Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 11 - Episode #2.11 - full transcript

Following the mysterious disappearance of Major Briggs, Cooper and Truman investigate his research with the Air Force which was involved in classified dealings with paranormal events which includes an unofficial search for a place called the White Lodge and the Black Lodge. Cooper refuses to offer a defense to Agent Hardy and instead confuses the IA agent with more mystical talk. Later, a transvestite DEA agent, named Dennis (Denise) Bryson, arrives to investigate the drug charges against Cooper. All of Twin Peaks gathers for the wedding of Doug Milford to a young gold digger, named Lana Budding. On the road, James stops in a small town several miles from Twin Peaks where a young wealthy heiress, named Evelyn Marsh, picks him up and offers him a job to fix her husband's car. Back in Twin Peaks, Nadine tries to win Mike Nelson's affections with her super-human strength which instead nets the eyes of the school's wrestling coach. Ben Horne is further distraught after learning from Hank that Jean Renault has ousted him as the owner of One-Eyed Jacks and Hank is now under Renault's employment, while Catherine also reveals her presence back in Twin Peaks. Dick Treymene tries to train himself for parenthood when he takes a young, rambunctious orphan boy, named Little Nicky, under his wing to impress Lucy. Meanwhile, Josie suddenly shows up on Truman's doorstep revealing that she's run away from her employer, a South African gangster named Thomas Eckard, who's now looking for her. When Truman refuses to help Josie, she goes to Catherine who agrees to help under her own conditions. Also, it's revealed that Andrew Packard, whom Eckerd hired Josie to kill, and who then subcontracted Hank to do the deed, is alive and plans with Catherine to bring down Josie.

I don't wanna alarm you
but Garland has disappeared before.
Ripped By mstoll

Granted it's always been work-related.

Agent Cooper,
did this seem work-related?

- Ma'am, that's hard to say.
- Mm.

So, Betty, you're saying this behavior
is part of the way the major operates.

Let me ask you this.

Did he leave suddenly?

Yes, he did.

We were speaking philosophically,

and I left the campsite
to answer the call of nature.

When I returned he was gone.

The fact that you were in the woods
is very significant.

In what way?


he talks about them constantly.

Ma'am, has the major, uh--

Clearly, a man
of no small spiritual advancement.

--Been attempting to contact
some element that lives in the woods

as a pan of his top-secret work?

That's classified.

Well, he certainly has a renaissance
passion for exploration, doesn't he?

That is how he sees himself.

And there's no manual for it.

There's certainly no manual
to be married to it.

Betty, thanks for coming in.

I guess there's not much more
we can do right now,

except, keep our eyes peeled.

Uh, Garland left some notes
on his bedside table.

I can call you back with them.

They might be very helpful.

Harry, the major didn't just wander off
on some work-related assignment.

That flash of light I saw, it's a powerful
force that exists in those woods.


Sheriff, we found Mr.
and Mrs. Milford's wedding present.

It's a matching scarf and ascot set.

I still owe him a gift from last time.

I can't believe
that he's getting married again.

Dougie's weddings are a seasonal
thing. Like the return of the salmon.

Marry in haste, repent in leisure.

Hello, sheriff?

There's a call for a Dale Crewper.

Long distance. OI hope I didn't cut it off.

Temp. Lucy's helping out
with the Milford wedding.

- Hmm.

Where are we?

This is Gordon Cole calling
frown Bend, Oregon.

How are you doing, Gordon?

Coop, I just called to say
that you have my full support

in this investigation business.

These are hard times
but we get through them.

- Thank you, Gordon.
- It ranks poor with me too.

Now, Coop, is any of this true?

Double homicide?

Stolen drugs?

Storming a whorehouse?

It's all a bunch of hogwash.

I have to tell you
the Drug Enforcement Agency

is starting to nose around.

They're sending down a top dog
to investigate the drug angle.

Who are they sending?

It's Gordon.

It's Gordon Cole.

- Who's the agent?
- Oh!

Dennis Bryson.

lt's Bryson. He's a good man, Harry.
No nonsense,

Don't let him rattle you, Coop.

These guys make a living looking
through other people's drawers.

We've all had our socks
tossed around.

From time to time.

Couple of words of advice:

Let a smile be your umbrella.

- Thanks, Gordon.
- See you, Coop.

Well, Harry...

...time to face the music.

Good morning, Roger.


Agent Cooper.

It's showtime.

You've heard the charges.

