Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 5 - Episode #2.5 - full transcript

Leland's arraignment is held at the Roadhouse where Judge Sternwood releases him on his own recognizance. Judge Sternwood also rules that Leo Johnson is not competent to stand trial for the sawmill fire. Meanwhile, Donna enlists Maddy's help to help her steal Laura's secret diary away from Harold Smith. Elsewhere, Bobby and Shelly plan to makeover her house to assist Leo's return to take bed-care of him, while Mr. Pinkle gets stuck in a mechanical device showing them how to work it. Cooper figures out that Audrey is being held captive at One-Eyed Jacks and asks Truman to help him sneak into the place to rescue her. Hank is ordered by Ben Horne to follow Cooper to make sure he delivers the ransom money and gets Audrey back. Big Ed brings the crazy and delusional Nadine home from the hospital. At One-Eyed Jacks, Jean Renault plots with Blackie's sister, Nancy, to steal the ransom money for themselves after it is delivered. Also, the mysterious Japanese businessman, Mr. Tojamura, approaches Ben and offers him a $5 million check for the purchase of Ghostwood Estates. Andy, covering for Lucy desk job while she's on vacation in Tacoma, learns that he is not sterile after all.

Diane, it's 6:42 a.m.

Rough sleep.

I had dreamt I was eating a large,
tasteless gumdrop.

I awoke to realize
that I was aggressively munching

on one of my Air-Pillow
silicone earplugs.

Hence the tastelessness.

Perhaps I should keep a closer eye
on my after-dinner coffee consumption.

Persistent soreness in the rib area,

which I'm treating each morning with
15 extra minutes of yogic discipline.

After which, thankfully,
the pain retreats to a cul-de-sac

in a distant suburb
of my conscious mind.

I'm going to begin today
with a headstand.

Diane, I am now upside down.

Mind becoming porous.

The day's tasks coming into focus.
Objects growing clearer.

Diane, the Giant was right.
I did forget something.

"I've gone north. Jack may have
the answer. Love, Audrey."

Hey. Thought we'd lost you
to the Kalispell woods.

Two retired female schoolteachers
live in that house next to the Palmers.

They have no memory
of a gray-haired man.

I had to drink three pots
of chamomile tea to find that out.

- Hmm.
- Which reminds me.

Would you excuse me for a minute?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

Mm. Keep looking for the
one-armed man. We gotta find him.

Excuse me, sheriff,
I just wanted to say goodbye

because, as you know,
I'm going down to Tacoma for two days

to visit my sister Gwen
and her husband, Larry,

who had a baby last week.

- Right.
- That is, Gwen had the baby.

Larry's the father.
You remember? It was a boy.

Well, anyway, as soon as
the Can-Do temp girl gets here,

I'll explain the phones
and the coffee and the intercom...

- Lucy, it's okay.
- And the wag...

We got it covered.

No, she should've
been here by now.

- I can stay and at least show her...
- Lucy, don't worry. Just go.

Sometimes the Can-Do girls can't.

- But, sheriff...
- We got it covered.

Have a safe trip, Lucy.

Thank you.

- Morning, Coop.
- Harry.

What is the word
on our delivery tonight?

We won't need it.
We've got the jump on them.

I know where Audrey is.

You see, the Port-O-Patient
will allow you to fluently, uh, transport

the unfortunate Mr. Johnson,

uh, allowing him to even go outside,

and sit and experience
what he can of nature.

- Mr. Pinkle, I want my cousin Leo
- Mm-hm?

To have the fullest possible
experience of life.

Well, that's what we're here for. Heh.
Okay, let's give it one more.

Mr. Pinkle,
are you gonna install the ramp?

Well, sure, of course, of course.

Uh, as a matter of fact,
I already have some...

Some plywood ramp...

Pinewood ramp boards
that I'll install tomorrow. Absolutely.

That's a very good suggestion.
Now, I think we are ready to go.

Finally. There we go. All right?

That's a new wrinkle.

I can't believe it. It was working
just so perfectly yesterday.

Come on. Come on...

You gotta be tough with this thing.
You gotta hit it hard.

A machine is like a woman, we always
say at the machine shop. Come on.

Oh, Bobby, are you okay?

Shelly, could you get Mr. Pinkle
a cold drink, please?

A diet soda, please.
That would be great.

Pinkle, Pinkle, Pinkle.

This thing is a death trap.
I told you we have to keep him alive.

The insurance companies
don't exactly pay off like the slots.

After we take our cuts,

we had only money for this
or a first-rate wheelbarrow.

Oh, thank you very much.

