Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - You Can't Go Home Again - full transcript

- Ultraforce!
- Ultraforce!

(psychadelic music)

- Ultraforce!
- Ultraforce!

- Ultraforce!
- Ultraforce!

(light music)

(women laughing)

- Unbelievable.

- Name's Ghoul.

Pleased to meet you.

(women screaming)

Ah, been there, done that.

- Whoa, what the--



(fastpaced music)

- Admit it, tin head.

you're nothing
without this suit.

- Says who, beefcake?

- Inconsiderate!




- Hey, it isn't my
fault the protoflake

can't handle the truth.

You're not a real Ultra.

You're just a hired
gun and a cybersuit.


- We are supposed to be
a team here, remember?

(phone ringing)

- Morning.

Malibu Zoo.

- [Woman On Phone] Jimmy.

- For you, Proto.

It's your mother.

- Unbelievable.

- Mom, you okay?

What's wrong?

- We've got trouble in
the neighborhood, Jimmy.

- Trouble?

What kind of trouble?

- There are strange things
happening to the people here.

I'm scared, Jimmy.

Please come home.

- Okay, Mom.

I'm on my way.

- Aw, did Mommy tell Jimmy
he couldn't come out to play?

- Is everything all right?

- Hey, Prototype.

Where you goin'?

- What do you care?

I'm not an Ultra,
you aren't my family,

and I'm outta here.

- [Boss] Just what do you
think you're doing, Ruiz?

- [Jimmy] I need
a holiday, okay?

I'm going home.

- I decide your vacations,

and Ultra Tech can't
afford to have you

running off with our suit!

- [Jimmy] But it's okay to
run off with UltraForce?

- That's business!

You are not going to some slum

in Ultra Tech's 50
million dollar suit!

- [Jimmy] From now
on, don't call me.

I'll call you.

I guess I still miss this place.

- Jimmy!

What have they done to you?

- It's no big thing, Mom.

Sub-dermal implant terminals.

They allow the suit to
respond to me faster.

- I worry about you, Jimmy.

- I know, Mom.

So what's going on?

- I can't explain it, Jimmy.

Your friends, they--

- What, Mom, what?

- Something has changed them.

Something evil.

- [Jimmy] I don't know
what's going on around here,

but I'm not leaving 'til I do.

- Check the Space Man.

- [Jimmy] Hector, is that you?

Man, what happened to you?

- What's it to you, Ruiz?

- Come on, homie.

What's up with all the muscles?

- You ain't no homie to me.

- Yeah!
- That's right!

(shots blasting)

(car tires screeching)


- [Jimmy] Hector, you okay?

You been hit?

- No, man, he's just zukin' out.

He'll be okay.

- [Jimmy] What?

Whoa, man.

What's goin' on?

Hey, what is that stuff?

- It's just the zuke pod.


- [Jimmy] Just a zuke pod?

I saw what it did to you.

- Yeah, well, it
makes you feel good.

- So, it like,
buffs you out, okay?

Makes you look like
you wanna look.

What's wrong with that?

- [Jimmy] And what
about those punks

trying to smoke you
in broad daylight?

- Those are Marcelo's guys.

We're on his turf.

- [Jimmy] Marchelo?

- Yeah.

He lost his cool when
The Pump moved in on him.

- [Jimmy] The Pump?

- That's the dude that
fronts us the zuke.

- [Jimmy] Don't tell me you guys

are slingin' for this Pump guy.

- Back off, Ruiz.

You leave home and
grab the brass ring.

You don't get to come
back and shoot your mouth.

- Yeah!
- Definitely!

- Go back to Hollywood where
you belong, Ultra Hero.

- [Jimmy] I'm here
to see Marcelo.

- Get lost, kid.

- I said I wanna
see Marcelo now.

- Get lost.


- It's okay, Big Joey.

Jimmy Ruiz.

Isn't this a nice surprise!

Come in!

What brings you back here?

- Zuke.

