Umbre (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

After he almost lost his life, Relu returns home and he finds out that the money taken from Capitanu is in his house. When Teddy visits his father in the hospital, he learns that Relu is in...

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The spicy one's elite!

Yeah bro, 'cause it's got
those things... ja-...

- Jalapenos.
- That's it.


- Jalapenos, bro, don't worry about it.
- What's that?!

- Like a pickle?
- The pickle's a cucumber.

This is chilli pepper.

Check it out, pops,
it says so right here.

Jalapenos, which is cayenne pepper
from Mexico.

Plus mayo, and so on.

As if! Cayenne pepper from Mexico!

Here, read it for yourself!

So, what, a truck full of fresh peppers
drives in from Mexico every day?!

No, it comes from Mexico,
but it can grow anywhere.

Like corn. The Americans invented it,
but we grow it too.

Episode 8

- I should've run away with the circus!
- Hold on!

- That guy pissed himself.
- No, I pissed all over him.

As well I should have,
after what that fucker did!

Mr. Toma's here.

- Come on, lads!
- Just a sec.


Crack a window, lads!

Let's get some air in,
my ulcer starts acting out.

We thought it'd keep his noises
from carrying out into the street.

Now what?
Wait until he croaks like a Somali?

We figured we'd wait,
for you to make a call about him.

I'm not making any calls.
He's under your roof. Do as you please.

Busted, thief!

Go get that axe!

Mirabela, get me some aprons
and dish gloves.

What for? Not going to clog my sink
again, are'ya?!

How about I clog it with you!
Go and fetch what I asked!

I'm dead!

- Let's go, kiddo!
- Fuck off, caramba!

Let's start here.

Pull him up.

- No! No!
- Pin him down!

Mister Toma!

Mr. Toma,
I just need a word! Mister Toma!

Stand down.

Where have I seen you before, mate?

-At the Captain's side! The Captain!
-At the Captain's, yes, quite right!

How is the Captain these days?


Never mind Cocoº,
he got his throat cut in a parking lot.

The Captain! The Captain did it!
With his car keys!

He told me to finish him off.

But I let him go.

He still caught up with him
afterwards... in hospital.

He's full of shit! Sure he's gonna talk,
now that we grabbed him!

You grabbed me?!


If you lie to me,
I'll go after your family!

No need, I'll give you
the address myself!

Deal. Give him a towel!

Have you got into a fight?

- I fell off my bike.
- Really? Looks like a brawl to me.

Was in an accident myself 2 weeks ago!
Also a biker, he ran into me!

He had no reflectors,
no headlights, nothing!

He sprang up from a bystreet
and wham! Rammed my wing!

Fucking asshole!

It was up to me to give way,
but he blindsided me.

We tore into each other some.

I ended up covering his 8-day stint in

'Cause he broke this shoulder bone.

Out of the 2500 Lei I make in a month,
I was left with a grand.

On that and my wife's wage, we barely
get by, what with the bills, food... the kids' school stuff!

But that's life! Can't very well
lie down and die, can I?

- Don't get in, I'm in a hurry!
- What's up?

I'm OK.

Did you talk to them?
Have you got what we talked about?

-And now, what do we do?
-Taking a break, from where I'm sitting.

-Not now. I meant, from now on.
-What's with the sit-in anyway?

- You're on the rag?
- In this heat?!

It hit 38 degrees at 11!

- Hey!
- Drink some water, keep hydrated!

What's the plan with those?
If the boss finds out, we're toast!

Exactly. That's your insurance.
If you get hurt again, he's gonna pay.

Then why can't we hold on to them?
And then hand them in ourselves?

There, take'em! Go ahead!

Got a contact at the Station,
or in Intelligence?

Or do you reckon you'll just
file them at the booth?

Go ahead! See how long before
anyone reads them!

Months, a year even!

- Do you reckon the boss won't find out?
- I was just asking...

You were just asking
and I was just answering.

