Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Prime Ambition - full transcript

- [Man] UltraForce!

(theme music)



(dramatic music)

(skateboards rumbling)

- Out of my way, lame-o's!

- Hey, watch it!

(skateboards rumbling)


- What are you looking at?

We've just come to
drop off some coinage.

(coins jingling)

Major coins.

They will even buy you some Z's.

- Ahh!

(crowd shouting)


- Time to make a
radical withdrawal!

- Ya!

(woman screaming)


- Ah!


- What the--

- Ah!

- That's Kelly, from
my algebra class.

- Look, it's Prime!

(dramatic music)

- Ahh!

(coins falling)

- Don't you know
crime doesn't pay?

- Ha!

You gotta be kidding me!

Out of my face, choir boy.


- Uhhh!


- Oh jeeze, I'm dissolving!

Lamar, help me!


- Huh?

Wait a second.

- [Lamar] Leave him alone!

- What the--

(coins jingling)

(both shouting)



- Uh...that kid
changed just like me.

They must be Ultras.

I gotta find out
where they came from.



- Come on, we gotta get
you back to Dr. Gross.

- Dr. Gross?


- Your Dr. Gross has
treated a rare confection.




- We've gotta follow those kids.

- [Topaz] What kids?

- The ones that
disappeared in the sewer.

- Forget 'em.

- But they're--

- We've gotta get these
people out of the bank

before the whole place caves in.

Do it!

(glass shattering)

(dramatic music)



(woman screams)

- Whoa!



- Kelly, are you alright?

- I think so.

Hey, how'd you know my name?

- Oh, uh...I, uh...

- Come here, I want
to talk to you.

- Hardcase, those kids were...

- Listen good, pal.

There's more to
this Ultra hero gig

than flexing your
muscles and saving girls.

You gotta think before you act!

Otherwise, you're just
another one of the problems.

- Problems?

Forget you, Hardcase.

You don't know the first
thing about problems.

This Dr. Gross guy,
I gotta find him.



- Kid gets worse every day.

- Kid?


You treat him like
he was a 13 year old.

- If you only knew.

(suspenseful music)


- End of the line.

So much for finding
this Dr. Gross guy.

- What?

Prime is looking for me?

Is it not bad enough I'm
forced to dwell in the sewers?

Relying on bunglers
to provide the funding

for my experiments?

- Dr. Gross, look!

His arm, it's leaking.

The green goo.

- Goo!

Could it be?

Could it be that Prime

is a product of one of
my early experiments?

- Some of the children were
rescued by their parents

before the results
could be tested.

- If only my records
had not been destroyed!

I must obtain a sample of
Prime's genetic material.


- Oh no, not now!

- He's leaving.

- We must find
out where he goes.

Don't just sit there,
you know what to do.

Fire the tracking dart!


- Oh man, it's late.

I gotta get back to school.


(people chattering and shouting)


- [Kelly] Did you see
the way Prime, like,

looked at me?

Like he really cared.

- Kelly!

- Kevin, you play soccer?

- Uh, hi Kelly.

Are you okay?

I heard you, uh, got caught
in an Ultra battle downtown.

- I'm fine, thanks to Prime.

He was totally like amazing!

He's so cool.


- Alright, Prime, you big dummy,

where'd you go?

Where's that stupid
tracking dart.


Goo's still wet,
he must be close.

Ah, man, he's probably
in that group of kids.

But which one?

Okay, number eight,
let's flush 'em out!

Go get a snack!

- So, uh, you like Prime then?

- Why, you jealous?

I mean, Prime's seven feet
of buff, studly Ultra muscle.

Who'd be jealous of him?





- Ahh!


- Gotta turn into Prime!

But it's too soon.

(Kelly screams)


- Come on, Prime,
you Ultra geek.

- If that big ugly puss bucket

even thinks about
touching her...


- Ahh!



- Be right back.

It's Prime Time!


Yeah, uh!

You okay, Kelly?

Let me take you home.

- Uh...yeah, sure, Prime.


- Hmm...Prime called
that girl by name.

Could it be that Dr. Gross's

handsome, perfect Prime creation

has a weak spot for that girl?

This is perfect!

Follow him, number eight.

Ew, yuck!

(brakes squeal)

(students screaming)

- Not that blob again!


Stay right here, okay?

Naughty, naught, blob boy.




Take it easy, kids.

Prime's got everything
under control.

Right, Kelly?




- [Kelly] Prime!



- I questioned the
security guard.

The last thing he
remembered was two kids

and something about a bank pig.

- And I found this
in the debris.

- Hey, I had a bank like
this when I was a kid.

Oh, eh.

This one's seen some bad times.

- Yeah, and?


- Ah, our nation's
best and brightest.

Street grunge.

Biggest ambition?

Slash the tires on their
truant officer's four by four.

They've been subjected to
heavy genetic experimentation.

Real scary stuff.

- I heard Prime
mention a Dr. Gross.

- How appropriate.

- Dig up whatever you
can on this Dr. Gross.

If this guy's
experimenting on kids,

we gotta find him
and shut him down.

- Kelly!



I've gotta find her.


It's going into the sewer,
just like those kids.

I bet if I follow,
it'll lead me to Kelly

and Dr. Gross.



- [Ghoul] I found something.

Dr. Vincent Gross
was a geneticist

doing experimental
government research.

Considered a genius
with rouge tendencies,

twelve years ago his
funding was cut off.

- I wonder why.

- Experimental atrocities.

- He's obviously
still at it somewhere.

- These young criminals

are undoubtedly providing
the doctor's funding.

- If we pinpoint all the
bank robbery locations...

- Maybe we can determine
where he set up his lab.