- Zuke?

What's that?

- Don't gimmie that.

I saw what you did to Hector.

- Look, Ruiz.

I know all about
you and Ultra Tech,

and I think we can
help each other out.

- How?

(orchestral music)

What's that, some kind
of Halloween mask?

- Ha, I wish.

Listen, that's no mask.

This guy is pure evil.

Look, Jimmy,

I need you to do something.

You take out The Pumpkin for me,

and I'll get you your
neighborhood back.

- Marcelo, I just heard,


What are you doing here?

- Rita!

I could ask you
the same question.

About your offer, I'm no hitman.

If your boys come
down on Hector again,

I'll be on you
before you can blink.

- You used to be tight
with Jimmy, weren't you?


I need him to take out The Pump.

You, make it happen.

- Whatever you want.

For now.


Oh, Jimmy.

I thought you'd never come back.

- Yeah, right.

- So, what did you expect?

You're the one that left.

- I was gonna come back
when I had it made.

Maybe that was stupid, but
my life has changed a lot.

Come on, I wanna
show you something.

It's the latest alloy
from Ultra Tech.

Just about indestructible.

It packs two 300
megahertz plasma blasters.

That's for enemy armor.

And it has a built-in
stealth mode interface.

And boot jets with a
cruising speed of Mock Two.

- Impressive.

You could take out The
Pump, then march out easy.

Could I try it on?

- (chuckles) I don't
think it will work

with anybody but me.

These things run the suit's
juice through my body.

I'll tell you want.

I'll put I on to
fly you home, okay?

(daunting music)

- [Pump] Well, well, well.

We have a new brother
in the neighborhood.

- Hey, you two.

This is our street.

Come on out, or
you're gonna be sorry

you ever stepped on our turf.

- Am I?

Oh, Sludge, you
have the bottles?

- Don't make The Pump mad,
you little pup, chicks.

- Get away from me, you freak!


- (sinister laugher) Too
bad it isn't permanent.

- Now, now, Pistol.

Sludge frightened those
boys quite enough.

- [Pistol] How much longer
do we have to wait, Pump?

- Don't be so anxious.

Our friend, Mr. Ruiz,
will be here soon.

Our watchers saw him leave
with Marcelo's woman.

There, you see, Pistol?

Now that wasn't too long,
was it? (snickering)

Now we can go.

I just wanted to
confirm that Prototype

has formed an
alliance with Marcelo.

- I got the salooky.


- Permit me to anticipate
you, my dear Sludge.

The solution to
a vexing problem.

Young Ruiz must be eliminated.

(sinister laugh) Are we agreed?

- Give me the word, Pump.

And the eliminatin' begins.

- Such an eager lad.

- Oh, Jimmy.

I'm so glad you're back.

- Don't worry about it.

(heaving and coughing)

- [Jimmy] Call the cops.


- Can't breathe.

- Don't move.

Help is on the way.

- (snickers) Why, Prototype,
I didn't know you cared.

(daunting music)

(Jimmy yelling)

(fastpaced music)

Get him while his
helmet's off, Sludge!

- You little creep.

Who gave you all those weapons?

- [Pump] I must highly confess.

It was I.

- Lord Pumpkin.

- Was it my lovely orange
complexion that gave me away?

- More like the smell
of rotting vegetables.

(lasers zapping)

- Are you all right,
my young protege?

- No sweat, Pump.

- Excellent.

- [Pistol] Should
I finish the job?

- Don't you think
he's already fished?

- It's finished, the
word you're looking for.

Now, let's leave him
in peace, or pieces,

and see what happens.

- Jimmy!


I gotta find a way to dig
that suit outta there.

(orchestral music)

(booming and zapping)


Are you sure you're all right?

That explosion was some
kind of electrical thing.

Like lightning.

- I'm fine.

- Well, it's a good thing
you had on your suit

or you could have
been really hurt.

- You sound just like Prime.

I do fine with or
without that suit.