- Ok. Thanks.
- Bye!


I got you and the girls some stuff.

- No way, really?!
- Yap!




- Hey dad!
- Tschüss.

What's the word?
When are you getting discharged?

Said they found a - what was it, bro?

- Hema-hematoma... a blood clot!
- That's it!

They found a blood clot on my brain,
when Puiu hit me!

They gotta keep an eye out
in case it shifts too far afield.

- Take it easy then! Lie back...
- I'm already laid-back!

What about you?

-I am too.
-I bet!

- Did'ya jerk off?
- Come again?!

Maybe you jerked off the dog?

Did'ya know fighting dogs get jerked off
so they don't pass on the pedigree!

- Yeah, I know.
- Teddy's not a fighting dog.

No wonder.
Look who he takes after.

- How'bout screwing, do you do that?
- Maybe I'll just step out.

Sit tight, bro!
Speak up, boy.

- Speak about what?
- What I just asked!

- I'm taking off.
- You're not going anywhere! Come here!

Come closer!

I put you in Relu's charge so you'd
learn to fend for yourself!

And what did'ya go and do?!

With your smarts and your dad's reputation
you could screw any pussy in town!

But no! You get hung up on
Relu's daughter of all people!

Boss, you heard the doc,
you shouldn't get worked up!

I'd maybe get it if she were at least
a looker, but let's be honest!


I can feel the blood clot
swelling on my brain!

Here's what we do.

I reached out to your uncle Nicu
in Madrid,

arranged that you visit with him
over the summer.

See how you like it,
if the weather agrees...

I don't wanna go to Madrid!

How would you know that
if you've never been?!

On top of which, I'm asking you.
I'm asking you nicely.

Or d'ya want me to get upset
and have a stroke?

You can even take the mutt with you.

The dog, that is.

- How much is it?
- 50 grand.

I counted it twice.

Whose money is this, Relu?

I told you, it's this guy's I work for.

Has Pop Puiu lost his marbles?

Why fuck us up, under our own roof,
by bringing it here?!

What did we ever do to him?

He wanted to help.

Then he should've paid
the electric bill, or the gas!

Don't worry, no one knows
this money's here.

And it's not here, Relu, am I clear?
It's not!

Go return it
to whoever he swiped it from!

All I know is I'm not keeping it here!

Tell him you found it in Puiu's things
and work something out. You have to!


It's too late now.

- How come? Why is it too late?
- 'Cause I worked it out with another.

You and the kids will be safe.
That's set in stone.

So will Pop Puiu...

...if he's still alive.

What about you?

Listen to me!

There'll be some guys picking you up
tonight, if I don't show.

I rented a country house,
away from the city.

- What guys? No guys, I just want you!
- Listen!

If I don't...

If I don't come back,

take this money with you.
And there's more... the shed, up in the eaves.

You'll find another 7 or 8,000 there,
take that too.

Grab that box of jewelry too. OK?

- You can find that one yourself! OK?
- Why wouldn't you come back?

- It's down in the closet.
- Why wouldn't you come?

-Are you listening to me?
-Why not come yourself?!

You know your own hiding places!

I'll go set the table.

Can you leave that, please?

I will, if you stop nagging me
every two seconds!

- The table is for eating.
- Dig in, by all means!

Pace yourself, you pig, or you'll be
throwing up in the pool!

- I'm not going.
- When did you decide that?

-And why is that?

Coach said dad told him we're going
away on holiday next week.

That's when the meet is too.

No point going to swimming practice,
if I'm not gonna compete.

- I'm not going, I'm busy next week.
- Doing what?

That's for me to know.

Gotta go.

- Why did you switch off the TV?
- 'Cause it was loud.

Why not just turn it down?

'Cause I do what I please in my flat!
OK with you?

Why ask me to move in, if you
didn't want me to? You pushed for it!

After I close my lease, you start
banging on about the TV?!

When I asked you hadn't lost the plot!

