Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 9 - Episode #2.9 - full transcript

With the discovery of Maddy Ferguson's dead body, Cooper, Truman, aided by Albert Rosenfeld, push their investigation into full-drive. Catherine, disguised once against as Mr. Tojamura, visits Ben in jail and tells him that she will give him his alibi if he signs the sawmill and the Ghostwood Developments over to her. Ben does, and not surprisingly, Catherine goes back on her word and leaves him without making a statement. Meanwhile, Leland/Bob learns about Laura's secret diary from Donna, who learns about Maddy's murder from Sheriff Truman. James does not take the news of Maddy's fate easily and hits the road on his motorcycle. Andy also learns about Lucy's tryst with the smug Dick Tremayne, and Lucy tells them that she's keeping her baby and will choose one of them to be the father. Norma continues to deal with her difficult mother who constantly criticizes and puts down her attempts to bond. Donna follows a lead from the late Harold Smith leading to a mysterious page from Laura's secret diary, and also discovers the appearance of a different Mrs. Tremond (not the old lady and her grandson whom were apparent spirits). Cooper assembles all the suspects present at the Roadhouse where a flashback vision from Laura Palmer reveals the identity of the killer, and of Killer Bob.

The short answer is,

this is the work of the same ghoul
who killed Laura.

More fan mail.

The letter O
under Maddy's ring fingernail.

There were strands of fur
clutched in her right hand.

- What kind of fur?
- White fox.

The strands were laced with
formaldehyde. A dead animal, stuffed.

I'll make phone calls. Leland will know
how to get a hold of Maddy's family.

Harry, don't make any calls.

- I need 24 hours.
- For what?

To finish this.


In observation...

...I don't know where this is headed.

But the only one of us
with coordinates

for this destination and its hardware
is you.

Go on whatever vision quest
you require.

Stand on the rim of the volcano,
stand alone and do your dance.

Just find this beast
before he takes another bite.

God help me,
I don't know where to start.

You're on the path.
You don't need to know where it leads.

Just follow.

I thought you'd never get here.

I went for a ride this morning.

God, the engine sounded like
a thousand people singing.

- What were they singing about?
- What do you think?

Last night?
I could sing about last night.

I got something for you.

Open it.

Oh, James.

I didn't know what size to get.

And the girl at the jewelry store
had these really big hands.

But I'll bet...



I just think we should
be together all the time.


If that's okay with you.

It's perfect. Heh.


Whatever fowl
did you take these eggs from?

Are we saying we don't like it?

I'm afraid I'm gonna
run into a thumbtack.

Mother, can't you ever say
anything nice?

I've tried so hard.
I try so hard,

and nothing is good enough for you.

Let me correct myself. Nothing I do
is ever good enough for you.

Well, that's not true.
The menus are very presentable.

Oh, I'm joking.

let me make a suggestion.

If you wanna serve
a truly memorable omelet,

try white veal sausage
and morel mushrooms.

Thanks. I'll go pick the mushrooms.

What did you say?


Hello, Donna.

Hello, James.

What did you say?

- It's French.
- I know it is, tell me.

Donna, what's the big deal?

You know Mrs. Tremond?

- Miss who?
- Mrs. Tremond.

Her grandson does the magic tricks.
He told me this.

But it was Mr. Smith.

- Harold?
- He left a suicide note.

You know, it means,
"I am a lonely soul."

I have to find Agent Cooper.

Donna, what's going on?


Mrs. Tremond's the one
who told me about Harold Smith.

She has a grandson
and he said this to me.

The same words that are in
Harold Smith's suicide note.

Maybe the boy
said the same thing to Harold.

No, Harold's world was in his words.

The suicide note has to be
a message.

It all leads back here.

She's pretty old. It might take a second
if her grandson isn't here.

- May I, uh, help you?
- Is Mrs. Tremond home?

I'm Mrs. Tremond.

It must have been your mother
I spoke to.

My mother?
She passed away three years ago.

I live here alone, honey.

No, she was here. I spoke to her.
And her grandson, he was here too.

But I have no children.

But he was here.
They both were.

Donna, we'd better go.

Are you Donna Hayward?

- Yeah.
- Just a moment.

I've never seen her before in my life.

I thought you delivered meals here.

Uh, the morning after poor Harold
died, I found this in my mail.

I meant to turn it in.

It's for you.

Thank you.

- It's Harold's handwriting.
- Open it, Donna.

It's Laura's diary,
a page from her diary.

Read it.

"February 22nd.

Last night I had
the strangest dream.