- I know that.

You're the best.

I hate it when I hear people say

that you couldn't cut it if
it weren't for that suit.

- They do, huh?

Well, let me tell you something.

This is my neighborhood.

Me, Jimmy Ruiz.

Not Prototype.

And I'm not letting
Marcelo or Pumpkin

or anybody mess it up.

- [Rita] Oh, Jimmy, be careful.

- The first thing I'm gonna do

is shut down this zuke business.

- Now you're mine.

(blues rock music)

- I thought I told you to
go back to Hollywood, Ruiz.

- Look, all I want
is some information.

- Dial 411.

- Come on, Hector.

You and me used to be tight.

- Let me guess.

You wanna find out about
Lord Pumpkin and the Zuke.

You wanna play Ultra Hero
with your UltraForce friends.

- No, it's not like that.

- We like zuke, see.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- Zuke!
- Zuke!

- Zuke!
- Zuke!

- Zuke's what's happening,

and you ain't gonna mess it up.

(action music)

- I don't wanna hurt you, man.

- Hurt me?

I'm gonna send you home
in a toothpaste tube.

(Hector yelling)

(glass shattering)


- Hector.

Oh, man.

You all right?

Don't tell me I did this.

- Jimmy?

It was like a
shock or somethin'.

Guess I was really zuked out.

- We'll get you help, Hector.

I promise.

- You still wanna
go after The Pump?

It's all in here.


Watch yourself.

(sinister laughter)

- Life is good, young Pistol.

(dastardly music)

Who said there were
no alligators in
the New York sewers?

Zuke will make this vast
city Lord Pumpkin's pie,

and you, dear boy, shall
always have the biggest

and juiciest slice.

- You really mean that, Pump?

- (cackling) To paraphrase
Shakespeare's Shylock,

I am a pumpkin.

Hath not a pumpkin affections?

- Yeah?

Well what about me?

You said you'd, he, ha,

help me!

- You did promise
him more Zuke, Pump.

- Whatever you say, dear boy.

- Whoa!

- Take care, young Pistol.

You're, too, tending the morsel
for the hungry zuke heads.

Very well, Sludge.

Have your zuke.

- That's more like it.

If you didn't control the zuke,

I'd lock you up for 1,000 years.

- Las, Pistol, when Sludge
is restored to himself,

he's just another tiresome
New York City cop.

- There's nothing
tiresome about just,

jostling, justice.


Give me more zuke!

- My dear, Sludge,
you know better.

You must first do me a service.

(sinister laugh)

Here's your chance to
earn more zuke, Sludge.

I rather thought Young
Ruiz would come calling,

but where's that suit of his?

- We're dusting the pumpkin.

Lookie here, it's
Ruiz minus the suit.

Oh, this is great!

Two for the price of one.

One minute and counting, boys.

- No, Marcelo, stop!

- Don't tell me you're
still soft on the guy.

- No, baby.

'Course not.

It's just, we can
use him, his suit.

We should find out
where he's got it.

It's gotta be worth something.

- 50 million bucks something!

Good idea, baby.

We'll search his mom's place
after we take care of The Pump.

Okay, boys.

It's smashin' pumpkin time!

Let Ruiz take the brunt of it.

(intense orchestral music)

- Huh?

(glass shattering)


- Really, Ruiz, you might
have tried ringing the bell.

(laser shots blasting)

Oh, dear, dear.

And I just finished decorating.

I can't have this.

(bubbles gurgling)


If you want more zuke, my
disgusting friend, earn it!

Go after them!

- Oh, come on.

Let me go too, Pump.

Don't let the big
jerk have all the fun.


Give me some space,
you big booger.

- Whoa!



- Too bad, Sludge.

No zuke for you.

I found him first.

You are ancient history.

- Nobody says Jimmy
Ruiz is history.

Especially a four-foot
punk like you.

(Jimmy groaning)

- What the?


("UltraForce Theme")