Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 14 - Episode #2.14 - full transcript

Cooper and Truman discuss the opening moves by the fugitive Windom Earle over the discovery of a dead body in Truman's office which is the opening move of a deadly chess game when each pawn is taken, a person dies. Cooper also confides in Truman about his past with Windom Earle and his involvement with Earle's wife that may have pushed him over the edge. Following Leo's rampage and attempt to kill Shelly, he fees into the woods, and ends up in the cabin housing the shadowy Windom Earle. Meanwhile, Andy confides in Lucy about his and Dick's suspicion concerning Little Nicky. Lucy then asks Dr. Hayward for help who then finally clears the mystery about Nicky. Major Briggs also confides in Cooper and Truman about his work for the Air Force's classified search for the so-called White Lodge. At the Marsh estate, James meets Evelyn's husband for the first time, who turns out to be a nice guy. In the nearby town, Donna arrives with money for James, and instead meets Evelyn who tells her that James has left town already. Back in Twin Peaks, Big Ed confides in Dr. Hayward about Nadine dating Mike Nelson. Dr. Jacoby also clears grifter Lana Budding of any misdeeds concerning the death of Doug Milford, but it takes some persuasion from the elderly the senile Mayor Milford to convince him otherwise. Meanwhile, Catherine reveals to Pete that Andrew Packard is alive and they let him in on their plans to bring down Josie by contacting her former boss/lover, the ruthless South African businessman, Thomas Eckhardt who arrives in Twin Peaks looking for Josie. Also, Audrey and Bobby ask Jerry Horne for help concerning Ben's delusion who continues to reenact the Civil War, while Dr. Jacoby persuades Ben to push for a Confederate victory.

Good Lord.


I want this dusted for prints.

No one saw a thing.

The blackout and the fire
drew everyone out of the building.

- How long has he been dead?
- It's hard to say.

We'll need an autopsy.

Doc, if you lift up the victim's shirt,
I believe you'll find a stab wound,

one inch beneath the sternum,

penetrating upwards,
severing the aorta.

You've seen this before.

- Yeah.
- Any traces?

No blood stains.

What's this?

- Douglas fir, Harry?
- Lodgepole pine.

Hawk, footprints?

Two sets, same boots,
one coming, one leaving.

Heavier impressions
on the way down.

Carrying the body.

Coop, are you sure
Windom Earle's behind this?

A short time ago, a vagrant,

our victim, was befriended
and offered a lift.

He was driven to a location
up beyond the ridge.

The car will still be there.
He was stabbed once.

He managed to run a short distance
before collapsing.

Windom Earle
engineered the explosion

that caused the power outage.

He created a diversionary fire
that drew everyone out of the station.

Brought the body in
through this window.

Windom Earle
has been in this room.

I can still feel his presence.

Harry, we're not gonna find
any fingerprints in here.

No mistakes. No slip-ups.

Everything has its own rationale,

precision, intelligence.

Windom Earle is a genius.

And he's taken his first pawn
in a very sick game.

Listen carefully, Bobby Briggs.
This is what we're gonna do.

If there's one thing I learned from
my father before he flipped his wig,

it's that a business relationship
is like a sacred pact.

Equaled only by the closest
of personal relationships,

where nothing is held back.


Do you wanna get rich, Bobby?

- Immediately.
- Well, maybe I can help.

Let's pretend that this is my father.

- An ice cube?
- Right.

And our job now is to help
my father come back from limbo land

before he melts away and leaves us
with a handful of nothing.

We wouldn't want that to happen,
would we?


So from now on, Bobby,
I'm the one you suck up to.

- What about Shelly?
- What about Shelly?






Help me!

Please! Help me!

No! No!

Leo? Please.

Bad girl.

Please, please don't.


I swear. I'll kill you.

Help me! Help!



Shelly, come on.

No. No!

- No!
- Shelly?

No, no, Leo.


- Shelly!
- No, please.

- No!
- Leo, you bastard!

Goodbye, wife.




- No!
- Aah!

Bobby! Bobby.

Everything's okay, baby.

He's gone.

- Here.
- Thanks, Harry.

Well, no fibers, no prints.
You were right.

If it is Earle, he didn't miss a beat.

Mm. Did you hear anything
from Denise?

The Bureau and the DEA cleared me
of all criminal charges.

The suspension still stands.

I'm waiting to hear from Gordon.

In the meantime,
you're still my deputy.


If you want this case, it's yours.

Harry, I want it.


I found that car on the logging road
just like he said.