Oh, thanks a lot.


- I've gotta meet Leo's lawyer.
- The hearing's today, right?

Be just another second, folks.


...are we okay?

Oh, that's it.
Come and take a look. You can see it.

It works just fine.

Come outside with me.

He can let himself out.

Bobby, we're doing real good.
Okay, that's enough. Um...

Bobby? Uh...

Bob, Bob, I can't reach the switch.
Bobby, I've got a problem here.

Mr. Palmer has pleaded not guilty

to the charge
of murder in the first degree.

The defense has requested bail.

This pre-trial hearing is to determine
whether that bail will be granted.

Mr. Prosecutor.

We, the people
of the State of Washington,

move the defendant be denied bail.

On the basis of one,

the great seriousness of the crime
for which he has been accused.

Two, the apparently
premeditated nature of this act.

And three, the oft-witnessed
instability of Mr. Palmer

during the period
following the death of his daughter.

Sheriff Truman will speak
for the defense.

Your Honor,

Leland Palmer
is a well-known, well-liked,

well-respected member
of this community.

His roots go way back.

His grandfather, Joshua Palmer,

brought the family here
more than 75 years ago.

Your Honor, no one can know

what it's like to lose a daughter
the way Leland did.

That's all.

Thank you, sheriff.

Mr. Lodwick, would you care?

I thought I might sell this
to the Gazette.

They seem to like
courtroom sketches.

Yeah, why don't you try
for a little more face than that?

High standing in the community,

and the pristine nature of his public...

Just an idea.

Good. Thanks, sheriff.

The defendant is released
on his own recognizance.

Now, Leland,

as you know,
I will require you to remain in town

and making your whereabouts
known to the sheriff

on a regular basis.

Sid, check the calendar,

and we'll set a date
for Mr. Palmer's trial

as soon as possible.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Thank you.

Oh, mm.

So, what's behind those
deep blue eyes today?

I've got a proposition for you.

I'll share my life with you.
I'll tell it to you.

Part of your living novel...

...if you let me read Laura's diary.

It's intriguing.

I'll read it to you.

But it mustn't physically
leave this room.


- You'll start?
- Of course.

A bargain has been struck.

Donna Hayward.

- Begin.
- All right.

I'm from Twin Peaks.
Actually, I was born here.

My father delivered me.
He's a doctor.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Boston.

Well, actually, I grew up in books.

There's things
you can't get in books.

There are things
you can't get anywhere.

But we dream
they can be found in other people.


Maybe our dreams are real.

My turn.

What are you doing?

Maybe I'll read it out here
on the lawn.


We've only just started.

Why don't you come with me?

Come on.
What's there to be afraid of?

Come on.


Give that back to me.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

The defense will continue
with its evidence.

If you would, Mr. Racine.

You can see from these EEGs,

this chart here,
which is actually of my own head,

is intended to show
normal brain activity.

Objection to the use
of the word "normal," Your Honor.

Well, he's close enough.

Objection overruled.

This chart here is of Mr. Johnson
and shows minimal activity.

A previously submitted
medical report

states that Mr. Johnson
has suffered diffuse brain damage.

He doesn't currently
even have the perspicacity

to take the standard CST
competency test.

We therefore submit

that trying this individual

would constitute a mockery
of the justice system.

A proceeding that
the unfortunate young man

would not even faintly comprehend.

Mr. Prosecutor.

I know Leo Johnson
isn't in very good shape.

On the surface, it might seem
ridiculous to make him stand trial.

But the trial does more
than just punish the wrongdoer.

It also brings a feeling of justice
and retribution to a community.

Among the various crimes
Leo Johnson is suspected of,

the murder of Laura Palmer is the sort
that can wound an entire town.

As long as Leo Johnson
carries a breath,

- All right.
- he is as eminently deserving of a trial

as this community is
of a sense of resolution!

All right.

Now, have a seat, Mr. Lodwick.

Now, you fellas
can catch your breath.

I, uh, am going to need to deliberate.

Mr. Cooper, Sheriff Truman,

if I could have the pleasure
of your company.

Sid, can you fix us up with three
black Yukon sucker punches?

Yes, Your Honor.

Lodwick really planted his feet
and looked it in the eye.

I didn't expect him to press
on the murder charge.

Cooper, is Leo Johnson our man?

No, sir. I don't believe he is.

Harry, what's the temperature
of the town?

Do they want a trial or a lynching?

They want the right man
brought to justice.

Well, they don't need a circus.

And this poor bastard,

he seems to be a heady cabbage.

Thoughts, Cooper?

