Umbre (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Mr. Puiu is on the mobster's blacklist and everyone is looking for him. Meanwhile he surprises Chuckie. Relu has returned home and he decides to change his life. When Relu goes to see Capitanu in the hospital, he finds out that his boss has been watching him for a long time and that he and his family are in danger. His only chance is finding Mr. Puiu and getting back the stolen money. After Relu talks to Nico, he decides to try one last thing and he gets ready for the most complex operation to date. Gina discovers what Mr. Puiu has given Chuckie.


If you tell my dad, he'll bust me up!

I was only out 10 minutes,
to Matei's.

He's just three houses...
three blocks over.

He just got an Xbox and had Halo.
And he called me over.

Cross my heart I'm not lying!
I swear!

He did surf over a site
with sexy photos.

'Cause his PC's in his room.
But I'm not into that, so I didn't look!

What caught my eye was his dinosaur
collection! You know how I like them!

Surely you know, from the time
we watched Discovery last week.

Last Wednesday!

The Dinosaur Revolution airs
on Wednesdays.

Remember? Don't you remember?
Just last week!

If I ask you something,
will you remember?

Sure, if I don't forget.

Episode 7

I did tell Coach I didn't want to.

I'd rather compete in the front crawl,
though I clock in third-last.

At least I'm not last-last, like Dinu.
Dinu's fat too.

He's good at floating,
but he's hardly hydrodynamic.

Why not have him switch you
to a style you're better at?

-I've a knack for the breaststroke!
-Then switch to that!

No way, that's for girls!
It's like a frog kick.

I don't wanna be made fun of!

Is that boy from school still
picking on you?

- Who?
- That fatso!

Oh, Pãtraºcu! No, we're good now.

- Want me to carry your bag?
- Nope.

Remember I've got extended training

Hey, if you see I'm running late,
wait for me inside, deal?

Stay with the Coach, OK?

- Are we driving home?
- No. Driving's for the lazy!

I'll take the subway.

Go on, break a leg!

Mr. Oncescu?

The inter-county meet,
I guess your son told you

you've yet to pay the entry fee.

- When is it?
- It's 150 Lei.

But disadvantaged families
can get a 50-Lei discount or so.

- My question was when, not how much.
- Next week.

He can't make it.
We're going away on holiday.

Good day! Hello, Ma'am!

Cheers, boss!
I brought eclairs.

Check it out, love. The Relster
brought us eclairs. Want some?

Chocolate or vanilla?

- Both.
- I'll pass.

See what I deal with every day, Relu?

My wife's, how do I put this,

And you're such a wise ass!

Go get me a coffee from that machine
down the hall, will'ya?

-You don't like coffee!
-Go just the same. Go on!

Go toe the party line and
wait for me outside.

Sorry Relster, I can't shake your hand,
my shoulder's a bit fractured... three places.

Don't take it personally, OK?

Does it hurt?

Never mind.

I'd rather hear about you.
How've you been, what's new with you?

You've been pulling a David Copperfield
act of late!

-Disappeared all of a sudden!
-No, just dealing with some business.

I thought I was your business.

You are, boss. But...

Get a load of this guy, man!

Got smacked into next Tuesday
and the fucker's still in one piece!

Granted, he's a chicken,
all bendy-boned!

Not like us, humans.

Though, some people are just as hardy,
so I gather.

Boss, when I left, the job was done.

Then, maybe it was a miracle.

But I doubt it.

When the nurse went to check on him
this morning...

...she found him in a pool of blood,
with his stitches busted open!

Poor guy wasn't long for this world.

His hard cheese - our lucky break.

Could've easily gone the other way.
His lucky break, our hard cheese.

You know why, too.
'Cause you've gone rogue.

Jumped-up bastard outgrew its britches.

Here I go again, making calls, buying
plastic wrap, scouting brownfields.

But then I changed tack.

Asked myself, what if Relu
isn't off his rocker?

What if he's actually super-smart?

He's not going off script 'cause
he doesn't care about the fallout.

It's 'cause he's sure there won't
be any for him.

- How did you get here?
- What?!

How did you travel to
this here hospital?

-Took the subway.
-How come?

