Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 12 - Absolute Death! The Wishing Star of Orion, Hell-star! - full transcript

Episode 12

No Way Out!
Hopeful and Hellish Stars of Orion

( Air date: Dec 22, 1974 )

Space Battleship


In 2199, Earth was attacked by forces
from the mysterious planet, Gamilus.

{CHIKYUU GUN}The Earth Defense Forces fought Gamilus
with all their might, but were defeated.

{CHIKYUU}Earth was devastated by the
meteor bombs from Gamilus.

{HITOBITO}People were barely surviving by
escaping to underground cities, but...

{HOUSHANOU}...mankind will be extinct in one year,
due to the radioactive contamination.

{SHIKASHI}However, 148,000 light years away...

{SHIKASHI}...there is a radioactive purifier on planet
Iscandar in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

{CHIKYUU}The Yamato, the first Earth ship
to exceed the speed of light...

{CHIKYUU}...has begun a journey of 148,000 light years to Iscandar to obtain the radioactive purifier.

{YAMATO}The Yamato has
left our Solar System...

{YAMATO}...and continues traveling through the
Galactic System toward outer space.


What're you doing ?

Can't you tell by looking ?

I'm praying.

To what ?

The Alpha of the trinary
of Orion shining over there.

It's called the Prayer Star, and men prayed to it for various matters since the old days.

{CHIKYUU}The Prayer Star of Orion looked so far from Earth, but it's so close and large.

{KITTO}It should grant
my wishes well.

Stars are just a composition
of carbon, hydrogen and water...

...yet you look
at it that way.

Girls are weird.

So what did you ask ?

That's a secret.

I know, it's about a successful
journey for the Yamato, isn't it ?


For the future of mankind ?

Totally different.

What is it, then ?

What's wrong ?
Chief Engine Operator ?

Chief ?!

Nothing's wrong.
What is it ?

But we've slowed down 50 percent.
It must be an engine malfunction.

Don't be ridiculous.
The engines are fine.

It must be your
piloting mistake.

No way !
It was on automatic !

This is weird.

Hey, what's wrong ?

What happened ?

A barrier ?

Say what ?

There's a strong magnetic
barrier in the Orion sector.

That shock was because
of the leading edge of the barrier.

At this rate, the speed of
the ship will keep dropping...

...and it will be slowed by
half again in three minutes.

We're in trouble.
I have to report to the Captain.

What's wrong with the Captain ?

Usually, he makes a fuss, saying "Come
up in 30 seconds, if something happens."

Unidentified flying objects, detected.

There're about fifty, distance 10,000 km.
Approaching at 0.02 space knots per second.

What do you mean by
unidentified flying object ?


Identify it in 10 seconds.

Aye, sir.

Identified !
They're missiles !

Full reverse.

Main engine, maximum throttle.
Full astern.

Full astern.

What's wrong, Chief Engine Operator ?!
It's not moving at all !

Don't be so fussy.
We're doing our best.

The first wave of missiles
will impact in 20 seconds.

The second wave will
impact in 40 seconds.

Chief Engine Operator ?!

Fifteen seconds !

Chief Engine Operator Tokugawa !

The second wave will
impact in 20 seconds !

Full throttle !
Engine, full throttle !

Is that full throttle,
Chief Engine Operator ?!

We're at full throttle.

If you have any complaints,
come down and do it yourself.

You, stupid old man !

Fifteen seconds !









I was desperate to
carry out my duty.

Do I still have
to apologize, Captain ?

In order to carry out your duty,
you must remain calm.

{REISEI}Would a calm and thoughtful
person say "stupid old man ?"


You're right.
I'm very sorry, Captain.

Please, forgive me,
Chief Engine Operator Tokugawa.

If you understand, it's okay.
I don't mind.

We're on the same team.

Chief Engine Operator and
Chief Navigator, you may leave.

Aye, sir. Chief Engine
Operator Tokugawa, leaving.

Chief Navigator Shima, leaving.


Sir ?

Who ordered you to fire
the intercept missiles ?

I shouldn't have ?

Without question.