What do you wish to present
as your defense?

I have no defense.

I am completely confident
in the rightness of my actions.

Some of it occurred outside of Bureau
guidelines, I will pay the price for that.

But I'm innocent
of any criminal wrongdoing.

If they wish to charge me,
I will defend myself in a court of law.


There's a right way and a wrong way
to do this.

And the first thing we expect

is a Bureau man
to stand up for himself.

A man who can't,
who doesn't even try,

well, he may be packing feathers
where his spine is supposed to be.


I know the moves
I'm supposed to make.

And I know the board.


I've been doing
a lot of thinking lately.

And I've started to focus out
beyond the edge of the board.

At a bigger game.

What game?

The sound wind makes
through the pines.

The sentience of animals.

What we fear in the dark
and what lies beyond the darkness.

What the hell are you talking about?

I'm talking about seeing
beyond fear, Roger.

About looking at the world with love.

They're liable to extradite you
for murder and drug trafficking.

These are things I cannot control.

The suspension will remain in force.

The next move is up to the Canadian

and the DEA investigation
which begins today.

You've cracked a big case.

You've been under a lot of pressure.

I may recommend

a full psychological workup.

Thanks for your candor, Roger.

So long, fellas.



Donna, hi.

Hi, Nadine.

Have you heard anything from James?

You mean, Eddie's friend
with the motorcycle?


He hasn't been around
for a couple of days.


I gotta ask you something and I hope
you don't think this is too personal.


Well, are you still, like, going out
with Mike or anything?



- Why?
- You have to promise not to say.

- Promise, okay?
- Sure.

Well, I think there may be
some major chemistry developing bet--


Oh, my God, there he is.

Hi, Donna.

Hi, Mike.

He has the cutest buns.

Nadine, what about Ed?

Aren't you still seeing him?

Yeah, sort of.

Well, if you're still seeing Ed,
then how can you... can you start seeing Mike?

Well, Eddie stays home
and Mike's at school.

Eddie likes to stay in,
Mike likes to go out.

And let's be realistic,
sometimes Eddie acts like

he's old enough to be my father.


I'll catch you later.

Could I get a beer?

- Hi.
- Hello.

Headed somewhere?

I'm sorry?

Is there some place you're going to
or running from?


You got the wrong guy. I'm all right.

Men are always all right.

Right up until they pull the trigger.

And then we watch the neighbors
solemnly march out

to the news cameras to tell us:

"He was such a nice, quiet guy."

Well, I'm only quiet on the outside.

I can almost hear what's inside
from here.


Live nearby?

Yeah, Twin Peaks.

It's a nice jacket.

I'm glad you think so.

- Look, can you do anything with cars?
- Yeah.

Why, you got a problem with
the 'Vette outside?

No. No, it's my husband's Jaguar.

Somebody squeezed me on
the highway, and I drove it to a ditch.

I think it would be a very good idea to
have it repaired before he gets home.

Well, I could take a look at it.

My name is James.


Evelyn Marsh.
I live right up the road.

Well, are we in a hurry?

Do you mind if I play the box first?

I don't exactly punch a clock myself.


Good day, Dick.

Hello, Andy.

This is little Nicky, my charge
from Happy Helping Hand.

Nicky, this is Deputy Andy.

How do you do, young fella?

- Hi.
- Heh, heh.

Andrew, old boy.

Little Nicky and myself, we just came
from Home's Department Store

where Nicky was fitted
for a new wardrobe.

And now we're on our way
for a malted.

We were hoping Lucy could come
with us.

Oh, shoot, Dick.
Lucy's up at the Great Northern,

helping with the Milford wedding.

Oh, God, that's right.

Dougie's getting married again.

Lucy's not here?

Does this mean we can't go out
for a malted?

Yes, unfortunately.
We'll have to go some other time.

- But you promised. Can't we go?
- Ah-- Nicky. Ha-ha-ha.

You know, Dick,

it's close to my lunch hour.

If you'd like, Nicky, I'd sure enjoy
taking you two guys out for a malted.

- How would that be?
- Oh, boy.


So, what will you do

if we can't figure a way
to get you cleared?

Well, Harry, the Giant said a path is
formed by laying one stone at a time.

Have either of you fellas heard
of a place called the White Lodge?

Where did you hear of it?

Well, it was the last thing Major Briggs
said to me before he disappeared.

Cooper, you may be fearless
in this world.

But there are other worlds.

Tell me more.