No prints.

And just so you know, Hank Jennings
didn't make the buy at Dead Dog

because he was in the hospital.

Claims he was hit by a bus.

I cuffed him to the bed
and booked him for parole violations.

Oh. Shelly Johnson called.

She said Leo came to last night,

attacked her
and ran off into the woods.

Holy smokes.

Lucy, we need to talk.
It's about Nicky.

Little Nicky?

Dick and I have been doing
some thinking and some looking,

and we think he's a... He's a...

A what?

We think he murdered his parents.

- He's 9 years old.
- I know.

We think he was 6
at the time of the crime.

I met little Nicky.
I've talked to little Nicky.

If you two think for one second

that I'll believe that a defenseless
little orphan is capable of murder,

the both of you aren't fit
to be fathers to a chimp.


I'm gonna get to the bottom of this
right away.

Hello, you must be James.

- Um...
- Oh. Ha, ha.

I'm Jeffrey Marsh.

I've been hearing very good things
about your work from Evelyn.

Well, you'll see how it is
when you take it out.

I'm sure it will be fine.
It's lucky we found you.

No, my luck.

I hear you were, uh, on the road.

Yeah, I will be soon.

Ah, no itinerary, no deadlines.
I'm envious.

Wish I was going with you.

Maybe after I take her for a spin,
we'll talk shop.

Sounds like we have a mutual love:


Yeah, well,
actually I'm kind of overdue as it is.

Of course he'll stay.

There are plenty of things
I could find for him to do.


Right, James?

Yeah. Yeah, maybe.

Excuse me.

- Nice kid.
- He's done a fine job on the car.

Mm. Let's see what it will do
on the open road.

Goodbye, Jeffrey.

Doc, it's Nadine I wanna talk about.

Nadine wants to start dating boys

and I don't know what to say.

Is she sexually active?


Doc, I wake up every morning feeling
like I've been hit by a timber truck.

It's the extra adrenaline.

Well, it's downright dangerous.

She's liable to kill a young kid.
I don't know what to say.

Be patient.

And, uh, tell her to be home
by 9:00 on school nights.

Extra potatoes.

Well, thanks.

Ed, uh, Donna took the van
this morning.

Said something
about looking for James.

Is there anything
I need to worry about?

Well, James is out west
a couple of hours.

Trying to clear his head, I think.
Donna's taking him some money.

Not easy being a parent, is it?

Boy, I'll say.


- See you, Ed.
- Thanks, doc.

Hank's in the hospital.

He said a tree fell on him.

Honey, that tree was a redwood
called Nadine.

Yesterday after you left,
Hank jumped me.

Right in my own living room.

If Nadine hadn't shown up...

Nadine took out Hank?

Phew. And it wasn't pretty.

Harry called. He said he'll be arresting
Hank for parole violation.

When Hank gets well,
he may have to go back to prison.

I think it's time I start correcting
a few of the mistakes I've made.

Well, we could, uh,
start by getting a cabin.

A couple of venison steaks
and a bottle of sparkling wine.

People will find out.

Let them.

- Don't you knock?
- I'm sorry.

- Are you leaving?
- Yeah.

You were good with Jeffrey.

It didn't feel that good.

I can change that.

It's wrong.

Love isn't wrong, James.

Please don't leave me.

Don't leave me alone with him.

What a shot!

I'm gonna go check my bike.

So how does chess
figure into all this?

Because Windom Earle and I played
a game every day for three years.

He felt that all of life

could be found in the patterns
and conflicts on the board.

Because I never beat him.

Now it's my turn.

I'll publish my response
in the Twin Peaks Gazette.

I don't know what else to do.

Coop, you're gonna have to give me
some more information here.

Harry, I've brought some baggage
to town I haven't told you about.

Windom Earle was my first partner.

Everything I know about the law
and the Bureau, I owe to him.

Four years ago,
we drew the assignment

of protecting a material witness
in a federal crime.

She was a very beautiful,
very gentle woman.

Her name was Caroline.

She and I fell in love.

One night, I failed in my vigilance.

An attack was made. I wasn't ready.

I was wounded
and I lost consciousness.

When I came to,
she was in my arms.

She was dead.
She'd been stabbed.

The wounds on the vagrant?


The killer was never found.

My wound healed,
Windom Earle went mad.

until his recent escape.

So why is he after you?


Caroline was Windom Earle's wife.

So he blames you for her death.

It's much worse than that.

I think he killed her.

And I think he committed the crime
that she originally witnessed.

