Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 10 - Episode #2.10 - full transcript

Three days after Leland's death following his confession to having killed Laura Palmer while under the control of the evil spirit Bob, Sarah tries to adjust herself to this turn of events with Cooper's consultation. As Cooper prepares to leave Twin Peaks with the Laura Palmer case closed, a new twist comes when Roger Hardy, an agent with FBI Internal Affairs, and a Canadian Mountie, named Preston King, show up where Cooper gets suspended by the FBI for his unauthorized actions in Canada, and Mountie King reveals that Cooper's rescue of Audrey Horne from One-Eyed Jacks ruined a sting operation the RCMP set up to arrest Jean Renault in which the drugs used were found in Cooper's car. Meanwhile, Norma's mother, Vivian, leaves town after revealing that she's the M.T. Wentz that everyone talks about and the one responsible for the bad review of the Double R Diner. Hank also takes Ernie Niles to One-Eyed Jacks where they meet with Jean Renault who wants them to traffic some cocaine for him. Elsehwere, Big Ed and Dr. Jacoby persuade the vice principal of Twin Peaks High School to enroll Nadine as a student to satisfy her delusion that she's still in high school. Also, Bobby unsuccessfully tries to blackmail the distraught Ben Horne with the incriminating tape of him talking with Leo, while Audrey gives Bobby some advice about how to confront her father.


I'd like you to take this.


I don't want it.

I wanna be there.

Every part of me needs to be there.

For both of them.

Today I bury my husband.

Next to my only child.

Her grave is still so... There's only
a little bit of grass on it.

Mrs. Palmer, there are things
dark and heinous in this world.

Things too horrible
to tell our children.

Your husband fell victim
to one of these long ago,

when he was innocent and trusting.

Leland did not do these things.
Not the Leland that you knew.


That man I saw.

Long, dirty, disgusting hair.

He's gone. Forever.

So is everything I loved.


I think it might help to tell you what
happened just before Leland died.

It's hard to realize here and here

what has transpired.

Your husband went so far as
to drug you to keep his actions secret.

But before he died,

Leland confronted the horror
of what he had done to Laura

and agonized over the pain
he had caused you.

Leland died at peace.

In his last moments, he saw Laura.

He kept saying
how much he loved her.

And I believe she welcomed him,

that she forgave him.

It's time.

Mrs. Palmer, I would be honored
to drive you.

Leland always found
the other earring.

- I don't know about you...
- Excuse me.

Get some of this Waldorf salad here.
There we go.

- Nice to see you too.
- Yeah.

I got this for Sarah.

Here you go.

- While it's hot.
- Oh, thank you very much.


Do they invite people to these things,
or do they just show up?

At a time like this,
people just naturally come together.

It's a time of reaching out.

I remember when my mother died,

there must have been
a hundred people.

Seems like the whole town
is falling apart.

Somehow James thinks it's his fault.

First Laura, then Maddy.

Maybe he blames me, I don't know.

Two people in love couldn't have
caused all this, could they?

Oh, honey.

He'll come back.

Everything's gonna get better.

- Welcome home, Dr. Jacoby.
- Major.

You appear to be fully recovered
from your recent setback.

Well, nothing beats the restorative
powers of Hanalei Bay.

- Sheriff, how are you?
- Major.

What's the matter?

Doesn't she feed you?

- You're just jealous.
- Jealous?

Oh, I... I... I wouldn't... I wouldn't
spend my time changing diapers.

What's next for you, sir?

Well, major, I'm not exactly sure.

I've stockpiled a few weeks
of vacation time.

Now might be the time
to cash them in.

For starters,
would you care to join me

for an incredibly pleasant evening
of night fishing?



can you see my underpants
in my shoes?

I looked down and I thought
I could see the reflection.

Do you think boys
are looking up my dress?

Sweetheart, I can't see a thing
in your shoes.

I promise.


Donna came over to see Laura.

Do you know what they did?

It was late. We'd made popcorn.

And they made this very serious
promise to each other,

to be best friends forever.

I... I think it was a kind of bond



I need to remember all this.

Besides, she's cursed.

Aah! Oh! Aah! Aah!

Boys, take it easy.
Take it easy. Come on.

I'm gonna stick his head in the gutter
where it belongs.

Dwayne, now knock it off.
Knock it off.

Remember where you are
and why we're here.


They seem to be having fun.

The mayor and his brother.

Dougie owns the newspaper.