My people believe that
the White Lodge is a place

where the spirits that rule
man and nature here reside.

Local legend. Goes way back.

There is also a legend of a place
called the Black Lodge,

the shadow self of the White Lodge.

Legend says that every spirit
must pass through there

on a way to perfection.

There, you will meet
your own shadow self.

My people call it: The Dweller
on the Threshold.

Dweller on the Threshold.

But it is said, if you confront the
Black Lodge with imperfect courage,

it will utterly annihilate your soul.

Agent Cooper,

Agent Bryson's here to see you.

Send him right in.

Dennis Bryson and I worked together
in Oakland.

One of the finest minds in the DEA.
Harry, we're in very good hands.




It's a long story, but actually
I prefer Denise if you don't mind.


Sheriff Truman.

BRYSON: Pleased.
COOPER: Deputy Hawk.

Denise Bryson,
Drug Enforcement Agency.

Well, I had a nice ride out here,

It's hard to imagine
you have even any crime.

I picture you chasing lost dogs,
and locking up the town drunk.

Unfortunately, it's a little more
involved than that.


Let's get right to this, Dale.

The DEA's interest in you stems from
allegations made by an RCMP officer

that you stole drugs being used
by him in a sting operation.

Denise, I believe I'm being set up.

Well, my recent experiences taught me
never to judge too quickly.


Anyway, I'll get right to this

- and get back to you later.
- Okay.

I understand we're both staying
at the Great Northern.

How is the food up there?

Denise, you're in for a real surprise.

So are they.

Well, we'll catch up later.

- I wanna tell you all about my new life.
- Anxious to hear about it.

It's a pleasure to meet you, sheriff.




That's a good color for him.

Look, is there something
you want?

Why. Mike.

Aren't we being a little forward?


Come on, guys. I wanna hear
some grunting and see some sweat.

Attaboy, Nelson.
Come on, pump it.

Pump it.

- Hey, what's your name, little lady?
- Nadine Butler.

Well, Nadine, ever give any thoughts
of going out for the wrestling team?


It's time.

I can't be with you unless I know.

- Oh, Harry.
- The truth.

The truth.

I used for a man
in Hong Kong.

His name is Thomas Eckhardt.

He helped me.

Took me off the streets
when I was 16.

We are from a poor family.

Sometimes they sell
their female children.

I was lucky.

He taught me about life...

...about business.

He was my father.

My master.

My lover.

When I met Andrew Packard,

I was already afraid for my life.

Andrew was also
a business partner.

When Andrew asked me to marry him.

I said yes.

Who was this Mr. Lee?

Who is this...this cousin?

I'm sorry, Harry.

I was just trying
to keep you out of this.

- The less you know, the better.
- Who was he?

He works for Eckhardt.

He said if I didn't go back with him,
he'd kill you.


Because Eckhardt wants me.

He's never stopped wanting me.
He thinks I'm his property.

When Andrew was alive,
he could protect me.

I now believe...

...Eckhardt is the man
responsible for Andrew's death.

We were-- We were in the airport
in Seattle.

And I just escaped.

I'd rather die.

I'd rather die than go back
to that monster,


Josie, you will never have
to go back there.

You're with me now...

And now...

...he'll kill the both of us.


Let him try.

Sorry, it took so long,

- but we're short on help today.
- That's quite all right.

I've been looking forward to this pie.
I've heard so much about it.

You won't be disappointed.

Hey, I-- I'll get you anything
you want. Just sit down.

Hey, sweetheart.
Could we get some coffee?

- How was your hunting expedition?
- It was a little fatiguing.


- Catch anything?
- I hope not.

Oh, catch anything. Uh--

Yeah, I...

I came across a 12-point buck, you
know, standing by a deepwater pool.

So, uh, I made this very soft approach
and I lined him up dead center: Pow!

You should have had your camera.

Are you having it mounted?

Oh, yeah, yeah, even as we speak.
It was great, just great. Um...

I think I better go
and check on your mama.

She's not here, Ernie.
She's gone back to Seattle.


And that's where I think
you should go too.

Hey, buddy,
what's with the long face?

- Vivian's gone back to Seattle.
- Better for you, buckeroo.

We got four kilos to unload. You want
the ball-and-chain getting in the way?

Yeah, I suppose you are right.

There's the phone, hotrod.

We're on a deadline.

Here we go. Two three-berry pies

and one super snow frost
chocolate malted,

Wow, thanks.