Got a license, a car, don't you?
Where's your car?

I sold it.

- Was I supposed to ask first?
- No, boss.

Not if you did it to get your paws
on some loose change, no.

But if you're planning on sneaking off
under cover of night with Gina,

then yes, you need to ask.

Care to know your kid's lap time
at the pool?

Or what color panties your daughter
has on today?

What, did you think, I took Puiu
at his word when he brought you in?

That I was taken by your doe-eyed
gaze and winning smile?

If you wanna leave, Relster,
have at it.

I'm not gonna force you to stay.

But before you do,
you're gonna find Puiu for me.

And the money he took:

Cocoº's 12,000,
plus the 38,250 I had in my safe.

All in all, 50,250 Euros.

- What?!
- What else did'ya have in mind, sonny?

You've got until Friday.

Take these home with you,
for the family!

Live it up, treat them to some sweets!

What are you doing here?

- Pop Puiu?
- No.

-Tell me what he said.
-What he said?!

I'm to serve up the dough and Puiu
or else, he knows where to find me.

- It wasn't me, I swear...
- Don't fret, he's always known.

- Relu...
- Did you get me what I asked?

- I don't wanna get in the middle.
- You're already in it.

Or do you suppose that's the end of it?

Mark my words, I'll get him and
gut him with my own two hands!

Not looking too bad, is he?

His mug's out of commission, but then
it came that way to begin with!

-Been gulping snot and blood all night.
-Why didn't you blow your nose?

If he hadn't jumped me,
I'd have knocked his teeth out.

Fucking mummy! I'm going
to have his guts for garters!

Chill, or you'll start gushing again.
I'm out of pads.

I'll go get dressed.

- Going somewhere?
- To have a chat with Relu.

Why don't you talk in here?

- I'm hungry. Are you?
- How about me?!

I'll bring you back some.

I'll go wait outside,
get out of your hair.

Cheers, bye!
And blow your nose.

You and Sabin, huh?
None of my business.

We're screwing, yes.

He hasn't got mad skills or anything,
but he's eager and undemanding.

All the good ones are taken so it beats
wallowing my nights away with soaps.

Sabin's a good enough lad.

He serves a purpose.

Our second cousin Elena,
she'd swing by, a few years back.

You must've noticed her,
she was a real fox.

So one day she vanished,
been wondering what became of her.

And now Geamanu tells me
his brother-in-law saw her.

He's a trucker,
drives to Spain, Italy.

Elena's a cheap tart in Valencia.

It's shaved 10 years off her life,
she's got no teeth left!

The guy she was with was a pen-pusher
at the cop shop, nothing special!

The Boss heard and bundled her off!
She didn't even squeal!

She was just banging some guy
he didn't know about.

And your point is...?

You should find Pop Puiu,
or else your wife and kids...

He's the only reason I lived past 15,
and didn't die from cold in some ditch!

I was barefoot when he took me in off
the street! And now you'd have me...?

The Intelligence report mapping
crime rates in Bucharest.

Illegal casinos, in Moºilor, Colentina,
Obor, Rahova, everywhere!

Only you have to hit them today.

They're fixing to raid them
at the end of the week.

Once the cops bust in, it's finished.
Then months of quiet, no more breaks.

Are you aching for a lead piercing?!

You don't smash and grab
from these guys, Nico!

- What if word gets out?
- Who from? I won't. Will you?

What about Sabin?

He only gets my lowermost,
not my innermost.

- May I clear the table?
- Go ahead.

Check this out. Rahova.

The Pãun clan.

Judicial crimes...19.
1 count of homicide, 7 of rape...

10 counts of serious violence..,

Only we can't know how many
will be in there.

Just like a Kinder Surprise.

They won't be packing much.
Jack knives, maybe. I hear it's a rule.

What rule? Get real!

I go in there and I'm prancing naked
around a flesh torpedo!

How about I go?
It sounds right up my alley!

-What's with the different colors?
-It varies with the danger level.

The higher it is, the bigger the fish.
So, the larger the loot, huh?

Look! What's this?
Behind Griviþa here.

It doesn't say.
There's just a list.

Nope. Just a line that I can see,
nothing more.

