Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Armageddon - full transcript

* UltraForce

(psychadelic music)

* UltraForce

* UltraForce

- [Prime] Previously
on UltraForce.

- I shall annihilate them

using their own
weapons of destruction!

- Enemy!

Over here!


- Okay, Frank Russel.

What can you tell
me about all this?

- This one sees the past
by touching an object.

You have thwarted
my first attack.

The second will not
be so fortuitous.

You will speak to
our ancient kings.

- And if I say no?

- You will discover that there

are worse things
than being dead.

(daunting music)

Read his thoughts, wretched one.

- Stiff got a name?

- Show some respect in the
present of King Abazel.

- Hey, pal.

This wasn't my idea.

King Abazel come forth.

- Who art thou who
disturbs my slumbers?

- He did.

- Welcome, venerable Father.

This day, I, Atalon, have begun

the return of the fire people

to their ancient glory.

The surface world
shall again be ours.

- Thou bring us shame, Atalon.

Thine behavior is no better

than the people thee
intend to smite!

- But the fire people shall--

- We curse thee, Atalon.

Thine heart is as
twisted as thy motives.

Now, return us to our slumber.

- Curse me if you dare,

but you shall not stop me,

you moldering heap of bones!


The ancient ones
bask in the knowledge

that I, Atalon, shall finally
return the fire people

to their ancient birthright.

- They condone the destruction
of the surface people?

- [Atalon] They long
for the surface people

to finally pay for what
they did to the fire people.

- That's not what I heard.

(gong clashing)

- Silence, decayed one!

The ancient ones have spoken.

Let us hasten to
do their bidding.

This day, the surface
world shall again be ours.

I, Atalon, shall lead you.

Be ready, my people.

Light and air will soon be ours!


- Pixx.

Pixx, no!


- The surface people attack us.

Rise, my people!

Let them feel our wrath!


- [Fire Person] Let's go!

- Wait!

He lied to you!

Wait! (echoing)

- [News Reporter] An
international task force

is converging on a
mysterious new island

where 50 nuclear missiles
were launched yesterday.

- How can you stand here
and do nothing, Hardcase?

If Atalon succeeds in
launching more warheads,

there may very well not
be no planet left to save.

- And here's General Sanders,

commander of the
joint task force.

General, do you believe
Ultras are involved?

- I want to make
this perfectly clear.

Any interference of any of them,

will be seen as an act of war.

- There's your answer, Contrary.

- Madness.

- This is the best they
can send against me?



- Impressive.

Let's give him a real challenge.

Lost the cruise missiles.

(lasers zapping)



- Atalon shall annihilate them.

- What will it take
to make you act?

The time for Ultra Team is now.

- Save your breath, sister.

The Queen of Gwendor
waits on no man.

Open the hatch.

- You're right.

Nobody else can
stop this madness.

- Does that mean what
I think it means?

- All right!

- To UltraForce.

(victorious music)

- To UltraForce!
- To UltraForce!

- All right, people.

Let's force it.

(choking and sputtering)

- Sharks.

I hate sharks!


- [Jimmy] Ultras are good
for something, eh, General?

- Foolish Ultras.

You long for your
own destruction?

You shall have it!



- You okay?

- Now?

- Now.

- I shall destroy them
as I did the fleet.

- [Jimmy] The ship!


- Huh?

(yelling and screaming)

- Go and get help, fast.

- They shall think again
before staging another attack.

- [Topaz] We must stop him!

- Let him go, Topaz.

We'll get him.

I've got a plan.

But this time, we do it right.

- You make a fine
leader, Hardcase.

For a man.

- Thanks, I guess.

- [Jimmy] That should do it.

(electricity zapping)

- Hull integrity, 99 percent.

- Okay, people.

You all have your assignments.

- Immense radiation
levels in that area.

- That must be where
he stored the missiles.

I noticed Atalon's
gravitational powers

seems to weaken with the
more people he spited.

- If we can divert
him long enough,

someone could get in there
to diffuse those missiles.

- Exactly.

- And that should be me!

- Pixx, you can't.

You're our primary
control person.

- Fine, Hardcase.

You won't let me do it 'cause
you think I'm too young.

Besides, Pull's always
looking out for me.

Time I did the same for him.

- This has nothing
to do with age!

She knows her stuff.

Let her do it.

- Anti-radiation belt.

You're gonna need it.

- All right!


Another missile just detonated.

