Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Lord Punkin's Pie - full transcript

- [Announcer] Ultraforce!

(exciting music)






(eerie music)

(upbeat music)

(sirens wailing)


- Aladdin One to Aladdin Two.

I'm in pursuit of ultra
subject Eric Montrose.

Northbound, Avenue
D and Elm Street.


Freeze, Montrose.

- I'm not going.


(laser firing)

- Don't make me hurt you.

Surrender, you have no choice.

- How about I make
you the same offer?

- Don't interfere, this
doesn't concern you.

- Yes it does,
now start talking.

Who are you and what
do you want with him?

- Slow down, Prime, we're from
Aladdin, a government agency.

- Aladdin, haven't you
got anything better to do

than pick on kids?

- He's infected with
a strain of rogue DNA.

- I feel fine.

You're an ultra, don't
let them take me.

- Listen, Prime,
Eric's condition

could make him snap
without warning.

He could suddenly use his
ultra powers to hurt someone,

or even people he loves.

- So what do you mean?

You're gonna lock
him up forever?


- No, but General Rayder's
orders are to take Eric

back to Aladdin where
he'll be treated.

- What do you say?

He seems okay, but
it's your call.

- I get so angry, like
I'm gonna blow it big.

- We can help you, Eric.

You'll be well in no time.

Hey, I'm just glad an ultra
like you isn't infected.

- [Mom] Kevin, what do
you mean I can't come in?

First you're late, then
you sneak into your room.

Kevin, what is going on?

- I'm sorry, mom,
I didn't sneak in.

I've been going in and
out of the back door.

I'm cleaning my room.



Mom, you know I hate eggplant.

- I worked all afternoon
making that dish.

You're eating it or
you're getting nothing.

- Fine, nothing.

- Kevin, you get back here.

You're grounded.


What's happening to us?

(upbeat music)

- [Aladdin One] This is
Aladdin One reporting back

with ultra subject
Eric Montrose.

- [Mom] I don't know what to
do with him anymore, Judy.

- Huh?

- [Mom] He's so
angry all the time.

And he's always disappearing.

- Jeez, why can't she
just get off my case?

If she'd only leave me alone.


Oh man, not now.


- It's Prime time.

- [Reporter] And in other news,

more of these strange new ultras

are appearing around the world

exhibiting superhuman abilities.

Scientists still remain baffled
by this ultra phenomenon.

- Queen takes rook.


- [Prime] Hardcase, I
need to talk to you.

- Hardcase is busy losing
to the Queen of Gwendor.

- Look who's here.

I need a good laugh
after the evening news.

- That ought to be easy for you,

just look in a mirror, tin-head.

- Who are you calling...

- Hush, Proto, I
want to hear this.


- That's correct, Ted,
research has discovered

a strain of DNA which
can turn any ultra

into a berserk killing machine.

Originally I thought all
ultras were infected,

but scientists from
Aladdin have narrowed it

down to specific carriers.

- The good news is that
we've found a cure,

but it's imperative that
all ultras contacted

by our agents turn themselves
over to the local authorities.

Their condition places the lives

of everyone around
them in extreme danger.

- Lieutenant Jameson reporting,

sir, with ultra Eric Montrose.

- Dismissed.

Welcome, Eric.

Come over here.

- Why am I here?

I'm not sick.

- But I am.

And I need you to cure a disease

which has plagued
me for centuries.

- General Rayder?




- I need your strength, ultra.

- General Rayder,
please, help me.

- I'm sorry.

It is my master, Rune, he--

- Rayder no longer
controls Aladdin.

I do.

He's just a hologram now.

Just a ghost in the
machine, and no one,

no one knows I now
hold the reigns

so that I may attract my prey.


- I'm nobody's prey.

- Most refreshing.

- No, no.



- I beg you, Rune, now
that you're strong,

let this horror cease.

Go back to where you came from.

(gears whirring)

- I am stronger, yes,
but not yet cured.

When this one recovers,
I shall feed again.

And now I require you
to summon the ultra

we discussed earlier, the
one ultra who is a result

of a government experiment,
whose life essence

can empower me, heal me, cure
me, the one they call Prime.

- The collection team is
en route to your ship.

We have every hope for
his complete recovery.

- Whose complete recovery?

- Your recovery, Prime.

Sorry, kid, you're a
carrier of the mutated DNA.

- No, I can't be.


- Come on, Prime.

They want to cure you.

- But you hate Aladdin,

you said the Squad
never trusted them.

- That was a long
time ago, Prime.

Rayder may have the
ethics of a shark,

but he does know his science.

- And he's not
out to wipe ultras

off the face of the planet.

- You think I'm gonna go
nuts and hurt you guys?


- What would give us that idea?

- [Jameson] Aladdin capture
team requests permission

to come aboard.

- They're not gonna take me.

- I'm sorry, Prime, this
is for your own good.


- Hardcase, don't
let them take me.

- I'm coming with you.

- Our orders won't
permit it, sir.

- And if I insist?

- That won't be necessary.

General Rayder has
guaranteed Prime's safety.