I was in a red room
with a small man dressed in red

and an old man sitting in a chair.

I tried to talk to him.

I wanted to tell him who Bob is
because I thought he could help me.

My words came out slow and odd.

It was frustrating trying to talk.

I got up and walked to the old man.

Then I leaned over and whispered
the secret in his ear.

Somebody has to stop Bob.

Bob's only afraid of one man,
he told me once.

A man named Mike.

I wonder if this was Mike
in my dream.

Even if it was only a dream,
I hope he heard me.

No one in the real world
would believe me.

February 23rd.

Tonight is the night that I die.

I know I have to
because it's the only way

to keep Bob away from me.

The only way to tear him out
from inside.

I know he wants me,
I can feel his fire.

But if I die,
he can't hurt me anymore."

Laura and I had the same dream.

- That's impossible.
- Yes, it is.

Deputy, take Donna home.

I've got to see Gerard.

He's completely dehydrated.

His breathing is becoming
more difficult. He needs that drug.

Mike, I need you to talk to me.

- Any longer could kill him.
- Mike.

Bob has killed again.

I need to know something.
I need you to help me.

Bob was in my dream, Laura Palmer
was in my dream, so were you.

And Laura dreamt about me
the night before she died.

The same dream that I had.

I need to unlock that.
I need... The answer is inside of me.

Bob and I,
when we were killing together,

there was this perfect relationship,



a golden circle.

A golden circle.

A ring.

My ring.

I gave my ring to the Giant.

He is known to us here.

Then he's real?

As real as I.

He can help you find Bob.

- How?
- You must ask him first.

How do I do that?

Oh, you have all the clues you need.

The answer is not here, my friend.

The answer is here.

I don't understand.

So much responsibility.

I know about you.

That milk will cool down on you

but it's getting warmer now.

"Getting warmer now."

Box and tag everything
in these drawers. Everything.

Coop, we found his telephone records.
Look at this.

The night Laura died.
Telephone call Leland told us about.

Ben called her number
from this office.

White fox.

Yeah, white, dead and stuffed.
Maddy was here.

I think Ben killed her in this office,
then took her to the waterfall.

He killed Laura
and he killed Maddy.

Madeleine Ferguson died
the night before last

between 10 p.m. and midnight.

That fits. We didn't take Ben in
until after midnight.

That's as close as I can cut it.

Ben Horne's blood test.

A couple of minutes, I'll have this up
to code. Tweaking the sensors, mostly.

Don't want your sprinklers
to be overly jumpy.

Gotta set it just so.

I wanna talk about my child,
our baby.

- Maybe.
- Maybe what?

Maybe it is our baby
and maybe it isn't.


Oh, my Lord, is he the father?

At first I thought
you were the father.

But then you said
you didn't have any sperms.

Then I thought it was Dick, but now
you say your sperms are back.

So as far as I can tell,
it's a 50-50 proposition.

Andy, where are you going?

What are you doing?

Who are you calling?

I want to speak to Richard Tremayne,
Men's Fashions.

Yes, I'll hold.

You won't hurt him, will you, Andy?

Tremayne, Brennan.
Andy Brennan.

We need to talk.

That is, if you're not too busy.


How nice of you to come calling.

You are in prison.

Yes, well,

a momentary inconvenience,
I assure you.

We have papers to sign.

The Ghostwood contracts.


I'm afraid there's, uh...
There's been a snag.

A snag?

Unforeseen difficulties.
Some legal in nature, others, uh...

I, uh... I'm unable to sign
the Ghostwood agreement at this time.

Then you will return
my 5 million dollars.

Well, I want to return your money.

I want to sign the contracts.


as you can see,

I am incarcerated.

Falsely accused,

but my brother, heh, the boy genius,

is out looking for a better lawyer.

And until justice is done,

until I am able to breathe the air
that free men breathe,

I plead with you for understanding.

This is the long, dark night
of my soul.

Time to seek that...

...tiny flickering flame within.

Forgive me,
I've been very emotional lately.


Benjamin Horne.

You're a slimy rat bastard.

And I intend to make whatever
remains of your pathetic existence

a living hell.

Oh, Catherine.

Oh! Ha, ha.

Oh, my God.

You've come.

Oh, Catherine.

Catherine, Catherine,
tell Sheriff Truman

about the night
that we spent together

the night that Laura was killed.

You want me to beg? Huh?

You want me to beg?
Because I'll beg.

Will you sign Ghostwood
and the mill over to me?

In a heartbeat.

Oh. Clever disguise, Catherine.

