Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 6 - Episode #2.6 - full transcript

James and Donna reaffirm their love after he saves her and Maddy from Harold Smith's angry attack, but are forced to leave Laura's secret diary behind. Cooper informs Ben of his rescue of Audrey from One-Eyed Jacks, and Truman identifies Jean Renault as the mastermind behind the whole thing. Later, Gordon Cole, Cooper's boss, arrives in Twin Peaks to assist Cooper's investigation and to help find the mysterious one-armed man who holds a clue to the identify of Laura Palmer's killer. Cole also delivers a chess moves message from the fugitive Windom Earle. Meanwhile, Bobby and Shelly bring the catatonic Leo home from the hospital to care for him, but they are disappointed of the low amount of insurance money they get. Big Ed continues to deal with the crazy Nadine and her super-human powers, while Jonathan threatens Josie that he will kill Sheriff Truman if she refuses to return to Hong Kong with him. Josie then demands the insurance money for the sawmill from Ben who gives her Mr. Tojamura's $5 million check. Interogating the one-armed man, Cooper withholds his medication where 'Mike' emerges who gives them information about the evil spirit Killer Bob, Laura Palmer's killer, who inhabits a person that lives in Twin Peaks.

I trusted you.

I invested my heart and soul in you.

- We only want to read it.
- We didn't mean any harm.

I thought you were different.

You made me feel

I could return to the world

and find something decent, pure.

But you're just like all the others.

You lie.

And you betray.

And then you laugh about it!

You are unclean.

You have contaminated me.

- Now give it to me.
- Aah!

- Donna.
- Donna!


He's not coming. He won't.
He's afraid.

- Did he hurt you? Are you okay?
- No. I'm fine. I'm fine. I...

I'm sorry, James. It's all my fault.

- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no, don't cry. It's my fault too.

We gotta go to the sheriff now, okay?

You've had enough trouble.
I'll go.

- No, I'll go.
- James, just hold me, okay? Okay.

We're all set up inside.

Sluggish pulse.

Pupils constricted.

Breathing slow and shallow.

Needle marks. Most likely heroin.

Poor kid.


Can you see me?
Can you see me, Daddy?

Audrey, you got to stay awake.

Can you catch me?

- Can you?
- Audrey.

Talk to me, Audrey.

Stay awake. Audrey?

His tongue is so heavy.

The hand on my throat.

It hurts me.

Oh, God, it hurts me.

Black cold.

I can't breathe.

Help me, please, help me.

I'm sinking. I'm sinking.

All right. It's all right, Audrey,
I'm right here. Audrey, I'm right here.

I prayed.

I prayed that you would come.

And you did.

It's okay. It's okay.

She was so brave. I feel terrible.
If anything had happened to her...

No more plans, okay?
No more going off on our own.

James, he has Laura's secret diary.
He could have killed her.

He could have killed you too.

Pretty stupid, huh?

Well, after Laura died,

everything just went by kind of fast,
you know.

It's hard to know exactly
what to believe in.


But when I saw you tonight,
I knew exactly what I believed.

Did you?

It's like if we could put
our hearts together

and keep them that way forever,
we'd be safe, no matter what.

You and me?

From now on.


How is she?

She is through the worst of it.

Heroin, Harry.

This close to a lethal dose.

Hard to imagine such cruelty.

Not really.

Look at this.

Blackie's killer.

I knew I'd seen him before.

- Jean Renault.
- Renault?

Oldest brother
of Jacques and Bernard.

Hell of a lot more dangerous.

He runs the northern territories.

Gambling, drugs, extortion,
you name it.

Now, I saw

a tape on the TV in Blackie's office
of you

playing blackjack the night
you and Big Ed went to the casino.

Jean Renault was after me.

The man who caught his brother.

He planned to kill me
and he used Audrey as bait.

I went out of my jurisdiction.


I've violated my professional code

and now Audrey is paying the price.

You got her back.
And she's gonna be okay.

This isn't the first time my actions
have brought suffering to someone

I care about, in the name
of doing what I had to do.

Damn it. I should have known better.

Doesn't change the fact
that she's here now,

not up at Jack's with a needle
in her arm.

You know,

you are the best lawman

I've ever seen.

But, Coop,

sometimes you think too much.

Thank you, Harry.

Agent Cooper.

I got your call.

What happened? Did you, uh?