Harry, Windom Earle's mind
is like a diamond.

It's cold and hard and brilliant.

I think he feigned the insanity
that sent him away.

But at some point,
he lost the ability to distinguish

between what's right
and what's wrong.

You don't know
what he's capable of, Harry.

You don't know.

Coffee, please.

I'm looking for a biker
named James.

You look like someone
in need of help.

I'm looking for someone.

What's his name?


James Hurley?


You know him?

He did some work for me recently.

What kind of work?

He fixed my husband's car.

Where is he?

He left. Yesterday, on his bike.

Where did he go?

He said something about the ocean.
Mexico, I think.

That's all?

Are you
what he's running away from?

Look, dear, why don't you go home?

He'll be back.

Coffee's on me.

He's marching on Washington.

We think he's getting close.

- Ben?
- He prefers general.



He thinks you're General Jeb Stuart.

Oh. You're in the cavalry.

Jeb, there is a great day upon us.

By dawn, our troops will be
on the outskirts of Washington.

By midday, it will fall.

And we will once again walk
on our cherished fields at home.

Only God can stop us now.

And it is my firm belief, Jeb,

that the Almighty is a Southerner.


You really think it's a good idea
for Ben to be carrying this sword?

Well, uh, he thinks he's on a
forced march to Washington.

You know, he's crossing
the Maryland border as we speak.

What he's doing is quite healthy.

I mean, by reversing
the South's defeat in the Civil War,

he, in turn, will reverse
his own emotional setback.

What he needs right now
is both your understanding

and a Confederate victory.

Men of the South,

from this day
to the ending of the earth,

we who fight
shall be remembered.

For our bravery,
for the battle scars that we bear.

We few...

We happy few.

We band of brothers,

onwards to Washington.

Oh, I wish I was
In the land of cotton

Old time there I've not forgotten

Look away, look away
Look away, Dixie land

I wish I was in Dixie
Hooray, hooray

In Dixie land
I'll take my stand

And live or die in Dixie

Major Briggs?

I need to see the sheriff.

Major Briggs.


- I'm fine.
- Fine, Lucy.


Major, what happened?

Well, as men who have dedicated
their lives to service,

I know
that you're able to understand

how sacred I hold
the Pledge of Allegiance.

And the cost one must pay
when breaking a pledge.

It can be very great.

Well, the Air Force, I thought,

was not unlike other societies of men
dedicated to the fight for the good.

Gentlemen, frankly, I'm worried.

When my superiors questioned me
about my disappearance,

they exhibited a degree of suspicion
and intolerance

bordering on the paranoid.

I must now admit that their motivation
in the search for the White Lodge

is not ideologically pure.

I believe that during my disappearance,
I was taken to the White Lodge.

I can remember virtually nothing.

But I have the clear intuitive sense

that there is much trouble ahead.

Major, what kind of trouble?

I am not aware of the form
it will take.

I will return.

Until that time,

I will be in the shadows
if you need me.

- Good day, gentlemen.
- Good day, major.

- In the shadows. Can you beat that?
- Nope.

Excuse me, sheriff, Agent Cooper,
may I show you something?


I wanted all of you to hear this.

I've just spent almost the last 24 hours
with this charming young lady.

And as you can see, uh,
I have no bruises, no broken bones.

Any claims by her deceased
husband's brother that she is cursed

or somehow responsible for his death
is nonsense.

Now, what she does, in fact, possess
is a heightened sexual drive

and a working knowledge of technique,
anatomy and touch

that few men have ever had
the pleasure of experiencing

or the skill to match.

Is it hot in here?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Lana, let me be the first
to congratulate you.

Thank you.

Well, I could never have done it
without Dr. Jacoby.

Okay. Well, then,
we're gonna go bowling.

See you later, guys.


Don't anybody move.

Mr. Mayor.

Put the gun down.

Anybody that moves,
I'll blast her into kingdom come.

And the hippie too.


this isn't gonna solve anything.

- She killed my brother.
- Mr. Mayor, she killed no one.

- Horse dung.
- Fellas, I've got an idea.

Why don't we let Lana and the mayor
talk things over together? Alone.

I don't wanna talk. I wanna shoot.

Now, Dwayne,
you can always shoot later. Talk first.

Come on, in here.

Lana, it's okay. Mr. Mayor, please.

Mr. Mayor, please.

- Now what?
- We wait.

- We wait.
- We wait.

It's hard waiting.



Ready, men?

Let's go.

We've decided to adopt a child.

