Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

Cooper and Sheriff Truman arrest Leland after he confesses that he was the one who murdered Jacques Renault in his hospital bed as well as the one who attacked Dr. Jacoby that night under the delusion that he was protecting Laura. Andy asks Dr. Hayward about taking a sperm test to see if he really is sterile. Hank Jennings asks Norma to spruce up the Double R Diner when news circulates that a shadowy travel writer and food critic named M.T. Wentz, whom no one has ever met, may be coming to Twin Peaks. Meanwhile, Jean Renault delivers a videotape of the captive Audrey to Ben Horne and demands a $100,000 ransom for her return and he wants Cooper to be the drop-off man. Upon returning to One-Eyed Jacks, Renault murders Emory Battis for treating the captive Audrey badly. Cooper asks Truman to help him with investigating Audrey's kidnapping. Donna continues to meet with Harold Smith who shows her Laura Palmer's secret diary which she gave to him for safekeeping, which increases Donna's interest. Josie returns to Twin Peaks claiming to have been in Seattle on business where she learns from Pete that Catherine died in the sawmill fire. Jose also refuses to give Trueman an explanation about where she was during this time. Also, a mysterious Japanese businessman, named Mr. Tojamura, checks into the Great Northern Hotel. The mysterious Asian man, identifying himself as Jonathan Lee, Josie's cousin from Hong Kong, meets with Josie and informs her that her job in Twin Peaks of collecting the insurance from the sawmill fire is nearly done and that their boss wants them back in Hong Kong soon. Jonathan also beats up Hank Jennings for threatening Josie.






Daddy. Daddy. Leland.




You have the right to an attorney.

I waive that right.

I'm gonna ask you some questions.

Anything you say may be held
against you in a court of law.

Do you understand?

Yes, of course, I do.

On Friday morning, March 3rd,

did you go
to Calhoun Memorial Hospital?


Why did you go there?

I was looking for someone.

Who were you looking for?

The man who killed my daughter.

Did you know his name?


Yes. I do now.

Jacques Renault.

What made you think
he killed Laura?

You arrested him.


...did you kill Jacques Renault?

He killed my Laura.

Have you ever experienced

absolute loss?

I doubt that any one of us
is a stranger to grief.

No, more than grief.

It's deep down.


Every cell screams.

You can hear...

...nothing else.


I ki...

I killed him.


Yes, yes, yes.


He'll plead temporary insanity.

We'll need a psychiatric exam.

I'll tell you one thing,
parents should not bury their children.

Anyone who's been through
what Leland has is...

Do you approve of murder,
Dr. Hayward?


Hey, doc.

- How are you, Andy?
- Fine.

Great. Fine.

What's the problem?

It's kind of personal.

I'm your doctor, Andy.

It's about my sperms test.


You know, I flunked.

That's not the precise term for it.

Well, I was just wondering

if it's the kind of test
you can take over.

You know, like a driver's exam.

I mean, I've been wearing boxer shorts
every day just like you told me.

You wanna give it another shot?

Yes, sir. I would.

I'll need to take a sample with me.

- Right now?
- Put it in a brown bag.

I'll wait in the car.


Lucy, I've got
a garbage truck here on...

Oh, shut up.

Our judge arrives this afternoon.

Clinton Sternwood.

Travels the circuit in a Winnebago.

Outdoors enthusiast?

Last of the frontiersmen.

They broke the mold.

I only got bail hearing for Leland
and Leo's competency examination.

Will Leland get bail?

Well, Harry, that's up to
your state prosecutor.

That'd be Daryl Lodwick.

Also on his way.

When do we hear from Hawk?

He called this morning.

Now, the county...

...says nobody
by the name of Robertson

had ever lived
next to the Palmers.

We got a current address
on the last occupants.

We'll check it by afternoon.

- Hey. Watch it, Andy.
- Sorry, Bob.

Oh, my God.

Andy, don't move.

- Where did you get those?
- Don't make me say

where these came from.


