Uchû no kishi Tekkaman Burêdo (1994–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Kodoku no senshi - full transcript

Somebody's wounded soul is

burning in the lonely sky.

And eyes that have never known love...

seek the reason hidden in the dark.

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Tekkaman Blade

Just hold me close,
and tell me how you feel.

As tears fall from your eyes for no reason

Love is endless violence...
and this entire world...

will be embraced by its last brilliance.

Ah... Who needs yesterday...

In the year 192 according to
the Allied Earth Calendar...

mankind is on the brink of extinction.

The Orbital Ring, a colossal
satellite orbit base built to...

realize mankind's dream of
venturing to other planets...

has been occupied by mysterious
alien life-forms called the Radam.

Trapped on the ground, mankind has...

no way of avoiding the
attacks from the Orbital Ring.

The land has been gutted,
and cities have been destroyed.

Earth is steadily heading toward ruin.


Let's go!

Damn him, so he went ahead and did it?

The Orbital Ring, huh?

Damn you! Orbital Ring, my ass!

You've got a lot of nerve!
Turn back right now!

Hey! Did you hear what I said?

It's a laser attack!

Don't you have any weapons?

Damn! Who do you think you are?

What's that?

Dammit, they're coming!

Hey, it's up to you now!

What did you say?

Hold on! Where are you going?

You idiot! We're in outer space.
Step outside and you're dead!

I won't die.

Or maybe I should say I can't die!


What the hell is that?


Tekkaman Blade!

Look ahead, Noal!



He transformed! I don't believe it!

Here I come, Radam!

Outa my way, you little pests!

He's not a Dangerous Boy...
he's a Destroying Boy!

D-Boy... who are you, anyway?

What a surprising development.

Did you see how he fought, Chief?

Yes, he has tremendous powers.

The footage you're shooting up there
is all over the monitors down here!

It's amazing!

This is the first time I've seen
anyone defeat those alien life-forms.

Well, Chief,
what do you think of that D-Boy?

Right now, I have no idea whether
he's our enemy, or on our side.

He called himself an Earthling
but I can't even be sure of that.

Noal, Aki, I'm going to give
you some crucial orders.

No matter what happens,
be sure to bring D-Boy back with you...

when you return to Earth.

What! Bring him?


Look at that!
Summon the staff officers right away!

the Allied Defense Force should...

build spaceships before anything else.

And where are we going to
get the budget for that?

Even if we did complete the
construction of new spaceships...

they'd only be destroyed
by those monsters one by one.

But the reality is that we cannot
depend on ground weapons alone.

Spaceships are an absolute necessity
for us to go on the offensive.

How can we budget that knowing
we're going to get shot down?

We can go on and on about it, but this
meeting will still be meaningless.

Excuse me, sir.

What? Get it on the screen right away!

This image was sent from
our surveillance satellite.

This is...

They've surrounded us, Noal!

Damn it!

We're going to collide
with the Orbital Ring!

Damn! Oh, hell!

Look! It's the spaceport!

We lucked out!

Hey, Aki, check to see what kind
of shape we're in, will you?


Damn, they just won't give up, will they?



Wait, Aki!

D-Boy! Who the hell are you, anyway?

Hey, answer me!


Get a hold of yourself, D-Boy!

Hey, are you all right?

Give me something to eat...


You're serious?

Blue Earth! Blue Earth! Please respond!

This is the Outer Space
Development Organization!

It's no good, Chief. There's no answer.

Damn! Something's still
jamming the Orbital Ring.

What about the monsters?

The ones around here all
seem to have been destroyed.

I guess we just bought
ourselves a little time.

Jeez, you've really got some appetite, huh?

The Tekkaman System drains a
hell of a lot of my strength.

That's why I get so hungry.

The armored devil's called Tekkaman?


Take it easy,
your food's not going anywhere, D-Boy.

Listen, what is this "D-Boy"?

It's your name...
Dangerous Boy, D-Boy for short.

