Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 17 - Episode #2.17 - full transcript

Truman is suffering from grief in the wake of Josie's unexplained death, and confines himself to the Bookhouse, drinking heavily. Cooper is forced to take over as temporary sheriff of Twin Peaks, and has Deputy Hawk help him follow more clues to Windom Earle's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Ben Horne plans to put on a charity event fashion show at the Great Northern in support of the endangered pine weasel, with financing from Wheeler and Dick Tremayne as the MC, who disdains help from Tim Pinkle. Audrey continues flirting with Wheeler while Andy tries to get back together with Lucy. Major Briggs and Margaret the Log Lady discover that they have the same mysterious markings on their bodies. Norma's younger sister, Annie Blackburn, arrives in town and reveals that she's left the convent where she was living for the past five years since age 17, and claims that she's ready to face the world. Windom Earle reads the newspaper of Cooper's latest chess moves, and becomes angry after immediately figuring out that Cooper is getting help. In the wake of Thomas Eckardt's murder, his sinister and energetic assistant, Ms. Jones, puts his final plan of revenge into motion, first by delivering a mysterious box to Catherine, and later targets Truman. In disguise, Windom Earle individually contacts Donna, Shelly, and Audrey to chat with them about the mysterious poem that he sent them. Also, Mike Nelson and Nadine finally decide to consummate their growing romance by checking into the Great Northern Hotel as a married couple.

One of Norma's breakfasts.
Made special.

God bless Norma.

Maybe later. Maybe later, thanks.

How's things at the station?

Earle's chess game
is the big concern.

The man has a poor sense
of recreation.


We're holding up, for now.

Hey, you and Cooper can handle it.
It's a pretty simple town.

Used to be.

I guess the world's
just caught up to us.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Shelly, this is my sister, Annie.

Hi, Annie. Welcome.
Norma's told me all about you.

- All about me?
- Shelly's like family.

With our family, that's not exactly
a character reference.

How did you and Mom get along?

Well, we can talk about her,
or we can feel good about things.

I vote for plan B.

Me too. I'm glad you're here.

Feels a little strange. The real world.

Little things, like I'd almost forgotten
how to use money.

Closest we'd get in the convent
was bingo chips.

No charity, Norma. Promise.

Don't worry,
I'm gonna work you till you drop.


Harry's about to hit bottom.

Is he eating?

When do you think
he'll come back to work?

I guess we'll find out soon.

Need a hand?

That's a question
I should be asking you.

You're the senior lawman, Cooper.

Let's just let the rain fall
as it has been.

Besides, I hate paperwork.

This is worse than the Bureau,
with all its international documentation.

Eckhardt, Josie...

This is the autopsy on her.

Doc Hayward said
he couldn't determine cause of death.

The body only weighed 65 pounds.

- How is that possible?
- I don't know.

Maybe something to do with
what I saw in the room when she died.

Maybe we'd better just whistle
on our way past the graveyard.

- Yeah.
- Anything on Earle?

Trail's stone-cold.
Still waiting for his response.

- Slip.
- Slippers.

You know, Leo,
you can't really appreciate

how tonic country life is
until you're actually right here, living it.

- Pipe?
- Splendid.


Even if you've been
to the country before,

when you try to imagine
what it would be like to go back,

the image is imperfect.

The mental image
is always imperfect.

Am I right?

Tacit agreement is acceptable, Leo.

Your silence speaks volumes.

Or if not volumes, at least the
occasional unpunctuated paragraph.

Well, let's see what move our poor
Cooper's come up with this time.


This isn't a move.

This is a trick.

He's playing a stalemate game.

Cooper doesn't know
the meaning of stalemate!

He's getting help.

I cannot tolerate people
who do not play by the rules.

People who shirk the standards!

Many people are going to regret this.

Got it?

Ladies, may I say,

you'll both delightfully represent

the sanctity of nature.


I prefer to keep my chest clear.


The great god, fitness.

- Have you spoken with Pinkle?
- What's a Pinkle?