They've had a running feud
going for 50 years.

Nobody knows how it started.

Something about an old flame
and a rumble seat.

I don't even think
they remember anymore.

Well, the nest's a little stirred up
right now.

Dougie's engaged to be married
to a babe.

- For the fifth time.
- She's still in her teens, he's 110.

One of those January-December
sort of deals.

You remember the first time Dwayne
ran for mayor? When was that?

Oh, um... Sixty-two? Yeah, 1962.

Dougie wrote an editorial,
came out against Dwayne.

And Dwayne was
running unopposed.

Harry, I'm really gonna miss
this place.

You're asking me to admit
a 35-year-old woman

to the senior class.

You got me there.

Eddie, how much longer?
Class is starting.

We'll be right out, Nadine.
Just a few more minutes.

Guess what.
Cheerleading tryouts today.

I just saw a notice
on the bulletin board.

That's great, honey. Um...

Why don't you go
practice your splits?



Customer relations.

Has everything been satisfactory
during your stay with us, Mr. Cooper?

Audrey, I have no complaints.

- When are you leaving?
- Going fishing.

But you are leaving.

Yes, in effect I am.

So this is it? You save my life,
then break my heart?

Audrey, I've explained to you
my personal policy about involving...

Yeah, I know, I know.
I'm a teenager.

And you were involved
in a case I was working on.

Someone must have hurt you once
really badly.

No. Someone was hurt by me.

And I will never let that
happen again.

What happened,
did she die or something?

As a matter of fact, she did.

You wanna know how?

She was a material witness
to a federal crime.

We were supposed to protect her.

Twenty-four hours a day.

My partner and I.

Windom Earle was his name.

He taught me everything I know
about being a special agent.

And when the attempt on her life
was finally made,

I wasn't ready.

Because I loved her.

She died in my arms.

I was badly injured,

and my partner lost his mind.

Need to hear any more?

Audrey, I like you
and I care about you.

I'll always consider you my friend.

Friendship is the foundation
of any lasting relationship.

It's nice to be quoted accurately.

Well, let me tell you something,
Agent Cooper.

One of these days,
before you know it,

I'm gonna be grown-up
and on my own,

and you better watch out.

Okay, Audrey. It's a deal.

You know, there's only
one problem with you.

You're perfect.

It's big.

But it is bad.

Leo just got that suit.

Fits him a little tighter.

Yeah, it's a shame to let good threads
go to waste.

What do you think?

Green or yellow?

I gotta look good. Ben Horne is a man
who notices these things, you know?

Bobby, honey, you look great.

Can you take me out tonight, please?
I'll get all dressed up.

What about Leo?
We just leave him here? Heh.

I don't know. I'll get a sitter.
I've gotta get out of this house.

Sweetheart, lover, listen to me.

If I land this job with Ben Horne,
we're on easy street.

I'll take care of you in ways
you never even dreamed of.

Hang in there,

and let Bobby do his thing.

It's for both of us, okay?

I gotta ramble.

Cross your fingers, cross your toes.
This is the big time. Whoo!


Hello, Harry.

Forgive my saying so, Catherine...

...but aren't you dead?

Does Pete know?

My husband and I
will be duly reunited.

Well, all things considered,
welcome home.

- Any questions?
- Yeah, a couple.

Am I under suspicion?

I guess that depends
on the answers I get.

Maybe you'd like to call your lawyer.

That won't be necessary.

- I have nothing to hide.
- Good. Good.

Well, for starters,

where the hell have you been
the past two weeks?


Do you believe in guardian angels?

Guardian angels?

Catherine, to tell you the truth,

I'm not so sure what I believe
these days.

I believe an angel saved my life.

I was home the night of the fire.

A man called.
The voice, I didn't recognize.

He asked me to meet him
at the drying shed.

There was a vague threat implied.
So I went and I took my gun.

And that girl... What's her name?

- Shelly Johnson.
- Johnson. She was there.

She was tied up inside.

I think a bomb went off. I...

I have nothing but impressions after
that, just walls of flame, screaming...

I have no idea of how I escaped.
But I found myself in the woods.

I was afraid.

I was afraid for the first time
in my life.

I dragged myself through the night.

Then, as the sky lightened,

things began to look familiar.

The woods. The path.
A rock formation.

And I was...

...flooded with...

...memories of my childhood.

I thought, "This is what heaven is."

And that's when I saw
our old summer cabin in the woods.

