Umbre (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

- Last season ...
- It's closed.

Are you Mr. Antonio?
The captain has sent me here.

Next time he comes by himself.

These people are insignificant.
But you are completely different.

Work hard and stay low.
Do not brag about it.

- Do you have a family?
- No.

A family is good to have,
but it's also your Achilles heel.

- Is it yours? Then when do you have two?
- Do I need your permission?

- You have lasted up.
- I can not continue.

The thread you work for
always have a crowbar ready.

From now on
We keep low profile, Relu.

If you have left the trash inside
you won't get rid of the cockroaches.

Teddy, my son. Take him with you
- Stay here.


- Were you out with that punk?
- Who?

If you owe me something, I'll send
then you to break your legs?

- I have not taken any money!
- You did not come with any either.

I took 28000 from you and now
you want 60000. That's a lot.

He just got a hole in the throat.
He was in coma, but now he is better.

He is the leader
and always lands on the feet.

- We're leaving from here.
- I'm married and have two children.

Go, Pop Puiu. We are busy.

Good night, kids!

Pop Puiu screwed it.

It's 50250 euros.
You have until Friday.

Leave Cocos outside,
someone hit him on a parking lot.

It was the Captain. Captain!

If you lie to me
do i take your family

What are you doing here?

Now that he has knocked her up
we are more than brothers.

We are Siamese twins.

Do you want some snacks, Mr. Relster?
A cracker?

We have smoked salmon and the sea's delights.

You may not remember me,
I'm Beebes son.

Gypsies Bebe. You knew each other
when you went to the gym Titan.

I am his youngest son, Cãlin.

You must remember me.
They called me Cãlinache.

Mr Relster, I just want to say-

- that if you need a jumping boy ...

I can keep a secret.
And I have a driving license.

What do you say?

- Is that caviar?
- Yes, fish room.

You there, vanish from here!
Off you go!

Relu, Mr. Relu, Relu-Grab ...

Congratulations to the shock! Good luck.
You won the highest win.

I do not mean you planned
that your daughter would roam around

- What are you trying to say?
- Just that, nothing else.

I'm just saying happy!

Now that you are ... if you understand-

Remember what your friends are.
And your enemies.

Do not you have a son too?
I have a daughter.

I have three daughters.

But one of them, little Adela,
she is 13 years old.

How old is your son?
She has potential.

If you are interested she is smart.
She was in the Geography Olympiad.

She can every hill in
this country. Mountains and plains.

Which pair it would be.
You, me and ... Captain.

- Let him go, baby.
- Three relatives!

Let him be. You are so packed.
Sorry, Mr. Relu.

They are a handsome couple. Congratulations!

Thirteen! Yes?

And by the way, we have a daughter
in the same age as son.

Congratulations kid!

Therefore, I have the great honor-

- and the pleasure will come later ...

Are not you happy?

That's me.


Good. Be happy.

Be happy with the outside with.

What should I do?
Dancing on the tables?

Dancing on the table, fighting ...
Do it whatever you want.

Be happy.
After all, this is your point of view.

I've been here for five hours
and you have not said

"We Dance,
It's your daughter's wedding. "

- Shall We Dance?
- No thanks.

You said you wanted it, so why not?

Because you did not ask.

What did I do ten seconds ago?

You just said
you thought I wanted to hear.

- What does it mean?
That you lie

Do not cry over it, he came away.
We can not do anything.

Hello, sir. Are you busy?

Hi, now I'm here.

When I was talking about a triangle
was not this what I meant.

So now you want to get rid of me, your dental?

On the dance floor.

If we had done as I wanted
would not you be on the bang

But I could not have walked
in two days.

Do you mean you can do it now?

I can go and shut up.

- Do you want to test?
- It also works.

Listen to me...

No more flattering,
That made me end up here.

You are talking about inviting falafel
and go to the movies, and see what's going on!

- Do you regret it?
- That we missed the movie?


Do not be ridiculous.

Too late.

I regret nothing.

I love you.

- Are you sure about that?
- Yes.

