Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 15 - Episode #2.15 - full transcript

Agent Cooper finds out who shot him and gets help with his deadly chess game against Windom Earle.

Would you know his full name?
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I barely knew the kid.

Jim. Uh...

- Jim.
- James.

James Hurley.

He said he was from Twin Peaks.

He's a drifter.

He was probably long gone by the time
Mr. Marsh pulled out of the driveway.

Did he work here long?

Mrs. Marsh hired him
to fix the Jaguar.


J-A-G-W-- A car.

How did you meet him, Mrs. Marsh?

Jeffrey's Jaguar broke down
near Wallies.

I went in to use the phone.

He offered to help.

Okay, we'll check that. Thank you.

And so we bid adieu
to James Hurley.

Give it a rest.

Careful, Evelyn.

I'm not sure I can tolerate
a nervous co-conspirator.

l just want it over with, all right?

Anything you say, Mrs. Marsh.

James, we can't get out of this
by ourselves.

We're gonna need someone
to help us.

I didn't do anything.

Malcolm killed Mr. Marsh.
I'm being framed,

Can I get you something,
Miss Hayward?

No, No, thank you.

Look, it doesn't make any difference.

We can't wait for the cops
to catch us.

- I think I should call Ed.
- No, no, don't.

I gotta-- My only chance
is to talk to Evelyn myself.

If she told me that this was all a setup,
maybe she'll just tell the police that too.

You're sure?


You wouldn't have a chance.
The cops will be waiting for you.

We've gotta keep moving.

She'd listen to me though.
I know she would.

Would she?


I'm gonna go call Ed.

Stay here.

Hi, Ed? Hi, it's Donna.

Listen, I don't have a lot of time,
but I think James is in trouble.

Well, he's been working
for this woman.

Uh, working on her car. um,

and I think
there's been this accident and...

Hi, how are you doing, Yvette?

Listen, I heard about
your new boyfriend.

Yeah, that's great, really.

Good to hear it.

So tell me about him.

- Excuse me.
ALL: Hi, Frank.

What were you doing
at Shelly's house last night, Bobby?

Shelly almost gets murdered and
you're worried about what I'm doing?

What about Leostein?

What were you doing
at Shelly's house?

Look, here's the deal.

Shelly and I are together, okay?

We have been for a longtime,
since before Laura died,

before and after Leo
went into his drool mode.


Where were you
the night the mill burned?

What's that got to do with this?

Leo tried to kill you.

- Maybe you shot him.
- No way.

I went to Shelly's
the night the mill burned down,

because I was worried about her.

He was about to bury an ax
in my head

when Hank Jennings shot him
through the window.

TRUMAN: You sure it was Hank?
- Absolutely.

What's Hank's connection with Leo?

I don't know, man.
Why don't you tell me?

Shelly, do you have any idea
where Leo might be now?

No, I don't.

I'll assign a couple of my deputies
to the house 24 hours a day.

Hey, man,
I can take care of Shelly all right.

You can just save the deputies.

Bobby Briggs.

Button it.

- You can go now.
- Okay.

TRUMAN: Shelly, don't worry, we're not
gonna let you out of our sight.

- Thank you.
- Come on, Shelly.

I feel so much safer,
don't you, Shelly?


Get a life, punk.


Another trip on the "Seattle
to Twin Peaks" shuttle.

How are you?

- Looking good, Harry.
- Yeah.

- Albert.
- Coop.

- Gentlemen.
- What have you got?

My invite back to Twin Peaks.

Windom Earle.
Direct orders from Gordon Cole.

As he so succinctly put it:

"I'm worried about Coop."

Springfield, Kansas City,
Lawton, Dallas, Jackson.

Earle's been sending
gift-wrapped packages

to police departments
and major law enforcement agencies.

Each looks like a mail bomb,
but they turn out to be harmless.

The deliveries were paid for by a phony
credit card signed Windom Earle.

What's in the boxes?

One article of clothing in each.

One, a white veil, two, a garter,
three, a pair of white slippers,

four, a pearl necklace,
and finally, a wedding dress.


ALBERT: He's got DEA and FBI,
not to mention Mississippi, Oklahoma

and Illinois State patrols
looking for him.

Everyone's invited to the party.

But my guess is, he won't dance
with anyone but you, Coop.

