Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Night and the Nightman - full transcript

(upbeat rock music)

- [Hardcase] Ultraforce!

(upbeat rock music)

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(upbeat rock music)


(soft music)

(bell ringing)


- He's from Malaysia.

Isn't he beautiful?

(soft music)

(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)

(jazz music)

(cable car crashing)

- This just in.

Among the injured in
last night's freak
cable car accident,

is famous jazz saxophone
player, Johnny Domino.

There are unconfirmed reports
that two large cocoons

were found at the site.

Doctors are not able to remove

what appears to be human bodies

from inside the
rock hard cocoons.

In other news, Ellie Tremayne,

industrialist Roger Tremayne's
step-daughter, is missing.

He was about to take over as CEO

for Revelation Incorporated,

a position left by
his deceased wife.

Her daughter, Ellie Tremayne,

was in line for that position.

In other news...

- Ah!

- Is everything all right?

- Yeah.

- You don't fool me.

You're still having
flashbacks from the accident.

Your pulse is racing.

- From being around you.

- Uh-huh.

Look, a lot's happened to you.

You can't stand the sunlight,

you have incredible
night vision.

- Hey, I was a night
owl before anyway.

My life won't be that different.


- Oh, I'm sorry.

Your eyes, I forgot.

- Johnny, you remember
Roger Tremayne,

of the hospital governing board.

He's also the one who's funding

our new pediatrics wing.

- Of course, the
benefit concert.

- Yes, I heard you
were leaving today,

and I wanted to ask you
if you'd made a decision.

- The old Johnny wouldn't have
have done a benefit concert.

But now?

Sure, why not.

- That's terrific!

You don't know what
this means to me.

- I heard about you dedicating
the wing to your daughter.

- When someone you
love just vanishes,

you keep wondering, hoping.

We'll find her.

I know it.

(talking to self) I hope they
never find the little brat.

- Ah, oh.


- What is it?

- Nothing.

I must be hearing things.

- Thanks again.

(soft music, beeping)

- (gasps) What?

You're awake!

You should get
back in bed, dear.

You've just come out of a coma.

- This isn't my face!

What have you done to me?

(lasers shooting)

(suspenseful music)

- What have I become?

- I told you to park
in the VIP zone.

I own this facility.

- Maybe I can use
this to my advantage.

(suspenseful music)

- Thanks for the ride.

- Just hospital policy.

- I'm playing at the
Cliff House tonight.

- What's this?

- Starting my brand new life.

- Oh, I'd love to come,

but you know my schedule.

- That's the thing
about musicians.

We work late.

- (laughs) I'll definitely try.


- I'm on at 10:00.

- So pretty, and so smart,

just like daddy wanted me to be.

She'll never make it tonight.

I'll be there instead.

- What's that?

(suspenseful music)



Come back here!

- That was close.

Oh, this body is too old.

It's weakening.

- Hey, lady, you okay?

- Such a nice,
strong, young man.


- What?

What is this?

(suspenseful music)

- Johnny, I called the police,

they'll take care of it.

- Dawn, listen, before
I found that cocoon,

I heard this weird sound,

and this creepy voice.

So much pain, and anger.

- [Overhead Speaker]
Paging Doctor Dawn Parker.

Please report to surgery, STAT.

- I'm needed in
emergency, sorry Johnny.

Go home and get
some rest, please.

(magical music)

(suspenseful music)

(jazz music, saxophone playing)

- (speaking to self) My,
my, doesn't Dr. Parker

look nice tonight?

You have a date with
destiny, Dr. Parker.

- That voice.

- (gasps) What are you?

(screaming) Johnny!

- Dawn?

Please, let me through.


(mysterious music)

Dawn, are you okay?

I heard a scream.

- You can see me?

It's so dark.

- Yeah, sure,
since the accident.

Wait, you know all
about my night vision.

- I do?

Oh, of course.

I do.

- Dawn, what is that?

You're not Dawn.

You're that thing!

- Too bad, you would've
liked the new Dr. Parker.

I thought you were more
adventurous, Jazz Man.

Come on, try me.

- No way, lady.

(grunting, struggling)

(evil laughing)

- Good reflexes, Jazz Man.

- Yeah I keep (kicks)

in shape.

Just who, or what
are are you, anyway?

- Whoever, or
whatever, I want to be.

Even you, Johnny.

- No!


(waves crashing)




Who are you?

What is this place?

- Out for a midnight
swim, Mr. Domino?

- What do you want with me?

- We are looking for Ultras.

Ultras who can
change the balance

of good and evil in the world.

- The Ultraforce wants me?

- You were part of the
cable car accident.

Many new Ultras have
appeared here since then.

- So I've heard.

But I don't think I'm an Ultra.

I'm a sax player, that's it.

- Who can see in the dark,
and hear evil thoughts.

Who no longer needs sleep.

- Oh!

- Hello, we got a problem here.

Some bozo who calls
himself Headknocker's

makin' a major
withdrawal at Fort Knox.

Where are you guys?

- Light a fire
under it, Contrary.

We're supposed to
be at Fort Knox.

- I don't get you guys.

There's a body snatching
thing loose in the city.

People are being
turned into cocoons.

- Mr. Domino, you
have extraordinary
abilities of your own.

Maybe you should
consider a career change.

