Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Wrack & Rune - full transcript

(intense music)

- [Narrator] Previously
on Ultraforce:

- There are strange things
happening to people here.

I'm scared, Jimmy,
please come home.

- Okay, mom. I'm on my way!


- [Jimmy] I don't
know what's going on,

I've never had this
problem before.


Awe man, you alright?

Don't tell me I did this.

Lord Pumpkin.

- Was it my lovely orange
complexion that gave me away?

- You take out the
Pumpkin for me,

and I'll get you your
neighborhood back.

- Get him while his
helmet's off, Sludge!


- I hate it when I hear people
say that you couldn't cut it

if it weren't for that suit.

- Young Ruiz must be eliminated.

(laughing evilly)

Are we agreed?

(electricity surging)

(electricity surging)

- Somebody!

Help me!

Can't stop this!

(laughing evilly)


- Watch him, he's gonna blow!

(electricity surging)

- Curious, it's mutating!


(laughing evilly)


- With Ruiz's energy
boosting's effect,

zuke will be so addictive,
nobody can take it.

Eager customers for life!

Time to go, Pistol, Sludge
can handle things from here.

- Hey, what, uh oh.


(explosive booming)

Got to get him back to Pump
before he weights, wakes.

- Hold on, Boogerman.
Ruiz is mine.

- Wanna fight about it, you
little pickle, piglet, pygmy!


Ruiz is worth his work
in, his wage in...

(roaring) He's
worth big time zuke.

Now, out of the way.

- So, running scared, are we?

- We got us a war coming,
and we're gonna be ready.



- It ain't our fault we smell,

that freak Ruiz blew
up the whole sewer.

- He did what?

- Without his suit?

So where is he now?

- The Pump's big
geek hauled him off

before we could
dig ourselves out.

- I've called a meeting
with Lord Pumpkin.

- Whoa!

- This is how you plan to
beat the Pump at his own game?

By growing your own zuke?

- Beautiful, aren't they?

You guys set up an
ambush downstairs.

The rest of us will be
at Pumpkin's theater.

I'm gonna make sure I'm the
only one who controls zuke.

- Get ready for D-Day.

- You mean P-Day.

The Pumpkin's gonna roll.

You coming?

- Senseless violence
is your department.

- [Lord Pumpkin] Splendid
work, young Pistol.

- Pistol?

I was the one that drug,
drooged, dragged Ruiz back here.

- Mere brawn, Sludge.

A mule might have done the same.

- [Ruiz] (moaning)

- Splendid, my zuke
plants are simply wild

to get their tendrils on Ruiz.

- [Pistol] Lucky for you,

the zuke can't get
past those candles.

- Yes, I'm afraid they
give vegetables a bad name.

When Ruiz wakes up,
find out what he knows

about these energy
powers of his.

Then feed him to the plants.

- Not until I get
until my zu-, zupes!

- Could you mean zuke?

- You did promise
some to the big dib.

- Fine, help yourself, Sludge.

- Ah!

- No, then follow
orders, extra tentacle.

You'll get all the zuke you want

after you fertilize
my garden with Ruiz.

Once it's absorbed his energy,

zuke shall be the most
addictive substance

in the history of
human stupidity!

Come along, young Pistol.

We must meet with Marcello.

- Sorry kid, tough
bleak, brook, break!

- What?


- Oh man, I can talk
again, I'm me again!

This stuff is great,
even better than before.

- So that's why you're
working for the Pump.

- Yeah, tough luck
for you, Ruiz.

I got my ogres, orders.

- Wait, I remember you,
you're Frank Hoag, right?

You're a policeman.

- Was a p-, pol, policeman!

Say goodbye, Ruiz.

- Hey kid, it's a set up.

They're inside waiting for you.

- Don't listen to her, Pump.

She's Marcello's babe.

- There's only one
way to find out.

- This is stupid, the
Pump ain't coming.


- Wanna see 'em dance, Pump?




Where ya going, guys?

The party's just beginning!

- You got a problem with doors?

- Now now, my young sociopath.

This young lady did
so kindly warn us.

- That's right, I
wanna make a deal.

- Please, do continue.

- Marcello's organizing
all the south side gangs

and as you can see, plans to
take over your zuke business.

- He can't do that, he's
cutting in on our turf!

Let me at him!

- Patience, dear boy,
this could be interesting!

- If you had Prototype
fighting for you,

you could blast Marcello's
punks into oblivion.

And I can make it happen.

- And your price?

- I get Marcello's piece of
the action and half of yours.

- Is that all? (laughing)

What of Mr. Ruiz?

- Feed him to the
zuke for all I care.

- You're some piece
of work, lady.

I thought you and
him were sweethearts.

- That was before he took off
to be mister rich and famous.

So, we have a deal?

- There may be a problem.

- Looks like Boogerman is
keeping to the program, uh oh.

- Sludge, stop!

It looks as though we have
ourselves a deal, young lady.

- [Sludge] Guess you licked,
locked, lucked out for now!

- What happened to you, Hoag?

How'd you get like this?

- Long story, kid.

I made some bad mistakes
with some bad people,

ending with a close encounter
with some toxic waste.

I'm sorry, Ruiz,
it's nothing Persian,

parsonage, d'oh, personal!


- The zuke is wearing off again.

- There's plenty more
where that came from, Ruiz.

Pumpkin owes me.

- He's just using
you, don't you see?

Each hit is lasting
shorter and shorter.

Pretty soon, you'll
need a warehouse full

and even that won't do it.

You're an addict, man.

- How many times did I used to
tell that to the crab heads,

crack heads, oh!