If you don't like it,
then you'd better remember your real name!

I guess it's good enough.

Hey, don't think you can put one over us!

Now why don't you start talking?

Who are you really? Who are the Radam?

And what's this Tekkaman you
transformed yourself into?

I've forgotten everything about myself.
There's a name for it... amnesia.

Listen. Even a grammar school boy
could tell a better lie than that!

Do you really expect me to be
satisfied by such an obvious con?

Well, there's nothing I can do
about what I don't remember!

All I can say is that I am
Tekkaman, and out of...

all mankind, I'm the only
one who can defeat the Radam.

That's crap!

I'm just telling the truth, that's all.


That's enough, Noal.

But listen, Aki...

Amnesia is amnesia. It can't be helped.

Well, I'm going on ahead.

Hey, hey, wait! I said wait!


How far are you planning to follow me?

We were told to bring you back to
Earth with us. You're not getting away.

Well, good luck with that!

Really, now!

Who would've ever thought...

Hey, D-Boy! Jeez, he's got a lot of nerve!

The Orbital Ring System, said to be
mankind's greatest masterpiece...

serving as a spaceport,
it's nothing but a graveyard now.

We could go to space directly with
the Orbital Elevator connecting...

Earth with the Orbital
Ring, what a shame.

I guess it was all for nothing...

Man, listen to you. The Blue Earth
is the only spaceship left on Earth.

Now mankind has lost every
means to go into space, see?

Well, but it might be better
not to go into space, you know.

What do you mean, D-Boy?

You'll find out soon enough.

Where are we?

The Radam have a good reason
for occupying the Orbital Ring.

They wanted the Orbital Ring's
vast solar energy generators.

Ordinarily they don't grow so rapidly.

They're exploiting the almost
inexhaustible energy produced here.

So the Orbital Ring is serving
as a nest for the Radam.


We've got to do something
before they hatch!

Once they're on the move,
there'll be too many for us to control.

Yeah, I know. That's why...

What is it?

It's him! He's somewhere nearby!

Hey, hey, D-Boy...

Get down!


Tekkaman Dagger!


A Tekkaman? What's this all about, D-Boy?

I don't have time to explain it.
Can you get the Blue Earth out of here?

We can break into the atmosphere as
long as it can take off into space.

But the main vernier is
broken, so we can't launch.

Okay. I'll take care of that. Let's go!

Hey, D-Boy!



Go on, get out of here.
I've got to have a showdown with him.


It's no use, Aki.

He said he would take care of
it, didn't he?

Hey, D-Boy! This doesn't mean
that I trust you, got that?

I believe in him, though.


D-Boy! Come back after, okay!

You're coming back to Earth with us!


Get out of here!


Come no matter what, D-Boy!

Tekkaman Blade, I swear I'm going
to finish you off this time.


Damn it! So it's not working, after all.

Let's wait for D-Boy.

I don't trust him.

Don't worry.



Okay, okay.

What's going on?

The Blue Earth is moving!

It's D-Boy!

It's D-Boy who's moving the Blue Earth!


Once we're out of the spaceport, I'll
open the auxiliary vernier all the way.


I'm not going to let you get away!

Go to hell, Tekkaman Blade!

Tekkaman Dagger!


I'll bring D-Boy back!

Aki! We don't know yet if he's on our
side, or the enemy's.

We can't take such a dangerous guy with us.

But he got the Blue Earth to launch
just like he promised, right?

Our mission is to take D-Boy
back to Earth with us, isn't it?


We can win now! For sure!

That weapon's all we need to defeat them!

Cold as ice... my motherland...

Tell me the reason for your sorrow.

Will there never be an end to this battle?

I don't need any sweet dreams right now.

Ah... I'm going to rip out the pages of

my memory until yesterday...

Ah... And search for the
path beyond these tears.

The Allied Defense Force has its
sights set on Tekkaman Blade.

They are demanding that
D-Boy be turned over to them.

What will Freeman do?

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Knight Tekkaman Blade...

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