I feel the killer
will eventually be apprehended.

You have to watch these.
They sneak up on you.

I'm gonna declare Leo Johnson

to be not competent to stand trial.

And when medically possible,
that he be shipped home.

Harry, uh, do you wanna tell
the little lady yourself?

Thanks, Clinton.

- Cooper, how long you been here?
- Twelve days, sir.

- They're not gonna try him.
- No?

Leo is coming home.

I'll advise you to keep your eye
on the woods.

The woods are wondrous here...

...but strange.


Can I get you anything, Nadine?

- Who are you?
- Who am I?

- You go to the high school.
- Well, yeah.

Heh. Yeah, it took me a second.
You're not in any of my classes.

Why don't you sit down, honey?
Let me get you a drink.

Oh, no, I'll get it.

Where are Mom and Dad?

Oh, uh, out of town.



You're a jack and I'm a jack
And Steeplejacks are we


Doc Hayward said
to roll with the punches.

Have you thought about maybe
taking her to see Dr. Jacoby?

No, he's in Hawaii
recovering from that heart attack.

It just came right off.

Mr. Tojamura is here.

Mister who?

Excuse me. Uh...

- Do you have an appointment, Mr?
- Tojamura.

I represent Asian investment bank.

We have superior offer

for Ghostwood Project.

I have commitment letters
from Tokyo banks

prepared to move immediately.

This all sounds very interesting,

but unfortunately, I have an important
conference call in a couple of minutes.

I have prospectus...

Perhaps some other time.
...and taste.


Million? Ah.

Leave these.
Let my people have a look at them.

Point of visit.

Cooper's on his way.

Your call from Canada, Mr. Horne.

- Is that our call?
- Yes.

You pushed it pretty close.

Benjamin Horne.

Are you ready to play?


- I wanna talk to my daughter.
- That can wait for tonight.

One time. Across the border,

five miles east of Grand Forks,
on the road to Castlegar,

is a bar called the Columbian.

Behind it
is a failed amusement park.

Go to the merry-go-round.

Leave the briefcase
beside the horse with no head,

at midnight, alone.

I'll be sending my representative.

Serialized denominations,
as you instructed.

My daughter's life is in your hands.

Stay by a phone.

Follow him.

Make sure that he and the money
are neatly delivered.

- Bring Audrey back.
- Cooper's not bringing her back?

Cooper isn't coming back.

If you can manage it,

bring back Audrey
and the briefcase.

Five million dollars.

Now, that's a good day's work.

All right,
once you're in Harold's apartment,

move as fast as you can.

This is scary.

Laura's diary is in a secret shelf
at the very bottom of the bookcase,

behind a row of fake books.

Now, I think that there's a doohickey
on the right-hand side

that somehow lets the shelf
slide out and down.

All the notebooks look the same,
except for Laura's.

Hers is smaller with a red cover.

How are you gonna get him
to go outside?

Not outside,
just out of the front room.

Then I'll signal you with the flashlight
through the window.

The door will be open.

I thought you liked this guy.

I do.


Cooper hands me the briefcase.

I take it...

What about Ben Horne?

Well, he give up control
of One-Eyed Jack's.

It's yours.

With his daughter dead?

You know, you love a good steak

but you don't want to know
how it got on your plate.

You must be serious about
your business, Blackie.

How are you gonna do the girl?


- Does the girl sleep?
- Dreamland.

Come, come, come. Come to me.

In the other room,
the girl dreams of fishes

and dark lakebeds
and tangle weeds.

What about Blackie?

- I've waited long enough.
- We have our fun tonight.


Kiss me.

Right. Okay. Bye.

Laboratory Services.

I'm calling for some test results.

Doc Hayward said
I could just call you up and...

- Yes, what test was it for, sir?
- What's it for?

Yes, please, sir.

It was for a semen's analysis.
Brennan, Andy.

- I'm sorry, I can't hear you, sir.
- Sorry. Brennan, Andy.

Oh, the doctor's analysis
is oligospermia, sir.

Yes, could you go slower.
I wanna write all this down.

- Oligospermia.
- "Oligospermia."

- That's right.
- That sounds terrible.

- I have that?
- No, sir. You had that.

Oh, I had it.

- It means too few sperms.
- "Too few sperms."

Very good, sir.

You mean I'm cured?

Uh, the doctor says
they're not just three men on a...

"Doc says they're not just
three men on a fishing trip,

- They're a whole damn town.
- they're a whole damn town."

- That's right, sir. Do you understand?
- Yeah, I know what it means.

It means they're not really real
people, they're...