What have I become?

Detective Sergeant Hoag, he
doesn't exact, exist anymore!

- Sure he does, come
on, help me out.

We'll take down
the Pump together.

- Yes, by all means,
do help him, Sludge.

- [Rita] Jimmy, it's you!

- Rita, they've got Rita!

- Say goodbye to your
girlfriend, Ruiz.

- Jimmy, you gotta help me!

- Rita, Rita!

- Rita!

- Jimmy, save me, Jimmy!

- Rita, Rita!

That's Marcello's place,
we've gotta help her.

- Something's wrong, this
isn't the pork's, pink's,

Pump's style.

- Who cares about style?


- Cool it, kid, you'll
snort, start, short circuit.

- I don't know what's going on,

I never had this power before.

That zuke must work as a damper.

When I'm all torqued up,

I guess it keeps me
from going ballistic.

I can't worry about that
now, I've gotta save Rita.

- Pump's back?

Those idiot's didn't
take care of him?

Well don't just
stand there, get him!

(engines revving)

- [Sludge] She could be
setting you up, Ruiz.

It smells like a treat, trap!

- Why would Rita do that?

- A cop's hitch, hatch, hunch!

- I'm outta here.

- She is working for the Pump.

Ruiz, walk, weak, wait!


(torpedoes firing)

(explosion booming)


(explosions booming)


- [Prototype] Rita!

Let her go, creep.

- She's all yours, Prototype.

Once you've helped me
finish off Marcello's men.

(muffled screaming)

- Okay Rita, this
is just for you.

Now get moving, get inside.

(intense music)

(lasers blasting)

- [Television] The south
side is a war zone tonight,

as rival gangs square off
in a full-scale drug war.

The strangest part of all
this is the appearance

of Prototype, Ultra-Tech's
high paid pitch man,

who has obviously taken
sides in this battle.

- What the?

- Come on, he needs us.

- Rocket Boy needs our help?

Let's do it.

- I'm overloading,
can't take much more.

(lasers blasting)

- Take out Prototype.

With him out of the
picture, we got it made.

(lasers blasting)

I smell victory.



- Yeah, this is better
than the movies!

- I'll say.

Welcome to primetime, boys.


- Prototype, you okay?

- Yeah, now that you're here.

Can you help with this?

- We are fighting the
bad guys, aren't we?

- Anywhere you look,
there's only bad guys here.

- (laughing evilly)
Better and better.

Soon, the entire Ultraforce
will be fighting on our side.

Pistol, what are you doing?

Come back here!

- Can't Pump, I gotta
get some action!


- Gotta save a friend of mine,

can you finish the
job without me?

- Dumb question, Protoflake.

- You know what I think of you.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, still, I'm
glad you're on my side.


- Ah, no!

- Fun's over, Pistol.

- Let go of me.

When the Pump
hears about this...

- I'm counting on it.

- For a moment there,

I was quite worried
for dear young Pistol.

But this is a splendid
turn of events.

- Trade you Pump: your
little psychopath for Rita.

- Very fair trade,
wouldn't you say, dear?

(muffled screaming)

- It's okay, Rita,
everything's gonna be okay now.

- I rather think that depends
on one's point of view.

Come young Pistol, I think
it's time we departed.

- Hold it, you two-faced liar!

I delivered Ruiz, now
you deliver your end!

You rotten gourd!

- You had a deal with him?

- Get real, Jimmy.

I'm sick and tired of
playing the airhead.

- Rather delightful
resolution eh, young Pistol?

But we're missing one last
element: the coup de gras.

(gusting wind)

(laughing evilly)

- Rita!

- Jimmy!

- I'd stay to chat, but I
can see you're all tied up.

Come along, young Pistol.


- Rita, get outta here!

- Whoa!

- Great fin, friend you are!

- No, Hoag don't,
get out of here!

- Somebody's gotta stop
the lump, the lard,

the Lord Pumpkin.

That's gotta be you, kid.

Go for his candle, his wick,
it's the only way to beat him.

- Hoag, no!

- While you do the
Pump, I'll do the zuke.

I'm calling a halt to all
this misery and addition,


(dramatic music)

(breaking glass)

- Ah!

- Lord Pumpkin, just
who I wanted to see.

- What the?

- You're squash!

(laughing evilly)

(flames flickering)

- Nighty night, Pump, time
to blow out the lights.

(lasers blasting)

- No!

- Pump, Pump, no!


- Prototype, Jimmy, you okay?

- I never saw
anything like that,

and he thought he
wasn't an Ultra.

- Hey guys, is it over?

- Yeah, thanks to you.

You better take it easy.

- Where's Sludge, is he...

- Sorry man, don't
think he made it.

- He did a good thing,
a righteous thing.

He was a good man.

(rustling vines)

Rita please, why?

- Why, because I
wanna be at the top.

Don't look so shocked,
I only did what you did.

- You think that's
gonna make you happy?

- Better than being left
behind waiting for you.

This is your fault Jimmy,

and you're just gonna
have to live with it.

- [Hardcase] It's
not true, Proto.

- She wouldn't be like
this if I hadn't left.

- You don't know that.

You did a good
thing here, Proto.

Things were getting bad with
Lord Pumpkin and the zuke.

You saved a lot of
lives, a lot of families.

- Yeah, but what about
Rita, Hector, and Sludge?

- They made their own
choices, which reminds me,

you're always welcome
in the Ultraforce,

but it's your call.

- Yeah, I'd like that,
I'd like that a lot.

- So Protoflake is
back on the team.

- Yeah, muscle head, somebody's
gotta keep you in line.

(upbeat music)