Now we really must go.

- Ha, ha, ha, oh great.

(magical music)

- Where are you going?

- Ultraforce is supposed
to help people like him.

- Hardcase, wait.

What about Headknocker?

- You weren't in
any hurry before.

Your turn to wait.

(suspenseful music)

- Roger Tremayne will
dedicate a new hospital wing

to his beloved missing
daughter, Ellie.

Poor little Ellie.

Daddy loved her so much,

but all he could do
was criticize her.

Nothing, nothing was ever
good enough for daddy.



She's smart, and
beautiful, and powerful.

Ellie wasn't good
enough for daddy.

I wonder what he'd
think of Contrary.

(evil laughing)


- Nice of you to check in.

Mission accomplished, I hope.

- Not yet.

Have you seen anything unusual?

Anything on the local news?

- Hardcase, we really
must go, hold on.

Something's coming in.

(bomb exploding)

- What was that?

- Golden Gate Bridge.

I'll check it out.

- Be there.

(suspenseful music)

(bridge collapsing,
people screaming)

(magical music)

- Huh?

You're an Ultra, aren't you?

- Very good.

How did you know?

- I'm recruiting Ultras
for a very special group.


you are in great anguish.

I can help you.

Feel the pain.

- (laughs) You
wanna feel my pain?

Fine, be my guest!

(lasers shooting)

(bridge collapsing,
people yelling)


- Impressive.


My lipstick on crooked?

- You're not Contrary.

Where is she?

- What do you mean?

Hardcase, it's me.

(evil laughing)

(grunting, fighting)

(van exploding)


(door explodes)

(evil laughing)

(upbeat music)

Catch you later, Hardcase.

Chrysalis has
bigger fish to fry.

A lot bigger.


- Even Hardcase, leader
of the Ultraforce,

has been frustrated in his
attempts to capture Chrysalis,

who has left behind a
wake of cocoon bodies,

in a strange coma-like stasis.

The majority of them
are top officials

at the Tremayne
Management Group,

spreading panic through

the multi-billion
dollar corporation,

and causing it's
stock to plummet.

Why Chrysalis has chosen to
target Tremayne, no one knows.

(suspenseful music)

- So Hardcase and Contrary
did try, and failed.

Contrary was right.

I do need a new career.

And Chrysalis needs
to meet The Night Man.

(sax music)

(suspenseful music)

- Why is this Chrysalis
trying to ruin me?

- I really wish you'd postpone
this hospital benefit.

- Absolutely not.

I'm dedicating that wing
to my beloved Ellie,

and nobody, especially
that, that monster,

is stopping me.

(upbeat dance music)

(suspenseful music)


- Hmm.

- You haven't danced
yet, Mr. Tremayne.

(upbeat dance music)

Care to join me?

- Of course.

I'd love to dance.

And especially with you.

(upbeat dance music)

(beeping, suspenseful music)

(upbeat dance music)

- Oh no!

(upbeat dance music)

- I'm not used to beautiful
women asking me to dance.

- Why thank you,


- Daddy?

- You always wanted
me to be so perfect.

- Ellie?


I won't believe it!

You can't be that, that monster!

- Monster?

But daddy.

Isn't this the person you
always wanted me to be?

Beautiful, poised, confident.

(statue explodes)

A person in complete
command of any situation.

- Ellie.


What are you going to do?

- First, I want
to see my statue.

- Oh!

- This is how you see me?

If plain, little Ellie
Tremayne looked this good,

would you have really
loved me for me?

- Ellie!

I , I do love you.

- Love me?

All you ever did
was criticize me.

I was a project
that always needed

improving and refining,

never good enough!

- Ah!

- Excuse me, please.


- Now it's your turn, daddy.

- No!

(magical music)



(magical music)

- Now this is a nice change.

(suspenseful music)

- Enjoy it, 'cause
it won't last.

- You again?

It is you, isn't it, Jazz Man?

My, you're so versatile.

But no match for me.

I've absorbed a dozen Ultras.

I have twice the
strength of Hardcase.

(grunting, fighting)

You're tiring, Night Man.

Can't protect daddy forever.

(grunts, groans)

- Come on, show me
who you really are.

You're not Hardcase, or Ellie.

You're not any of the
people you've cocooned.

Now show me what you
are, you parasite!

- I hope you hate
the way I look.

Because I'm the last
thing you will ever see.

(laser shooting)


I'll still find you.

Insects have so many instincts,

you have no idea.


(exciting music)


- Hardcase?

You all right?

- That was strange.

I felt and heard everything
that creature was doing.

What happened?

- It hit the radio tower.

Must've lost control over ya.

- She's still breathing.



Come on, let's go!

- Wait, look.

- They're alive!

- Ellie, my dear.

You don't know how
glad I am to see you.

- Spare me, daddy.

I heard everything.

Everything you said and thought.

For all of the evil my
chrysalis brought into the city,

it did do some good.

I found out the truth.

You treated my
mother like trash,

and now it's over.

You are out.

I'm running my
mother's corporation,

just like she wanted.

- You can't do that.

- Just watch me.

- Her father's cruelty and greed

got him just what he deserves.


Where's Johnny?

- He's right here.

He saved our--

where'd he go?

(sax music)

(wind blowing)

(upbeat rock music)