Please, Agent Cooper,
this is extremely personal business.

Your boots?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I bought these from Phillip Gerard
yesterday when he was waiting. Sorry.

These are the same brand of boots
we found at Leo Johnson's.

The Giant said
there was a clue out there.

I thought it was the cocaine?

Harry, we've gotta find Phillip Gerard,
the one-armed man.

Can I go now, Agent Cooper?

I don't know how much time I've got.

If you must.

Harry, what's with Lucy?

- Mr. Horne.
- Walk and talk.

This friend of mine works
with the Seattle Post-Dispatch.

Actually, my sister went to college
with her but she's a friend of mine too.

Anyway, she called me this morning
with a hot tip. Top secret.

M.T. Wentz is coming
to Twin Peaks.

M.T. Wentz. M.T. Wentz.

M.T. Wentz, the travel writer.

Yes, M.T. Wentz the travel writer.

Wentz travels incognito,
uses only cash, no credit cards.

Nobody can trace his identity.

Or hers. No one at the paper
even knows who he or she is.

Favorable Wentz review
could be quite useful.

Well, he's coming.
He's coming, he's coming.

Keep an eye on the registration.
I want an hourly update.

- Scrutinize every check.
- Especially if they pay cash.

Not even 9:30 and you have
already done a good day's work.

Oh. Ha-ha. Whoo.

Mr. Horne.

You look well.

- What can I do for you?
- Oh, we've met.

I sell insurance
to the small business.

Like One-Eyed Jack.

Jean Renault.

What's the occasion?

Are my premiums
about to be raised?

No, no. Nothing like that.


You bastard.

- You bastard!
- Make no mistake, Mr. Horne.

I'm just the messenger.

From whom?

They request a large sum of money.

- How much?
- I require something else entirely.

They should bear the cost
of their own middleman.


Number one.

Your business up there

is being run
by pickpockets and fools.

A dollar earned is a dollar stolen.

Are you aware of that?

I have my suspicions.

What you need is a partner.

Someone who can take care
of these little problems.

- I have a partner.
- Okay.

Do you want my help or no?


One more thing.

I want this man
to bring to me the ransom.

This man is an FBI agent.

Do you want your daughter back?

Of course, I want my daughter back

- but I can't...
- Shh.



...FBI man.

This is supposed to be
an equitable exchange.

This could turn out well.


Expect a call tomorrow...


Janet. Ahem.

Find Agent Cooper for me.
It's urgent.

You're kidding?

What's he look like?

Well, you're looking
real pretty today, Donna.

- Thanks.
- Special occasion?

Yeah. I'm having lunch today
with someone I met on my route.

Bedpans and shut-ins.
Who's to meet?

You wouldn't understand.

- Don't spill the soup.
- Thanks, Louie.

Hey, listen to this.

I just got a call from Louie
at the Northern.

M.T. Wentz is coming
to Twin Peaks.

Empty who?

Hank, he's the most powerful
restaurant critic in the state.

- Really?
- Yeah.

And a good review
from him and his Seattle paper

could give us a lot of business.

So she's gonna try to
send him our way.

What's he look like?

Well, nobody knows.
I guess it's a secret.

But he's supposed to be
arriving today.

Then we still got time.

Time for what, Hank?

I'm gonna pick up some flowers

and maybe some candles
and some tablecloths.

And what can we add to the menu?
Some specials maybe.

I always wanted to try
some regional dishes.

Mm! Babe, we're gonna
trick this place out

like Christmas on the Fourth of July.

Oh, and I think
you should give Big Ed a call.

- Why?
- Well...'re still friendly, right?

So maybe this Wentz guy
stops in for gas.

Ed could suggest the Double R
to any new faces he sees.

- I'll call him.
- Good.

You do that.


...what shall we drink to?

To Laura.

In our hearts and memories, locked.

Her diary.

Did I tell you I had it?

- Laura's diary?
- Mm-hm.

Shall I read something from it?

It seems appropriate.

