Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 21 - Desperate Challenge from Domel's Fleet! - full transcript

Episode 21

Deadly Challenge from the Domel Fleet !!

( Air date: Feb 23, 1975 )

Space Battleship


In 2200...

...the space battleship Yamato is 74,000 light years away from the Solar System.

{Iscandar}The planet, Balan,
the halfway point to Iscandar...

{Iscandar}...worked as a lighthouse
for the Yamato.

{JITSUWA} But it was a Gamilus supply
base for the invasion of Earth.

Planet Balan

{taiyoukei}Admiral Domel, the commander of
the Solar System regional operation...

...attacked the Yamato
using his vicious plan...

Admiral Domel

{daibouryaku}...hoping Planet Balan
would become its graveyard.

{shikashi}However, the Yamato narrowly
managed to hold off Domel's assault.

{chikyuu}Gamilus put themselves in a tough situation
by destroying their own base on Balan.

Planet Gamilus

{touzen}Naturally, Domel, who commanded the
operation, had to take responsibility.

As I explained many times,
my mission planning was flawless.

{SAKUSEN}The failure of the operation
and it's disastrous outcome...

{SAKUSEN}...was caused by a meaningless communication by my subordinate Gale.

Commander Domel, I informed Lord Desler,
because of my loyalty to him !

How could you...?

Gale, your excessive loyalty
caused the mission to fail.

{TATOE}Even if we lost the base, if we
managed to destroy the Yamato...

...our great objective
would have been achieved.

Commander Domel, you didn't think about
the risk of failure in your operation ?

My operations never fail.

If I didn't have to take the call
from Lord Desler at that time...

Don't be conceited !

The fact of the matter is that the Balan
base was lost, crippling our operations !

You have no excuse !
I propose capital punishment !

Execute him !

I think he has
to be executed !

Execute him !

Execute him !

I also support execution.

We don't even need to
come up with a verdict.

The court orders the execution of Domel,
commander of the Earth Regional Operation.

What is it, Hisu ?

Sir, I've come to tell
you the verdict.

Read it.

It's unanimously agreed.

Agreed ?

It's capital punishment.
Please sign the order.


Yes, sir ?

This is my judgment.

My Lord...

What he's done is unforgivable. But if we
execute him, who will destroy the Yamato ?

He was resolute. I don't think he'll back off
just because he failed in one operation...

Then you are...


I'm going to send Domel
to a decisive battle.


The charge against you
was rejected by Lord Desler.

What ? Rejected ?

Your new orders are to destroy the Yamato
before it enters the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Vice President Hisu, that's what I was
hoping for. I'll fight with all of my strength.

Meanwhile, aboard the
space battleship Yamato...

...the Gamilus materials obtained on Balan were undergoing a thorough analysis.

Sanada, have you found any clues about
where the Gamilusians come from ?

This is still my hypothesis, but Gamilusians
might be planning to migrate to Earth.

Look at this report.

It shows traces of them reporting the progress
of contamination to their home planet.

If their objective was
to migrate to Earth...

...Planet Balan must have
been an important stronghold.

But it was destroyed,
so they won't remain quiet.

You're right.

This is the
Galmarious Trinary.

No, the radioactive storm
is too strong there.

How about the gravitational
system of the Pozi planets ?

There's no space
for our fleet to hide.

What's this ?

It's a luminous rainbow
colored cluster of planets...

...commonly known as
the Rainbow Star Cluster.

It's a mixed cluster of seven planets of
unique characteristics and dark gas.

Good. I've made
up my mind, Gale.

The Rainbow Cluster will be
the stage for our final battle.

It's the best location
to defeat him.


Sir ?

Send my declaration of
challenge to the Yamato.

But Commander Domel, what
about our winning strategy ?

Don't worry. The plan is in
progress at the weapons factory.

It's a newly developed
Instantaneous Material Transporter.

Instantaneous Material Transporter ?

Yes. I've been envisaging
this concept for a long time.

It will generate a dimensional path, enabling
our fighters to make a surprise attack.

But the Yamato has an overwhelming
weapon, the Wave Motion Gun.

It's been taken
into account. Look.

What's that ?

A drill missile.

We'll fire this into the muzzle of the
Wave Motion Gun, then we'll finish it off.

Gale, send my challenge
to the Yamato immediately...

...and inform each front line
about the final battle.

Oh, you were
called in also, Yuki ?

Yes, I was.

What happened, Kodai ?

Gamilus sent
us a challenge.

A challenge ?

The translator is set.



To the captain
of the Yamato...

It's time to settle
this once and for all.

We desire Earth, just as much
as you want to go to Iscandar.

If you intend on going to Iscandar,
you must defeat us first in battle.

I propose to you an all out battle in the
Rainbow Star Cluster seven days from today.

From the Commander of the Solar
System Regional Operation, Domel...

...to the captain
of the Yamato.

Captain, you'll
accept it, right ?

But Kodai, we haven't learned
enough about Gamilus yet.

Mr. Sanada,
what do you mean ?

It's disadvantageous
to fight head to head.

Do you mean we should run like cowards,
after being challenged like this ?

Kodai, our schedule
is very tight.

From a navigator's standpoint, I'd say
we should avoid unnecessary combat.

Then, let me speak
as the Sub-Captain.

A decisive battle means,
winning or losing.

If we lose, everything is over,
but if we win, our path will be clear.

Hey, the Captain is here.
Let him decide.

I'll accept his challenge.

We'll have to face this
ordeal someday anyway.

We must win and open
the way to Iscandar.

Carrier 1

Preparing for landing.
Speed, 006...005...