I was able to free your daughter
without the payment.

Thank God.

She was being held at a brothel
north of the border,

known as One-Eyed Jack's.


It seems the brothel's madam
was at least partially responsible

for her kidnapping
and subsequent blackmail.

Did you arrest her?

She was killed
before I could question her.


Murdered by a man named
Jean Renault.

This Jean Renault,
did you catch him?

He escaped.

Too bad.

Well, everything seems to be
in order.

Your daughter is recovering
from a drug overdose.

Drug overdose?

Oh, my God.

She's gonna be all right.

Can I see her?

She's resting comfortably now,
I wouldn't disturb her.

I'll call you in the morning.


Yes, you do that, Agent Cooper.

Thank you.

Thank you

for bringing my Audrey back to me.

Good night, Mr. Horne.

Poor fellow is really gone.

You ain't kidding.

Oh, I want you to know
how much I admire you kids,

standing by Mr. Johnson.

Not taking the easy way out.

Most people would just ship him off.

Yeah, well, Leo's sort of special
to us both.

Believe you me, in-home care
is the stuff of miracles.

Mr. Johnson should benefit

from being here
among his loved ones.

Oh, we certainly hope so.

Mm. Will you be hiring
full- or part-time help?

Um, Cousin Bobby and I
will be here full-time.

I just admire your dedication.

Well, everything looks to be in order.

You might want to childproof
those electrical sockets.


Please sign right there.

- Mm-hm. Your check.
- Thank you.

Um, there must be a mistake.

- Seven hundred bucks?
- Sad, isn't it?

The cost of health care
is going through the roof.

It's bringing rain.

We're supposed to get
5,000 a month.

But with figure state and local taxes,
equipment fees,

medical and maintenance costs,
administrative fees...

Well, you see the results.

Fortunately with you two here,

Mr. Johnson will be
more than adequately provided for.

Good luck.

I'll find my own way out.

I have to quit my job, Bobby.

How am I going to make it on this?

- I don't know.
- You don't know?

It was your bright idea
to bring him here in the first place.

Come on, Shelly,
I'm thinking, all right?

You better think of something, Bobby.
For the both of us.

Donna, we already have
Laura Palmer's diary.

No, this is her secret diary.

- She gave it to this Howard Smith?
- Harold.

- Why?
- I don't know why.

To hide it or something.

Did he ever actually show you
the diary?


But he read from it.
I saw her name on the inside cover.

- Her handwriting.
- Are you and James up to something?

He has been warned
not to get mixed up...

James has nothing to do with this.

Donna, it is a lot like
the boy who cried wolf.

The last time you played this game,

Dr. Jacoby ended up in a hospital bed.

It's not a game.

All right.

I'll try to get someone out there
to take a look.

But my hands are full.
I can't promise anything.

Excuse me, I'm looking
for a Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

- You found him.
- Sheriff, please.

Excuse me, I'm looking
for Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

- That's me.
- Federal Bureau of Investigation

Regional Bureau Chief, Gordon Cole.

That's a real mouthful,
but I can't hear myself anyway.

I'm Agent Cooper's supervisor.

- Pleasure to meet you.
- Can I speak with you a moment?

Sure. Donna.

Wait here.

And who did you say you were?

- I'm Sheriff Truman.
- Great. Pay dirt.

You have to speak up, sheriff,
hearing's gone. Long story.

Got these things
cranked up to the max.

Are you looking for Agent Cooper?

When an agent goes down in the field,
I jump right up and pay a visit.

Agent Cooper's not here right now.

Albert Rosenfield will not be
coming back,

but I've got his lab report right here.

Item: a Vicuna coat.

Albert found fibers in the hall outside
of Cooper's room from a Vicuna coat.

Coat was Vicuna?

Sounds real good, sheriff,
but I already ate.

Also got a lab report from Albert
on the one-armer's syringe.

Albert has never seen a drug like it.
A combo. Really weird stuff.

What else does Albert say?

Papers. Papers found near
the bloody towel

down the train tracks
from the crime site.

- From a diary.
- Please.

There's the one-armer now.

Since when is selling shoes
against the law?

Mr. Gerard, we need to ask you
a few questions.

- Huh?
- Why don't we move over to my office.

- My office.
- Right.

She looks like an angel.



Your father is here.

Thank God, Audrey.

Thank God.

