Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Galaxy's Ordeal! The Year 2200 Approaches! - full transcript

Episode 14

Ordeal in the Galaxy!!
First Launch of 2200!!

( Air date: Jan 05, 1975 )

Saraba Chikyuu yo

Tabidatsu fune wa...

...uchuu senkan Yamato

Space Battleship


Uchuu no kanata Iscandar he...

...unmei seoi...

...ima tobitatsu

Kanarazu koko he...

...kaette kuru to

Te wo furu hito ni...

...egao de kotae

Ginga wo hanare...

...Iscandar he...

...harubaru nozomu

Uchuu senkan Yamato

The primitive Octopus
Planetary Group...

...is one of the most dangerous
places in the Galactic System.

The eight solidifying
planets are still young...

{SONO}...and each produces a flow of water, and the
cores are bound by a belt of radiant energy.

{SONO}And the flow strongly
interacts between the planets.

{SONO}They're surrounded by a black cloud,
hiding everything within.

{UCHUU}The space battleship Yamato has
been delayed for nearly three weeks.

How about this ?

Check, Kodai.

Hey, w...wait, okay?


Hey, don't be so mean.

I said, no.

I don't want to change
what's been decided.

You're so stubborn.

I already
retracted many times.

Say what ?

Why did you
do that, Kodai ?

Cool !

Go for it !

Hey, Kodai,
don't lose !

Shima, nail him !

Kodai, get him !

The scheduled
meeting will begin.

All group leaders, report to
the planning room at once.

You're a lucky one.

You, too.
You owe me for this.

Darn. And it was just
getting interesting.

It's over already ?

Central Planning Room

I think now is an appropriate time
to reevaluate our flight schedule.

Shima, explain.

Aye, sir.

Solar System

Galactic System

Planet Balan


Magellanic Cloud

Here is the flight path
prepared by the Yamato Project...

...of the Earth Defense Force just
before the launch of the Yamato.

Solar System

{SHUPPATSU}We launched on
October 9th, 2199.

{MAZU}First, we took ten days
to leave the Solar System.

{SOKO}Then we took another ten days
to leave the Galactic System.

{ZEN}We were supposed to reach the
mid-point, planet Balan, in 45 days.

Planet Balan

Planet Balan


Magellanic Cloud

{BALAN}To get from planet Balan to the Large
Magellanic Cloud, where Iscandar is...

{BALAN}...another 45 days
is necessary.



Magellanic Cloud

{HOUSHANOU}...we assume that we'll stay on Iscandar to
obtain the radioactive purifier for 30 days.

A total of 140 days.

{SORENI}On top of that, let's include 30 days
for combat and accidents...

...and 100 days for
the return trip.

{NIHYAKU}We'll return to
Earth on the 270th day.

However, even if all
goes as planned...

...we'll only have 90 days until
the extinction of mankind.

{TSUMARI}In other words,
it's a very tight schedule.

Solar System

Galactic System

Planet Balan


Magellanic Cloud

{SOSHITE}According to the plan, we should've
been nearing planet Balan today.

{SHIKASHI}However, our current position is here,
just outside the Galactic System.

Solar System

Galactic System

Planet Balan

Solar System

Galactic System

Planet Balan


Magellanic Cloud

{TSUMARI}So we're already
60 days behind schedule.

{OMAKE}In addition, we've sat for 20 days in
front of the Octopus Planetary Group.

You sound like we were delayed because
of too many battles with Gamilus.

I didn't mean that.

Then instead of wasting time
here, why don't we just go ?

You know we
can't do that yet.

The reason why we've been
staying here for 3 weeks...

...is because we want to go to
Iscandar as soon as possible.

{CHOTTO}Look at this.

This is the Octopus Planetary
Group, and we are here.

{KOKOKARA}There should be a strait, which leads to
the other side of the group, near here.

{KONO}There's a dark cloud surrounding
this planetary group...

...and since we don't know how
big it is, it's very dangerous.

{OSORAKU}If we go around,
it might take 40 days.

{SORE}If so, even if we have to wait for
20 days until this space storm is gone...

...it's quicker to go
through the strait.

Do we even know when
the space storm will clear ?

Well, that's...

Do we have to sit and wait for such an
uncertain opportunity, Chief Navigator ?

Besides, are you even sure
that the strait exists ?

It does.

Have you seen it ?

It's my intuition.

Say what ?

Gimme a break ! The Yamato's
flight isn't like a chess game !

Even if you make a mistake,
you can't retract the move !

{NANIO}How could you...? You're the
one who asked for a retraction !

In December 2199, the storm in the Octopus
Planetary Group hasn't weakened.

Kodai, where are you going ?

I'm going to look for the
strait Shima was talking about.

Say what ? If you go out in this
storm, you don't know what'll happen.

You idiot. It won't change the situation,
if you're concerned about that.

Kodai !

Chief Combat Commander !

Shut up.
Leave me alone.

If there's no strait, we don't have
to sit and wait in a place like this.


Once he's determined,
he never backs down.

Kodai, it's too dangerous
in this storm !


No, the gauges
are useless !

Kodai !

Captain, I brought the
Chief Combat Commander.

Kodai, why did you
act selfishly ?

Clean the hangar
as your punishment.

Chief, thanks.


Sir ?

You're no different.
You do it, too.

It was your responsibility
to stop Kodai.

Old geezer.

Move away, we're going to
clean this place.