- Please.
- Mm.


"But still I'm afraid to tell her
of my fantasies and my nightmares.

Sometimes she's good
at understanding.

Other times she just giggles
and I don't have the nerve to ask

why things like that
are funny to her.

So I feel badly again
and shut up about it for a long time.

I love Donna very mu...

But sometimes I worry that
she wouldn't be around me at all

if she knew what my insides
were like.

Black and dark
and soaked with dreams of...

...big, big men and different ways
that they might hold me

and take me into their control."

I'm sorry.

No, don't be.

I... I was just, I mean...

I mean, if that's evidence,
shouldn't we give that to the sheriff?


I mean...

I've... I've read this
from cover to cover, Donna,

and there are no solutions here.


...she gave it to me.


People come to me
and tell me their stories

about the world outside.

I take their stories
and place them

in a larger context.

A sort of living novel.

Who tells you?

Oh, friends.


Well, maybe, someday, you will too.

You were right.

Her kidnappers contacted me
this morning.

Damn me, but you were right.

Why didn't you alert the sheriff?

They'll kill her at first sign of police
involvement. That's why I called you.

That's no reason to circumvent
normal channels.

Normal channels won't bring
my daughter back to me alive.

You and Audrey...

You have a special relationship.

You, of all people,

understand her value to me.

They wanna make
the exchange tomorrow.


...for $125,000.


But I must ask you.

Will you take it there?


Oh, Pete.

So sorry.

Yeah, me too.

You know, I...

...keep thinking about Andrew.

What he would have done
about the fire.

Thank goodness Catherine was here
to handle everything.

What is it?


Catherine died in the fire.

God, no.

Oh, Pete.


We're planning a service...

...but they haven't found the body.

Oh, Pete.

In a couple of days we'll go ahead.

I don't know exactly
what we'll be burying.

Right this way. Come on,
dreamboat. Daddy's waiting.

Come on.

Miss Horne was a very bad girl,
refusing to take her medicine.

- Please.
- Weren't you, Miss Horne?



have you been mistreated?

- He hit me.
- Ah.

I did not hit her.

If that's what you're thinking, I didn't.

That was wrong.

It will never happen again
as long as you're with me.

Do you understand?

I spoke with your father
this morning.

You're in no danger.

Everything going to be fine.

You do trust me.

Don't you, Audrey?

You see, Audrey,

in a situation like this,

you have to handle yourself
in a professional manner.

We're all reasonable people
and what you discover

is that something reasonable
can always be worked out

whenever reasonable people
just put their minds...

Tsk, tsk, tsk.



Lucy, we need to talk.

Deputy Brennan,

I thought you preferred
the company of your magazine?


Maybe you'd better get some air.


I think we're at the point where
it would be healthier for everyone

if you got whatever was
bothering you out in the open.

Andy and I used to go out.

That much I gathered.

For a year and a half until I started
to notice things about him.

They weren't big things,
they were little things.

He never exercises.

He never washes his car
and he doesn't even own a sports coat.

Uh-huh. Well, did you do
something about this?

Well, after I watched this TV show,
I decided I needed some me time

during which
we didn't see each other.

During which period
I met Dick Tremayne.

Horne's Department Store,
Men's Fashions.

He had lots of coats and keeps himself
and his car in great shape.

Most of his behavior was asinine,

but at least he was different.

Are you still seeing this Dick?


Lucy, do you wanna get
back together with Andy?

I don't know.

Well, Lucy, can you tell me exactly
what you do want?

I don't know.

Sorry, Harry, I was trying to help.

Well, it was a good thought.

But it's like trying to fix
those potholes over on Highway 9.

First heavy rain and pfft.

You've been down this road before?

Sure have.


I've got a dangerous situation.

I've examined every possible angle

and I believe
there's only one way to proceed.

I need a favor, strictly between us.

What's up?

I need one of the Bookhouse Boys.
Your best man.

It would be better
if you didn't know why.