- Where?

- 30 miles southwest.

- Let's move it, people.

Prepare to intercept.

- Hardcase, it's
30 miles below us!

Water temperature, 300
degrees and rising!



- Second missile detonated.

Missiles three
and four activate.

The surface people shall pay
dearly for ignoring Atalon.

By splitting the
world's tectonic plates,

I shall crack the very
earth under their feet!


- You know, there are other
ways of blowing off the stress.

(water gurgling)

- Get us out of here!

- I'll try.

- Pixx, status.

- Another two, three
missiles launched.

40 miles down.

And volcanic activity
all over the place!

Lima, Guam, LA.

- He's destroying our
cities from below.

- We have to stop him, now!

Let's force him!

- [Hardcase] Okay, Proto,
initiate phase one.

- [Jimmy] Gotcha, Hardcase.

I'm going in.

- The Ultras are
attacking again.

- Initiate automatic
launch cycle.

A warhead every 30 seconds.



- [Jimmy] Guys!


- On my way, Proto.

(Jimmy yelling)


- They're after our missiles!

- Contrary, ready
for phase three.

- I'll get you as
close as I can.

Take care, Pixx.

- May fortune follow
you, little sister.

- Fire!

- Pixx!


- You're okay.

- This is okay?

Pixx, watch it.

Get outta here, Pixx.




(lava gurgling)

- Pixx, are you all right?

There are new fissures showing
up from Tokyo to Santiago.

You must stop those missiles!

- Tell me about it.

He's got missiles
launching every 30 seconds,

and there's no override.

Gotta do this the
old-fashioned way.

Nothing like working
under pressure.

Nailed the first group!

- Pixx, there's
a radiation leak.

Do you have the belt activated?

- Not anymore.

- You're gonna end up like
me if you're not careful.

Are you listening to me?

You can't survive
this much radiation.

- I understand.

For the first time in my life,

I'm doing something important.

Really important.

All right!

- You've got your whole
life ahead of you,

full of promise and purpose.

- Purpose.


I finally found mine, Ghoul.


I can't let you stop me.

- Pixx, no, you can't do this.

- [Pixx] I haven't
got much time.


- What's this?

It wasn't meant to
crack in this direction!


- [Jimmy] Shouldn't
mess with Mother Nature.

- [Topaz] There are too many.

- For the Queen of Gwendor?

(Topaz yelling)

Pixx, how's it going?

Pixx, come in.

- Pixx?

(alarm sounding)

- You're getting
radiation poisoning.

You must leave now.

- [Pixx] Can't stop.

Must finish.

I can't see so well.

Where's the next panel?

- To your left, kid.

- Our missiles.


- Atalon lied about
your ancient kings.

- You lie!

Just as your ancestors lied
and stole our homeland.

Get away from
those missiles now!

- Do you really believe
that King Abazel

would destroy another race?

- Our great kings have spoken.

Out of there!


(Ghoul groaning)

- [Pixx] Ghoul.


You okay?

- Forget about me, Pixx.

Get out while you...

- To the plane!

The Ultras are
disarming our missiles!

- Pixx!


You have done well,
little sister.

But now you must, Pixx.


- Goul, good to see you now.

Still in one piece?

- Three, actually.

See if Pixx is okay.

- [Jimmy] All right!

The cracks have stopped.

Way to go, Wiz Kid.

- She can't hear you.

- You mean she's dead?


- My missiles.

What have you done?

You shall pay for this!

- No, you shall pay for this!

- I think King
Abazel's got something

to say about all this.

King Abazel, come forth.

- No!

- We admonished thee, Atalon.

Thine pride hath
brought you to this.

- I am only righting
an ancient wrong

against the fire people.

The surface world was stolen!

- Silence!

History of all people is
strewn with injustices.

If that is what thou seekest,

that is all thou shall find.

It is time that fire people
and surface people make amends.

- Never!

You know the bitterness of
those long years in the dark.

- No, Atalon.

It is over.

- Hardcase, throw me the stone.

(Jimmy yelling)

Ancient kings, come forth.

- No!

- I have arranged a
meeting at the White House.

It is time we get
to know each other.

- Long past time.

- So very young.

- She barely had time to live.

- Yeah,

but she really used
the time she had.

Heck, she saved
the whole planet.

- She did one other thing.

She brought us all together.

- I'm going to miss her.

(light music)

("UltraForce Theme")