He's giving a talk
on the pine-weasel.

- The endangered animal.
- Oh, lovely.

What is it? A raccoon or something?

A ferret.


Oh, great.
You two should coordinate.

You are dreaming.


Looks like you're trying
to run lumber upstream.

How can I help you, Mr. Wheeler?

Horne. Well, the talk
that we had at dinner.

- I can't...
- I'm sorry, I was rude, wasn't I?

It's just that when it comes
to my family, I get a little excitable.

- Who am I to waltz in out of nowhere?
- We need help. Anyone can see that,

and I can't think of anyone
better qualified for the job than you.


What are we talking about, anyway?

I was apologizing
and you were apologizing.

We're both real sorry about something.
You wanna go out somewhere?

Bad time, right? It's not good?

Oh, no, no, it's great.

How about a picnic?

Uh-huh. Um, we need outdoors stuff.
A basket, blanket...


I don't know how to cook.

I'll bet you someone
in the kitchen does.

This is just to show people
what the pine-weasel looks like.

I understand the concept perfectly,
Mr. Dinkle.

Pinkle. The name is Pinkle.

But what I'm trying to make clear
is that using a stuffed animal

to represent an endangered species
as an ecological protest

constitutes the supreme incongruity.

Well, that's clear, Dick.


Hey, Coop.

We got Josie's dossier
in from Interpol.

Not interested.

In addition to killing Eckhardt,
trying to kill me

- and killing Jonathan in Seattle...
- Closed cases.

...she's also wanted for a variety
of felonies in Hong Kong.

I don't need to hear this.

She's also had
two prostitution arrests, Harry.

Harry, eventually it's gonna help you
to know she was a hardened criminal.

A killer.

Get out of here.

I know it's not easy right now.

Just get out of here.

Get out of here! Go!

The door was open.

A country habit. We're all so trusting.

My name is Jones.

I was executive assistant
to the late Mr. Eckhardt.

Thank you.

I've come to expedite the transport
of his body back to Hong Kong.

Tragic, what happened.
You know, he really did love Josie.

Didn't we all?

They're going to be buried
side by side.

So they can keep an eye
on each other.

I guess you have your reasons
to be bitter.

Oh, just call me a healthy skeptic.

Now, why did you really
come to see me?

I came here to give you a gift.
May I?

I don't think so.


From Thomas.

I have a few things to tidy up.
Then I'll be leaving tonight.

Good luck, Mrs. Martell.

Excuse me, I'm looking
for Bill or Eileen Hayward.

Well, they're not here right now.
Can I help you?

Well, I'm Dr. Gerald Craig,

an old friend of Will's
from medical school.

And, well, you see,
I have a convention in Spokane,

and so I just thought I'd swing by
and surprise them.

Which daughter are you?

- Oh. Donna.
- Donna.

Would you like to come in,
Dr. Craig?

I'd appreciate that.

Can I get you something to drink,
Dr. Craig? A pop or something?

Thank you, no, no. Uh...

Is this your local paper?

Yeah. Pretty small town, huh?

Now, don't knock small towns
until you've lived in the city.

Donna, you know,

it seems like Will has found himself
a little piece of heaven here.

Now, don't you have two sisters?

- Yeah, they're younger than me.
- Are they both as beautiful as you?

Heh. Well, I don't know.

You know, your dad and I,
we used to sit around

and try to figure
how our lives would work out.

And it seems like he's come
a little closer to the mark than I have.

- You're in high school?
- Unfortunately.

- I felt exactly the same way.
- Heh.

You know, high school is difficult,
you know.

You have no idea
what you want to do with your life,

so it seems that absolutely none of it
applies to your life.

- You're right.
- Heh, heh.

Well, don't worry. It'll all work out.

For now, you just enjoy it
in all its absurdity.


Oh, I have a small gift for your dad.

Now, can I trust you not to open it?

- Sure.
- Ha, ha.

You know, speaking of school,

Will and I graduated
30 years ago this month.

