Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 13 - Hurry, Yamato! Earth Is Suffering! - full transcript

Episode 13

Hurry, Yamato!!
Earth is Suffering!!

( Air date: Dec 29, 1974 )

Farewell, Earth.{Saraba chikyuu yo}

A ship is taking off...{Tabidatsu fune wa}

...it's the space battleship Yamato.

Space Battleship


It's set for Iscandar...

...carrying the fate of mankind.

We'll return for sure.{Kanarazu koko he kaette kuru to}

Smile at all the people waving their hands.{te wo furu hito ni egao de kotae}

Leaving the Galactic System
on a long voyage to Iscandar.{Ginga wo hanare Iscandar he harubaru nozomu}

Space battleship Yamato!{Ucyuu senkan yamato}

In December 2199, the space battleship
Yamato was flying through space.

While being obstructed by unexpected
Gamilus traps and natural phenomena...

...it continues its
journey to Iscandar.

{MAN ICHI}If they fail, it will mean the total
extinction of all men on Earth...

{MAN ICHI}...who are waiting for
the Yamato's return.

{IMA}Even now, radioactive poison is
driving mankind to the verge of death.

Hurry, space battleship Yamato.

Planet Gamilus

Meanwhile, on the
planet Gamilus...

Desler Palace

Lord Desler, Admiral Domel has
victoriously returned from the Ruby Line.

Ah, I see.

Domel ! Domel !

Domel ! Domel !

Admiral Domel

Domel !

Long live Domel !

Long live Lord Desler !

Long live Lord Desler !

Long live Lord Desler !

My Lord,
I happened to hear...

...that the Yamato destroyed the Pluto
base and has left its solar system.

It should still be strolling
around in the galactic system.

I've been teasing them.

My Lord, may I
take care of it ?

I suppose I'll have to
give you another medal...

...but you may do so as
a part of your vacation.

Yes, sir.
Thank you.

Meanwhile, Kodai and Kato were each leading
five Black Tigers to secure their course.

Unidentified flying object, detected.

That doesn't
tell me anything.

I know.

Bearing point AX 11,
speed, 8 space knots.


Hey, don't forget to repeat.

You're such a pain.

Bearing point AX 11,
speed, 8 space knots.

Alright, initiate
crossfire operation.

No, you're not
getting away.

That's next,
here I come.

Kato, don't pursue
them too far.

Say what ?

If even one escapes
it'll cause us trouble later.

That's an order.

Chief Combat Commander.

Besides, let's capture
that space boat.

Okay, got it.

Black Tigers,
return to the ship.

Kodai and Kato will capture the
disabled Gamilus space boat.

Kato, we'll shoot a tow rope
from both sides. Don't miss it.


Kodai, the pilot woke up.

Move away, Kodai. I'll shoot the
head off that Gamilus.

You're too hot blooded.
Anyway, he can't escape.

He's a live Gamilusian,
so he'll be a valuable sample.

I see, just like the Chief Combat
Commander. You think ahead.

They did it.

{GAMILUS}Now we'll learn
the secrets of Gamilus.

That Gamilus boat
is getting more attention.

Really. They could've said,
"good job" or something.

Good job.

You two brought in
something useful.

Hey everyone, move it, move it !
Stand aside !

He'll be my first alien examination.
He's such a lucky fellow.

He must think
it's a nuisance.

Now, let me study the
inside of that Gamilus boat.

Don't stare at it,
you might be bitten.

I'll show you later.

You're so mean.

I'm so hungry.

Let's eat quickly,
then go see it.

You're so into it.

But we don't have any
information on Gamilusians.

You want to know what
he's like, don't you ?

Sterilization complete.

Hey, Chief.

You're here, too ?
What happened to the first bridge ?

The Captain is
taking care of it.

That Gamilus
is really popular.

Hey, there're so many visitors.
How is he ?

He's still
under examination.

Is Dr. Sado doing alright ?

He must be messing with
it out of curiosity.

That's so true.

I wonder what
Gamilusians are like.

Judging from their technology,
they must be highly intelligent.

Then it's got to
have a big head?

But it's so weird for a
vet to examine an alien.

But aren't Gamilusians beasts ?

That's right. Otherwise, they
wouldn't have done such cruel acts.

He's coming out.

This's so frustrating !
Can't you do it more quickly ?!

Dr. Sado, hurry up.

Hey !


He's taking
off the mask.

What ?

What ?

Hey, he's a man.

That's impossible ! There's no
way a man could be so cruel !

That's right !

But look.
He's no different from us.

Examination, complete.

Pulse, 90. Respiration,
15 times per minute.

{KETSUEKI}Blood content, 12,000 leucocytes,
brain volume 1600 cubic centimeters.

{KOKYUU}Breathing air content, oxygen 20%,
carbon dioxide 2%...

He's just like us.

He's man, after all.

He's no different from us.

Yes, except for
the blue skin.


What's wrong, Kodai ?
What're you...?

Kodai, what are you doing ?

K...Kodai !

Kodai !

Kodai !

Kodai, don't !


Why you...!

In 2192, Kodai Susumu was
a middle school student.

He grew up in a village surrounded by
beautiful scenery on the Miura Peninsula.

{SONO}On that day, he was waiting for
his brother, Mamoru, with their mother.

{CHIKYUU}A mysterious planet had just
started attacking Earth...

{CHIKYUU}...and the Defense Force was
formed to protect the peace.

Susumu's brother, Mamoru, had volunteered to join the Defense Force junior officer academy.

Welcome home, Mamoru.

I'm back.

It's been a while, Mother.
How have you been ?

You look more mature after
not seeing you for a while.

Welcome back, Brother.