The vagrant from the office died
from a knife wound severing the aorta.

This guy's finger is pointed
directly at this chess piece.

How did Earle manage that
with the rigor mortis?

Well, rigor mortis goes
from head to toe.

But after two days,
it leaves the body from toe to head.

So he waited for it to leave
the arms and the fingers

so they could be maneuvered
onto the chess board,

And then he played Zeus
at the power station,

- What was found?
- This map.

Taped to the bottom of a table.

Good work, Albert.

He's making his move.
Most definitely.


Oh, Coop, uh, about the uniform.

Yes, Albert?

Replacing the quiet elegance
of the dark suit and tie

with the casual indifference
of these muted earth tones

is a form of fashion suicide,
but, uh, call me crazy.

- On you, it works.
- Heh.

Thank you, Albert.


Ah, you're awake then.

Heh. I trust you've slept well?

While you've slept,
I've learned all about you.

Leo Johnson.

The police would like to see you
as soon as possible.

Now, let me see.

Ah! Drug trafficking.

Arson. Ooh, ha, ha.

Attempted murder.

Domestic violence.
Now I am partial to that.


Well, Leo, I've cleansed your wounds.

You're on the mend.

I've removed the proverbial thorn
from your paw.

Leo. Leo the lion.



I want you to help me.

And obey me.

Will you do that? Hmm?

Did you know that,
in the 13th century in Japan,

the samurai were stripped
of their weaponry.

But they discovered that the aged
and treated bamboo

of their shakuhachi flute
made an excellent cudgel.


This flute
is truly an instrument of pleasure.

Don't you think?


I wanted to save this necklace
for an occasion,

but you've ruined it.

Ha, ha. Meow.


Come over here.

Mm. I've made you some gruel.


Come on, Leo, eat your gruel.

Yum, yum. Mm. heh.


It's been 20 years, babe.

One day we're talking
about a graduation party

and the next day we're here.

And in between
nothing but a world of hurt.

I tried not to think about it.

I just spent
more and more time at the diner,

trying to make the place work.

Because I had nothing else.

We were open every day,

so I wouldn't have to have
another life.

No birthdays,

no Fourth of July,

no Christmas.

Well, I turned all my Christmases
into a week full of Mondays.

When that didn't work,

I thought about all the presents
I never bought you.

Never got to give you.

I bought you a present
last Christmas.

It was a turquoise and onyx bolo tie.

I walked over to your house
to give it to you,

but I couldn't go in.

I just waited.

I could see you through the window.

I don't know why I couldn't go in.

I'm sorry I didn't.

All that time,

you should have been in my home.

In my bed.

It's about the future now, Ed.

And what we're gonna do about it.

I want you to come tonight
after I close the diner.

Take me home.

You're right.

It's all ahead of us.

Plenty of time.


- Eddie?
- No, no, no.

I may as well talk to her now.

Hello, Nadine.

I got all the way
to the district finals at Knife River,

only to find out
the airplane slam is illegal.

I was disqualified.

Second place, what a drag.

Oh, boy, what a tough break, huh?

Hello, Nadine.

I owe you an apology, Norma.

I mean, I really pounded Hank
and I am sorry.

But I thought he was gonna do
something to Eddie.

And I sort of got mad.

Thank you.


Know what?

I know about you guys.

Ifs really, really okay.

Because I don't have to feel so guilty
about me and Mike.

You and Mike?

I don't wanna get into it,
but I have to tell you,

it is really, really serious.

So you guys can go ahead
and do whatever you want.

I am completely cool
about all of this,



This is it.

The Seattle police want answers
and I have to tell them something.

They know you were connected
with Jonathan.

How did he die?

He was shot three times
in the back of the head,


If you were ever gonna tell the truth,

now would be an ideal time.

Think I'll get another cup of joe.


Is that you, Pete?

PETE: Yeah. Cooper?
- Yeah.

I gel over to the Clean and Save

and Jeanie Pombelek
is working the counter.

She does not speak
one word of English.

Nada, zip.

She's from Budapest.

We just stood there
and looked at each other

like we were made of wood.

- Who does all this belong to, Pete?
- Oh...

Catherine's been running her
into the ground.

- Need a hand?
- So I offered to stop

by the dry cleaners
and pick up Josie's stuff.

You know, the only words I know
in Hungarian are paprika and goulash.

