of guys executed, including
the heads of the 1917 revolution.

- Spies.
- You do the same as us.

Only our ideas are different.

- I defend the people.
- So do I!

Are you one of the people,
a doctor's grandson?

Did you ever fight your brothers
because there was no food at home?

No, not for that reason.

A bourgeois son turned communist,
it's pathetic.

And you? A fascist shot
by the Boches, isn't that pathetic?

No, thank you.

Me neither.

Where've you been?

I've already started.

I've just had some good news.

- Nothing I fancy.
- There's salt pork. Too salty,

but edible.

- What's the good news?
- It looks

- rather fatty.
- Have

what's on the menu, then.

- Sub-prefect.
- Do you only have salt pork?

- Steak and chips?
- Perfect.

He didn't offer me that.

I'm the sub-prefect.

I'll have some of those chips.

We've found Antoine.
One word from me and we crush him.

- That's the good news?
- Yes.

You'll never understand politics.

Explain yourself.

For the people of Villeneuve,

Antoine is a hero.

And you want to crush him?

Should I give him a medal?

- The Germans won't win the war.
- You don't know that.

You said so.

- I'm no expert.
- The Germans will leave.

Then what will happen to the idiot

who crushed Antoine?
And his fellow draft-dodgers,

who are all locals?

I'm trapped, Arlette.

Vichy wants Antoine's head.
Paris calls me every two hours.

You saw what happened
to Chassagne.

In that case...

Tell Vichy you've caught Antoine
and give him to the Germans.

Keep as far away from it
as possible.

And if you really want to be great,

help the Maquis to escape,

Excuse me.

When do we leave, Jules?

I don't know yet.

It'll be OK.

You'll be safe in Switzerland.

You seem tense.
Are you afraid?

Yes, for Françoise and for you.

For yourself too, I hope.

Sometimes I think
you forget yourself.

I'm sure you're hiding something
from me.

- It's Marguerite!
- Yes.

I'm sorry.

A policeman is here.
He wants to see you.

- Marchetti?
- No, I've never seen him before.

- Is he alone?
- Yes.

There'd be two to arrest me.

He wouldn't tell me anything.
He only wants to talk to you.

Inspector Delage, isn't it?

- Can we talk?
- What about?

- Serious things. I'm in a hurry.
- Come this way.

I don't understand.
I'm the headmaster of the school...

Come on. Here.

I'm a friend of Vernet's.
Marguerite Martin gave up Antoine

- for some passes.
- I don't believe it.

I've told Vernet.
He'll try to warn the Maquis.

He wanted me to tell you.

Are my wife and I
likely to be arrested?

Not till they've got Antoine.
They won't arouse suspicion.

- But tomorrow or the day after...
- What did he say about Marguerite?

He never trusted her.

- About what I should do.
- Nothing.

But she betrayed everyone!
I don't know...

You say that Vernet

said nothing?

It's up to you.
I have to cover my back.


It's nothing.
Just some black-market thing.

Nothing to do

- with us?
- No. Pack your bags.

- I'll come and get you.
- When?

In an hour or two.
I've some things to sort out first.

Stay in your room.


Will we cross the border tonight?

Yes, someone will take us.

See you later,

- Lucienne.
- See you later.

Are you OK?

You seem out of breath.

- Shall I dress Françoise warmly?
- No.

But you said...

- Aren't we leaving tonight?
- Marguerite sold out

Antoine's Maquis.

I told you she couldn't be trusted.

You said she showed great courage
two days ago.

Without her,
there'd have been no parade.

- She's a liar and a schemer.
- Because she's homosexual?

No, because she's a traitor.

She probably had no choice.

Your story was weak.
Rainer must have talked.

Why are you always defending her?

What will you do?

I don't know.

Firing squad!


I want a last cigarette.

Turkish tobacco?

No, thanks. Finish it.

I've a note for my son.

Will you give it to him?







what are you up to now?

- Nothing.
- Show me your hands.

- No.
- I'll call Dad.

You're crazy.

If Dad saw that...

Firing squad!

On my command!

Load your weapons.

Take aim!

I know you're there.

If you don't come out
of your own accord,

it will be the worse for you.

You? I didn't expect that.

I won't do it again.

No, you won't, my boy.


Are you sure?

The girl told them everything.

The reservists are checking
the main road and the byway.

We're surrounded.

We could escape via
the customs path.

It's very steep.

We don't have a choice.

We leave immediately!

Take only the essentials,
every minute counts!

You wanted to leave,
now we're all leaving.

You think we have a chance?

"Even if there is no chance,
we give it our all,

"forget all prudence,
and die cheerful."

- Very clever.
- Pack your things. Quickly.

- Are we going?
- There's a problem.