-Now you stay at home and get drunk!
-Better that than get mocked!

That's your call, stay in then!

Rattle the neighbors with the noise
and the crap you bring in!

Fuck those squares!
That's what the cleaning lady's for!

As if my smoke's gonna throw
your world out of kilter!

You making a show of yourself will!

-Can't you just be fucking civil?
-That's fucking rich!

Getting lessons in manners

from the tramp
who gave Arabs blow jobs for peanuts!

Itching to fight? That other itch
all good and scratched?

Get out, you pig!

- You're putting them back, bitch!
- Dream on!

- I may just throw them out the window!
- Careful I don't toss you out!

What did you just say to me?!
Know your fucking place!

Better you remember yours!
You're a scruffy whore!

- Get these ironed and put'em back!
- You're getting the hell out...

Shut up, you're making my ears bleed!
I'm not going anywhere!

Unless you want the boss clued in
on your deal with his whores!

I could hear you in the can,
whispering on the phone!

- You're done playing me for a fool!
- When did I do that?

Did'ya forget?! When Relu slashed Giani
and we both came to your place?

Everyone was there, the Captain,
his posse. How they must've laughed!

You sent me to the store for lemons,
and took Relu in the back!

Where did he fuck you, huh?
The desk, the couch? Where?

-In the ass!
-You're asking for it, you fucking slag!

Fuck me!

Good day, I'm Officer Voicu.

There was a complaint about the noise
coming from your flat.

- What? Who complained?
- Another resident.

-The guy from the 4th floor?
-Could we come inside?

What about the crazy parties
he throws?!

I should be reporting him, the jerkoff!

Good day.

So we got into a fight.
Like people do.

It was a flash in the pan
and no one got knifed!

The neighbor said she'd heard you
screaming before.

Was it a she or a he?

Who is she, this neighbor?
Did you call the cops?

Where's your phone, asshole?
Give it here!

Hold him down!

On your feet!

You did call them, huh?

You knew they'd haul back an ex-con!
She set me up, boss! This bitch!

- Wrong door, kid!
- Are you lost, junior?!

Is Magda in here?


Had too much coke again?
Poor door, didn't deserve that!

I love you.

Me too. Just let me wash my hands...

Come with me.

Can't, I've got 2 more classes,
then I'm meeting...

Come away with me, abroad!

- On holiday?
- Yes! For a year or two.

- A year?
- Yes. Goa. India!

What I get for my car
should last us a year.

Low-cost airline tickets are 1,000 euros.

- And school can go to hell?!
- You'll take a gap year.

- 'Cause you felt like going on vacation?!
- With you. Yes.

I can't.

- Can't or won't?
- Can't.

- Why not?
- Because.

- 'Cause you don't love me!
- Stupid.

Tell me why not!

I'm pregnant, that's why.

Whose is it?

Your mom's.

Then why are you still smoking?!

We've been here an hour now.

Go ask that guy,
maybe he knows something.

Why should I go? You go.

-Why me?
-You've got the looks.

-No shit!
-Go on, pretty please! Go!


Did'ya happen to see Mrs. Gina
from across the street?

-Gina who?
-Relu's wife. Relu Oncescu.

His wife's called Alina...
she's from Taberei Road.

- No, Gina. Have you seen her?
- Gina? Sure about that?

Seen her or not?
Or her kids?

- A girl and a boy.
- Watch your tone, sonny!

I'm an old man!

Answer the man already, you old fart!
Stop hemming and hawing!

They drove off in two cars.

- What make?
- Make?! How should I know?!

I only know a Lada,
I can't tell them apart.

They were big though - like tanks.

- Right, what else?
- That's it.

Some guys got out,
might've been three.

-They got Alina, the kids, and took off.
-They left with Gina?

With Alina, son, I told you!
Need me to draw you a picture?!

You know, this would go easier
if this bag had a hole.

Give me a knife, I'll do it!
Say the word, I'll cut you too!