He's so much like Dougie.

I just feel like my husband's
been brought back to life.

Well, I've been lonely and selfish.

I hope you'll all forgive me
for my boorish behavior.

Come along, my dear.

I don't know about you guys,

but I could definitely use
something to drink.

- Me too.
- Oh, yeah.

Hot dogs.

- We forgot the hot dogs.
- Pete.

We forgot the wienies.
All beef, with the skin on them.

- Has Josie gone shopping yet?
- Yes, she's already gone.

Well, if you think you can
tear yourself away

from all this high-level executive
decision-making for a moment,

I have something
I'd like to show you.

Have you ever asked yourself

how I really survived after the fire?

How I was able to marshal
the resources necessary

to defeat Benjamin Horne
and win back the mill?

Now that you mention it, yeah.

Come here.

Pete Martell.


I saw the boat.

- You...
- Take all the time you need.

Good old Pete.

As you can surmise,
I had my brother Andrew's help.

Now, let me get this straight.

You didn't die in the boat accident.

We didn't tell you, Pete...

With apologies much delayed.
- because you didn't need to know.

Okay. Fine.

We discovered the attempt
on my life was coming,

so we arranged this little deception.

Who tried to push the button
on you, Andy?

Does the name Thomas Eckhardt
mean anything to you?


Eckhardt and I
were business partners.

I knew lumber, he knew Hong Kong.

We made a lot of money,
had some fun.

Then I got the better of him
in a piece of business,

and he tried to stab me in the back.


He's a very dangerous
and powerful opponent.

Eckhardt planned Andrew's death
for six years.

Does Josie know you're alive, Andy?

Pete, dear,
Josie worked for Thomas Eckhardt.

Oh, my God.

Does she still?

We'll know when Eckhardt arrives.

He's coming here?

I've never known
Josie's seductive powers to fail.

He'll come for her,
like a rat for cheese.

Good evening. How may I help you?

I have two suites reserved.

- Name?
- Eckhardt.

Thomas Eckhardt.

Welcome to Twin Peaks.

Andy, in here. We're gonna talk.


Cooper. I need to ask you a favor.

Harry, let's get one thing straight.

I work for you now.
You say drink coffee, I'll drink coffee.

This just came over the wire
from Seattle.

Josie told me
she got away from him.

Think Josie had something to do
with this?

I don't know. I don't know.

That's why I need you to find out.

Okay, Harry.

When Lucy told me
about your theory,

I called the orphanage
and cut through the red tape.

Nicky is no more a murderer
than Lucy or I.

I believe "pathological"
was the phrase...

Dick, I did not drop you on your head
when I brought you into this world.

Don't give me cause to regret that.

- Doc, it's just that...
- Shut up, the both of you, and listen.

Nicky entered this world
through the back door,

where hope and promise
never see the light.

His mother was a poor immigrant
chambermaid at the Great Northern.

Nicky was conceived
during an assault in a back alley

by a man
who fled across the border.

She never reported it to the police

but when she began to show,
she reported it to me.

But Nicky's mother had a dream
of a better life for herself and her child.

A dream that she brought with her
to this country.

She decided to carry that child.

But the poor wretch
never saw the boy.

She died just as Nicky
took his first breath.

We buried her in potter's field
and sent the infant to the orphanage.

For several years, Nicky was shuttled
from one state home to another.

And then one day,
hope shined on little Nicky.

A young, childless couple
took him into their lives.

They were loving, caring parents.

But it all collapsed one terrible moment
on an icy highway.

There was a crash.

Six-year-old Nicky managed
to pull his parents from the blazing car,

but it was too late.

And Nicky was alone again,

as he is today.

I hope you two are happy.

- James, what are you doing?
- What does it look like I'm doing?

Are you leaving? Are you leaving?

I can't stay here.

- I don't understand.
- It's wrong!

- Because I'm married?
- Yes.


I love you, James.

I've never said that
to anybody before in my life.

I love you.

There's been an accident.

Jeffrey is dead.

- His car?
- Yes.

You killed him.

No. No. No.

My God! You set me up!

It was Malcolm's idea.
He's not my brother.

Hurry, James.

Go find that young girl
who loves you.





We gotta hurry.

Come on. Come on.

Where is Shelly? Bad girl.

No, no. Come in.

It's all right. I'm a friend.

Come in.

You look like
you've had a very hard night.

Come. Sit.

I will help you.

What's your name?

- Leo.
- Leo?

Well, Leo.

You can call me Windom.

Windom Earle.