I was so worried about you.

Were you?

I was worried sick.

You know, it's times like these

that make a man aware
of the value of life.

Every raindrop, every sunset.

I'm aware of a lot of new things too,

Shh, shh, shh.

Now, we will get you home,
safe, warm, in your own bed.

What a terrible experience,
terrible people.

- The things that you must have seen.
- I saw so much.

We'll sort it out.


Yes, Daddy.

You and I.

That's my girl.

My car is outside.

I'll take her home now.

- Daddy?
- Yes, darling.

I would like Agent Cooper to take me
home if that's all right with you.



Maybe we could all go together.

Hi, Ed. I'm home.

Isn't this the swellest dress
you have ever seen?

Do you know
they didn't look at me twice

when I used the charge card?

Say, Ed, when do my parents
get back from Europe, anyway?

Well, uh, pretty soon.

It's neat having the place
all to ourselves.

Pretend it's ours.

Like we were married or something.

Well, we can do that. Nadine...

And there's some other stuff
we can do too.

Well, like what?

You know, silly. Ha, ha.

You know what I was thinking?

Tonight maybe we could go park
by the lake,

and neck.

Wait a minute.

We don't have to go anywhere.

Why, we can just stay right here.

You've kept yourself
in fine nick, Josie.

Sapphire earrings,

Parisian perfume,

cashmere sweaters.

Please go.

One-way ticket.

Seattle, Hong Kong.

- I have one more day.
- Keep what you earn.

See what you can fit
into your suitcases.

We leave tonight.

I haven't received
my insurance money.

And Ben Horne hasn't paid me yet

I waited for this for five years.

Mr. Eckhardt will make it more
than worth your while.

You can't make me leave.

Be adaptable.

We had an arrangement.

Sheriff Truman is important to you.

You lied to him.

You made him into a fool.

But he is important to you

Leave with me tonight.
Or I'll kill him.

He doesn't know anything.

The plane leaves at midnight.
Be there.

Or I'll come for you and your sheriff.

That's the arrangement.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I think I owe you an apology.

Not really.

Well, when we were together,
you know, just talking,

I felt something. I just wasn't sure.

You looked at me and you saw Laura.

I guess I did.

Wanna know something
kind of strange?


I liked it.

You did?

When we were growing up,

Laura and I were so close.
It was scary.

I could feel her thoughts,

like our brains were connected
or something.

And when she died suddenly,

I got the chance to be Laura.

At least other people saw me that way.

Like the way that you looked at me.

I liked that too.

But it was wrong.

It wasn't one thing or the other.

For a while,
I got to be somebody different.

But now I'm just me again.


you and Donna belong together.

That's the best thing.

- It's just hard sometimes, you know?
- How?

If you really love someone,

it's like this bright light
is shining on you all the time.

You're right in it and it's great.

But I just don't think you can be
that way all the time.

Sure you can.

Well, I want to.

I want to try to make the way
my heart feels last forever.

Pretty weird.

I'm going home tomorrow, James.

I came to Twin Peaks
for Laura's funeral.

But now it's time to go.

So is this goodbye?

I guess it is.

Bye, James.

To the fire.

Now, to what do I owe
the pleasure of this call?

I've got the contract
with Pete's signature.

And I want my money.

Of course you do.

All of it. Now.
Before you get this.

Josie, Josie.

Surely a mind
as quicksilver as your own

can grasp the complicated position
that we're in.

Fluidity is everything, you know.

I can't summon up cash reserves
that I don't have.

But I have already

and I will be happy
to assure you again

that as soon as
the contracted payments

arrive from Iceland,

your percentage will immediately be
passed on.

I won't leave this office
without my money.

Why do I sense that, um,
this isn't a negotiable position?

You're under some kind of pressure,
aren't you?

Do not play games with me.



this key, ahem, unlocks
my personal hotel safe.

Now, in that safe,

I have put together
a fascinating dossier on you, my dear,

and your late husband...
Andrew's little boat that went boom.

So you behave yourself, lady,

or believe me when I say
that I will bury you.

That's a shame.

Because if anything unfortunate
were to happen to me,

it would lead authorities

to a certain safety deposit box
in a bank in another city,

inside of which
there is enough evidence

to lock you away for three lifetimes.

They will bury us side by side.


Your move.


Happily, I can accommodate you.

