Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 16 - Episode #2.16 - full transcript

Cooper and Truman try to outline the moves left by Windom Earle by investigating more of his past. At the same time, Earle has Leo write a love poem and sends a piece to Audrey, Donna, and Shelly. Meanwhile, Andrew Packard reveals that he's alive to both Josie and Thomas Eckhardt to try to bring them to kill each other as part of Catherine's evil plans. Audrey meets a potential new beau in the form of John Justice Wheeler, a business associate who comes to town to help the newly sane Ben Horne thwart Catherine's development plans for Ghostwood Estates by holding a campaign to save the endangered Pine Weasel which resides on the development grounds. Shelly comes back to work at the Double R Diner, while Agent Rosenfield leaves town and persuades Cooper to arrest Josie before she plans to escape, while Truman arrests Hank for parole violation and attempting to kill Leo. But Hank reveals that he and Josie were the ones who conspired to murder Andrew Packard. Norma visits Hank before he's sent back to prison to tell him that she wants a divorce. Also, Donna finds herself saying goodbye to James who, although cleared of murder charges, tells her that he must follow his own path.

Now, Dale, listen carefully.

It's your move.
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Please put your heart into it,
will you?

I've noticed a certain tentative quality
in your thinking,

as if your mind were occupied
with issues

other than those on the board
before you.

Such preoccupation
not only weakens one's resolve,

but one's foresight as well.

A deadly failing in any match,
you must agree,

but in this particular contest,
quite disastrous,

as we play for grave stakes,

the likes of which
you have no doubt surmised.

Print your move in tomorrow's paper.

Or I will make it for you.

That tears it. Cooper,
I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Harry, if Windom wanted to kill me,
I'd already be dead.


- Better get Pete on the horn.
- Right.

Lucy, call Pete Martell,
get him over here right away.

Then call the paper.

Find out the latest possible deadline
for tomorrow's personals column.

Paper and Pete, got it.

I'll do it alphabetically.

She was beautiful.

She was the love of my life, Harry.

Okay, Lucy.

Okay, yeah, just tell Harry
I'll be right there, okay?


- Aah! Ha, ha.
- Ha-ha-ha.

Ah? Ah?


Salt and pepper.

Coming right up, poodle.

You two bring out the worst
in each other.

- Oh, Pete's a prince of a man.
- A court jester.

Well, I've got to mosey.


Goodbye, you sweet Packards.

Oh, Catherine.

Catherine, I'd always have hoped
that time and age would mellow

that tempest raging inside you.

Watching you two act
like the Hardy Boys

always brings on stormy weather.

What's happening with Ghostwood?

I talked to the investors,
the meeting is set.

I leave for Paris tomorrow.


Oh, company.

- Dear Josie...
- Huh!

I'm home, did you miss me?

Oh, she looked surprised.


Poor Josie.

Oh, she has her charms, though.

Yes, but not for long.



Come in.

- Hi, Harry.
- Save it, Hank.

What happened? Did you get up on
the wrong side of the bed this morning?

So I broke parole. Cry me a river.

You crossed the border into Canada.

You consorted with the drug dealers
at Dead Dog Farm.

You tried to kill somebody.

I'm charging you with
the attempted murder of Leo Johnson.


Well, I think it's safe to assume
that I was at the diner

the night that Leo was plugged.

- But you're welcome to call-
- I got a witness.

Puts you at the scene
with a gun in your hand.

Harry, you obviously seem serious
about this,

so I'm going to propose a trade.

How about information
leading to the arrest

and conviction
of Andrew Packard's murderer?

Hank Jennings,
witness for the prosecution.

No deals.

You're telling me
you're more interested

in the attempted murder
of Leo Johnson, felon,

than Andrew Packard?

How's that gonna sit
with your constituents?

You're through, Hank.

My guess is, Harry, not too well.

Especially once they find out
who pushed the button on Andrew

and that you're sleeping with her.


Gee, I'm sorry.

Get him out of here.

Get him out of here!

Give me that.

ALBERT: This is the bullet
we removed from you.

This is the one that was excavated
from the dead man's skull.

Same bullets, same gun, same killer.
Let's go get her.