There are cops nearby.

- Waiting for us?
- I don't know.

But we'd better leave separately.

Meet us in the basement
at 4 pm with your things.

A friend will take you
to the border.

We'll leave later.

Can I say goodbye to Lucienne?

- She's very busy.
- Just

- two minutes.
- I can't promise.

4 o'clock in the basement.


Can we fight our way out?

- No. There's more behind.
- Can we cut across the forest?

Not with a slope this steep.

What then?
The other routes are blocked.

Charles and André can watch them.

- The others can go back.
- What for?

Don't argue!

Charles! André!

Tell us if anything happens.
We're going back to the camp.

Where's Gustave?

In the kitchen.

You have news of his father?

Your father is dead.

He was shot

earlier today.

He was very brave.

He was a great warrior.

He gave me a message for you.

Just before.


You really couldn't stop it?

I stopped them burying him in
a mass grave. He'll go to Daniel.

It's war, Hortense.

We kill enemy soldiers,
they kill us.

- You don't believe in it.
- I believe in me

and our being together.

If I want to stay alive,

I must bring back the head
of Antoine to Villeneuve.

You still want me?

You know I do.

Then wish me

good hunting.

- My love...
- Leave me.

We hold the two main exits.

The walkers' path here
and the customs path there.

- I see.
- To go in without the Boches,

- we have to move fast.
- We can't go in

without the Germans.

- I thought...
- Things have changed.

What things?

I will inform the Germans
via the appropriate channels.

- That'll take hours.
- Gentlemen,

- your orders will follow shortly.
- Leave us.

This is a delicate matter,

We all want Antoine.
We won't get him like this.

It's a question of recognising
our German friends' role.

"Our German friends"?
That's a new one!

Pull your men back to here

and here.

That's absurd!
It's too far away!

- They can escape via the forest!
- That's an order.

I don't accept it.
I'm calling the chief of police.

Rita Wittenberg.
David Wittenberg, a baby.

I retrieved Chassagne's papers
after he...


He hadn't time to deport them
from Switzerland, but I can.


But you're serving
Antoine's interests.

- Why?
- I'm serving the collaboration.

I'm relying on you

to carry out my orders.

What are you doing?

- Filling in the death certificate.
- What for?

For the burial.

Without a certificate,
the priest won't do it.

The priest?


There are two spaces
in the family plot.

But we need a certificate.

And a religious burial.



the minimum.

The priest knows Marcel
is a non-believer.

He's cold.

By the way,

don't touch him too much.

I've done

what I can for him, but...

it's fragile.

I wonder if he suffered.

No, he felt nothing.

Just a shock and it was over.

Why did they finish him off, then?

You shouldn't put him in a grave

- with your parents.
- It's the family grave.

I'm not family,

but Marcel wouldn't want to be
with the father he hated.

- There's our mother, too.
- He'd have preferred...

to be in the open air,

in a garden

or a forest,

with the birds

and the wind.

What can we do?

Wait for dark and slip out
one by one.

Few will make it, and the Boches
won't take prisoners.

Antoine! Antoine!

The cops have gone.
We followed them with binoculars.

- They've pulled back 5 km.
- Why?

- Let's make the most of it.
- How?

We can go via the Grandfontaine
cliff. It's 50 m high.

Then we can take the plateau.

How do you climb a 50-m cliff?

Isn't Lucienne here?

No. Our leaving has upset her.

I've written her

a letter.
Will you give it to her?

Of course.

I've also got...

the other two passes
for you and Lucienne.

- Thank you.
- There isn't one

for Françoise.
When Vernet gave them to me,

- I didn't think of her, I'm sorry.
- It's not your responsibility.

- Is your friend coming?
- Yes. He won't be long.

Does he have a car?

No, he'll take you by bus

to Pontarlier,
then to the border, near Ligny.

Why not cross the official border?
I've got a pass.

No-one's coming.

Are they?

I'm sorry.

Not in the head, please.

I did it for you.

- For you and Lucienne.
- Be quiet!

The police knew everything.

They had proof. They were going
to torture Lucienne.

You'd have done the same
in my place, Jules.

Because you love Lucienne...

as I do. You love having her
in your arms,

as I did!

- What?
- Never mind.

Do what you have to do.

- You held her in your arms?
- What does it matter? Shoot!

Do your duty!

Act like a man!

I can't.

Leave as soon as possible.

We can do it.
For those

who've never done it,
it'll be a bit long.

How long?

Half an hour per man, at least.

We have no choice.

- Fetch the others.
- Here. And no luggage.


I'll go first.
Watch me.

Put your hands and feet
where I put mine.

I'll show you the holds.

If you do as I do, there's no risk.


Come on.