But Captain, the Yamato survived
because I fired the missiles, didn't it ?

I'm not talking about the outcome.
What I mean is the following of orders.

You fired the missiles without
my order. Am I wrong ?

Y...yes, you're right.
But, Captain...

Don't make excuses !


I'm fine. {Leave.}

Planet Gamilus

Desler Palace

Lord Desler

Such impressive tactics,
Your Excellency.

General Hisu

The Yamato was completely ensnared
by the magnetic barrier net.

If the barrier is disturbed, the nearby base will
launch missiles, so they can't move carelessly.

That's right.
Now, my next plan is...

It's a gas creature which
eats energy and matter.

Did you see that, everyone ?
That's the fate of the Yamato.

{KONO}That gas creature will attack
the Yamato from behind.

{NIGEYOU}The barrier will prevent
them from getting away.

{SON OUE}Also, the corona of the
giant red star, Alpha, is ahead.

Eaten by the gas,
shattered by the missiles...

...or melted
by the corona...

{HOKA}Is there any other route
the Yamato can take ?

No, there shouldn't be.

It's perfect, my Lord.

Thank you, General.

I just came across the gas, but
I'm pleased that it'll be useful.

The same gas is waiting
on the battlefield of Orion.

I think it's
time to use it.

That should do it.


Let me do it.

May I ?

Go ahead.

Tastes good.

You can't judge a person or
an injury by the way they look.

Be careful, Captain.

Thank you.
I thought it was healed.

I heard that the
battle at Pluto was severe.

Kodai's brother
died there, didn't he ?

I'm sorry.

Oh, I shouldn't
have said that.

I'm sorry.

It's done, Doctor.

Thank you, Sado.

Take care.

Oh, yes...

Captain, I forgot
to tell you something.

You need hospital
treatment, Captain.

Hospital treatment,
for a wound like this ?

Your body isn't stable and it's
not only because of the wound.

You know that.

I saw your medical
records back on Earth.

I drink like taking a shower,
but my medical eyes aren't blind.

Please, stay in the infirmary.

I can't be hospitalized.


I'm responsible for the
operation of the ship.

But you were slow to order the
missile launch today?

What will you do if it affects
your commander's duties ?

Please come to the infirmary. Your
space radiation injury is progressing.

Strange. It's gas.
Gas is approaching from behind.

Gas, he said ?

Gas ?

It's corrosive gas ! We have to get away,
or the ship will be destroyed !

Emergency start, Shima.

What's the matter ?

Engine, full throttle.

There's an opening in
the barrier at ten o'clock.

That's the only path to avoid the
missiles and get away from the gas.

Captain ?!

But there's the Alpha
at ten o'clock.

Say what ?

We have to enter
the sea of flame.

They must
have set us up.

Captain, what do
we do ? Captain ?

Flank speed to ten o'clock.

Aye. Flank speed
to ten o'clock.

But Captain, it'll be like
entering a blast furnace !

The ship will melt !

So, Okita's chosen to die in flames.
It's only a matter of time.

I'm retiring
to my quarters.

Please relax, Your Excellency.

Once it's over,
I'll report to you.

There's no need, Hisu.

If I have to hear about every tiny detail,
such as the end of the Yamato...

...I'll be too busy, and my
body won't be able to take it.

Long live my Lord !

Long live my Lord !

Close all protective shutters !

Shima, evade those flames,
and skirt the barrier.

Evade those flames,
and go forward.

Are you alright, Shima ?

Shut up. Be quiet.

Ohta, calculate the
motion of the flames.


Captain, let's put
on space suits.

They can withstand
up to 800 degrees.


All hands, put on
space suits immediately !

Captain !

Doctor !
Dr. Sado, hurry !

Oh, no.

Doctor, you forgot this !

You idiot ! How can a doctor
work in a suit like that ?!

Doctor !


Hey, stop the ship !

Where the hell're
you going ?!

Are you trying to
kill the Captain ?!

But, Dr. Sado...

I said stop !
Can't you listen to a doctor ?!

You don't have to stop.


Mori, thanks.
My old wound ached a bit.