Cooper, I've steered clear
when you asked me to.

Is there anything I need to know
about this one?

Absolutely not.

I'll set it up.

Nine-thirty at the Roadhouse.

Thanks, Harry.

- It must be him.
- Here we go.

Good evening, sir,
welcome to the Double R Diner.

Thanks, could I have a booth?

Of course, right this way.

We have two very delicious
specials this evening...

I'm sure you do but I'll have
a cheeseburger, medium,

a Coke and some fries.

Very good.

Excuse me, Toad?

Why don't we finish this up
in the kitchen?

- Mm. Mm-mm.
- There you go.

Get in the back
and don't touch anything.

He only wanted a cheeseburger.

It must be some kind of
food-critic trick.

- You think so?
- Absolutely, yeah. I think...



Oh, right this way, sir.

We just finished painting it
and it looks really nice.

It's completely private.
Yeah, follow me.

Oh, sorry.

- Good stuff.
- Toad!

- Toad, get out of my...
- Mm. Whoops.

Thanks for coming.

- I didn't know...
- Know what?

I didn't know if you were mad or not.

I mean, how mad.

I'll survive.

Donna, there's nothing going on
between me and James.

What if there is? I mean,

who said James and I
couldn't see other people?

I certainly didn't.

Are you saying you're seeing
someone else?

Maddy, I need your help.

- How?
- Harold Smith has Laura's diary.

I thought the sheriff
had Laura's diary.

Harold said that Laura kept
a second diary that I didn't know about

and he's got it.


We have to tell James about this.

If Laura did have a secret diary...

...and Harold's got it...

...I'm gonna get it
with or without you.

Tell that to James.

I know I paid too much for it,

but I just fell in love with it.

I heard the salesperson say,

"The only reason
we're still in business

is because Josie Packard
buys retail."

I like it.

- You do?
- I like it, yeah.

- You're so cold.
- Josie.

Josie, I gotta know.
Were you really in Seattle?

Yes, why are you so suspicious?

Look at these boxes.

You think I got them
at Cash and Carry?

Why didn't you tell me
you were going?

You know I had to get away,
I was afraid.

- I know, afraid of Ben and Catherine.
- You know that.

And now Catherine's dead.


- You don't think I...
- I don't know what to think.

- I don't know.
- You think I could burn the mill?

That I would ruin
everything of mine?

There's insurance money.

My God.

How could you?

How could you think
of such terrible things?

How could you hurt me so?

I was just so worried.

I'm sorry.

Hold me.

- Take me.
- Josie.

- I want you to take me.
- Josie.

Josie, why?
Why didn't you tell me?

Tear it.


Tear it.

I want you.

I need you.

I want you

more than my own life.

Hi, good-looking.

Who do you have to grease
to get some coffee around here?

Judge Sternwood.
Hello, Your Honor.

Lucy, you're a cool drink of water

to road-weary eyes.

What's your secret?

I'd rather not talk about it, sir.

Give us a hug?

Ah. Life is hard, dear.

Still and all, it's...

It's harder in most places
than in Twin Peaks.


Sorry I'm late.

Oh, I only just arrived.

Good to see you.

What's her name, Harry?

- What?
- You got the look of a man

with filly trouble, son.

If they don't take the saddle,
you got two options.

- And I won't bore you with either one.
- Harry?

Judge Sternwood,
Special Agent Dale Cooper.


- How are you, lad?
- Your Honor.

You two should have
a lot in common.

Sid will bring in the court calendar
as soon as the Winnebago

is tanked up.

You wanna break the seal
on that Irish you stashed for me?

Right this way.

Mr. Cooper, how do you find
our little corner of this world?

Heaven, sir.

Well, this week, heaven includes

arson, multiple homicides

and an attempt on the life
of a federal agent.

Heaven is a large
and interesting place, sir.



Lucy, I haven't slept.

I can't eat.

I've been absolutely miserable.

You have?

I've been a fool, a cad,
the way I've behaved and I'm...