So I...
It's a small remembrance for him.

Well, I should be on my way.

Oh, this is the number
where I'm staying.

I hope to see you later, Donna.

Me too.

How are you holding up, Pete?

I've been through every
stalemate game in recorded history.

And I've jerry-rigged
a few of these country standoffs

that they don't write about in books.

But it's no use. I mean,
there isn't a stalemate game on earth

that you don't lose
at least a few foot soldiers.

I mean, the classic Herbstman.

You wind up with six pieces.
Now, I can improve on that.

But even if I get there in half the time
and wind up with 12,

that means six people die.

Do your best, Pete.

Windom Earle's genius carries with it
the vice of impatience.

He doesn't want pawns.
He wants royalty.

Protect those, particularly the queen,
and we can frustrate him.

You can't do that.

My students.

Mr. Martell, Andy moved his knight
without doing the little hook thing.

You don't have to do
the little hook thing. That's optional.

Andy, the knight
has to do the little hook thing.

- Every time?
- It's a privilege.

No one else gets to make that move.

Okay, Mr. Martell.

I guess some people don't know
quite as much as they think they do.


We thought it best
we come see you.

As you know,
that pattern on the back of my neck

appeared during
my experience with...

Of course,
no idea as to how it got there.

And you noticed it today?

My log noticed. I remember.

What do you remember, Margaret?

Look at the back of my leg.

I was 7 years old.

I went walking up in the woods,

and when I got back, I was told
that I had disappeared for a day.

All I could recall was a flash of light,

and that mark was on my leg.

We all three recall the light.

And also the call of the owl.

Yes, I remember.

The only other time I saw that sight
and heard that sound

was right before my husband died.

In the fire.

- I'm connecting with something.
- Yes.


I don't know.

Oh, bury me not

On the old prairie
Where the coyotes howl

And the wind blows free

In a narrow grave

Don't bury me now

On the lone prairie


No one's ever sung a song
to me before.

You must have been serenaded
at least once or twice.

I don't inspire much singing.

Most boys are afraid.

Well, they don't know you, then.

Not really.

I don't think
anybody really knows me.

It sounds like a warning.

I know.

If there's another guy...

There was someone,
but not anymore.

There's nobody.

So, what do you wanna do now?

Know anymore cowboy tricks?

If you've got a lariat
in that picnic basket,

I could lasso passing cattle.

I don't think there's a cow for miles.

Stray dogs, raccoons,
birds, weasels.

You had a visitor.

Who's that?

Somebody you went to medical school
with named Gerald Craig.

Gerald Craig?
That's not possible, Donna.

Well, yeah. He said he was on his way
to a convention in Spokane.

He knew everything about me.

Here's his number, and this.

Gerald Craig was my roommate.

He drowned on a rafting trip
on the Snake River.

I was there, Donna.
I tried to save him.

Well, then...

It's a cemetery.

Knight to King's Bishop 3.

That man, he's very dangerous.

Don't let him in here again,
do you understand?

- Sure.
- I've gotta take this to Cooper.

Nadine, what I'm here
to say to you is, uh...

Seeing how you're with Mike now...

It's so cute the way
you get embarrassed.

And, uh,
since I have found someone else...

Nadine, I'm not sure
you're gonna understand this.

Of course I understand, Eddie.

This isn't just a little spat.

Nadine, um,

do you know
what Ed is suggesting?

It's not too obvious.
We're not, like, talking relativity here.

We're breaking up.
Major, final breakup.

Well, yes, technically,
I guess it is a breakup, but, uh...

Well, it's a little more
than that, Nadine.

Ed, you are so serious.

These are the dating years.

You're acting like
this is some really big deal.


Ed, there are no secret tricks
or magic words.

It's like the dissolving
of scar tissue around a wound.

She'll start to see reality again
when her mind begins to feel safe.

Well, when will that be?

I can't say.

That tissue's packed in there
pretty hard.

