Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 23 - Finally Arrived! Crest of the Magellanic Cloud's Wave! - full transcript

Episode 23

Finally !
Arrived at the Magellanic Cloud,
the Storm is Strong !

( Air date: Mar 09, 1975 )

Saraba Chikyuu yo

Tabidatsu fune wa...

...uchuu senkan Yamato

Space Battleship


Uchuu no kanata Iscandar he...

...unmei seoi...

...ima tobitatsu

Kanarazu koko he...

...kaette kuru to

Te wo furu hito ni...

...egao de kotae

Ginga wo hanare...

...Iscandar he...

...harubaru nozomu

Uchuu senkan Yamato

As the Chief Engineer of the Yamato,
I guarantee that it's not malfunctioning.

But it's not showing
the Yamato's course.

She's right.

It's not showing the Yamato's bearing,
but pointing at the destination.

Who...who could be
manipulating it from space ?

Could it be Gamilus ?

Maybe from Iscandar.

Aihara, haven't you found
the source of the signal ?

In any case, it's coming from the
Magellanic Cloud that we're heading for.

Hey Aihara, that's
an audio signal.

Starsha of Iscandar.

I knew it.
It's from Starsha.

No doubt about it. The signal's
coming from point 1836M.

That's where the planet
Iscandar should be.

I'm Starsha of Iscandar.
Yamato crew, can you hear me ?

You've come to your destination,
the planet Iscandar.

Iscandar is the 8th planet that orbits
the sun in the Magellanic Cloud.

It's located 0.8 light
years from your position.

Please follow
our homing signal.

Hey, Shima...


Good job.


In 2199, Earth was attacked by the mysterious
planet Gamilus with their Meteor Bombs.

{SONO}Mankind was facing extinction due to the
radioactive contamination in one year.

The planet Iscandar is located
148,000 light years away...

...claims to have a radioactive poison
purifier it is willing to give to Earth.

{CHIKYUU}The space battleship Yamato, the first
Earth ship to exceed the speed of light...

{CHIKYUU}...has left for Iscandar to obtain
the radioactive poison purifier.

198 days have passed,
since it departed Earth.

Overcoming unimaginable ordeals...

...the Yamato is approaching
Iscandar in the Magellanic Cloud.

Alright, I'm going to
set the timer.



You're mean.

Oh, c'mon.

Children can make fun of the story
about Father and Mother's youth.

That's true.

Well, I'm busy, so...
Kodai, thanks anyway.



Girls are precocious.

Story about Father
and Mother's youth...

Father and Mother...
Meaning who ?

It's wonderful to be young.

Doc, you were
watching all along ?

{SHIKASHI}But don't take
it so easy.

{SHIKASHI}People used to say,
"Assume 99 is halfway to 100."

{TATOEBA}Meaning, if you're taking a trip
of 100 km, when you pass 99 km...

{YOYAKU}...consider it the halfway mark.

{IMA}Don't you think it applies to us ?
No one on this ship has seen Iscandar yet.

{SOKO}We don't know what's there or what's
going to happen, until the trip is over.

Thank you for
your advice, Doctor.

What happened ?

Sorry to bother you, Communications Chief.
It's about the signal from Iscandar.

It's lost ?

Switch control to the 1st bridge.
I'll report to the Sub-Captain.

Listen. This is
the planet Iscandar.

The estimated distance from the sun
at the center is 300 million km.

It's the 8th planet, and the
size is about 1.3 times of Earth.

I got that already.
What're you trying to say ?

Are you telling us that
the map was wrong ?


Shima, we lost the signal
from Iscandar. Make it short.

There appear to be
two 8th planets.

What ?!

Ohta, put the radar
screen on the large panel.

Aye, sir.

I see.
There are two.

They're twin planets.
Iscandar seems to be one of them.

Twin planets ?

So, there are two
planets like this...

...and they rotate around each
other and orbit the sun ?


It'll be alright.
It's better than one.

It disappeared.

The signal was jammed.

The guidance beacon must've been lost because of the same reason.

Missiles from 12 o'clock.

There're about 60,
distance 200 km.

12 o'clock ? Hey Ohta,
that's where Iscandar is.

Anyway, we're under attack.
Kodai, give us your orders.