- Albert, hold your horses.
- Coop,

I appreciate any reluctance you have
for busting your pal's old lady,

but the woman ventilated you
and left you for dead.

Albert, I don't take it personally.

What about the gloves,
the powder tests?

News at 5.
All right, fine, you're not mad,

but there's an epidemic
of multiple gunshot wounds

following this chick around.
She is a menace.

I'll talk to her.

Maybe she'll confess, turn herself in.

Maybe she'll grow wings
and join the circus.

Randy, I've got a list
of all our non-repeat guests.

We're gonna send them a special
invitation to the Great Northern.

Your enthusiasm brings
a salty tear to the eye.


I think you will find my job requires
a little more

than a tight sweater
and a perky attitude.

Randy, I'm learning the business.

Every week a different department.
I don't want your job.

Yes, I look forward
to your stint in housekeeping.

This came for you this morning.

Good luck. Miss Horne.
You'll need it.


- I just checked into Room 215.
- Congratulations.

Strange, they told me at the front desk
I should talk to you.

What is it I can do for you?

Sorry, thought you were working.

I am working.

I'm working, see?

I see.


- Horne?
- At your service.

Could you send someone out
to the airport?

I'm traveling with some
heavy equipment this trip.

Didn't have enough room in the van.

- What flight were you on?
WHEELER: My own.

On the jet out there.
Shouldn't be hard to find.

Is there anything else I can do
for you, Mr. Rockefeller?

No, thank you.


I have a picture of you.

You're wearing a little dirndl skirt, got
a while apron on, you have pigtails.

Ifs unbelievably cute.

I don't wear dirndl.

You did then.

It was right here.
The Great Northern dining room.

If I close my eyes,
I can almost see it.

Little Audrey Home as Heidi.

Well, anyway, it's unforgettable.


I was 10. Hey!

Thank you.

"Save the one you love.

Please attend gathering of angels
tonight at the Road House, 9:30."



Honey, what are you doing home
from school?

Are you feeling poorly?


Don't what?

Oh, Eddie. We have to talk.


Mike and I are in love.

- In love?
- I hope you're not hurl.

I wouldn't wanna hurt you
for anything in the world,

Honest, you have to believe that.

But Mike and I, on that wrestling trip,

we had the most
magical night together.

All night?

Well, you and Norma did it.

Well, that's fair.

So, what's this mean?


We have to call a spade a spade.

We're breaking up.


I'm so sorry.

Josie, I want you to level with me
about what happened in Seattle.

I told you.

How many times
do I have to say it?

I escaped from Jonathan
in the airport

and I don't know
what happened to him after that.

Do you understand
I could arrest you right now?

I came here as a friend of Harry's.

Now, I don't know what place
he occupies in your heart,

but I do know that you own his.

I would think you'd like a chance
to explain yourself to him.

Please go.

This is the end of it, Josie.
There are no other options.

I want you at the station house
by 9:00.

Or I come and find you.

Oh, Josie,
I just saw Agent Cooper leave.

Was this a social call?

Dear, you look awful.

Is everything all right?

- I don't feel very well.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

I wish I had better news.

I've spoken to Mr. Eckhardt again
on your behalf.

While he's not
entirely unsympathetic,

he does insist on seeing you alone.


He'll kill me.

To tell you the truth,

my biggest worry is
what he's going to do

when he finds out
that Andrew is alive.

Won't Mr. Eckhardt think
that you've betrayed him?

But of course, you can tell him
that you didn't.

After all, you did actually think
that Andrew was dead.

Oh, no.

I don't know. I don't know.

Heh. Maybe you can help me.
I think I'm going mad.

You will simply have to face
Mr. Eckhardt

sooner or later.

Tell him the truth.

Tell him whatever you want.

Just pray that he believes you.

Oh, there they are.

No answer. He must be on his way.

Thanks, Bobby.

Look, why don't you join us?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You know, board meetings are usually
nothing more than a gathering

of self-minded individuals,

each more intent
than the other on financial gain.

No, thank you.

But today...

Today is going to be
something completely different.

Am I late? Hot dog, Ben,
look at you. How are you?


- You are a sight for sore eyes.
- Look who's talking.

- We taking good care of you?
- The best.