It took me 20 minutes
to get this stuff.


Let me gel that. Give me a hand.


Just hold a minute.

- It's for Josie. ls she here?
- She's in the other room, Pete.

- Hello.

It's Thomas.

I'm so glad I've found you.

I was wondering
if we could get together.

Did you hear about
what happened to Jonathan?


Welcome to Twin Peaks,
Mr. Eckhardt.

She's run back to Catherine Martell.

I'm so disappointed.


So I asked Stonewall Jackson
what he would like to do

after we run the Yankees
up to Canada.

He said: "Follow them.
I wanna be the Duke of Montréal."


Oh, that Stonewall.

I once asked him

what he thought
I should do with Lincoln.

And he says, "Old Honest Abe
is about as useful to you

as a spittoon cleaner
in a whorehouse."


Whoa! Whoa, traveler. Whoa!

What do you think, Dr. Jacoby?

Ah, letting him out to mingle with the
public doesn't seem to have helped.

Well, you have to admit,
he's kind of fun this way.

What's the matter with you?
That's my father, your brother.

We can't leave him like this.

Well, now, Audrey, honey, now.

There are some advantages
to leaving him, click, click, insane.

BENJAMIN: --told me that every man,
woman and child...

Now, Audrey,
you know I was upset too,

but there's some projects,
both domestic and international,

that I'd might get a chance
to develop.

I mean, one man's crisis
is another man's opportunity.

Let me tell you something,
Uncle Jerry.

We leave him the way he is,
and I become executor of the estate.

Audrey, it's a little more complicated
than that, sweetheart.

No, it isn't.
I've examined his will, Jerry.

If my father becomes incapacitated,
it all goes to me when I'm old enough.

And lam old enough, Jer,
and he is incapacitated.

I have my way either way.

When the only project
you'll be developing

is selling baseboard heaters
at the local Cash 'n' Carry.

What's happened to the man
is a tragedy.

It is a tragedy, Jer.

Dr. Jacoby,
I want you to bring my father back.

- To the office?
BENJAMIN: Parade, rest!

To the real world.

I think it's time we implement
the Appomattox scenario.

Hey, sorry I'm late. A couple of bikers
tried to take this jacket.

BENJAMIN: But old Stonewall's
gone from me now,

cut down in a hail of Yankee lead.

He died alone,

without my comfort.


Come here.

You know what I wanna hear.
Troops, about face.

"Dixie." "Dixie"!

Forward, march.

Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton

Old times there were not forgotten

Look away, look away, look away
Dixie land

Oh, I wish...

Mrs. Marsh?

I'm Donna, James' friend.

I remember you.

Get the lady here a drink.

With a little umbrella in it.

Go on, dear, sit down, it's all right.

- Why are you doing this to James?
- Why not?

Because he's a good person.

He was good at two things:

The car and me.

You don't get it, do you?
I'm talking about our lives.

Life. Life will be rosy if you can
just get out of one silly little jam.


Maybe not.

Talk to me in a couple of years

when your whole life
has turned to crap.

You really like to make everything
sound pointless and stupid.

If there was a reason to climb out
of this primeval swill,

believe me, dear, I'd know it.

Would you, really?

Oh, here we are.
The car's waiting, Mrs. Marsh.

Get in it.

I'm sorry about your friend, honey.
There's nothing you can do.

So why don't you trundle along
to your little town,

safe in the knowledge that,
if I ever see you here again,

I'll kill you.

Don't do this to him, please!


Coop, take a look at this.

Vicuña thread sample
taken from Josie's coal.

Traces found on the floor
outside your room.

They're from the same coat?

Let me put it to you this way,
either Josie Packard pulled the trigger,

or she's loaning her winter wear
to the wrong people.

- It's a perfect match.
- What about the gloves?

Checking for powder burns.
I'll have the results in the morning.

From the Seattle Homicide?

Locals are looking
for a beautiful Asian woman,

late 20s, in connection with the murder
of one Jonathan Kumagai.

He has an Interpol sheet
as long as your arm

and three holes
in the back of his head.

I'm betting the bullets will match
the slugs we took from your vest.

I hope it's not Josie,
for Harry's sake.

Coop, as you know, Truman and I
have had our differences in the past.

But the big lug's got his heart
in the right place, if nothing else.