Sign of good faith.

Tokyo bank.

Five million dollars.

We are finished.


Well played.


We sort of figured
with you getting out and all.

Well, what the hell, we sort of wanted
to give you a little party.

Our way of saying,
"Hey, Leo Johnson, welcome home."

Welcome home, darling.

Because you're a special guy, Leo.
And we just want you to know

that we remember all the great stuff
you did for the ones you loved.

Like Shelly here.

Who could ask for a more caring
and thoughtful husband?

Making her clean your dirty clothes.
Wash your dishes.

Mop your floors.
You're a class act, man.

- Top to bottom.
- Class act.

And how about Leo Johnson,
wife abuser?

There's a guy I wanna party with.

Soap in a sock.

Internal injuries
and barely leaves a bruise.

And last, but I'm thinking,

not least,

we got Leo Johnson, murderer.

Hanging your wife up
like a piece of meat.

Leaving her to burn.

Don't let anybody ever tell you

you don't know how to treat
a woman, buddy.

This is your life, Leo Johnson.

You deserve it.

Every damn minute.

He moved.

- This is too creepy. I don't like this.
- Okay. Okay, Shel...

Okay, maybe you're right.

I mean, I don't want to exploit him
or nothing.

Sorry, Leo.
We sort of got carried away.

No need to make your rehabilitation
any more difficult than it already is.

Doc Hayward said
you needed familiar stimulus.

So we just figured, what the hell...


Honest, Leo.

Shelly and me are going
to do everything we can

to make you feel safe and happy.

Hey, cake. You want some cake?

Oh, look at that.

Ice cream.


Hey, Leo. Oh, jeez.

Oh. Uh...

Man, you gotta be more careful.

Good thing we didn't light the candles.

Agent Dale Cooper.

Gordon, I hope you haven't been
waiting too long.

I didn't just get here. I've been waiting
the whole afternoon to see you.

What can I do for you?

No matter whatsoever.
No apology necessary.

Gave me a chance to meet
the local law enforcement team.

A great bunch.


You remind me today
of a small Mexican Chihuahua.

Can I speak to you
a moment in private, Coop?

Of course, Gordon.

Harry, can we use your office?

You might ask the sheriff
if we could use his office.

Go right ahead.

Follow me, Gordon.

I believe in secrecy, Coop.

I'll make this fast. I didn't want
to say anything in front of the men.

It's Albert's opinion that you might be
getting in over your head.

This worries me, Coop.
I feel a certain responsibility.

- Albert is wrong, Gordon.
- You went into the chute in Pittsburgh.

And I want to make doubly sure,
in fact triply sure,

that it does not happen again. Copy?

Pittsburgh was a completely
different story.

I was wounded in Pittsburgh, Gordon,

but beyond that,
the case bears no similarities.

I must say you look all right.

Trace of circles under the eyes,
catch up on your sleep.

But restless nights and uneasy dreams
go with the territory.

I am tired, Gordon.
There is much work to be done.

But mind, body and spirit
are up to the task.

Without a doubt, I'm A-okay.

Proud of you, Coop.

Now, Gordon.

What the hell is this
about a Mexican Chihuahua?

You've got a problem
of a different sort here.

Two and two do not always equal four.

You ought to know, we can hear
everything you're saying out in the hall.

- Come on in.
- Why don't you invite the sheriff on in.

An anonymous letter sent
to home base

with your name on it.

Looks kind of familiar, doesn't it?

It's a chess deal.

Looks like a chess deal.

It's an opening move
from Windom Earle.

Windom Earle.

Bless your heart, Coop.

We're gonna have to watch
your back from now on.

With Jerry on the road, well...

I need you back here.

Let's just say

that I have a much better sense
of what you've been through

- in the last few weeks.
- I appreciate that, Ben.

And I appreciate the confidence.
Really, I do.

If it weren't for your indictment,
I could drop you into your old slot.

You know, our friendship,
our history together.

But first, I need to know
that you're okay.

I'm 100 percent, Ben, 110 percent.

Let me prove it to you.

We've taken a payment
from the Icelanders on Ghostwood,

but there's a group from the Orient
that wants in, in the worst way.

Jerry is on his way to Tokyo
to check them out,

and probably every geisha
within a hundred miles.

I'm about to take Mr. Big to dinner.

We need to, uh,
buy a little time here.