My luggage arrived.
Thank you, Audrey.

- You two have met?
- Briefly.

John Justice Wheeler.

Used to be in construction.

- Came up the hard way.
- How nice.

You remember my brother Jerry?

WHEELER: That is Jerry. Oh, my God.
- Hi, Jack.

And this is, uh, my executive assistant,
Bob Briggs.

- Bob.
BOBBY: Hey, what's up?

- Pleasure.
- Why don't you all just take a seat?

I've, uh, asked Mr. Wheeler
to join us on the board.

Years ago,
I made an investment in him,

a pittance,

which he built into an empire.

Now, I don't take any credit,

but I believed in Jack

even when he was a local boy
pounding nails.

I've asked him to return the favor
and believe in me now.

Ben, you're testing
my well-worn modesty.

All right, suffice to say,

Home Industries Incorporated
have fallen on hard limes,

The mill,

the Ghostwood lands, are now
solely owned by Catherine Martell.

We don't begrudge her,
the mill was and is, after all, hers.


in spite of these reversals

and, uh, stripped of all the trappings
of success,

what are we left with?

The human spirit.

What is the greatest gift

that one human being can give
to another?

The future.

I give you...

...the little pine weasel.

Found only in our tri-county area,

it is nearly extinct.

- They're incredible roasted.

According to an environmental
impact report,

what few pine weasels remain
will be all but wiped out

with the Packard plans
for Ghostwood development.

So you wanna save the weasel?

No, Bobby.

Not just the weasel.

But life as we know it.

I want Twin Peaks

to remain unspoiled

in an era
of vast environmental carnage.

So we block Catherine's development
until the wheel turns

and we get another shot.

That's brilliant, Ben. That's brilliant.

I plan to fight

this Ghostwood development
on every ground

and with every available weapon.

The little pine weasel... about to become
a household word.

Then what?

Then I am considering

a run for the Senate.

Thank you.

NORMA: Annie, it's no problem.
I've got plenty of room,

You just get on the next bus, okay?
And I'll be waiting.

Oh, honey, don't cry.

Ifs gonna be all right.

I'll see you soon.

I love you loo.


- So your sister coming?
- Tomorrow.

God, what do you have to do
to get out of a convent?

You just leave, it's not a prison.

Sounds like prison to me.
No TV, no boyfriends.

You know, when she was little,
I always used to think

that Annie was
from another place and time.

I guess the convent has been good
for her in a way.

Hard to imagine her out in the world.

Oh, look, here's something for you.

- Who from?
- I guess who was ever sitting there.

Look at this.

"Mountains kiss, waves clasp.

Flower, sunlight, the moonbeams,
is all this, thou kiss."

None of this makes sense.

"Save the one you love.

Please attend a gathering of the angels
tonight at the Road House, 9:30."

Sounds intriguing in a way,

but it sounds dangerous.

I wonder who this is from.

Norma Jennings, I've loved you
every day for the past 20 years

and I dream about you every night.

It's time for us to be together.

Will you marry me?

- Ed?
- We deserve to be happy.

It's our turn, baby.

All night long I held her in my arms

Just to keep her
From the foggy, foggy dew

Good job, fella.

Good boy.

Just a few more, and then we'll eat.

Fly to my breast,
Pierce me in colors autumnal,

speak to me only of love.

Leo, you have
an incomplete education.

For instance,
survival in the wilderness?

A relevant issue in your life,
my friend.

Now, this comes under the heading
of practical instruction.

I hope you've been paying attention.



Nature is cruel.

This is also a lesson.


Hi, honey.

How are you feeling?

Oh, great, now that you're here.

Hank, I came here
to ask you for a divorce.

Well, first let me say,
I don't blame you.

You gave me a second chance
and I blew it.

I don't know
why I'm so self-destructive,

but I can see

that that's my priority in getting well.

I got a lot of work to do.

In fact, I decided

I'm gonna try to go into therapy.

I don't wanna be like this anymore.

That's very interesting, Hank.

But I have to get on with my life.

I know.

I know you do.

I just want you to be happy.

Thank you.

I want you to do me one last favor.

I want you to help me
get out of here.

If they send me back to prison,
I'll die.