And I'm not above feeling a little
sympathy for the stalwart and the dull.

- What's you point, Albert?
- Speaking frankly?

Feel free.

Our sheriff's got a serious problem
with his girlfriend.



not one word until we're certain.



Our John Doe's got a name:

Erik Powell. Transient.
Former merchant marine by his prints.


Yeah, ring a bell?

Powell was Caroline's
maiden name,

Do you think
this Powell is a relative?

COOPER: No. Earle's playing
the game according to his own rules.

Every move he makes
sends a message.

The fact that he chose
the name Powell

tells me he hasn't forgotten a thing
that went on between us.

So whenever he takes a piece
from the board...

Someone dies.

I never beat him, Harry.

Coop, if you've got a need
for a chess expert,

we've got one of the best
right here in town.



And mate.


Frankly, I am impressed.

I owe it all
to the great José Raúl Capablanca.

Now, if there's chess boards
in heaven,

José's sitting next to the Lord.

- The mind reels.

- One of these days.
- Ha, ha.

Pete, I need your help.

I'm playing a chess match
of considerable importance.

I can't say any more than that.

Suffice to say,
I'd like to stalemate the game,

losing as few pieces as possible.
None, if that can be arranged.

Well, Agent Cooper,
I'd be proud to serve.

Thanks, Pete.

Great players are either far or few.

- Shelly.

I'm sorry about what happened.

Are you okay?

Not really.

I wanted to come right over.

But with Hank gone,
it's been a madhouse here.

You, um, don'! need any help,
do you?

Um, I... I'd...

I'd feel safer, Norma.

Are you kidding?

It hasn't been the same without you.

When can you start?

- Um, now?
- Great. Welcome back.

Thank you.


- Hi, Shelly.
- Hi.

Excuse me.
Uh, I need to talk to you for a minute.

There's something you should know.

Hank's nearly ready
to leave the hospital.

What about his parole violations?

Harry, this time
I don't want him back.

Don't worry. He won't be back.
Hank's going to jail,

We're charging him with
the attempted murder of Leo Johnson.

Add that to breaking parole,

Hank's going away for a long time.


Mr. Eckhardt, welcome.

Josie, help our guest with his coal.

I must confess I received
your invitation with some surprise.

Well, word travels fast
in Twin Peaks.

I thought it was fitting that I dined
with my late brother's business rival.

Some wine, Josie.

THOMAS: Your brother was not
always my rival. We were friends.

- But your friendship soured.
- Sadly.

Men of business frequently find
their personal lives disrupted

by the larger portraits they paint.

You consider yourself an artist?
The wine, Josie.

Of a sort. Your brother was as well.

I wonder, Mr. Eckhardt.

When you had him killed,
was it for art or money?

- Don't stand there, Josie, pour.
- Call me Thomas, Your brother did.

Thomas. We'll have
our hers d'oeuvres now, Josie.

One does not kill for an or money.

They are commodities easily lost
and just as easily gained.

However, one, rather I,
might find reason to kill for love.

- Did you love her that much?
- Yes.

Josie has the most
incredible hands.

Every finger a thing of beauty.

I remember.

CATHERINE: I wonder,
what shall we do about her?

It would be a shame
if you left empty-handed.

Of course,
I'll miss her cheery disposition.

We've become the best of friends.

Two girls chatting over tea.

Perhaps you should purchase
an animal of some kind.

A cat or a dog.

CATHERINE: If I give her to you,
what will you give me in return?

How can I place a value
on something so precious?

But you will try?



Thomas and I
will have our main course now.

Why did you do it?

You know I've been going through it.

- I can't figure it out.
- James, you're not safe here.

- If Malcolm finds you-
- ls it the money?

Is that it? No, No, I got it.

It was Malcolm. Oh, yeah.
He made you do it. Right?

You better tell me a story, Evelyn.
Because I'm all mixed up.

I just wanna know
why you would do this to me.


What did you expect? An apology?
A hidden heart of gold?

I did it all, James. I did everything.

I found you, I lured you in
and I kept you here,

while Malcolm planned
a nice, neat little frame.

- Why?
- For the money.

Out of fear.

Because I wanted to do it.

It's not exactly what you wanted
to hear, is it, James?

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

James, you're good
and you're honest.

I'm not.

But that doesn't mean
there weren't moments

when I truly wanted you here.