Okay. Well, one thing
I really don't wanna see, Ed,

are any incidents with Mike.
No jealous rages.

Well, maybe just one.

I give up.

Nadine, you and Ed
are about to get a divorce.

I think I've gone blind in my left eye.

- Shelly?
- Yeah.

Have you seen this?

Oh, "Miss Twin Peaks."

Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.

There's a cash prize
and a scholarship.

- I bet you could walk away with it.
- I don't think so.

It's easy, you give a speech,
you answer a few questions...

Miss Double R Diner,

what would you do
to bring about world peace?

Well, I would
bring all the world leaders together,

make them form a circle
and join hands.

Because you can't make a fist

- holding hands.
- You're a shoo-in.

I have an order up.

Here's your burger.

What's with the dance?

Oh, heh, my boss told me I should
enter a pageant. Miss Twin Peaks.

You can kid about it,
but you are very pretty.

I think you should enter it.

Thanks, but I don't think
of myself as pretty.

It's an inner thing, you know.

Would you like something to drink?

Yes, I'd like a cup
of deep black joe, please.

Coming right up.

You must be Norma's sister.

I'm Annie.

- How did you know?
- Dale Cooper. Local law enforcement.

Must keep you pretty busy.

Sure does.

Are you, uh,
staying in town for a while?

I might be here quite a while.

It's happened to me.

Looks like it's grown on you.

It has a way of doing that.

I made it a little strong.


You made it just right, Annie.

We've got a problem
at the Book House.

Agent Cooper, Hawk,
the sheriff's gone off.

He's broken every piece
of furniture not nailed down.

I honestly don't know what to do.

It's okay, Andy.

Hey, Deputy Dale.

How's business?

Well, Harry,
it's a little complicated at the moment.

That's the good thing about the law.
It doesn't breathe. You can't kill it!

Harry, I've got an idea.

Why don't you hand me that gun?

I don't believe I've ever handed my gun
over to anybody in my entire life!

This might be
a damn fine time to start.

You know something else
I've never done?

I've never crossed the ocean.

Never got to China.

She came to me.

And she made everything better.

Everything so much better.


Your life is still your own.
Josie didn't take that with her.

I should have gotten her away.

I should have
taken her away from here!

I loved her.

She didn't have to die.

I don't understand.

There's a whole lot
I don't understand.

We're all like that.

Have somebody keep an eye
on him tonight.

I've never seen him like this.

It was like taking a hike
to your favorite spot

and finding a hole
where the lake used to be.

Josie had power.

A man who doesn't love easily
loves too much.

- A good man.
- The best.

Keep going.

That's a special honeymoon suite
for Mr. and Mrs. Hinkman?

Uh, that's correct. Yes.

We're from Bozeman originally.

But my wife thought that it would be
nice to see the countryside.

And, you know, you have some
very pretty country here in Twin Peaks.

- Will you be with us long?
- Not long enough.

No, just until tomorrow if that's okay,
because we're going deep-sea fishing.

Oh, goody.

Okay, so we'll just be
going on up now, me and...

- Me and Mrs. Hinkman.
- Oh, is that Mike?

Susan, uh, how are you?

Fine. Um...

I'll see you at school.

The room, please.

I think we can handle the bags.

First of all,

I would like to thank all of you
for this marvelous turnout.

It's very gratifying to see
so many people

who are sincere
about their environment.

The Stop Ghostwood campaign
is a determined effort

to keep the rabid development
interests from trying to turn

our beautiful Northwest forests
into a monstrous amusement park,

destroying animal preserves which
have been undisturbed for centuries.

The little worlds
that serve as sanctums

for several endangered species,

not the least of which
is the little pine-weasel.

Before moving along,

I would just like to remind all of us
that ecology is not a luxury science.

It is not about pleasant appearances.

It is about survival.

About whether we are all
going to make it, period.

But not to understate the value
of visual pleasure,

we come to the fashion show.

Now, if any of you think you recognize
some of the models,

it's because they are concerned
members of the community

who have graciously given
of their time tonight.