Tell the sheriff
that I was at the restaurant

the night
that Leo Johnson was shot.

I was on my way home.
I can't prove it, but you can.

No more lies, Hank.

It's not lying,
it's trying to save my life.


You're killing me here, Norma.

Don't blame this on me.
Don't you dare.

Is it Ed?

Is that who you're running to?


Then here's the deal.

You give me my alibi
and I give you your divorce.

I didn't come here
to negotiate with you.

This is it, it's over.


Go ahead.

You're his whore, Norma.


I'd rather be his whore
than your wife,



PETE: Now, there are four or five
different ways of doing this thing,

and they all have their virtues.

I remember Capablanca and Lasker,

St. Petersburg, 1914--

- Pete.
- Yeah.

We've only got five minutes.

All right.

- Lucy.

Get the Gazette on the phone.

Tell them not to close out
the personals. We need more time.

LUCY: The Gazette.
- Okay.

That's it.

Guaranteed to cause
some sleepless nights.

As long as he can't remove
another piece from the board.

He can't do it.
Not at least for five, six more moves.

Maybe he'll kill anyway.

- Maybe it'll just frustrate him.
- I don't think so, Harry.

Earle has a perverse sense of honor
about these things.

I never heard of a man
who murdered by the rules.



Good work, Pete.

Here it is, straight up.

I got a match on the gun that
whacked you with the powder residue

on Josie Packard's gloves.

Seattle police have also
come up with an eyewitness

who positively ID'd Josie leaving
the car where they found the stiff.

If you ain't gonna bust this bitch,

- I would consider it a personal--
- Albert, I can handle it.

I think you just did.


Come in.

I assume
you still have a taste for bubbly.

We've killed enough bottles
in our time.

To beginnings.

And endings, and the wisdom
to know the difference,

I am sorry, Andrew.

I hated you at first, of course.

Perfectly normal response.

As my anger diminished,

I recalled that Eckhardt has a way
of persuading people to do anything.

- It was his idea, of course.
- Yes,

He made me do it.

And he said you never loved me.

You just married me
to get back at him.

That's not true,
I did love you very much.

Of course,
the same cannot be said for you.

Please, Josie,

let there be no more lies between us.

You had a job to do and you did it.
Now you're paying the price.

Every action has its consequence,
my dear.

The police are closing in.
If you don't take action,

you'll be sleeping in a jail cell tonight.

What can I do? Please help me.

You must see Eckhardt.

Perhaps you were meant
to be together all along.

I'm sure he truly loves you.

He doesn't know I'm alive.
He can get you out of this country.

Go to him, Josie.



We won't speak again.



It's beautiful.

I wanted us to go someplace
we've never been before.

Come on.

How did it go with the police?

They asked a million questions
that I didn't know the answers to.

But the ones I did
must have been enough.

Evelyn's gonna stand trial
and I'll be a witness.

You're not wearing the ring.

I know about you and Evelyn.

I wouldn't blame you
if you hated me.

I know what you were feeling.

I was feeling it too.

Evelyn just took advantage of it.

Well, it was wrong
and I should've known that.

Look, it's okay for you to feel bad
about what happened to you,

but I don't want you to feel bad
for me.

If we could just start over again...

Please come home with me.

I can't. Not right now.

You're right. You should go.

But what about you?

Can't worry about me anymore.

I've been a part
of all the horrible things

that have happened.

I wanna be a part
of something good now.

James, go.

Take all the time you need.

I love you.

I'm gonna miss you like crazy.

But you'll go away

and you'll come back
with great stories.

And none of them are gonna be
about Laura or Maddy or Evelyn.

And I'll be here.

- Come with me.
- No.

Well, then, I'll come back, I promise.








- Pete, I need to see Josie.
- Come on in.

- I think she's gone out.
- Yes, it's rather odd.

She took my car
without saying a word.

Well, she told me
the Great Northern.

Oh, did she? Well,
she took a lot of things with her.

I don't know where she was going.

But I'd say she was planning
to stay a while.

What else did she say, Pete?

Well, that she was going to see
an old friend.


Sheriff, I suppose it's been very hard
on all of us

learning the truth about Josie.



Eckhardt, Thomas Eckhardt.