- I love it when
you play detective.


- Looks familiar.

Yup, that's the
Prime cut, alright.


A secret door.

Hmm...no bell.

Guess I'll have to knock.


Ding dong!


Kelly, are you okay?

- [Dr. Gross] She
can't hear you.

He he he he.

Look at him, what
an awesome specimen.

- Look, I don't know
what you're up to,

but Prime's taking those
kids out of here now!

- My dear Prime,
these are my children.

And I might add, so are you.

- What?

Why you--


- Not in the legal
sense, perhaps.

But I did contribute
certain genetic material

which does give me a
certain paternal claim.

Oh yes.

Inside that brawny,
goo formed body

is 13 year old
boy, is there not?

One of my long lost,
early experiments.

Just like Dewey there, my first.

Only he didn't work
out quite so well,

did you, Dewey?

- I have always done my best.

- Of course, dear lad.

Certainly not your fault.

- I swear...touch
those kids and you're--


(electricity crackling)

- [Dr. Gross] That thing hurts.

Those neural disrupters
should hold you

while I take the
necessary sample

of your genetic material.

Calm down, dear boy!

This shan't hurt either.

(Prime straining)

Now, to inbject
the Prime material

in a couple of select subjects.

You two, inside, now!

- Not till you deliver the
green stuff you promised.

And I don't mean the gooey kind!

- You'll get your money.

Must I use organism number
eight to persuade you?

(both agreeing frantically)


(maniacal laughter)

- Success is imminent,
Dewey, I feel it!

- Ahh!


- [Contrary] Here are all
the bank robbery locations.

Gross's lab must be
somewhere in this area.

- Those delinquents escaped
down what you call a manhole.

- The sewers!

Let's go!


(both screaming)

- What a moment, Dewey!

Who knows what this next
generation can evolve into?

- No!

- Cool.
- Yeah, not bad, Doc.

- [Dr. Gross] Such raw energy!

Aren't they magnificent, Dewey?

- Ya!

- So primitive,
so undisciplined!

I love them!

(kids screaming)

- Ya!


- Kelly!



- [Lamar] Alright,
Doc, it's their turn.

You guys will love
being like us.


- Hardcase said...gotta
think first.

Prime can't break
free, but Kevin could.

(maniacal laughter)

- They're not so
handsome as Prime,

but still more success
than I had with you,

eh Dewey?

Perhaps with a larger
sample from Prime--


He's here some place!

Find him!

- With pleasure...

(maniacal laughter)

- Wonderful.

A bigger sample, a better
more advanced Prime!

- Gotta get Ultraforce here.

And warn Contra--Ah!



- Dr. Gross so loves his
handsome, wonderful Prime.

When I'm done with you,
you won't be handsome

or wonderful!

- Gotta be strong, get
my Primal energy back!

- Gotta be strong,
gotta get--huh?

- [Ghoul] Gotta work
on my entrances.

- Nice work, Dewey Gross.

Take a last look, cuz as of
now, you're out of business!

- Bravo, bravo!

You should really stick
to acting, Hardcase.

You're completely
out of your league.

Children, say hello
to our guests.


- And I thought I
got a bad impression.





(all straining)

- Genetically...unstable...



- My sample was too small!

Quick, my children,
back into the chamber!




- No one slimes the
Queen of Gwendor!


(shouting in distress)

- Ah!



- Tough luck, babe,
he checked out.

He he he.

- Checked out, huh?

Well Prime's checking back in!

If I have enough strength left,

I'll be able to do it.

- Prime, help!


- Like football?

First lesson, this
is called a pass.

- [Ghoul] And this
is called a foul!

- Why you...

- Ah, no, no!

You really don't want to--


- Eww!

- Ahh!


Nice timing, Prime!

A minute earlier
would have preferable.


- Prime?


- You guys like football?

I'll show you a pass
that'll bust all records.


Not the kids.

This is between you and--

Hey...you're kids too.

Alright, I'm getting these
other kids out of here.

But you will stay right
here til I come back.



- Let's get out of here!

(suspenseful music)

- It appears we finally located

the nefarious Dr. Gross.

- Sweet dreams, guys.

- Wait, Hardcase!

Gross made them into
these creatures.

But they're still
just kids inside.

- Whoa!

- Relax guys, Prime'll save you.


- Uh, oh, oh!

- [Prime] It's okay.

I told you it'd be okay.

- Man, I-...I just
wanna go home.

- [Dr. Gross] You are
not going anywhere,

you interfering fool.


I shall destroy you all!


Come on!

Help me!


- I'm here, Dr.
Gross, I'll save you.

- Let's get these
kids out of here.

- A Prime suggestion.


- Hi-ya-ya!

(fire crackling)



Take care of that ankle, Kelly.

- Thanks, Prime!

See ya!

- You're good with kids.

You know where
they're coming from.


- Yeah, before, I didn't
know what Prime is about.

But now I do.

Prime's about kids.

- Not a bad thing

for the world's strongest
Ultra to stand for.

Come on, let's get
other kids home.


(triumphant music)


- [Dr. Gross] What a
catastrophe, Dewey.

My body...I'm a blob.

An unstable blob in a bucket.

- I'll be here for you, father.

No matter how you look.

- [Man] I've seen ya
look better, Gross.

- [Dr. Gross] General Samuels,

you sanctimonious swine!

You deserted me!

- Come off it, Gross,
I kept you outta jail.

So...how'd you like
your old job back?

But this time, with a lab.

Very hush hush, secret
lab, unlimited funding.

- Any experiments I want?

- Anything.

(maniacal laughter)

- Oh, Dewey, my boy.

We're back in business.

(maniacal laughter)

(theme song)