Well, the first thing we do
is, um, resurvey the land.

Required because of the fire.

Then we set up a whole parade
of inspectors, federal, county, state,

until Jerry gets back with a full report.

If there's any money,
we can run it thru the Caymans.

Pick up some money
on the exchange rate.

And if we have to, we can drop escrow
into a black hole for six months.

- Ah?
- That's my Leland.


Harry, I don't believe
you have met my assistant, Mr. Lee.

Pleased to meet you.

I'll take these to car.

- What are you doing?
- I'm going away.

Where? Why?



I always called you from here.

And then,

it was here I could talk to you...

...and be everything you wanted me
to be.

Well, then stay here.

I sold the mill. It's over.
I'm going home.


I'm sorry, don't think badly of me.

Mr. Lee, leave us alone.

Josie, you can't leave.

You saying this as the police?


It's best if you forget about me.

I love you.

Josie, I love you.

- Would you like a drink, Mr. Tojamura?
- No, thank you.

You have my cashier's check
for 5 million.

I have nothing.


Well, ahem...

I know so little about you,
Mr. Tojamura.

This is a small community.

I'm being careful.

Trying to be sensitive
to local concerns.

You must understand the impact

this project will have
on the community.

You waste my time.

We shall withdraw.

Oh, no. Please, Mr. Tojamura.

Consider the position that I'm in.

The mill fire created
a raft of unforeseen problems,

psychic as well as financial.

I feel it's my duty as a civic leader

to, uh, help foster
the healing process.

Even at the, um, temporary expense

of my larger business opportunities.

I know a little about fire.

My family was at Nagasaki.

I'm sorry.

Getting to know you

Getting to know all about you

Getting to like you

Getting to hope you like me

Getting to know you

Would you excuse me a moment?

But nicely

You are precisely my cup of tea

Where might you folks be from, sir?

- Right here in Twin Peaks.
- That's terrific.

How about those Steeplejacks, huh?

Getting to know you

Getting to feel free and easy

When I am near you

Getting to know what to say

Haven't you noticed
Suddenly I'm bright and breezy?

Because of all the beautiful
And new things

I am learning about you

Day by day

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you.

Great Northern audiences
are the greatest in the world.

Thank you. Good night.

- Drive carefully.
- The King and I.

Give it a rest, Leland.

Temporary insanity, huh?

Hopefully some of these people
will be on your jury.

You will be home free.

You like musicals?


Not even Fiddler on the Roof?

It made me weep like a little baby.

I find the adherence to fantasy
troubling and unreasonable.


You're not from around here, are you?

I am a visitor.

Yeah. Well, uh,
could I buy you a sake?

No, thank you.

Or how about a nice cold milk?

Please give me my medicine.

- I can feel the change.
- What change?

The drug found in his possession

contains trace elements
usually found in Haloperidol.

Do you suffer from schizophrenia?

- Multiple personalities?
- It's too late.

You know this man, don't you?
Why'd you lie when I questioned you?

- It wasn't me. Don't you understand?
- Give him the drug, chief.

- Not yet.
- If we give him the drug, Coop,

you'll never see the other side.

- Give him the medicine.
- No.

There is no need for medicine.
I am not in pain.

Who are you?

- My name is Mike.
- What are you?

I am an inhabiting spirit.

Who is Phillip Gerard?

He is host to me.

You spoke to me in my dream

about Bob.

He was my familiar.

Where does Bob come from?

That cannot be revealed.

What does Bob want?

He is Bob, eager for fun.

He wears a smile,

everybody run.

Do you understand the parasite?

It attaches itself
to a life form and feeds.

Bob requires a human host.

He feeds on fear

and the pleasures.

They are his children.

I am similar to Bob.

We once were partners.

- Through the darkness of future past
- Through the darkness of future past

- The magician longs to see
- The magician longs to see

One chance out between two worlds

Fire walk with me

But then I saw the face of God

and was purified.

I took off the arm.

But remained close to this vessel.

Inhabiting from time to time
for one single purpose.

- To find Bob.
- To stop him.

This is his true face.

But few can see it.

The gifted...

...and the damned.

Is Bob near us now?

For nearly 40 years.


A large house made of wood.

Surrounded by trees.

The house is filled with many rooms,
each alike.

But occupied by different souls.

Night after night.

The Great Northern Hotel.