Uchû no kishi Tekkaman Burêdo (1994–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Boeigun no yabo - full transcript

Somebody's wounded soul is

burning in the lonely sky.

And eyes that have never known love...

seek the reason hidden in the dark.

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Tekkaman Blade

Just hold me close,
and tell me how you feel.

As tears fall from your eyes for no reason

Love is endless violence...
and this entire world...

will be embraced by its last brilliance.

Ah... Who needs yesterday...

In the year 192 according to
the Allied Earth Calendar...

mankind is on the brink of extinction.

The Orbital Ring was built to
realize mankind's dream of...

venturing to other
planets, but it has...

been occupied by mysterious
alien life-forms called the Radam.

Trapped on the ground, mankind has...

no way of avoiding the
attacks from the Orbital Ring.

The land has been gutted,
and cities have been destroyed.

Earth is steadily heading toward ruin.


You mean you both believe what
that guy said? Change one card.

You bet I do! I'd totally let
Tekkaman have his way with me!

I'm gonna change two!

In your case, it's more a matter
of being in love than trusting him.

Oh, can you tell?

The way he shines is beautiful and
sensuous. That masculine chest...

and that waist, both sharp and graceful.

Oh, I'm ready to burst!

I wish D-Boy would just stay
in Tekkaman form all the time!

He's the ideal man for a
mecha-freak queer like you, huh?

What was that?

So, how about you?

True, there's a lot we
don't know about D-Boy.

And there are robots who look just like
Tekkaman on the other side. Even so...

I think it's okay to trust D-Boy.

He's right. There's no way a
cutie like him could be evil!

Man, you're both too trusting!
All right, let's call this!

I've got queens, three of a kind!

I've got kings, three of a kind!

Oh, shoot.

Hang on.

Uh-uh, no way.

None of that, now!
No easy outs in competition, you know.

What the hell? You've got a joker?

He has four of a kind!

That's right!

Now do you two understand?

Trusting someone is the same
as digging your own grave.

It's the same in poker...


Hey, D-Boy, why don't you join us?
It's really fun!

You're just wasting your
time, asking him to join in.


Told you so!

That boy... you can feel the
loneliness coming off his back.

How about another hand?


D-Boy, there's something that
I'd really like you to know.

Look at this!

This area has already been covered
with Radam plants and Radam trees.

It's not just here, either.

Most of the major cities
here on Earth have been...


After the Radam monsters
descend to Earth...

destroying anything that gets in
their way, they transform into plants.

That's the Radam invasion technique.

They began by invading overpopulated areas.

Or perhaps... breeding would be a
more accurate term than invading.

Now most of the major cities in the
world are covered with Radam trees.

We still don't know why the
Radam are breeding in this way.

All we know about them is, so far,
they haven't harmed any humans yet.

But there's no telling when they might
start harming people... no, the Earth!

Before that happens, we must find a
way to eliminate them at any cost!

But we have no idea how to...

D-Boy, don't just sit in silence!
Say something, will you?

The earth's in so much danger!
Don't you feel anything at all?

What do you want me to do?

I... I just want you to know...

how much danger the Earth is in,
as a comrade of the Space Knights.



You have no right to call me one
of your Space Knight comrades.


I'm the only one who can
take on the Radam monsters.

You guys should just do whatever I
say to help me out... nothing more.

Comrade, huh?

It looks beautiful, but...

But this is...

What's the matter, Aki?

I didn't want you to see me like this...

Aki, don't tell me your hometown
was destroyed by the Radam?

It's completely covered by Radam trees now.

These Radam trees are a
sign of tragedy for mankind.

Researching the Radam trees
is my way of fighting back.


Is there anything I can do to help you?


All right, this is the last game!

I'm not playing anymore!

Come on, baby!

Hey old man,
but you've got nothing left to bet!

I've got something for
emergencies like this!

This is a rare antique watch,
you won't find it anywhere else.

It's pretty cool!

How about I bet this against
everything you won from me?

All right, I accept your offer.

You lost your memory,
but you remember how to operate computers.

Uh, yes...

There's something called the Object-naming
Exam, for those who've lost...

their memory to learn the names
of objects and how to use them.

The way you're functioning now,
your memory will return in time. I'm sure!

Yeah, I think so too...

Is it another Radam attack?

We've spotted an unidentified
flying object in the stratosphere.

Space Knights, mobilize immediately
and investigate this object.

If it has anything to do with the
Radam, you're authorized to destroy it.

But, don't forget about the
"Devils of the stratosphere"!

Devils of the Stratosphere?

Look at this.

They're flying Radam monsters
that show up in the stratosphere.

Those are the ones you
don't want to run into!

Go now, Space Knights!



Damn you, Noal...

Look at this, Aki, isn't this something?

This is the antique quartz watch
that I won from Old Man Honda.

Aki, when one hand overlaps the
other at midnight, you and I will...

Launch preparations completed.

We're counting on you, Tekkaman!

That's a considerable number.

Target due to enter the
stratosphere in 10 seconds.

Oh, God! Please give Tekkaman strength!

We're going into the stratosphere now!
Target confirmed!

Is that it?

Jeez! From where I sit,
no way is that a creature of this earth!

An unidentified flying object is
approaching quickly from behind!

There it is! A Devil of the Stratosphere!

D-Boy, good luck with this one!


Hah! I thought you said you're the
only one who can take on the Radam!

That's right.

I'm the only one who can fight them...

Aki, be ready for an emergency
retreat at any moment!

Just in case D-Boy betrays us.

You still don't trust D-Boy?

No, I don't.


Tekkaman Blade!

Tekka Lancer!

The target appears to be
spiraling together with D-Boy.

It's about to leave the stratosphere!

Looks like it's all he can do to hang on.
It's a test of wills between the two.

D-Boy, hang on!

This is going to take a while.
We didn't bring any extra food.

Noal, let's join D-Boy in battle.

How can we fight when this ship
doesn't even have a single laser?




He's never struggled this much before.



D-Boy! Noal, something's wrong with D-Boy!

He said he's the only
one who can fight them.

If you help him, he'll be furious.

This isn't good...
I've got to do something.



What's that?

What the?


That's the castle where
the Demons of the Sky live.

Why isn't he fighting back?
Is he taking a break or something?

What are you doing?

D-Boy, come back,
you've got to come back right away!

Noal, make a hard turn! Back to base!

Turning at top speed!


Man, I don't believe this! He brought
a whole crowd of Radam with him!

Are you all right? D-Boy?

Damn you! How dare you come back
here after fleeing the battle!

This isn't the time for that!

Hang on, D-Boy!


Hey, Aki! Ow...




Hey, Aki! Pull yourself together!

Aki! Pull yourself together!

Pretty handy,
even an antique watch like this.

How dare you injure my comrade!

Your comrade?

Just as I thought,
you're a dangerous boy after all.

Take a good look, dammit!

Aki believed you were a comrade...
now see what you've done to her!

Her comrade?

Aki believed you were a comrade...
now see what you've done to her!

Aki believed you were a comrade...
now see what you've done to her!

Cold as ice... my motherland...

Tell me the reason for your sorrow.

Will there never be an end to this battle?

I don't need any sweet dreams right now.

Ah... I'm going to rip out the pages of

my memory until yesterday...

Ah... And search for the
path beyond these tears.

Because he feels responsible for
putting Aki into critical condition...

D-Boy makes a do-or-die decision.

What is Tekkaman's vulnerability,
which he reveals for the first time?

Next episode of Space
Knight Tekkaman Blade...

"Kill Me!"

Brush away those tears
underneath your mask!

Kill Me!