You have pimples, Susumu.

Hey, don't.

Hey Mamoru, did you hear
anything at the academy ?

Like, who's attacking cities
around the world with meteor bombs ?

Well, I'm only a cadet, so...

Fortunately, Japan
hasn't been attacked...

...but we don't know how much
longer we'll remain safe.

I'm prepared.

I can go to space any time
and fight this demon.

But we don't
know who they are.


Susumu, are you there ?

Susumu, what's wrong ?
He's finally home.

They only need him.


They're happy just
to be with him.

Susumu, you can be near
your father and I all the time.

{MAMORU}But he can only be around for
five or six days during his leave.

You understand, don't you ?

Your father and I can be with
him while he's on leave?

In the year 2192,
on April 20th...

...Japan became the victim of a random
meteor bomb attack for the first time.

The meteor bomb
that fell nearby...

...seems to have revitalized
Mt. Fuji's volcanic activity.


How terrible !{What a mess...}

Mamoru, you have a phone
call from the academy.


Mt. Fuji erupted ?
We're going to be in trouble.

I wonder what's
going to happen.

Okay, I see.
I'll return immediately.

Mother, I have to go back at once.


Mother, take care.

You, too.

The meteor bomb attack lasted for many
months, devastating the entire world.

A few dozen meteor bombs fell on Japan,
and the islands were devastated.

{TOKINI}It was now
the summer of 2193.

The construction of underground cities
accelerated even faster in Japan.

{SUSUMU}Like a tidal wave...

{SUSUMU}...the effect of the bombing was nearing
to Miura Peninsula, Susumu's homeland.

{KAKU}The schools became hospitals, and
the teachers, parents, students...

{KAKU}...and all the neighbors had
to work as temporary nurses.

The attacks from the unknown
planet became more frequent...

Earth Defense Force
Kanto Regional Base

...and the Earth Defense Force
was more and more active.

Hey, Susumu !

Over here !

Brother !

Father and Mother are well ?

Yes. She wanted
you to eat this.

Oh, sushi?

Mother's sushi tastes good.
Susumu, you can eat some, too.

Brother, how many times
have you flown in space ?

Since graduating from the academy,
I've been in two real combat engagements.

Besides, how is everything after
the meteor bomb attack ?

Actually, we're going to move
to the underground city soon.

Father went to file
the paperwork today.

I see.

So I came to
say goodbye today.

Susumu, after Father and Mother
escape to a safe place...

...why don't you volunteer
and join the academy ?

What's wrong ?

That's right.

You've hated fighting since you
were very little. You're a pacifist.

Sorry, Brother.

It's okay. Make sure you take care
of Father and Mother, alright ?

People escaped from the
radioactive poison on the surface...

...by moving to the
underground cities.

The paperwork is done,
and we can move any time.

That's good.

Where's Susumu ?

He said he'd be on the 4 o'clock bus,
so I have to go pick him up soon.

I'd better go, too. I haven't been
able to spend time with him lately.

Do you remember how we got
engaged under that tree ?

That was when you were
waiting for a bus to go home.

I wish this scenery
would never change.

I wonder what happened ?
He isn't here.

I wonder...

My home's in
that direction...


Mother !

It's Mother's...

Mother !


What're you doing ?

Kodai, no matter
what the reason...

...if you torture a prisoner, you
know what'll happen, don't you ?

Long live my Lord !

Idiot !

If you're a man, you should
know the value of life !

Several days have passed.

Okita tried to obtain information
from the obedient prisoner...

{MATTAN}...but the low ranking soldier knew
nothing about the true Gamilus.

Mr. Sanada, did you finish
repairing his space boat ?


Kodai, release him.

Considering Yamato's food supply situation,
we can't afford any extra consumption.



Sir ?

Give him a little food, okay ?

Aye, sir.


It's food. Take it.

Now, take off.

The Gamilus soldier flew away.

Meanwhile, Earth is
suffering even more.

Hurry, Yamato, for the sake of the people
who are desperately waiting for your return.

Mankind will be
extinct in 305 days.

Mankind will be
extinct in 305 days.

305 days left till the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:
Kodai Mamoru:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Nagai Ichiro
Hirokawa Taichiro

A girl was waving her red scarf.{Anoko ga futteita makka na scarf}

Mori Yuki:
Sanada Shiro:
Nanbu Yasuo:
Ohta Kenjiro:
Kato Saburo:

Asagami Yoko
Aono Takeshi
Nomura Shinji
Aihara Yoshihito
Kamiya Akira
Ogata Kenichi

Kodai's Father:
Kodai's Mother:
Guest A:

Yada Kouji
Tsuboi Akiko
Yamashita Keisuke
Ibu Masayuki
Kobayashi Osamu
Kimura Akira

Who was that for ?{Dareno tame da to omotte iruka}

A Gamilus solider was captured for the first time, and the Yamato crew examined him. The captured soldier was alright on the ship.

The Gamilusian people on the main planet can't survive without radioactive air, so he must be altered to suit the Earth environment, despite his skin color.

It doesn't matter who it was for...{Dare no tame demo ii ja nai ka}

Shultz and the rest on the Pluto Base could
have been modified, or they might be

In the flashback, it was shown that Kodai was from Miura Peninsula, and when he was twelve in 2192, Japan was attacked by a meteor bomb.

...everyone should take it as theirs.{Minna sono ki de ireba ii}

From this episode and on, Kamiya Akira was assigned to the voice of Kato Saburo.

In the hearts of men, who are
leaving on a long journey...{Tabidattsu otoko no mune ni wa}



Todd Perkins

...a piece of romance is needed.{Roman no kakera ga hoshii no sa}

Todd Perkins

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