Kid, go figure, people pay
good money for a massage.

While plenty of suckers out there
will rub you down for free!

You brought me into the woods. Nice!
Romantic even.

It occurs to me, people don't go
to the woods anymore. Why is that?

In my day, if you fancied a girl,
wanted some pussy,

you took her to the woods!

A camel-hair blanket, some wine,
seltzer for the spritzer, a transistor,

you'd get great reception of
Radio Free Europe, no wire, no nothing.

They put on The Beatles, Creedence...
do you know'em?

And then, if it worked, it worked.
If not... least you'd gone on a hike,
breathed in some ozone!

I took this girl out once, man oh man!
She was modelling for Adesgo...

Her beauty made you hard
like cement in a mixer!

So I take her to the woods,
but the ground was full of thistles.

Lucky for me I had a Wartburg!
Had this great big backseat and...

What? Why are we stopping?

Sonny? Why are we stopping?

At least take this damn sack off!

Don't send me to the farm
like poultry, in a wrapper!

Well, I'll be fucked!
World's gone to hell in a handbasket.

It's getting chilly.


Pop Giani! How about you show
the departed some respect?

Could've been sitting pretty in
Greece...sun, olives, Nana Mouskouri!

Truth be told, that's the one thing
I didn't like about life...


You know what this is?
Rigor mortis.

It's hard all the time,
like I'd suckled concrete!

I just can't do jack shit with it now.

-I'm sorry, Pop Giani. Forgive me.
-Get a grip, Relu! How could I?!

I will never forgive you!
You killed me, Relu.

Before you came to the baths
that day, I was. After, I was no more.

Couldn't forgive you if I wanted to.

'Cause I don't exist anymore.
Don't eat anymore...

I don't drink, sleep
or fuck anymore.

I don't want nothin' no more,
can't do nothin' either.

- But you can forgive yourself.
- I can't.

You know, if you've always chosen
what you thought was best,

then the tag end you wind up in
is the best possible place.

Why couldn't you've come
sooner, pops?

What's with you here?!

I've been calling non-stop.
You left your phone at home.

Why are you here?

- Did he lay a hand on you?
- Who?!

Look what the cat dragged in!

What happened there?
Did Puiu turn on you too?

I came out on top after all, huh?
I got the girl, you got the boy.

In-laws, man!

I gained a daughter,
you're stuck with my son!

Here I was, never a doubt in my mind
that he was a Nelly!

Had a chat with him earlier.
See, I'd known about it.

Told him: "Let Relu's daughter be, son!
She's not even...

...reached her prime,
plus she's still in school...

What could you possibly want
from her?"

But now that he knocked her up,
what'll you do?

We could've snapped their necks.
But it's just no use at this point.

But he means business.
To my surprise.

Come on out,
while the spritzer's still cold!

-Is it true?
-Which part?

That your daughter's an idiot
who got knocked up at 17?

Oh and I'm happy?! How they'll be
finger-wagging on the block! At school!

- Didn't you teach her how no...?
- So it's my fault?!

Aren't you gonna join us?
We'll join you, then!

Man, if anyone'd told me I'd end up
being played by a teenage girl

and a colt who not that long ago
was begging me for

what were they called?

I would have spat in their faces!
But then here I'd be, in deep shit!

At least I'm not alone!

Relu and I go back years.

We've got a lot of things in common.

We're both Barcelona fans...

His mates are my mates too,
and the other way around...

By the by, how much d'ya reckon Toma's
gonna cough up at the wedding?

We're both the silent giver type!

But now, with this twist, we're
more than brothers,

we're like Siamese twins!

'Cause we're both thinking of
and hoping for the same thing

this little guy's well-being!

Nicky boy! Someone like me
can only have male heirs!

Let's drink! To our health and
to the young'un!

And may the best of our todays
be the worst of our tomorrows!

I have to go see a man about a horse.

Want to come and lend me a hand?


Then finish it.

The end