Wait a minute,
we're cleaning in here.

Hey, don't you get it ?

We were punished by the Captain,
and we have to clean this place.

We were punished, too.

S...say what ?

Give me a break !

I don't care if something
on the ship explodes.

This sucks.

Rice cakes ?

If we leave things as they are,
we'll have another problem on the ship.

New Year's is soon and I want
to ease the tension on the ship.

So I request
your permission.

I can't.

You can't ?

Our food stock is
2 months, isn't it ?


We've been here for 3 weeks, and we
don't know when the storm will let up.

{KARI}Even if we can get through, we don't know
when we'll find an alternate food supply.

{TSUMARI}In other words, we
have too many uncertainties.

I see.

The crew is stressed,
so don't tell them, okay ?

Aye, sir.

Mr. Tokugawa...

Oh, Yabu.

What're you doing at
this time of night ?

We have nothing to do but to
sleep all day, so I'm not sleepy.

I wonder how much longer
we're going to be staying here.

If we delay this much, even if we
can obtain the Cosmo Cleaner D...

...we might not be able
to return in time.

If so, maybe we should look for
a second Earth to migrate to.


Hey Pops, if we can
reach outer space...

...there won't be very many
planets, unlike the Galactic System.

It'll be impossible to find
a planet to migrate to.

That's true, but...

So, can you ask
the Captain about it ?

We can still turn around.



Shima, aren't you
going to sleep ?

I can't sleep.

I wonder if the
strait really exists.

Why ?

You said it does.

That's true, but...

If you aren't confident, we should go
around the dark cloud as soon as possible.

No, that's...

The strait should
be around here.

Sorry to bother you.

Good night.

Father, Mother...!

Father, Mother !


A dream ?

Oh, no.

You're late, Kodai.


It's clear.
The storm is gone.

Hey Shima, look.

Look at the panel.

A Gamilus ship ?

Stop thrusters, and go
beneath the flow of water.

Pay attention
to the radar.

Captain, let's shoot it down.

Kodai, it's not a battleship.
Let it go.


We shouldn't engage in
any unnecessary combat.

Enemy ship is heading away.
Distance, 95,000 km.

Where did it go ?

It must be
in the strait.

What ?

Kodai, go investigate.

A...aye, sir !

That's more like him.

This is Kodai.
I found a strait-like opening.

I'm entering now.


Alright, this must
be the strait.

Yamato, Yamato...?

Communications are down.

I wonder what
happened to him.

Look, it's Kodai.

Yamato, Yamato, this is Kodai.
I found the strait.

I've returned
from reconnaissance.

Good work.

Shima, I found it.
We can go through it.

So, how big is it ?

How big ?


Hey, didn't you make sure
we could go through it ?

Then we don't know if
it's the strait or not.


Shima, it's alright.

It's good to be cautious, but we
can't wait for a 100% safety margin.

We have to decide.

All hands, back
to your stations.


Sir ?

I'll permit you to
prepare the rice cakes.

Once we're through the strait
it'll be New Year's, so get ready.

Aye, sir.

Hey, Shima.
Come with me.

What's the matter ?
I'm busy.

Just come with me.

What's the matter, Kodai ?

My sloppy investigation might cause
the Yamato to be wrecked in the strait.

Isn't that right ?

I don't care what's going to happen,
but before that, I want to do something.

I'm going to beat the
crap out of you.

Don't worry. "I" will guide the
Yamato through the strait safely.

But I have someone I want
throw out into the strait.

You know who,
don't you, Kodai ?

It's you !

Curse you.

Stop !

What do you think you're
doing at a time like this ?

All ahead flank.
Port full.

All ahead flank.
Port full.

It's that storm again.

Auto-control won't be good enough.
Switching to manual.

Alright Shima, you have
complete control.

Extend the wings.

Aye, sir.
Extending the wings.

We did it !

We did it !

We did it !

We did it, Shima !

It went perfectly !
Hey, it went perfectly !

Thank goodness !

We made it !

Good job, Kodai !
Good job !

I envy men's friendships.

Meanwhile, New Year's Day
has also come to Earth...

...but the radioactive poison continues
to penetrate ever deeper underground.

The year 2200 has come.

The space battleship Yamato has left the
Galactic System and entered unknown space.

Hurry, Yamato.
Earth is waiting for you.

Mankind will be
extinct in 280 days.

Mankind will be extinct in 280 days.

280 days left till the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Ichiro Nagai

Anoko ga futteita makka na scarf

Mori Yuki:
Sanada Shiro:
Aihara Giichi:

Asagami Yoko
Aono Takeshi
Shinji Nomura
Ogata Kenichi

Ohta Kenjiro:
Kato Saburo:

Aihara Yoshito
Kamiya Akira
Kimura Akira

Dareno tame da to omotte iruka

Passing by Orion in the Arm of Orion, the Yamato tried to enter outer space through a fictitious Octopus Planetary Group.

However, the Yamato had to wait for 20 days starting December 11th.

Dare no tame demo ii ja nai ka

In this episode, the deck was protected by a barrier, but we don't know if it's a Tektite or electromagnetic barrier

and there was no explanation, not even a background reasoning.

The Yamato passed the strait between December 31st, 2199 and New Year's Day, Japan time.

Minna sono ki de ireba ii

Tabidattsu otoko no mune ni wa



Todd Perkins

Roman no kakera ga hoshii no sa

Todd Perkins

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La la la, makka na scarf