Heaven was Pearl Lakes.
I'd walked miles through the night.

Only a guardian angel
could have brought me there.

Thank you.

Thank God we always kept
a well-stocked pantry.

I went in and I...
I opened a can of tuna fish.

And I waited for whoever it was that
was trying to kill me to finish the job.

A loaded gun by my side.

I was terrified that every moment
was going to be my last.

What made you come back?

I ran out of tuna fish.

Great news. I quit smoking.

- What are you doing here?
- I wanted to see you.

I wanted...

To be honest, I wanted to talk
about our bambino.

Our bambino?

Lucy, I have been in a ghastly turmoil,
and do you know what I've discovered?

I, Richard Tremayne,
am a terrible, crashing bore.

And what I desperately require
in my life is something...

No, someone... more important
than myself to think about, to care for.

So perhaps you can see why that,
as a result, I must say,

parenthood is suddenly
so appealing.

- Parenthood?
- Fatherhood, more specifically.

And since I have no skills
in this area...

Nurturing is a relatively
foreign concept.


I've enlisted myself in
the Happy Helping Hand program.

Part-time big brother
to some adorable, homeless waif.

Excuse me,
are you the same Dick Tremayne

that works at
Horne's Department Store?

Yes. And, Lucy, I must say,

I have absolute confidence
that the child is mine.


Lucy, Dick, I have something
I'd like to say.

What is it, Andy?

I would like to say that we're all
in a very difficult position.

I come from a large family.
And Mama always said

she couldn't have
fussing and fighting around her

when she had a bun in the oven.

And until we know for sure
who's gonna be throwing that baseball,

or building that dollhouse,
we should all be friends.

So you two go right ahead and talk,
and I'll see you.

Andy, are you crazy?

Hawk, I know Lucy
and I know what'd get her:

Morals and manly behavior.

You think I went too far?

- Harry?
- Hey.

Well, I guess this is goodbye.

Major Briggs says there's a frying pan
full of steelhead trout out there

with my name on them.

That's why I figure
you're gonna be needing this.


...this is unbelievable.
- Yeah.

Now, when those steelhead
are running upstream,

they're only thinking
about one thing. Sex.

A Green Butt Skunk
breaks their concentration.

A Green Butt Skunk.


Tied it myself.
My dad taught me how.

His dad taught him.

Harry, I don't know what to say.

Oh, one more thing.

I'll recycle this.

Bookhouse Boy patch.

We all agreed.
You're one of us now.

Harry, I am honored beyond
my ability to express myself.

You wear that in good health.

You ever need us, we'll be there.

Deputy Hawk.

If I'm ever lost, I hope you're
the man they send to find me.

May the wind be always at your back.

Deputy Andy.

Your bravery is only exceeded
by the size of your heart.

A rare combination, indeed.

Lucy, my best to you and yours.

Now, you better invite me
to that wedding,

whoever the lucky man might be.

- Sheriff Truman?
- Yeah.

This is Special Agent Roger Hardy
of the FBI.

Roger, what are you doing here?

Dale, we've got a problem.

Effective immediately, without pay,

I regret to inform you
of your suspension from the FBI.

Cooper, I suspect you know
why I'm here.

- I don't.
- Internal Affairs.

We're the agents
who watch the agents.

And his presence refers
to my crossing into Canada.

Hold on, that was directly related
to a case we were investigating.

Not without my knowing
about it, it wasn't.

What's the charge, Roger?

Mis what?

The improper and unlawful execution
of an act

that is in itself proper and lawful.

- The rescue of Audrey Horne.
- In part.

There's also the disturbing allegation
as to your motives and your methods.

What allegation?

Well, I'm waiting
for some evidence to arrive.

We'll convene in one hour.


Come on. Think.

Mr. Horne wasn't expecting you.

He said that possibly we could
set something up for you next month.

Could you tell him it's about the tape
he got in the mail yesterday,

and it's urgent?

Could you tell him that, please?

A little late for Halloween, isn't it?


Oh, what are you supposed to be,
a lounge lizard?

Shouldn't you be in school?

School numbs my buns.
What about you?

Oh, I'm just trying to get a meeting
with your father.

What on earth do you wanna
talk to him about?

A job. Business. It's personal.

Hmm. I didn't know
Daddy dearest was hiring.

Oh, you know me.
I just gotta talk to him first.

Yeah. You're up to something,
Bobby Briggs,

but I'm sure that's
none of my business.

Count to ten.