I'm deeply, deeply ashamed.

You are?

I've been over it in my mind
a million times

and what I've come to is this.

I have to...

No, I must do the right thing.

You must?


It's everything I could
scrape together.

I'm completely knackered.

What is this?

Six hundred and fifty dollars.

I've called around.

I've been told
it's more than adequate.

For what?

For the...

To take care of...

You know...

...the little problem.


here's what you're going to do:

Take your money,

put it back in your wallet
or your pocket,

turn around and walk through
both sets of doors...

The second one sticks sometimes.

- Go out into the parking lot,
get in your car, turn the key,

and never, ever speak to me again

as long as you live!

Say one more word and I'll scream.

Leave, please.




...this is most difficult.

My deepest condolences

on your heartbreaking loss.

Thank you, sir.

You've appeared before me
many times.

I know you to be a fine,
decent man

and a capable attorney.

And to see you under
these circumstances is...

Is dreadful for us all.

Now, the law provides a structure

to guide us through
perilous and trying times.

But it requires our submission
to its procedures and higher purposes.

Before we assume our respective roles
in this enduring drama...

...just let me say that

when these frail shadows
we inhabit now

have quit the stage,

we'll meet

and raise a glass again together

in Valhalla.

Would that it were so.

I understand it's your intention
to represent yourself.


Well, where's Lodwick,
the prosecutor?

- Overdue.
- Well, I suggest

we leave the question of bail
till morning.

The facilities are adequate, Leland?

Oh, yes.

Everyone has been most kind.

Then we'll say good night.

- Deputy.
- Good night.

Thank you.

I'll speak for us all.

We have hard jobs.

We're ready to roll.

Well, hi, Sid.


Sid, say hello
to Special Agent Cooper.

- Agent Cooper.
- How do you do?

Well, gentlemen,

we've been eight hours
on the road.

Sid and I are gonna pile it over
to The Great Northern,

hook up the Winne
and dine in the Timber Room.

See you in court.


Uhn-uhn. Law clerk.

Man, oh, man.

Harry, is everything set for tonight?

- He'll be there.
- Okay.

Is this your friend Katrina?

Katrina? Katrina.

And this is Miss...

Come along, girls.

All right, Mr. Tojamura. We're all set.

Now, what credit card
do you wanna put that on?

- Cash, please.
- Cash?


Where did you say
you traveled from, sir?

- Seattle.
- Seattle?

Oh, that's not such a long trip, then.

Very good, Mr. Tojamura.

The bellman will take you
up to your suite.

And if you would like to treat yourself

to some of our outstanding
local cuisine while you're here,

I would recommend
the Double R Diner.

Ask for Norma.

Thank you very much.

Norma, it's Louie.

I think the eagle has landed.

Pete, meet my cousin Jonathan.


You thinking cousin have some joe?

After a long flight it will help him
reset his biographical clock.

Mm-hm. That's "biological."

I think so, I just made a fresh pot.

Here. Cup of joe coming up.

- Biological.
- Biological.

Don't know how you lasted six years.

Nothing but hayseeds
and manual laborers.

Well, we all got our job to do.

Yours is nearly finished.

The sale of the mill
and the Packard lands?

Signing the contracts soon.
I need Pete's signature.

- He's Catherine's heir.
- Will that be difficult?

- No.
- How long?

- Two days.
- We're expected back in Hong Kong.

Mr. Eckhardt wants very much
to see you.

Are there any other complications?

There might be a problem with Hank.

I'll deal with him.

- Are we suspected?
- Certainly not.

What about this sheriff?

He means nothing to me.

That's not what I asked you.

Nine-thirty, right on the tick.

Is he here?

He's here.

Are we in any particular hurry?


let me buy you a beer. Bartender?

All right, I'm coming!

All right!

Hey, we're not op...

Oh, fart.

What's the deal?


Do I know you?


Listen, I think I'm just gonna
lay here for a while.


Blood brother,
next time I take your head off.