So, ladies and gentlemen,
to kick things off, here is our host,

Richard Tremayne.

Thank you. Splendid gathering.

Our little Lucy
is wearing a delightful

mix of warm Northern comfort
and Southern insouciance.

An elegant worsted wool jacket
over a plethora of plaid,

with a hint of polka dot.

It's fabulous, isn't it?
A moonless night, black, slim skirt

with a look that always says,
"Hey, world, I'm here."

Mr. Brennan is wearing
a fire-engine-red turtleneck

beneath an all-wool plaid
Pendleton shirt.

He completes this look with his
red-and-black buffalo-checked jodhpurs.

For the man who wants
to make a statement

while retaining that casual feel,
whether he's out mastering a task

or riding the breeze
of a chance meeting.

That's it, Andy.

At this rate, we're running late.
So if we could all

sort of hurry Richard along
with some quick movement out there.

I'm hot in this thing.

You're hot? I'm dressed like a sheep.
All this worsted.

And I think Mr. Tremayne

is getting more than a little hot
with all these girls.

- Our next model...
- Go, go, go.

Well, if it isn't John Muir,
friend of the redwoods.

Catherine, how good of you to come.

Ben, darling,
who are you kidding with all this?

I am absolutely 100 percent sincere.

Oh, come on.
Look who you're talking to.

We're in the same line of work.

You've always been
a little more obvious, but this...

Catherine, ahem, have you ever,
in your entire life,

had an experience
that truly changed you?

Please, spare me the born-again
sales pitch and level with me.

You can't hope to stop
my development plans,

so, what do you actually expect
to gain from all this?

A first scrubbing

on one of the dirtiest consciences
in the entire Northwest.

And hopefully, it will happen to you.


I know what your plans
for Ghostwood are.

And granted, I used to see life
exactly the way you do.

And no matter how many deals
I made or how much money I made,

inside, I was still a black,
miserable clod of dirt.

I am finding that the one thing
that really affords you joy in life,

the only authentic thing, is giving.

Don't wait until you're on
your deathbed to find that out.

God help you.

You actually sound like you mean it.

I do. For you, for me, the future.

why don't you take this opportunity

to transcend a lifetime
of megalomania and egocentricity,

and write us a big fat check
to help stop Ghostwood?


And now to introduce you
to an endangered little critter

whose home
is presently under attack

by the proposed Ghostwood
development project, Mr. Tim Pinkle.

Thank you, Dick.
Thank you, thank you.

Well, hi, how's everything going?

That's good.

Um, ladies and gentlemen,
I have with me a little fellow

who doesn't understand
the peril that awaits him.

An innocent in a world gone mad.

A world gone mad. Ahem.

Without further ado,
ladies and gentlemen,

I give you
the endangered pine-weasel.

Now, this species
is of the weasel family.

And not only is he nonaggressive
to us humans and has beautiful fur,

but also, he is by nature
an excellent controller of rodents.

Unfortunately, this little friendly fellow
is incredibly curious,

making him very easy
for one to trap.

He is also attracted to bright
shiny objects.

- Must be my studs.
- Yeah. Oh. Oh.

It also is amazing,
he is particularly attracted

to various smells, like, believe it or not,
very cheap cologne.

Oh, what's this?

I think it wants
to give you a kiss, Dick.

- Oh, please, Mr. Pinkle.
- Come on. Come on.

- It's all right, give him a kiss.
- A kiss?

Uh-huh. Attaboy. Come on.

Hello there, little pilgrim...

Oh, no, no, no.

Nobody panic. Don't panic.
He's completely harmless.

He's already endangered.

Don't panic, anybody,
just don't panic.

- Nobody panic.
- Please, everyone, calm down.

- Stay in your seat.
- Aah!

- You all right?
- I'm fine.

Lot of fuss over a loose weasel.

- Maybe we should help.
- I don't know.

A little excitement
might do this crowd some good.

- Did you come for the fashion show?
- No, I came for you.