First rule of business
is you have to know who to speak to.


I owe you one.

I know you're a busy man,
I respect that. I'll get right to the point.

Samantha, bring in a fly swatter.

There's a bug in my office.

Hey! You're making
a big mistake. Let me go!

Hey, hey, hey! Leave him alone.
He's a friend of mine.

You could tell your boss
that that tape was not the original.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I can't imagine what all this
is about, Bobby Briggs.

You know, that's twice
you saved my bacon, Audrey.

Could be talking sainthood.

Is there anything I can do for you?

How about an ice cream?

- Cup or cone?
- Mm. Mm.

Cone. I like to lick.

What was the purpose
of your first visit to One-Eyed Jack's?

To gather information about the death
of Laura Palmer from Jacques Renault.

Who you apparently lured
back across the border,

where he was wounded
while being arrested,

and subsequently murdered
that night in the hospital.

Renault was a material witness
to events leading up to Laura's death.

Leland Palmer confessed to Jacques'
murder, which I believe he committed.

Am I being held responsible
for this, Roger?

Let's talk about your second visit.

To rescue Audrey Horne
from her kidnappers.

- And both are dead.
- You know procedure.

Crossing the border without contacting
Canadian authorities

is a serious breach
under any circumstances.

I'm not disputing that, Roger.

Is it the Bureau's position
that I'm responsible for these deaths?

That's what we're trying
to determine.

This matter was brought
to our attention

because Mountie King was involved
in a sting operation

to nail this Jean Renault.

We worked six months to set this up.

One night you march in,

Renault escapes, two men are dead,

and the cocaine we were using
for the setup

was stolen from the premises.

I don't know anything about
the cocaine, but you've miscounted.

Three people were killed.
Jean Renault killed Blackie,

I didn't know about
the Battis murder until now,

and the bodyguard who turned his gun
on me was killed in self-defense.

So what we have
is crossing jurisdictional borders,

three dead bodies
and international drug trafficking.

I admit to the border crossing.

I told you the extent of my involvement
with the killings.

Roger, I hope you know me better

than to suspect I would have anything
to do with a drug transaction.

I won't know that
until you prove it, Cooper.

And I might add, the DEA's been
brought in to investigate.

You have 24 hours
to assemble your defense.

In the meantime, I'll require
that you surrender your gun.

And your badge.

Sheriff Truman.

Sheriff, please.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.

I'll stand.

Well, let me begin by saying

whatever Agent Cooper's guilty of
will not be held against you.

And your cooperation will be useful
and greatly appreciated.

If I understand the law correctly,

you need extradition papers
in order to get a statement from me.

And you need a subpoena
from a judge.

Now, unless you gentlemen
have that paperwork,

I suggest you take
your cooperation...

...and stuff it.

That attitude will not serve you
or Agent Cooper.

That's not an attitude.
That's a promise.

Agent Cooper is the finest lawman
I've ever known.

I've had nothing but respect for him
since he arrived in Twin Peaks.

Now, I don't know
what information you have

or where you got it from,

but it is dead wrong.

Thank you for your time.

Help yourself to a coffee
on the way out.

Steeplejacks, Steeplejacks, roll them!

Too short.

And Nadine.

Nadine Butler.

All right, Nadine. Let's start you off
with a little tumbling.

- Next event, corkscrew.
- My gosh. Did you see her do this?

Hold on. I'm gonna throw you.

Yeah, sure, you are.


- Can you believe that?
- No, I don't.

I'm not answering that.

All day and not one word.

Johnson's Nursing Home.

That's great, Bobby.
I'm glad things went so well.

Must have been
the longest meeting in history.

Yeah, I still love you.

Bobby, I've been thinking.

We have to do something with Leo.
Put him in a home.

It's not worth it.
I don't want the money.

Bobby, I want a life.

He moved.


...Leo moved.

What's with the tablecloths?

The critic has spoken.
I feel like a fool.

Norma, pick your lower lip up
off the floor. It wasn't that bad.

Mother, please don't tell me
how to feel.

This business is all I've got.
I wanna keep my regular customers.

I don't care if anyone new
ever comes in here again.

They probably won't.

Not after, "If you want local color,
stop in.

But if it's good food you want,
find a wider berth."

It was "local charm," not "color."

- You memorized that piece of trash?
- No. I wrote it.

You might as well know, so that we
can get this little melodrama over with.

I don't believe it.

Is that why you came to visit,
so you could run me into the ground?