I can't put up with a wound like this ?
I'm getting old, aren't I, Doctor ?

Well, anyway, let me
check your pulse.

It's nothing.

I'll give you a shot,
but be careful.

Otherwise, you'll have
to be hospitalized.

I know, Doctor.

I'm relieved.
I almost panicked.

Be careful. Even if it's flame, it's a
dozen times bigger than the Yamato.

There's an irregularity at 2K 23.
There's an irregularity at 2K 23.


Irregularity at MAN 422 port, too.
Moving to SK 700.

Go low right.


It's so hot.
It's bad for your health.

The ship's exterior
temperature is 1200 degrees.

Interior temperature
is 400 degrees.

One more hour, so do your best.
We'll get through.

Chief ?! Chief Engine Operator
Tokugawa, we're losing thrust !

If we slow down, we'll be
dragged in by Alpha's gravity.

Say what ? What's the matter
with the gravity ? I can't hear you.

Engine output is decreasing !
Please hurry !

I got it !

Check the engines !

Hurry !
Hang in there !

What's your problem with this heat ?
Haven't you ever been in a sauna ?

Currently, we are at
300,000 km from Alpha.

The corona is causing
the electromagnetic field.

The gas to the rear is
getting more active.

Chief Navigator,
it's burning.

I get it.
Poison quells poison.

That was your plan, Captain.

There's a big corona ahead !
It's an irregularity, and not predicted !

It's too big,
and it's getting higher.

Can you evade it, Shima ?

No, the ship is
moving too fast.

Then slow down.

No, we'll be pulled
in by Alpha's gravity.


Yes ?

Fire the Wave Motion Gun.

Shoot the flame with
the Wave Motion Gun ?

Must I repeat myself ?!

No, I'll fire the
Wave Motion Gun.

Aim at the pillar 500 km
straight ahead, Kodai.

Leave it to me.

Approaching corona !
30 seconds left !

Fire !

What is it, Hisu ?


Your Excellency,
it's about the Yamato.

I told you, you don't have to
report the end of the Yamato.

Well, actually...

...they got through.

Say what ?

Your gas was lured into the
corona and incinerated.

The Yamato cut through the
corona with its Wave Motion Gun.

It was a splendid operation.

Should I send a congratulatory
message to Okita ?

Message ?

General Hisu ?

Sir ?

Are you stupid, or what ?

That's enough.
Go get some rest.

Yes, sir.
Long live my Lord !

Well ?

That was the true
identity of the Prayer Star.

Now you know how
terrifying a star can be.

No. As long as I have wishes,
a prayer star is a prayer star.

You don't give up.
What was your wish ?

I said, it's a secret.

You can tell me, can't you ?

Well, okay.

My wish is to make a
person fall in love with me.

Oh, that's it ?
That's silly.

Hey, who's that person ?

That's definitely a secret.

Hey, Yuki.
Yuki, tell me.

As long as space exists,
life will be born.

But when will green
return to the Earth ?

Hurry to Iscandar, Yamato.

Due to the radioactive poison
from the Gamilus meteor bombs...

...mankind will be
extinct in 308 days.

308 days till the destruction of Earth

Only 308 days are left.

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Nagai Ichiro

Mori Yuki:
Sanada Shiro:
Ohta Kenjiro:

Asagami Yoko
Aono Takeshi
Aihara Yoshihito
Koizumi Eiko


Ibu Masayuki
Yamashita Keisuke
Kimura Akira

The Yamato was trapped by Desler at the Alpha of Orion about 980-1500 light years away from Earth.

Originally, Dr. Sado's assistant was a chubby woman, and the voice was supposed to be done by Eiko Koizumi.

However, the female crew was limited to Yuki after Ep. 11, so it was redrawn as a man.

But it couldn't have been corrected in the scene, where she was following Dr. Sado, holding his space suit.

In the manga version by Leiji Matsumoto, it was the Beta of Orion. Strictly speaking, the large pillar of corona is called a prominence.

There are 308 days left till the extinction of mankind, which means it was December 23d, the 55th day after departure.



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