- I'm sorry, sir, I've got another call.
- Oh, okay. Thank you.

- You're welcome, sir.
- Thank you very much.

I'm a whole damn town!

I'm a whole damn town.


Don't ask.

Where were we?

Okay, main bar
and greeting room here.

Casino and get-acquainted room.

- What's this, Blackie's office?
- We'll find out when we get there.

The one-armed man is staying in
the Robin's Nest Motel on Highway 9.

Nobody's seen him for at least
a day, a day and a half.

The room looks lived-in.

I found this.

Same drug as last time.

A weird, deep smell.

We're still waiting on Albert's analysis.
Good work, Hawk.

Hawk, see you in the morning.


We'll approach through the woods
to the rear door.

Inside are stairs leading down
to the working rooms.

My guess is,
that's where Audrey's being held.

What kind of muscle do they have?

A couple of floor men in the casino,
probably more in the back.

Let's go get her.

- Good night, Andy.
- See you in the morning, Andy.

Good work.

"Gwen and Larry."

Adam's Abortion Clinic.

Hi, is Lucy...? What?

Adam's Abortion Clinic.

Oh, my God.

Can I get a cup of coffee to go?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Large, please.

- So you seen Donna today?
- No, sorry.

- You?
- No.

- So, what's with the coffee?
- Coffee?

It's for Uncle Leland.

You don't have coffee at home?

James, I can't talk now.

- I need to go.
- You need to go?

- Where are you going?
- Home. Bye, James.

Donna Hayward.

March 7th, Tuesday.
Second session.

Dear diary...

Uh, this is from a long time ago.
Is that okay?

I was about 13 years old, 14 maybe.

Me and Laura put on our tightest,
shortest skirts. Too tight.

But Laura talked me into it.

We were going to the Roadhouse
to meet boys.

Their names are

Josh, Rick and Tim.

They're about 20 years old.

And they're nice to us.

And they make us feel
like we're older.

Rick asks if we wanna go party.

And Laura says, yes.

And all of a sudden, I feel this knot
building up in my stomach.

But when Laura gets in the truck
with Rick, I go anyway.

Stream in the woods.

Full moon, I think.

It's pale and light out.

Laura starts to dance
around the boys.

She begins to move her hips...

...back and forth.

Rick starts to clap, but Tim doesn't
do anything, he just watches.

Somehow, that makes me angry.

So I say, "Let's go skinny-dipping."

We take off our clothes.

I know the boys are watching.

Laura starts to kiss Josh and Rick.

I don't know what to do.

So I swim away.

I feel like I wanna run, but I don't.

Tim swims out to me.

He kisses my hand...

...and then me.

I can still feel that kiss.

His lips are warm and sweet.

My heart jumps.

He's talking to me,
but I can't hear him.

Only the kiss.

I never saw him again.

It was the first time I ever fell in love.

That's all.

That was beautiful, Donna.

I got him.


Wait here, Harry.

No. Dead end.

- Two.
- Audrey?

Not such a bad way to go,
all things considered.

No, no. It's beautiful.

- Is she alone?
- Nancy's with her.

What does she do for you I can't?

Well, something new.

Most people imagine orchids
growing in exotic, steamy places.

But you can grow them anywhere.

It's all basically a matter
of water and light, isn't it?

It's beautiful.

Here, look.

See, humidity is paramount.
Well, the control of it, I mean.

Too much moisture
is an invitation to disease.

Three sepals and three petals.

The bottom petal,
shaped like a lower lip,

is called a labellum.

So delicate.

Well, it's the landing platform,
really, for pollinating insects.

Romantic, isn't it?

Will you excuse me a minute?


Would you take me
to Audrey Horne, please?

- I don't think she's available.
- Let's double-check.

It's not my idea, okay?

You're nothing but meat on a hook
to these people.

Shut up.

Audrey, can you hear me?

Mm... Who...?

My prayers.

Audrey, I'm gonna take you
out of here now.


When you leave me with a kiss.

That's the way you want it,
that's fine.

Drop the gun.


Now, turn around.

Good thing you guys
can't keep a secret.

Good throw.

There's been gunfire.

Truman and Cooper are leaving
with your daughter.

Now, who can this be?

Monsieur Lodwick. DA's office, eh?

- Is something wrong?
- No.

You just frightened me, that's all.

Uh, come here.

Tell me about this orchid. This one.

Harold, no, you don't understand.



Are you looking for secrets?

Is that what all this is about?

Well, maybe I can help you.

Do you know
what the ultimate secret is?

You want to know?

Laura did.

The secret of knowing who killed you.