Goodbye, Marcel.

You're OK.

Come on!

I'm here.

You're good at this!

You found the terrorists
and you're telling us now?

I followed procedure.

In peacetime, that's stupid.
In wartime, it's a crime.

Last year during the siege,
you said the opposite.

This isn't last year!

- The Maquis is killing our men!
- We'll deliver them to you

and you can take the credit

- for the whole thing.
- I thought your career depended

- on his capture.
- I am a true collaborator.

Like Mr Chassagne.

And your masters
are much more severe

than mine.

Right. Your men must give way

to ours.

I anticipated that,
and as a courtesy to you,

I've pulled back the reservists
so that your men

can move in quickly.

We have to get them up now.

- We'll never get up there.
- Antoine and Anselme did.

- And they had no rope.
- Antoine's up there!

He wants us to go up.

- Who's first?
- Me!

Go on, you're important.

- You have to get away.
- We're all important. I hope

- we'll all get away.
- Are you scared?

If I was, I wouldn't tell you.

No, I'm not scared.
I'm going up.

What the hell are they doing?

Help me, please.

You OK?


When are we leaving?

During the night.

- Who'll look after the children?
- The parents will cope.

No more mayor.

No more school.

Everything's falling apart.

Did you see Marguerite?


You said you were going to see her.

Oh, yes.

Did you talk things over?

She gave me a letter for you.

I'm not interested.


But what?

Sometimes I wonder
who you really are, Lucienne.

Your wife!

With Kurt, I could understand.

You think of him often, I know.

- Did she tell you?
- No. I just know, that's all.

I thought it was fair enough.

- But this...
- Look, Jules.

I don't know what Marguerite said,
but she lies all the time.

My God!

- What?
- The guy over there

is a Resistance cop.
He's come to kill Marguerite.

She did it for us!
We have to stop him!

Find Marguerite!

I'll stall him.
Tell her to escape

through the garden!

- It's my doll!
- No, it's mine!

- Stop lying!
- You're lying!

No! It's my doll!

Stop lying!
It's mine!

- Christine, give her back her doll.
- No!

If you don't, you'll be marked down

- and you'll be in detention.
- It's my doll!

My mum gave it to me

- for Christmas!
- Enough!

- Give it back to her!
- No!

You will learn to obey!
Give it to me!

My doll!

Hand it over.

I didn't do it on purpose.

You can't say that.

You don't obey me.

You don't listen to me.

So you do stupid things

like this.
And you know

what the consequences are?
I have to tell your parents.

Maybe we could

repair it?

No, I don't think we can repair it.

I did it, guys!

Come on, it's getting dark!

What are they doing?

Who's next?

- You go.
- I'm scared.

We're all scared.
Go on!

- I can't.
- You'll be on a rope!

What's all the chat for?

- Go on, Thierry.
- No. You go, Claude.

I'll go last.
That's how it should be.

The captain goes last.
And Antoine's up there already!


Quick, hide!

What do we do?

Go. I'll stay.

Go. We'll meet at Lachenay,

tomorrow or the day after.

- They've had it.
- We can't

leave them there.

You're a great leader.
The Resistance

needs you.
Dead, you're no use to anyone.

We've done

all we can.
You can't save them.

- I can't leave them either.
- You have to grow up.

Accept reality.
Fight the real enemy.

Dying never solves anything.

Come on.



Stay relaxed, OK?

Follow the markers.
You've got the rope, but still...

What the hell...

What do we do now?

They'll send down another.

There's an echo!


We can't get up

- without a rope!
- Claude!

Get back to the camp. Quick!

- Light the torches.
- Isn't that dangerous?

Not today.

Not today.

What do we do now?

Maybe they saw
there weren't many of us.

They won't bother about four guys.

We could break out the provisions.
We've got some wine.

That's a good idea.
Bring us some wine.

I wonder if they'll come.

How many there are.


Try this.

Hm, it's good!

No, thanks.

Which way will they come?

We don't even know if they'll come.

We never know if they'll come.

"Tonight, they will come.
I admit it,

"I'm one of them.

"O, what despair
at accomplishing your misfortune."


- "Are you the Sarecen?"
- "From night until morning.

"My father is their captive. Golfo,

"I can do nothing."

"Joyous comrades,

"they arrive with the tide.

"It is time that we cross
to the other side."

"How sad I am

"for having survived,

"for having been afraid

"when love arrived."
- "No, don't regret it.


"your torments.

"Understand that, in the end,
all that counts are our comments."

No, wait.

"Farewell, my Ariana..."

A bit longer.

- "I go to die,
I flee while singing.

"I sing at every moment.
I sing,

"my wings unfurled.

"Only love
gives meaning to the world!"