- Certainly sure?
- Yes.

What a cliché!

A tired old cliché.
I swear on my mother's grave.

A grave?

Do you want me to die?

Just say, I'll do that.
I do it!

Serious brain injury.
Death occurred ...

No I do not want to.

You're coolest at this wedding.


We should be the only invited,
because I am also coolast.

If you do not treat her well -

- I steal her and stay away from here.

- Are you hanging out?
- I'm not made that way.

Believe me,
I classify your groom in everything.

Sasha! Come here, do not be
such a hangover. Do not bother you!

When I see such a love
I break from pheromones.


And of love.


So when he ...
How old was he, seven years?

- Ten, but it's not ...
- Stop it! He was not ten.

Ten? Okay, ten.

We pumped him full with vitamins.
He seemed to need it.

Then he started with everything,
and joined every club.

Even in the stamp collecting club.

He learned several languages,
ikebana and origami.

Something kind of karate.

One day he came to me and said,

"Now I know.
I want to make music, dad. "

Then one day the fruit began to babble.

Not about anything that I wanted to hear,
if you take it.

She said:
"We're going to Teddys school."

"They set up a show,
and he is in. "

They started two hours late
and I had things to do.

But she said, "Wait and see,
they will start soon. "

Suddenly he stood there.

On stage, with the orchestra.

And with the whole belt grip. All of it!

And the guy played trumpet.

And I promise that
it really made me move.

I thought, "Have you seen,
we have an artist in the family! "

You would have seen him play the trumpet.

He had it going more than
when Pop Geamanu eats pussy.

I watched when he drove his number
and saw a puddle formed under him.

He pissed himself,
but did not stop playing.


Remember when you pissed yourself
that time?

He had been waiting for so long
and could not stand.

Just. Have I said anything else?

Afterwards I went to the director.

He was a joke
and I bumped him out.

He really got what he deserved.

But when I had calmed down me
and stopped seeing red-

- I said to myself:
"Wait a minute! My son is brave."

"No matter what happens
he does what he's going to do. "

"He does not give up
until it's done. "

"He is reliable."

We toast for confidence! Ok?

Congratulations, Relu!

- Congratulations.
- Bowl.

I do not see any twist ring.

- wedding ring.
- Yes, wedding ring.

I do not have it on me,
but I have it.

There is nothing to be ashamed of.

- What?
- This.

You and I.
There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Why do you want to enter?
Stay here for a while.



Such drunkards!

Must be a lot of money.

I sat inside
for a woman's sake, for my wife.

I loved her so much.

But I did not say that to anyone.

They had laughed at me
and said I was a coward.

I never told her
how much I loved her.

- That's a shame.
- Yes.

You know what they say:

"Either you fuck or you don't
cock's time is running out "

I have never heard that.

But what's in here
never shrinks.

Love, I mean.

You take the love with you in the grave.

My shoes start to get too tight.

The guys told me
that young people leave tomorrow.

That they go on honeymoon to Greece.

Yes. Sorry, but I'm so tired.

How can you let them go on their own?
A drive, now?

There are so many horrors happening

And the girl has a baby on her way.

If that were me,
if the people i love lived-

- I would not leave them.

How can you let them go away alone?

Pop Geamanu ...

You make me jealous here.
- I have...

Relu, my boy ... forgive me.

It was not meant to ...

What a guy!

He looks like a chihuahua,
but his little snail woke up.

"I felt cold shivers on my spine
- Lucky they did not go down ...

Don't be a redneck!

I bought crystal glass for them.

It was your first salary ...

You are so fun. What have you bought?
You have money.

Come on, enlighten me.

I gave them a card.

Does it play a tune?
when you open it?

No, it will be quiet.

Can not you stay?
I'll take you home later.

I start working in three hours.

Let me at least give you a ride.

- Where's Chuckie?
- He is sleeping.

Can he live with you tonight?
- Yes.

Let me drive you.

You drove us here.
You can not drive us anywhere else.

At least let me go
give you some money Gina!

I do not understand
this paper.