Open the forward main cannons.
Prepare to intercept.

Prepare to intercept.

Bearing SP22 RP40.

Open the target scope.

Turret 1, standing-by.

Turret 2, standing-by.

The enemy missiles have
split up into four groups.

They may attack the Yamato
from right, left, top and bottom.

Open all guns.
Noncombatants, take cover.

I'm fine here.

The missiles will hit
in 1 minute 5 seconds.

Sub-cannon 2, ready.

Anti-air battery 4, ready.

45 seconds.

All guns, fire !

The port sub-cannon was hit.

Main cannon 2 took a hit.

Oh, no ! Chief Engine Operator
Tokugawa, please stop the engines !

Stop all engines !
Stop all engines !

Stop ?

I'm the Sub-Captain.
Don't give orders without me.

I'll apologize later.
Just look at this.

{KOUKAI}Every navigation gauge has gone crazy.
It's dangerous to move.

{TEKI}The objective of this enemy
attack was to blind and deafen us.

So intercepting the missiles with all of
our guns resulted in helping the enemy...

...who was trying scatter
the jammer, after all.

That's right.

And who is that enemy ?

Say it !

Do you want me to say who
you think our enemy is ?

Iscandar is also our enemy.
That's what you're thinking, isn't it ?

It's not.

I don't know.


Yes ?

Move out.

There should be pieces of those missiles.
We'll analyze them, so go get some.

It's impossible, Chief Combat Commander,
the gauges are malfunctioning.

You idiot !
Get some, no matter what !

It's Gamilus.

Mr. Sanada, I didn't hear you well.
Could you tell me one more time ?

It's a Gamilus missile.


Did we come to Gamilus,
instead of Iscandar ?

We never knew where
the planet Gamilus was.

What they call Iscandar might
actually be the planet Gamilus.

It is indeed
the planet Gamilus.

You have a call from
Starsha of Iscandar via the hotline.

It's been a while, Starsha.

I don't remember how many years
it's been since I last heard your voice.

{KONO}I thought this
hotline was dead.

I didn't know
it was functional.

Lord Desler, why are you jamming
the signals around Iscandar ?

A complaint, Starsha ?


Complain, complain. You only call
me when you have a complaint.

{TAMA}Can't I hear kind words from you ?
Our planets are twins.

Even so, you're good
at harming people.

You've misunderstood, Starsha.

We're just more aggressive
about pursuing our happiness.

Whatever the reason, you've invaded
every corner of the galaxy, haven't you ?

I want you to understand.
Both of our planets are dying.

That's why I'm seeking
a planet to migrate to.

What's wrong with that ?

You've found Earth, and you're
killing the Earthlings to migrate there.

Why not ?
They're primitive.

Even if their science is inferior, they're
men, and they have the right to live.

The people of Gamilus have
the right to live, also.

Even if you kill others ?

Right. We won't die, unlike your people,
who accepted your planet's fate and died.

Further talk is meaningless.

As long as the Yamato
comes to Iscandar itself...

...I will give them the
device that cleanses radiation.

Go ahead. As long as I live,
I won't let the Yamato reach your planet.

Bye, Starsha.

Long live Lord Desler !

Long live Lord Desler !

Long live Lord Desler !

Everyone, the Yamato has arrived.

I'll command all forces.

We'll use the planet Gamilus
to fight against it.

I'll explain my plan.

As you know, this is
our planet, Gamilus.

It's a planet 16,000 km diameter,
which is Iscandar's twin.

{KORE}This is the section view.

{GAMILUS}The surface of the inner sphere
is mainly continents and oceans.

{TAIRIKU}There are mountains
on the continents.

{KONO}The pillars hold up the 10km thick outer
shell, which covers the inner sphere.

{KONO}The space between the outer shell and the
inner sphere used to be under the ground...

{NAGANEN}...but it was weathered over
a long period of time...

{NAGANEN}...and it's a unique characteristic
of our planet, Gamilus.

{SHOKUN}As you know, the expected lifespan
of our planet is very short.

{KONO}As a matter of fact, the underground
materials are constantly sulfurizing.

{KAZAN}Volcanoes emit sulfurous acid gas,
and a sulfurous acid lava flows out.