Looks just like Whitetail Mountain,
doesn't it, Nicky?

How much does it cost?

Oh, money is no object,
little Nicholas. Ha-ha-ha.

Aah! Damn. Damn.


Sorry, Uncle Dick.

It's okay, Nicky.

Uncle Dick isn't mad.
Are you, Uncle Dick?

Uncle Dick is simply ripping, thank
you. Pass me a napkin, Uncle Andy.

- Oh.
- Ha-ha-ha.

Gosh darn it, anyway.

Sorry, Uncle Andy.

Think nothing of it, little Nicky.

Uncle Andy went funny boom-boom,
didn't he?


I think I can put this right.

It is beautiful.

Jeffrey loves this car.

My husband.

He loves this car.

Where is your husband, Mrs. Marsh?

I don't know this week.

He travels extensively.


This car was built in 1948.

Jeffrey has to have the most unique
and beautiful toys.

They have to be perfect.

He's that way
about everything he owns.

I could have learned something from
that if I'd been paying attention.

Are you that way, James?

Are you that way about your bike?

I guess I'm not so interested
in how my bike looks

as I am in where it can take me.

Where do you wanna go?

It's not really a place, it's a feeling.

Sometimes, riding at night...

...l punch off the headlights
and roll on the throttle...

...and just rocket blind into the dark.

So... you think you could fix it?


There's a room above the garage.

You can stay there if you like
while you work.

Room and board and anything else
you think is fair.

I really do need to have this fixed
before Jeffrey gets home.

I'd like you to stay, James.

I'd enjoy the company.



It's settled then. I'll leave you to it.

Now is the winter of our discontent

Made glorious summer
by this sun of York;

Now are our brows bound
with victorious wreaths;

A stag paw?

And I wasn't even invited?

Where the hell have you been?

Ben, I have had an absolutely
killer schedule.

Do you know the kind of hell
that I have been through

in the last few days?

You said that you took care
of Catherine in the mill fire,

She's alive.

And as you might imagine,
not a happy camper.

Through trickery...


She has managed
to cheat me out of both.

Both Ghostwood and the mill.

Then there is the, uh...

...small matter of being arrested
for the killing of...

...Laura Palmer.

A real business-enhancer.

On top of which, my trusted solicitor,
the late Leland Palmer...

...turns out to be
a homicidal lunatic.

Tough week, Ben.

Do you think the furniture
in this room is adequately arranged?

I have been toying with the notion

that if one could find

the perfect arrangement
of all objects in any particular space,

it could create a resonance
the benefits from which

to the individual dwelling in that
space could be, uh...

...could be extensive,
could be far-reaching, far-reaching.

Would you help me with this desk?

That's fascinating, Ben, really.

Listen, though, what we have to talk
about now... One-Eyed Jack's.

Jack's, Jack's. Yes, One-Eyed Jack's.

Look, here's how it is, Ben.


You're out.

Excuse me?

I own One-Eyed Jack's.

There's been a friendly takeover.

You come in here under my employ
and have the gall to tell me-

Oh, that's another thing.

I don't work for you anymore.


Jean Renault.


It's Renault, isn't it? Hank.

Let me tell you something.

The guy is a psychopath.


And you, my friend,
are dancing with the devil.

Ben, you're a nut.

You think I'm just gonna sit here?

Mm? Let you lake all this.


Life is change.

I want you to listen to me when I
tell you that this is how it's gonna be.

Don't patronize me, you goon.

You're a mess, Ben. Look at you.

You screwed up, boss man.

You're out, Ben.


"You're out, Ben.


You're out, Ben. Ha-ha-ha!


You're out. Ben, you're out.

Ben, you're out.“


Windom Earle.

you couldn't help but take note of

my emphatically traditional

I must say,
your responding move was nothing

if not reflective of your predilection
for the tidy and fastidious.

See how my response to you
begins to lead us

towards a classical

But there's doubt in your mind.

What are my true intentions?

How will you answer this time?

Hobgoblins, Dale.

Consistency, predictability,
giving rise to patterns.

We both know only too well

how these patterns leave you
vulnerable to attack.

You with your wounds.

I with mine.

Let me paint you a picture.

My knights will skirmish.

Lanes of power and influence will
open to my bishops and rooks.

Pawns will naturally be forfeit.

I'm even prepared to sacrifice
my queen because I assure you,

dear Dale, my goal will be attained
at any cost.

The king must die.

Do you, Douglas Milford,
take this woman to be your wife... love and to cherish,
for as long as you both shall live?