Surely you don't
intend to jeopardize

the rest of
Ultraforce over this.

- Hang in there, kid,
it's gonna be okay.



- Does this really work?

- General Rayder says it's
nearly 100% effective.

- Come in, Prime,
I've been waiting

for you with great eagerness.

- With great eagerness indeed.





Your Dr. Gross has
treated a rare confection.

- Who's he?

- I shall dine well tonight.


- What are you?


- You humans have such a
poor grasp of these things.

You'd call me a vampire.

- A vampire.

Like, like...

- Like dinner.

I hunger, feed me, cure me.




- A vampire.

After me?

I have to become Prime again.

If I just concentrate...

- What marvel is this?

It indeed possesses
the power to cure.

- I can't shake
the feeling, Topaz.

There's something
wrong with Rayder

and this mutated DNA thing.

- Is this a case
of men's intuition?

- Hey, I don't
need any of your...

Sorry, it's just
Prime trusts me.

If anything goes wrong--

- You are suspicious
of these Aladdins?

Then perhaps we should make
sure nothing does go wrong.

- Good idea.

But I'll go alone.

- The Queen of
Gwendor does not--

- Topaz, I don't want
everyone involved.

I'll force it.


- Men, what do they know?





- Your outer covering was most
nourishing, little friend.

I salivate to think
what delights your
inner core must hold.

I shall find you soon enough.

- Calm down, Kevin, you've
gotta turn back into Prime.

Don't be scared,
Prime is never scared.

Stay away from me.


- Hardcase, Hardcase, please.

Please, you must help while his
control over me is weakened.

- General Rayder?

Whose control?

- Rune, while he
searches for prey.


(upbeat music)

(lasers firing)


- I would have preferred
hand-to-hand combat,

but by the time I was done,

I might have had to scrape
you up off the floor.

And the Queen of Gwendor
does not do floors.

- Please, I need your help,
there's not much time.

- Rayder, where's Prime?

So help me, if you've hurt him--

- I haven't hurt
anybody, Hardcase.

It's the thing that controls me

that you've gotta worry about.

- Rune?

- Yes, it's an ancient vampire.

We wanted to study him.

He's taken over the whole place

but I'm the only one who knows.

And this ultra DNA
thing, it's Rune's idea

to get ultras to feed on.

- Oh no, Prime.

- I'm breaking up.

Hurry, follow the
lights and be careful.

You'll get one chance
if you're lucky.

- Rayder, wait a second...

- Look, the lights.

(tense music)

- There you are.

I hunger.

I shall suck the life
force from your bones.

I shall feast and
be cured forever.

- No.

I won't let you.

I gotta turn back into Prime.

- You forgot about me, Rune.


- Forgive my oversight,
my sniveling slave.

- No.



- [Rune] I shall find you.

- Eric.

He's been absorbing your
energy too, and all of them?

Then that psycho killer
DNA thing was a lie.

That I'd hurt my mom was nothing

but a scam to sucker me here?

- There you are,
my young sapling.

This time there will
be no interruptions.

- Nobody calls Prime a sap.

It's Prime time, fang-boy.


(metallic booming)

Hardcase, there's nothing
wrong with anyone's DNA.

It's a scam to--

- We know, that's
why we're here.


- Back for more, bat-breath?

- I am Rune, Prince
of Void, Death Lord.

I have exterminated entire
races from existence,

reduced worlds to
ash while your kind

was still crawling up out
trying to light your first fire.

- Rune, oh you...


- Such nourishment.

A banquet feast.

- No, Topaz, he'll just
absorb it and grow stronger.




- Your essence is
most invigorating.

- You foul wretch.

No one touches the
Queen of Gwendor.

- You heard the lady.


Come on, let's finish him off.




- Hardcase, wait.

There is only one
way to beat him,

shatter the glowing
stones around his neck,

especially the green one.

- Consider it done.

- If Prime can't
beat him, who can?

- [Rune] At last.


- [Prime] No!


- Wait your turn, impatient one.

The Death Lord shall
feast on you next.




(zapping and booming)

- I am free of you forever.

You have used me
for the last time.

- You shall never destroy me.

- But without Prime's essence,
you will never be cured.


(thunder roaring)

- Who's your friend?

- Name's Eric Montrose, but
till you guys showed up,

I thought it was Baked Montrose.



- A five star general vanishes.

You ultras stepped in
real deep this time.

And you're going to pay.

- Oh I doubt that, general.

I monitored the whole
incident back in my ship.

Shall I let the
networks get a glimpse

of what really goes
on inside Aladdin?

- We've all been
duped here, general.

Can't we just call it even?

- Hm.

Very well.

Now get off my base before
I have you blasted off.

Move it.


- [Prime] Want a ride?

- Do I ever.

My mom's never gonna
believe all this.

- Nope, most moms wouldn't.

- You are a good
warrior, Hardcase, and
also a good friend.

- The Queen of Gwendor is
a wise woman, as usual.

For me, a mere male?

I'm deeply honored.


(growling and hissing)

(upbeat music)

* Ultraforce

* Ultraforce

* Ultraforce

(exciting tones)