Poor man.

Lobby, please.


We meet again.

I don't believe in ghosts.

Pity, it's an appealing notion.

The return of the grisly phantom
from the grave.

You deserve haunting, to be sure.

Look closer, Thomas.

I'm alive!


Guess. It's really very simple.


She warned me off herself.

Couldn't bear to see
her beloved husband perish.

Or more realistically, I suppose,

she felt there was
some advantage to be gained.

She betrayed me.

We're all familiar with betrayal.

Josie is mine. She belongs to me.

Oh, Thomas,
love will break your heart.

Happily, long ago, I lost interest.

But Josie loses her heart
with alarming regularity.

The local sheriff, of all people.

- I have taken care of that.
- I don't doubt it.

Sometimes I wonder
if our Josie

does these twisted things

Don't you?

As someone
who was once your friend,

I come back with a warning.

Josie is coming back to you,
be very careful.

I'm always careful.


Well, here we are, the lobby.

I'll be going back down
to the garage.

My resurrection remains
a well-kept secret.



I know that I have a lot to learn.


you shall be my teacher.

Think of me as an open book,

upon whose virgin pages
you shall scribe.


- You okay?
- Mm-hm,

So, Mr. Wheeler, um,
what is it exactly you do do?

First off, call me Jack, please.

I buy bankrupt, failing businesses.

I streamline them,
bring them back up to speed

and then usually sell them.

At a substantial profit.

But not, I should add,

before making significant
environmental concessions.

No, when Jack is finished,
the waste is rerouted, the air...

The air is cleaner.

And the people happier.

Ben, you make me sound
like Santa Claus,

I'm a businessman, that's all.


You'll have to excuse me,
the chef just tried to stab Jerry.

You kids carry on.

Pay attention.


So, Mr. Wheeler,

which is it,
are we bankrupt or just failing?

I came to do an old friend a favor.
And it's Jack.

My father's friends are rarer
than the pine weasel.

Well, let's just say

that Ben was once
a very good friend to me.

So you came back
to bring us all up to speed.

You are Santa Claus, Mr. Wheeler.
I'd better hang up my stocking.

You don't like me very much,
do you, Audrey?

I don't have an opinion either way.

But if you did?

If I did,

I'd say that the Homes have managed
to take care of themselves just fine

for more years than you can count.

And desperate
though we may seem,

will probably continue to do so
in the foreseeable future.



Where have you been all this time?

I mean, when you weren't busy
rescuing widows and orphans

and making our world
a better place to live in.

The far corners of the earth.

I tell you, it's glorious out there,

All in all, it's good to be home.

I'm only 18.

And what exactly does that have to do
with the price of eggs?


God, look at the time.
I have an appointment.

- Could you tell my father?
- Sure.

Okay. Um, see you.


I'll see you later, Jack.

I'll see you, Audrey.


- Shelly? Hi.
- Hi. How are you?

I'm okay. How are you doing?

You know life. Drag?

Are you waiting for James?


Actually I got this really weird note.

Somebody wants me
to meet them here.

That strange?

That is strange, look what I have.

AUDREY: It looks like
we all have something to talk about.

It fits.

See the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another

No sister-flower would be forgiven
If it disdain'd its brother

And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea--

What is all this sweet work worth,
If thou kiss not me?

- This is weird.
DONNA: I'll say.

Cooper here. Yes, Catherine.

No, no, I was just on my way over.

She's here?

Thomas Eckhardt's suite.

I see.


- Please help.
THOMAS: I love you.

THOMAS: Josie. For God's sake-

JOSIE: Don't touch me.
Don't touch me! Don't hurt me.



Stay where you are.

He tried to kill me.

Is that what you'll say about me,
Josie? That I tried to kill you?

What about Jonathan?

Did he try to kill you too?

He was taking me back.

Why did you shoot me, Josie?

Because you came here.

I knew this day was going to come.

I'm not going lo jail, I can't.

Put it down, Josie.

- Harry.
- Put it down!

Harry, forgive me.

I never meant to hurt you.


Josie. Josie.


She's dead.



Coop, what happened to dead Josie?



Oh, Josie.

Oh, Josie.


Ripped By mstoll