{SORE}It changed the ocean of Gamilus
to a strong sulfurous acid...

{RYUUKA}...and hydrogen sulfide winds
cause sulfuric acid rain.

{WATASHI}I'm going to sink the
Yamato into this cursed sea.

{UCYUU}Don't you think it's the most suitable
graveyard for the space battleship Yamato ?

{SUDENI}The Yamato's already been captured by
super magnetic ferrite just outside the planet.

{KONO}This super magnetic ferrite not only cuts off
all communications and disables sensors...

{GAMILUS}...but once the magnetic force
generators on Gamilus are activated...

{GAMILUS}...it will draw in the Yamato, just like
a magnet attracts iron-rich sand.

{ATO}We will then drag it into the ocean
through the opening on the surface...

{KIATSU}...and generate low pressure with the
atmospheric controllers to cause a storm.

{KUWAETE}In addition, the coastal
guns will add a bombardment.

{YAMATO}The Yamato will be like a cockroach that
has fallen into a beaker of sulfuric acid.

Kodai, there's a
message from Starsha.

What ?

This is Starsha of Iscandar.

{YOUYAKU}I can finally
transmit a message.

Gamilus is interfering
with our communications.

{MOU}I can't guide you anymore.

{JIBUN}Defeat Gamilus yourself, and come to
Iscandar, as you have done already.

{SOKO}As you may have learned,
our planets are twins.

{SOKO}One is Gamilus;
the other is Iscandar...


So that's it.

Shima, your navigation was right.
I apologize for what I did earlier.

I'm sorry.


Just a little further, isn't it ?

There's no path to Iscandar,
unless we defeat Gamilus.

Do it, Kodai.

Aye, sir.

W...what ?

What happened ?

A strong magnetic force is acting on
the Yamato, and is dragging the ship in !

Ah! It's because of the
particles surrounding the ship.

Reverse thrust !
Reverse thrust ! Hurry !

All hands, man
your battlestations !

It's no good.
I can't regain control, Kodai.

I'm going to be broken...


That was a rough
invitation, Mr. Gamilus.

There's an ocean beneath the surface.
Strange planet, isn't it ?

Kodai, what're
we going to do ?

We need to know their next move.
We'd better watch and wait.

Analyzer, investigate the environment.

Just a second, Kodai. Mr. Sanada
will assemble it right away.

It's useless at
a time like this.

Rain clouds are forming.
A storm's coming.

Repairs complete. Now, analyze
the seawater and air, Analyzer.

A ship has to be on the ocean after all.
It feels good. Don't you think so ?

Analysis is complete.
I'm reporting.

The air is
sulfuric acid gas...

...rain is diluted sulfuric acid and the
seawater is sulfuric acid of pH scale 3.

Hurry !
The Yamato will corrode !

Engines full !
Vertical take off !

Kodai, the third
bridge fell off.

Bombs from above.

Activate aft thrusters.

The Yamato is cornered.

The strong sulfuric acid rainstorm
and waves will corrode any metal.

{YAMATO}Bombs will seal the
Yamato's escape route.

{GEKICHIN} Yamato, will you be sunk and
melt in the sea of sulfuric acid ?

Kodai, what's wrong ?
Earth is waiting for you.

Mankind will be
extinct in 164 days.

164 days left until the destruction of Earth

Only 164 days left.

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Ichiro Nagai

Anoko ga futteita makka na scarf

Mori Yuki:
Sanada Shiro:
Kato Saburo:
Ohta Kenjiro:
Yoshikazu Aihara:

Asagami Yoko
Aono Takeshi
Kamiya Akira
Yoshibito Aihara
Nomura Shinji


Ogata Kenichi
Ibu Masayuki
Yamashita Keisuke
Hirai Michiko
Kimura Akira

Dareno tame da to omotte iruka

Dare no tame demo ii ja nai ka

50 days after the battle in the Rainbow Star Cluster, the Yamato finally enters the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Starsha didn't inform them about
the twin planets.

Did she intend to test the Yamato and mankind with such an ordeal ?

Minna sono ki de ireba ii

Tabidattsu otoko no mune ni wa



Todd Perkins

Roman no kakera ga hoshii no sa

Todd Perkins

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La la la, makka na scarf