Help me with
Wait, it made it happen.

Mr. Toma?

Mr. Toma.

Regarding our agreement ... As you see
has my situation changed.

So I wonder if we can talk
when you have time

And solve this.
I have some money and ...

I know I did not answer
when you called.

As you can see, things have become ...

Who are you now again?


Relu from the poker party.
I'm working for the Captain.

Relu? Which Relu?

Yes, Relu! I remember you.

You are the father of the bride. Congratulations!

Hope they have a long life together
and a house full of kids.

Congratulations. Now you excuse me.

I'm sleepy and -

- At my age you get frustrated-

- if you do not go to bed
when it is bedtime.

A crash 12 km outside of Uzunu.

Three cars were involved,
two people suffered minor damage.

Traffic is slow.
The road is still open.

This song I like.

Here is 21 Ron.

I don't have any spare change

No problem, it's not the end of the world.

Well then. Have a nice day!

I would like to have a cup of coffee.

My shift is about to end
and I've been driving all night.

You know how it is.
I can barely stay awake.


- It would not hurt.
But coffee makes you crazy.

After a night's job, you just want to
go home to family and rest?

I can sleep when I'm dead.

You only live once. What do you say?

- I think ... that I want it.
- Yes?

But I have to warn you, I'm a little ...

A little bit shy?

- I'm starving.
- Are you hungry?

"I'm hungry between my legs.
- Oh dear!

Maybe I can not hold.

Such things can go away.
Coffee leads to cake ...

A muffin ...

And I'm not a teen,
so I'm a bit desperate.

Nowadays I'm fucking for the ages.
As if there is no tomorrow.

Until I hit my head in the bedside table
until the wall breaks.

You will not be anywhere
until tomorrow night?

Just closer to your ass.

We live to please or die on duty.

That's what you wanted to hear?
Was that what you wanted to hear?

I can not give you spare change,
so I invite you and pay.

Didn't you say you wanna fuck?

It's called irony. Have a good one!

You know what?

Maybe I'll get there
and rinse out of your mouth with irony?

Is the car an automatic or manual?

- Is the car automatic or manual?
- Manual.

- You have to buy an automatic one.
- sure

When you picked me up
a man helped me into the car.

- His name is Relu Oncescu.
- And? I do not care.

You should be, he's my husband.

I have been to a wedding. Our daughter
marry the captain's son

Which captain?

The man who is in plot with the clan
as they talked about on television

I do not know anything about that.
But he can call my husband.

He works for Captain
and can explain it.

So you can come with me inside.

But then you'll have to buy an automatic car

- Because you will not
be able to use your legs.

You there!

Hi, you there!

Have you seen my husband Tinel?

- Excuse me?
- My husband Tinel. Was he out there?

I do not know. Describe him for me.

He is about this tall
and a real joke.

Sorry, I have not seen him.

Do you hear...

He got out to buy cigarettes
and never come back.

- How long has he been gone?
- since September 2005

You ... Can you help me-

- to change the channel on the television
to that folk music channel?

I have a remote control.

It is over there.

- What number is the folk music channel?
- Try 15.

Is this this?

No, it's not it.

Here it is.

- You found it.
- I found it.

Here it is. Number 18.

Thank you, boy.
- Alright.

Take care.

You there!

Have you seen my husband Tinel?

Do not worry, Tinel will be coming soon.

Hi. How are you?

- I'm here to do business.
- Me too.

How is your wife doing?
- Good, she's pregnant again.

- You do not have a button.
- It is she who asks for it.

Do you have anything?

You seem to look good.

I run to protect
my ass, so I'm in good shape.

Was that how you got it?
that brazilian big ass?

Stop it! Nothing beats your ass.

Are you sure
that nothing beats my ass?

I have not said anything. Not to anyone.

Talking about getting a bed,
how was the wedding

Did you stand on Relster's right?

But wait, Relu is with another dame
and they have a couple of kids

What a tragedy.

My heart bleeds.

Well, let's hear. What happens?

Do you have any candy for me?