Squadron leader of Carrier 1: Getto

Carrier 2

Squadron leader of Carrier 2: Barger

We're landing. We'll be able to walk
on our homeland's soil after so long.

Carrier 3

Carrier 1 and
Carrier 2 have landed.

Squadron leader of Carrier 3: Kloiz

Very well. Carrier 3
will land at point three.

It's a magnificent view to see
Carriers 1, 2 and 3 all lined up.

Alright, land the
Battle Carrier next to them.

Aye, sir.

Squadron Leader of the Battle Carrier: Hidern

We're going to have a
major battle after so long.

Battle Carrier

Commander Domel, all carrier
air groups have arrived.

I see.

Everyone, I appreciate
all of you for coming.

I'm Getto from
the Ruby Theater.

I'm Barger from
the Sapphire Theater

I'm Kloiz from
the Diamond Theater.

I'm Hidern from
the Omega Theater.

Thank you for coming. We'll move out
tomorrow morning, so sleep well tonight.

Aye, sir.

Hey, make sure you maintain them
thoroughly, so that they won't hate you.


Working hard ?
Good. Good.

Everyone's working hard, Dr. Sado.

You're annoying.
Why don't you be quiet ?

You're always laid back,
no matter what.

If I respond to everything,
I'd be worn out.

Why don't you have some ?

Thanks. For some reason,
I can't sit still.

Not bad.

One more.

You're a good companion.

What kind of place is
that Rainbow Star Cluster ?

That's an estimated sketch.

They're spectral planets.

Each planet is illuminated
in its spectral color...

...based on the temperature of each
component, such as kalium and natrium.

In addition, there is a black band of gas,
and there are many dark planets.

I see.
The gas will be a problem.

If we enter carelessly, our radar will be
useless, and we'll have to depend on our eyes.

What's the matter...?

What's the matter with real combat ?
Don't be chickening out.

Analyzer, everyone's serious.
You're being rude.

What's the matter
with Gamilus ?

I'll blow them
away with my snort.

You're so easygoing.

Long live my Lord.

Long live my Lord.

Long live my Lord. {OMITTED THE REST}

Everyone, it is time to fight the Yamato
to decide the future of Gamilus.

We'll entrust our fate to Admiral Domel
and his skilled subordinates.

I look forward to your
victorious return. Fight well.

We're leaving.
Do your best.

Everyone, get onboard.

Commander Domel,
let me ask you.

What if the drill missile
can't finish it off...?

When the time comes, our loyalty
to Lord Desler will be our weapon.

Loyalty to Lord Desler ?

When it comes to loyalty,
you exceed me.

All ships, launch immediately.

Carrier 1

Carrier 2

Carrier 3

Battle Carrier

Domel Fleet Flagship

Solar System Sector
Commander Domel...

What kind of
man is he ?

He will be sent to determine the future
of their homeland. It won't be easy.

We'll wait for the Yamato
just outside this black band.

The Yamato's radar will be jammed by the
Rainbow Star Cluster's magnetic waves.

{DAIICHI}The first wave will physically
destroy the Yamato's radar.

Then it will
be all ours.

{YAMATO}It won't be able to detect us, and the Wave
Motion Gun will be sealed by our drill missile.

{SOSHITE}And it will be
destroyed from the inside.

I see. It's just like you, Commander Domel.
The Yamato won't be able to even touch us.

But we shouldn't
drop our guard.

The captain of the Yamato, Okita,
is no common sort of a man.

Captain, we're almost at
the Rainbow Star Cluster.

Good. Switch to
automatic cruising.

Aye, sir.

Mori, assemble the crew
in the observatory room.

Aye, sir.

I wonder how they're
going to come at us.

This's a great chance
to destroy them all at once.

Kodai, I feel like we shouldn't
have responded to their provocation.

Do you mean
we should run ?

We'll have to face
them someday anyway.

If so, we should get rid
of them as soon as possible.

But what if we lose ?

Quiet, the Captain's here.

Everyone, a crucial battle
against the Domel Fleet is near.

{CHOSENJO}Judging from their challenge, they will
be coming with strong determination.

{WAREWARE}We have to do our best to win for the sake
of our homeland and to bring peace in space.

{DAGA}Obviously, the outcome can't
be determined until we fight.

{SOKODE}I'd like to exchange
farewell cups of water.

{SHIKASHI}This isn't meant
to prepare for death.

{IIKA}Listen everyone, this is our promise to win
the battle, and then we'll declare our victory.

Alright !

Good luck.

Commander Domel, it's the Yamato !
The Yamato has arrived !

The rat is
entering the trap.

The radar is jammed.

All hands, battle stations.

All hands, battle stations.

I expect everyone to perform
well for the future of mankind.

All hands, battle stations.

All hands, battle stations.

Between the beautifully
illuminated planets...

{IMA}...the space battleship
Yamato and the Domel fleet...

{IMA}...are about to engage in combat for
the future of each of their homelands.

Yamato, men are
waiting for your return.

Mankind will be
extinct in 215 days.

215 days left until the destruction of Earth

Only 215 days left.

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:
Mori Yuki:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Nagai Ichiro
Asagami Yoko

Sanada Shiro:
Ohta Kenjiro:
Aihara Yoshokazu:

Ibu Masayuki
Ogata Kenichi
Aono Takeshi
Aihara Yoshito
Nomura Shinji


Yamashita Keisuke
Kobayashi Osamu
Saka Osamu
Sakuma Isao
Akira Kimura

Only this episode was commissioned to Sunrise Studio, including animation, animation direction, arrange, scheduling and painting.

Domel was court martialed on the home world.
There were ordinary citizens behind
the officers.

The clothes color for Desler's maid
is different from ep. 4 and ep. 7.



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