Uchû no kishi Tekkaman Burêdo (1994–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Tenkakeru chojin - full transcript

Somebody's wounded soul is

burning in the lonely sky.

And eyes that have never known love...

seek the reason hidden in the dark.

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Tekkaman Blade

Just hold me close,
and tell me how you feel.

As tears fall from your eyes for no reason

Love is endless violence...
and this entire world...

will be embraced by its last brilliance.

Ah... Who needs yesterday...

Allied Earth Calendar

Year: 192


I will crush your evil ambition
right here in outer space!

You can count on that!


Readings for atmospheric pressure
and composition are normal...

with zero radioactivity.

No problems with the environment detected.

I can hardly believe
I'm looking at Earth...

You'd think it was a different planet.

Another city has been lost...

For crying out loud...

If this keeps up, I doubt the human
race will be around much longer.

Why not run off to Mars or someplace
together before it's too late?


If at least the two of us survive,
mankind won't die out, see?

You and I can be the next Adam and Eve...

What do you say?

We're on duty right now, Noal!
You're way out of line!

Well, I've always been one
to prepare for the worst.

Besides, how can you go into
battle on an empty stomach?



I don't mind if you play Adam and Eve,
but no snacks if you're not on a picnic.

Aki, you turned on the
transmitter, didn't you?

Listen, Noal. You're to leave the
fighting to the Allied Defense Force.

The Outer Space Development
Organization's mission is...

alien research and analysis.

Do you hear me, Noal?

Yes, of course!

My dear Chief Freeman!

There's no need for
your insincere flattery.

Right, sir!

Give it your all, Noal. Victory!


But that's...

Tekkaman Dagger!

We've finished collecting data.

All we have to do now is
gather organism samples.


But why would the aliens spread these
plants on the land they invaded?

Who knows?

Maybe they're planning to turn the
whole Earth into a potato field!

Taking advantage of the fact we
don't stand a chance against them...

I'll bet they're dreaming of a giant
potato field in the sky right now!


I guess you're history.


Go to hell!

Goodbye, Blade.

No way am I gonna die now!

It's not...

It's not...

It's not time for me to die yet!

What the?

Aki! Are you all right?


What's going on?

I don't know.

It might be a meteor,
or else they're attacking...

Anyway, let's go check it out.


Man, that was some explosion.

But it looks like it was a meteor.

Yeah, probably.

I doubt it was aliens because they'd
never smash up their own plants.

But judging from the damage,
even a single ant couldn't have survived.


What's the matter, Aki?

I'm sure I saw...


Is that an alien?

A human being?

Hey, Aki!

Could he...

Could he really be human?

So, this is the man you
rescued from the crater?


But it's hard to believe that
he survived that explosion.

Milly, how's our guest doing?

He'll be fine.
His wounds are serious but not fatal.

I see.

Oh, looks like he's awake now.

Thank goodness!


Don't move!

Are you Radam or Earthlings?

Answer me!

Radam? What are those?

The Radam are aliens!
They've occupied the Orbital Ring.

Jeez, did you exchange business
cards with them or what?

You must still be half-asleep!

All right, so you're not the Radam.

Where am I, then?

This is the headquarters of the
Outer Space Development Organization.

Outer Space Development Organization!

What do you mean, perfect?

Come on, let go of Milly!

Serves you right!

Isn't it good manners to tell someone
your name when you first meet them?


I don't remember my name.
I've forgotten it.


Who's in charge here?

I am.

I have a favor to ask of you.

A favor?


I want you to let me use
one of your spaceships!

Huh? What's going on?

Alien life-forms have
landed somewhere on Earth.

Dammit, so the invasion's begun!

Listen, you! Come with me!

What is that place?

It's Jones Base, part of the
Allied Defense Force in Australia.

Just as I feared,
they're utterly defenseless.


Please, give me one of your spaceships!

A spaceship?

What are you talking about?

There's no other way to
get through this crisis!


Are you an Earthling?

Well, isn't that obvious?

In that case, you should know there
are no spaceships on Earth anymore!

But I thought at least one
would be available here...

And if we did have one, what would you do?

The Radam...

The Radam have launched a
large-scale descent to Earth.

What you saw just now was
only their advance troops.

I know it won't be long before
their main force lands on Earth.

That's why we've got to
destroy them in space first!

Don't give us that crap!

But I'm telling the truth!


Why do you know the name of the enemy?

Or rather, even if what you say is
true, what good could you do...

if you went out there?

I have no time to explain that now!

I mean, we do have one, but...


Where is it?

Tell me! Where is it?

Tell me, please!

It's in Hangar No. 3 on the 8th sub level.

No! Noal, Aki, stop him!

Emergency! Emergency!

Stop the intruder heading for Hangar No. 3!

I repeat, stop the intruder
heading for Hangar No. 3!

That idiot!

The Blue Earth has no weapons.
Once it goes into space it'll be finished.

Jeez, that guy's a freakin' D-Boy!


You know, Dangerous Boy.

Where's Hangar No. 3?

I'm choking!

Are you the intruder?


Ugh! Damn you!

You wanna end up like him, too?

No... never!

Where is Hangar No. 3?

Well, uh, turn to the left
at the end of the hall and...

then go right and
then, uh, go straight...


Try not to get yourself killed, now!

Is this it?

Is that guy serious?

Let's go!

Damn him, so he went ahead and did it, huh?

The Orbital Ring, huh?

Damn you! Orbital Ring, my ass!

You've got a lot of nerve!
Turn back right now!

Hey! Did you hear what I said?

It's a laser attack!

Don't you have any weapons?


Who do you think you are?

Magnetic shield... on!

What's that?

Dammit, they're coming!

Hey, it's up to you now!

What did you say?

Cut the crap! You think you can
just do whatever you feel like?

We can't go back now.

Do as I say if you don't want to die!

Hold on! Where are you going?

You idiot! We're in outer space.
Step outside and you're dead!

I won't die.

Or maybe I should say I can't die!


Lock the outside hatch and cut off
the master circuits of the rear unit!



What the hell is that?


Tekkaman Blade!

Look ahead, Noal!



He transformed! I don't believe it!

Here I come, Radam!

Cold as ice... my motherland...

Tell me the reason for your sorrow.

Will there never be an end to this battle?

I don't need any sweet dreams right now.

Ah... I'm going to rip out the pages of

my memory until yesterday...

Ah... And search for the
path beyond these tears.

Noal confronts D-Boy after seeing
him turn into Tekkaman Blade.

What is his true identity?

Tekkaman Dagger's shadow looms...

Space Knight Tekkaman Blade,
next episode, "The Lonely Warrior".

Next Episode

The Lonely Warrior

Brush away those tears
underneath your mask!