Or do you just want to check
if I have begun sucking a pole?

- What did you say?
- Do not you know?

A hot day can be
50 degrees hot in the cells.

Twenty buttocks, twenty mouths
which suck air and breathe it out.

It becomes harder to breathe.

So the old ones in the yard
gathering the fresh eggs-

- place their mouths against the edge
of a metal table, and pang!

They hit the back of their head
and break their teeth.

If they only have gums
they can not bite when they suck cock.

When it gets really hot in the cell
The fresh eggs suck on their balls.

Instead of air conditioning,
or so-called "sucking balls".

So, let's hear, Nico.

You came because you're interested
how i feel?

You still have your teeth so you're good.

That I was talking about ...
This is 5000.

That should be enough to begin with.
Then we'll see.

You look forward to it
that I enter 14 months-

- and then you come here to ask me
fix jobs for your whores here.

If you came here for it
was there a waste of gasoline.

I came because I heard
that you behave.

- Is it true?
- Yes, I behave.

I brush my teeth and
Wash my cock after a buttock.

We're done here.

Yes, I've heard you behave.

Otherwise, they would not let you out
due to good conduct.


I have to make a few calls to,
but it's almost clear.

That's why we agree, Nico.

You're a woman down here,
but up here, you're a man.

You have nothing to eat in the fridge.

I make tuna pasta.

I do not like that.

How can you know that?
I've never done it before.

I do not like pasta.
And I do not like tuna.

And I do not like your tone.

Do you have any flakes?
- Flakes are for girls.

I can drink beer
to make it more personal.

Can I ask something?
I hope you don't mind.

Can you let me fix the liquor
from now on?

I know how to mix.
Which liquor is good and not.

If you buy a rom or a cognac
is it usually fake.

- What do you mean?
- It's not genuine.

And therefore you throw up afterwards.

If they have spilled out with ethanol
you can even become blind.

There was a guy I know Paulicã.

Now he is begging on the street.

Unfiltered beer gives headache.

The usual makes you feel bad.

- Especially if you smoke when you drink.
- I do not smoke.

Not? Not even grass?

What the hell, boy?
Have you never smoked a joint?

- I'm ashamed of you.
- Stop it.

Well, so you smoke only cigars.

- Have you picked my pockets?
- It fell when I brought you home.

- sure
"You are toasted and can't be sure.

"You really bombed last night.
- I was just tired.

Come on, let me take care of it.

I can fix girls too.

What are you saying?

Then you do not get infected with anything
or get rid of someone hunched.

Should I call someone directly?

I'll call somebody.
Come on, you're grown up now.

I do not need your help.

Not? Okay. Take these money then.

Take them Come on, take them!

Buy what you want.
Clothing, computer games ...

don't want the money
Mom isn't okay with it

What does she have to do about it?
She will only cook food-

- wash and clean
She's not cool like you.

Take the money! Live your life!

It's better to get from daddy
than to take them from a stranger.

A stranger can hurt you.

I have not stolen from anyone.

If you also lie, you're fucked, kid

Can you at least defend yourself?

Are you kidding me?

You steal, you're getting bullied
and you lie about it.

And you can not even defend yourself?

I'm going home.

You're not going anywhere
until you have eaten what I have cooked.

It helps against the hangover.

I'm not hungry.
I want to go home.

I'm driving you.

- Go to hell!
- Chuckie!




- Do you really do that?
- Just a blow.

- I need it, I'm stressed.
- Why are you?

It's my first honeymoon.
I'm nervous.

You said you had escaped
with some guy before.

That cool guy.
Your former boyfriend.

With a mother who was a lawyer
and a dad who was a surgeon.

What was he now again?
Rocky. Rocky.

- Rocco?
- You're an idiot.




Richard LionHeart.

Tell me now! Come on.

We ran away for three days.
I did not escape with him.

Because your dad found you.

If I really wanted
he would not have done that.

Do not be so sure about it.

Ricky was so bad.

When I think about it,
dad was pretty nice to you

He may like you.

That's for sure why he is kind to me.