Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 22 - Decisive Battle! Fight for Honor at the Rainbow Star Group! - full transcript

Episode 22

Decisive Battle
in the Rainbow Star Cluster!!

( Air date: Mar 2, 1975 )

Space Battleship


On February 27th, 2200 the space battleship Yamato accepted the challenge...

...from Admiral Domel, the commander
of the Solar System regional operation.

To the captain
of the Yamato...

It's time to settle
this once and for all.

We desire Earth, just as much
as you want to go to Iscandar.

If you intend on going to Iscandar,
you must defeat us first in battle.

I propose to you an all out battle in the
Rainbow Star Cluster seven days from today.

From the Commander of the Solar
System Regional Operation, Domel...

...to the captain
of the Yamato.

Meanwhile, the Domel Fleet,
in order to hide from the Yamato...

...is holding position 30,000 km from the
dark area of the Rainbow Star Cluster.

First, we lure the Cosmo
Zeros away from the Yamato.

Launch the Gamilus Fighters.

Carrier 1

Fighter squadrons, take off.

Carrier 1 Squadron Leader: Getto

Enemy fighters, detected !
All hands, battle stations !

Black Tigers, take off.

Gamilus fighters sighted
above left ! Follow me !

To Carrier 2.
Launch the dive-bombers.

Carrier 2

Carrier 2 Squadron Leader: Barger

It's time to show the power of this
Instantaneous Material Transporter.

All planes are inside
the warp beam area.


Gamilus squadrons have
appeared directly above us !

What ?

Where did
they come from ?

Kodai, where are you ? The Yamato is
being attacked by Gamilus bombers.

It was a trap to lure
the Yamato's fighters away.


I'm coming back.

Abort pursuit ! All units, return
to the Yamato at full speed !


Alright. To Carrier 3,
launch the torpedo bombers.

The Cosmo Zeros are
occupied by the dive-bombers.

If you come out on the
other side, you'll be safe.

Carrier 3

Torpedo bombers are
in the warp area.

Another surprise attack
from somewhere in space.

Chief Combat Commander,
please return immediately.

The Yamato is being attacked
from an unknown hyperspace.

Turret 1, damaged.

It's time to
finish it off.

To the Battle Carrier...

Battle Carrier

Launch the heavy bomber.

Battle Carrier Squadron Leader: Hidern

My fuel is low.

Alright, let's go
refuel while we can.

Black Tigers are landing.

All Yamato fighters
were retrieved.

Now is the time.

Go !

What ?
What happened ?

Thank goodness.
It didn't go off.

No, wait.

Everyone, get out !

Evacuate ! Get out
of the engine room !

Evacuate !

That's it. If it explodes inside,
the Yamato will blown to pieces.

Analyzer, find the power source.

Aye, sir.

This is Sanada. I'm in the
engine room of the missile.

I have to reverse the
power to make it back up.

Fifteen minutes
till the explosion.

Now that the Wave Motion Gun is useless,
the Yamato is no longer a threat.

I'll finish it off.

Heavy bomber has returned.

All ships, advance.

All ships, advance.

Hey, is the
radar repaired yet ?

If the enemy comes out at
a time like this what'll we do ?

Chief Engineer, did you figure out
how to reverse that drill missile ?

No, I'm not sure yet.

Battle Carrier,
prepare to attack.

Commence firing.

Enemy fleet sighted,
forward right.

Have you figured out the drill missile ?
Can't we use the Wave Motion Gun ?


This is it.
I got it.

Set this to reverse.

Aye, sir.

Turret 2, damaged !

There aren't any weapons
left to defend the Yamato.

Domel Fleet is approaching !

The Yamato is
completely silent !

Thirty seconds till
the Yamato explodes.

Yamato, you fought well.
I praise you.

That's it.
Connect those cords.

It started.

Alright, it's reversed.
Let's go.

They did it.

What the...
What happened ?!

That's our fleet !
It's been annihilated !

Don't panic, Gale.
The battle isn't lost yet.

When this ship sinks,
so does the Yamato.

Make for the Yamato !

Hey, it's charging in.

It must be going to
make a suicide attack.

No, run.

All engines, full thrust.
Starboard full.

It's no good,
it's following us.

Alright, we have no choice.
Enter the dark nebula.

You can't get
away from Domel.

Echo on the sonar.
Yamato detected.

Start bombing.

Bombs !

Isn't the radar operational ?


We can't do anything.
Where is he ?

The Yamato is 45 degrees
ahead and above this ship.

Stop the attack.

Why did you stop ?

At this rate, we
can't finish the Yamato.

Ready the
self-destruct console.

Self destruct...?!

Set the count to 30 seconds.

This is my
last card, Mr. Gale.

That Gamilus ship
has gone somewhere.

Maybe they lost us.

No, that Gamilus ship must
know exactly where we are.

Radar repairs complete.

Gamilus ship
directly below !

Something is appearing
on the screen.

Captain Okita, I'm the Commander of the
Solar System Regional Operation, Domel.

Commander Domel, I'm the captain of
the space battleship Yamato, Okita Juzo.

I respect your courage,
decisions and wisdom.

Commander Domel, we've been fighting
for each of our home planets.

However, I don't want any more
casualties. Let us go to Iscandar.

I can't do that.

Captain Okita, just as you fight for Earth,
I'm fighting for the future of Gamilus.

Even if I die, I can't let
the Yamato reach Iscandar.

But Commander Domel...

I'm grateful to have
met a warrior like you.

Glory to the planet
Gamilus and great Earth.

Domel's ship
will self-destruct !

All crew members in the lower decks,
move to the upper decks ! Hurry !

Closing firewalls
six, seven and eight !

Inject anti-radiation water !

To all the brave men who risked
their lives and fought for Earth...

Your souls will live within us, and you
will help us build the future of Earth.

We will never
forget you.

Salute !

Once again, the Yamato has climbed
up from the bottom of a ravine.

Iscandar is near.

Hurry Yamato, Earth is
waiting for your return.

Farewell, Earth.{Saraba chikyuu yo}

A ship is taking off...{Tabidatsu fune wa}

...it's the space battleship...

...Yamato.{Uchuu senkan yamato}

It's set for Iscandar,
carrying the fate of mankind.{Ucyuu no kanata Isckandar he unmei seoi ima tobitatsu}

The filming was delayed, and the episode
was shown with incorrect background and
other mistakes. The original episode is
included in the special feature.

We'll return for sure.{Kanarazu koko he kaette kuru to}

This demanding episode took Tiger Production 50 days to make. They watched "Battle of Britain" and other war movies as references. It's an awesome episode with a load of combat scenes.

Smile at all the people waving their hands.{te wo furu hito ni egao de kotae}

The production took a long time, and the main episode couldn't edit short, so the recap part was substituted for the 80 second opening sequence.

There was a scene of the Yamato taking off at the end of the episode with the text "...in 214 days" on the storyboard and recording script,
which they couldn't include.

Leaving the Galactic System
on a long voyage to Iscandar.{Ginga wo hanare Iscandar he harubaru nozomu}

Space battleship Yamato!{Ucyuu senkan yamato}