No. Darling, I wanted to give you
a good review.

This is just not a good restaurant.

I can't violate my professional ethics.


I'm your daughter.

Some standards have to prevail.

What about the standards
of common decency and kindness?

Or don't those standards
fit into your profession?

Of course they do.

I wouldn't treat a dog like this,
no less my own daughter.

Oh, as usual you're overreacting.

- Am I?
- Mm-hm.

Maybe I am,

but they're my reactions.

And the hurt I feel is my hurt,

and how I react
is none of your damn business.

- Dear, be sensible.
- I'm being very sensible.

I want you out of this place.

I want you out of my life.
I don't wanna be hurt by you anymore.




Yeah. Yeah.

- Yes.
- Oh, yeah.

Okay, kids, come on,
we'll take you another time.

Go on, go.
Whoo, whoo.

Whoa. We bagged our limit
and we didn't even fire a shot.

- Get off me, man.
- Welcome to the fighter zone.

- I remind you.
- What?

I'm a happily married man.
Recently married.

To an extremely wealthy woman.

As we discussed, we're really eager
to do business with you.

Look, I will not steal
my wife's money.

I feel guilty enough about lying to her
about this hunting trip.

- Hey, no harm, no foul.
- Get off.

- She bought it, didn't she?
- I don't know. She doesn't miss much.

And I don't like
this stealing business.

Who said anything about stealing?

- I've had enough of this.
- You're the computer expert, buddy.

Just hit the keys,
and she won't see a ripple.

- Look at it this way.
- Get off.

You don't help us, how long
you think she'll stay your wife?

- I'm getting mad.
- You want me to release you?

Hold it or I'll have to kill you.

You better get with the program, pal.

Get off.

So this is him?


- meet Jean Renault.
- Hi.

I met him one night in the woods,
when he stuck a pistol in my ear.

Lucky for me, I had my state
prosecutor's badge with me.

Never leave home without it.

Jean, this is the Professor.

What he can do with numbers would
make a 1000-dollar-a-night hooker

- blush like a nun.
- Ah.

Well, a recent investment opportunity
fell through,

leave us in a cash-poor position.

We need 125,000 immediately.

I understand completely.

- You do?
- Yeah, this will not be difficult.

Just so you know
a little bit more about me,

I've been associated

with some of the most prestigious
financial institutions in this country.

I've laundered
massive amounts of money.

I've brokered tremendous deals
for the Colombian

and the Bolivian industries.

In other words, I'm wired in, okay?
I mean, I'm hardwired.

I'm your man. Definitely.
I'm definitely your man. Yeah.

- Well, you say the magic words.
- Good.

Nicely done, Ernie.
Are you making this up?

No, no.

This is the Professor,
our new broker.


You can handle a puny little bundle
like this, can't you?

Yes, he can take care of it for us,
can't you?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hank, take the Professor
down to the tables.

I understand you have
a very good system

for the craps and roulette.

Very scientific, eh?

I don't gamble anymore.
I used to, but I don't gamble anymore.

- It's a mug's game, you know?
- Mm. Tsk, tsk, tsk. No.

- We all gamble here.
- Ah.

You must enjoy life.

- Yeah, I'll try it. Thank you.
- Yes. Come on.

Come on. Let's go.

I don't like the look of him.
Too nervous.

We'll see, won't we?

Four for us, and just a little
to put the last nail in Cooper's coffin.

- I'll call you when I'm done.
- Where will you put it?

The car.

Won't take much,
just a trace of this.

I want him crucified.

- Oh...
- Josie. Josie.

Help me, Harry.

At the time,
I did what I thought was right.

I must now face the consequences.

You can do no more.

You know, major,
I find myself thinking a lot about Bob.

If he truly exists.

I've pondered that same question

since this horror was revealed to us.

I try to imagine him
out there incarnate,

looking for another victim to inhabit.

There are powerful forces of evil.

It is some men's fate
to face great darkness.

We each choose how to react.

If the choice is fear,

then we become vulnerable
to darkness.

There are ways to resist.

You, sir, were blessed
with certain gifts.

In this respect, you're not alone.

Have you ever heard
of the White Lodge?

The White Lodge?

No, I don't believe I have.

Major, I'm gonna take
a moment here.

I feel the call of nature.

There's nothing quite like urinating
out in the open air.

I look forward to hearing more
about this White Lodge.

When I return from my journey.


Major Briggs?