Fuck, Relu! You'll be the death of me!

- Wasn't this place your idea?
- Sure, but...

- Did'ya turn up anything?
- Yes. I mean...

I didn't, but I looked.

It's in there.

But there's nothing there.
I mean, this one guy's about 70

but he doesn't match up to Puiu.

'Cause the coroners say
he would have been a little gypsy.

- No, Puiu's taller.
- Great, lovely for him!

Aside from that, a granny and a floater
on the Dâmboviþa, but he was just 40.

- Fine then, that's great!
- No, not great, Relu.

If there's no body and no news of him,
that means he's missing.

And that usually means...

Maybe he skipped the country.

That's it for me, sonny.
This job was my farewell present.

- Good for you, man.
- I'm not kidding.

- Glad to hear you're cutting this out.
- No, I'm cutting ties with you.

I don't know what Puiu was thinking,
or if you had any hand in it.

Stealing from the Captain?!

What's more, stealing the dough
earmarked for Constanþa?!

You're better off taking a swim in the
river with a rock tied to your ankles!

Pop Tãnase, how many years
have we known each other?

How many bricks in your country cottage
were laid by me?

- Give it a break!
- Give it a break?

You weren't paying me
out of your own pocket!

- I see now how the scales tip.
- You don't.

If you had you'd've come far by now.
But that ship's sailed.

What world are you living in?!
Puiu, you, me too most likely...

...our facess are being circulated
at the border!

You can't even flee to Bulgaria, mate!

You'll stay put till
they're done with you.

The cops or The Captain?

After all these years, you still think
there's a difference?

This ain't Cops and Robbers, sonny.

This here is mongrel grey,
top to bottom!

I like you, Relu boy. Honest. You've
got balls, a head well screwed on.

But at this point, it's every
mother-fucker for himself.



Come on, dad!
What's your problem?!

I was about to beat my breath-holding
time - and you show up!

You shouldn't even be in here
with your clothes on!


-Why did you change the locks?
-Do you need to ask?!

- Took a nap in the bath again?!
- He dived into the pool fully clothed!

Relu, you're scaring me.

Come over here, and close the door.

Pop Puiu messed up. Big time.

Did he hit on some
honcho's old lady again?

No, what he did now was
totally left-field.

You know him, like a dog in heat. When
the mood strikes, he'll be gone for...

D'ya really think I'm talking about
Pop Puiu going pussy-slaying?!

I told you what I do
and who I'm doing it for.

Pop Puiu stole from them.

Went in guns blazing, broke some skulls
and made off with 50,000 euros.

And those people...?

What will happen to us now?


If I get them back their money...

...and Pop Puiu.

Relu... you can't... you can't
do that to him!

I've no other choice.

It's either him, or...

Wash this too!

-Did you have to knot it?!
-I didn't though, did I?! Pop Puiu did!

-He told me to give it to you.
-And you're only piping up now?

It's like you always say
I'm not to speak until spoken to.

You should've asked!

Come back here, you rascal!
Where are you off to? Don't test me!

Well fuck me backwards
and call me mommy!

D'ya know whose shit
you're stirring up here?

-The money?
-What money, bro?!

We play for beans here!

Mother-fucking asshole!

-The money?
-Boss, I think you'd better be going.

And we'll look the other way...
just this once.

It's in the back, in the kitchen.

- Anyone else in the kitchen?
- No, man.

The house is empty, aside from my wife
and the kid. Who've gone to bed.


Did'ya nod off on me?

Take it easy, pal.

I just bought this shirt,
and it's 100-percent natural silk!

- Makarov!
- The money! It's all I want!

If you make off with this dough,
and that's a big "if",

I'll break even in a week!
But you left out one thing, mate.

When you pull the five-finger discount
on someone like me

all the lead-in, your prep
and your ski mask, don't matter!

What matters is what you do afterwards!

'Cause if you drove here and anyone
saw you coming up the street,

you're mine.

I'll find you even if
you rode the subway here!

-The scooter even!
-Kick his teeth in!

Fucking asshole,
almost gave me a heart attack!

It's here,
the money's in the kitchen.

I know you from somewhere,
don't I, my friend?

End of episode 7