Not for Malcolm,

or for the money, but for me.

For the good and honest way
that you taste.

I like how you taste loo.

Malcolm, what did you do?
James, James. You hurt him.

He broke into the house,

he was angry, he was crazy.

He killed Jeffrey
and he came back to kill you.

You poor, defenseless little widow.

But you were ready for him, Evelyn.

You got your gun.

And you shot James.

You shot him until he was dead.

- General Lee.
- Whoa.

Welcome to our humble horse-
Home, General Lee.

- Thank you. And you are...?
- Scarlett McLean.

And this is my father--

- This is my father.

Wilmer McLean at your service.

I'm indeed honored to be making
your extremely sociable acquaintance.

And why are you armed
with my sword, sir?

I like your sword, sire.

- Thank you, Daddy. Thank you.
BENJAMIN: Where is General Grant?

General Grant's a-coming, sire,
I know it.

Excuse us.



General Grant.

General Lee.

Sir, we met during the Mexican War.
Do you remember?

I have come to surrender the North.

BENJAMIN: The Mexican War, sir.
Do you remember?

JACOBY; Oh, yes, yes.
It was a good war, as I remember.

All wars are nothing but madness.

Disguised as the patriotic ventures
of politicians,

too old and too cowardly
to participate in them.

- No, no, sir, I have no love for war.
- Me neither.

- And even less for politicians.
- Hey, amen.

But, as for the men who fight them,

they have my eternal respect
and sympathy.

All right, general,
enough of this fruitless conversation.

My terms:

Federal officers
may keep their sidearms

and other general possessions.

Officers and men claiming to own
their own horses may keep them too.

And, uh, officers and men will be
allowed to return to their home,

not to be disturbed
by the Confederate States' authorities.

- I surrender.
- Of course you do.

The articles.


- Here, sire, the articles.
- Sir.

The articles, sir.

- You will sign, General Grant.
- Oh, yes, yes, yes.

And may I add that, that you've been
a valiant opponent of fine character.

I thought the North won
the Civil War?





JERRY: Ben? Ben?
- Daddy?

Hey, give him some room.

Where am I?

- Where am I?
JERRY: Twin Peaks, Ben.

Oh. I had the strangest dream.


And you were there.

And you, and you.

It was incredible.

It was a war.

And I was General...

General Robert E. Lee.

And somehow,
in spite of incredible odds,

I won.

Now you're home, Daddy.


- I'm home.
JERRY: Attaboy, Ben. Ha, ha.

How do you feel?
Any, any aftereffects? Dizziness?

I feel terrific.

- I feel, uh...

- What is it, Daddy?
- What are you doing in those clothes?


Attaboy, Ben.

What? What's the joke?

Attaboy, Ben.

Work slowly.

And with care.

Everything must be written
with a steady, uncompromising hand.

No, no, no.





Try again.


Leo, for heaven's sake.


Here. Shh, shh, shh.

Let me show you.

Like this:

There you go.

Much better.

I am proud of you, Leo.


- Windom Earle?
- Yes.



Pretty words for pretty girls.

Which one shall be my queen?


No. No.



The story rings a little truer
with your fingerprints on--

No, Malcolm, I can't.

Just your prints.
Leave the rest to me.

I'll do my best to imitate
the actions of a hysteric.

Five shots, tightly grouped,

as though the gun went off
in your hand.

- Repeatedly.

No! No! James, James, James.

- Don't hurt him any more, please.
- Give me the gun.

I've called the cops.
They're on their way, it won't work.

- Malcolm.
- She's lying. Give me the gun.

please don't let him die, please.

- Please.
- Evelyn.

Give me the gun, Evelyn.

- Evelyn, give me the gun.
- No.

MALCOLM: Evelyn, give me the gun.
- No.

Evelyn. Evelyn.

I can't do this, Malcolm.

Then I will.



He was angry,

he was crazy.

He killed Jeffrey,
came back to kill me.

I was ready, though.

I got my gun and I shot him.

I shot him till he was dead.



For Miss Audrey Horne, please.


Breathtaking, wasn't she?

A truly beautiful woman, Caroline.

Funny, isn't it?

After all this time,

after all that happened
in Pittsburgh,

I still love her.

And I know that you do too.

Now, Dale, listen carefully.

It's your move.
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