You bet, I do, Reverend.

If there be anyone who knows not
why this union should be made,

let him speak now
or forever hold his peace.

You're damn right. I want to object.

This little gold digger
just wants his money,

and his publishing empire,

and God knows what all.

And look at him,

he's got one foot
in the grave already. Ha-ha-ha.

Okay, Dwayne,
okay, just take her easy.

- Take her easy.
MILFORD: All right.

You know that I have had problems,
sheriff. All these years.

Okay, Mr. Mayor,
let's just get a little air. Shall we?

It's pretty peculiar, isn't it?

Don't give it another thought, doll.

- Well, I know this is my opinion,
- Let's get out, let's just get out.

- And I want you to all understand it.
- Excuse us.

Marrying every two months...
Good God.

So if there be no further objections-


Cooper here.


Well, that'll be nice.
I'll be right down.

Diane, when I've got a moment,

remind me to tell you
about Agent Bryson.


I just love Milford weddings.

Unfair advantage.

How many of those girls
were varsity wide receivers?

Very few.

Bad news first.

I found cocaine residue in your car.

And my guess is it will match the lot
stolen from the Mountie.

- Dennis, this can't appear straight.
- Denise.

- Sorry.
- It's okay.

Sure it looks like a frame, Coop.

But I'm gonna need more than
your opinion to make that stick.

Can you help me?

Well, that gets
into a very delicate area.


But on the other hand,
I'm trying very hard, recently,

to get more in touch
with my feelings.


Ladies and gentlemen, the cake.

Dougie's always been a sucker.

Let a woman pass...

...with play in her eyes...

...and Jell-O in her walk,
and he's a trout on a hook. Ha-ha-ha.

So, Denise,

if you don't mind my asking,

- what happened to you?
- No, not at all.

I like to talk about it.

Ifs really very simple.

Last year, I was working undercover
suburban surveillance

and the seller had a few kinks
in his rep.

It seems that he'd only sell
to transvestites,

So my partner and I shacked up.

I played the pan of the buyer.

And I found that wearing women's

...relaxed me.

I continued wearing them
into the night.

My partner thought it was
my consummate professionalism. Heh.

It was a very confusing two weeks.

Well, this is all
a pretty amazing disclosure,


Imagine how surprised I was, Coop.

This is not exactly
something you plan on.

Guess not.

- Sheriff.
- Harry.

I'll have a draft.

Sheriff, arrest this woman.

She's too beautiful to be living
in this state.

Oh, hey, aren't you that FBI man?

Not currently, no.

Dale Cooper.


You solved
that Laura Palmer case, huh?

Come on, darling,
they're playing our tune. See you.

I sure hope those two go up
to the honeymoon suite soon.

We've had to separate Dwayne
and Dougie twice already.

Happens every wedding.

Boys will be boys.

I was married to the same woman
for half a century.

God rest her soul.

That's because I used my brain
for thinking, not my garden hose.

This cake is delicious.

The music...

...turned out pretty good.


It ought have been the death march.
Ha, ha.

You're an excellent dancer.

The wonderful thing about dancing,

is that you never know
where the step could lead.

You have to hang on
and hope the music takes you there.

JOSIE: Your brother,
my husband, Andrew Packard,

was killed by a man
named Thomas Eckhardt.

Tell me something
I don't already know.

You're in terrible danger, Catherine.

You helped kill my brother,

tried to cheat me out of my land,
my family's lifeblood,

utterly destroy my existence,
and now you want to save me?

I had to do these things to stay alive.

I have no one to turn to now.

I've got nothing.

And I'm at your mercy.




Let's be practical.

What do you propose we do?

I don't know.

Then I'll tell you.

From now on... work for me.


At the house.

As a maid.

You move your things
into the servant's quarters.

If you disobey me,

if you lie to me,

if you contradict
a single thing I tell you,

I shall find this Eckhardt

and feed you to him by hand.

Is that clear?


Yes, I understand.


We'll talk about this Eckhardt
some other time.

You may go to your room.

Thank you.


I'll take breakfast at 7 in my room.

Coffee, juice,
dry toast, oatmeal.

- Yes.
- Sweet dreams.

Happy, Andrew?

Everything is going exactly
as we planned.

And now. ...?

And now, dear sister,
we wail for Thomas Eckhardt

to come looking
for his one true love.

And when he does--

We'll be waiting for him.
Ripped By mstoll