Really brilliant. Oh.

Signed, sealed

and delivered.

Now, you'll tell the sheriff, huh?

You'll tell the sheriff.

I'll consider it.

Catherine. Catherine, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

It's the truth, after all.

Heh, why, Ben, we've spent our entire
adult lives lying to each other.

Why spoil it with the truth now?




I'm so happy you stopped by.

We haven't had the time
to just sit down and talk for so long.

May I get you a glass of lemonade?

No, thanks, Mr. Palmer.
I only have a minute. Uh...

This is for Maddy. It's a tape
of a song we did with James.

I want her to have a copy.

That's very sweet of you.

She told me all about this.

She said it was
a very enjoyable experience.

Anyway, if you could mail it to her,
I'd really appreciate it.

No, it won't be any problem at all.

Heh. Is something wrong?


Those glasses.

They were Laura's.
Maddy gave them to me.

I thought they looked familiar.

- Mr. Palmer,
- Huh?

Did you know
that they found Laura's secret diary?

Diary? Yes,
they took it from her room.

No, not the one the police found.

She had another one.

I didn't even know about it,
did you?


She gave it to a man
named Harold Smith.

Harold killed himself a few days ago.

The police found it in his apartment.

Oh, my God.

I had no idea.

I wish I knew what was in it,
don't you?

I think about Laura all the time.

Oh, excuse me.


Yeah, Beth, how are you?

No, not since yesterday.

Of course, Beth. I took Maddy
to the bus station myself.

Well, I...

I'm sure there must be some
perfectly reasonable explanation.

Yes, of course.
I'll call you immediately,

within the hour.

Bye, Beth.



It's the strangest thing.

She never made it home.

Oh, God.

Oh. Donna, don't you worry
about a thing.

I'll get us some lemonade

and we'll sit down
and give it a think

and we'll work the problem out.


I knew she was expecting us,
I mean...

I guess I was selfish.
I thought I could see her any time.

Missoula's not that far away, right?

Donna, you're taking this much
too much to heart.

I'm sure she's just fine.

I know the cure for what ails you.

It's simple, really.

It always makes me feel good.

May we have this dance...


You stay right there.


Leland, we need your help.

What is it?

- There's been another murder.
- Oh, my God.

I can't tell you why or how but we need
your help and we need it right away.

All right, anything, certainly.
Let me get my coat.


What's the matter?
What's wrong?

- It's Maddy.
- What about her?

She's dead.

It was the same killer.
The same one who killed Laura.

I heard Mr. Palmer get a phone call
from her mother.

She said
she hadn't gotten home yet.

Then they came over to talk to him,
Sheriff Truman.

- We could've helped her.
- How?

I don't know.

- This is no good.
- What do you mean?

You mean us?

- I gotta go.
- James, it's not our fault, don't leave.

It doesn't matter, don't you see?

Nothing we do matters.
Nothing's ever gonna change.

It doesn't matter if we're happy
and the rest of the world goes to hell.

James, don't leave.

James, don't leave me!



Why are we here, Agent Cooper?

Is someone meeting us?


Is it the killer?

I don't know. Maybe.

Ed, glad you're here.

I need everyone's help
to clear the room.

I need a large space in the center.

Of course.

Hail, hail. The gang's all here.

Bobby, why don't you wheel Leo
back over there?

Stay very, very quiet, you read me?

Give yourself a raise, Hawk.

Gentlemen, two days ago
a young woman was found murdered

by the same individual,
I believe, responsible

for the death of Laura Palmer.

I have reason to believe
that the killer is in this room.

As a member of the Bureau,
I spend most of my time

seeking simple answers
to difficult questions.

In the pursuit of Laura's killer,
I have employed Bureau guidelines,

deductive technique,
Tibetan method, instinct and luck.

But now I find myself
in need of something new,

which for lack of a better word
we shall call "magic."

Would you like us to hum?

A Tibetan chant, perhaps.

I think it's going terrifically well,
don't you?

Now what?

Harry, I'm not completely sure.

Someone is missing.

Excuse us.

Major Briggs, right on time.

I was on my way home.

This kind gentleman
flagged me down,

asked if I could drive him here.

I know that gum.
I used to chew it when I was a kid.

That's my most favorite gum
in the world.

That gum you like
is going to come back in style.

My father

killed me.

Ben Horne,

I would like you to accompany me
to the sheriff's station.

You might like to bring along
Leland Palmer as your attorney.

Let's take him down to interrogation.

Agent Cooper,
is he going to be charged?


Then I think I'd like to begin bail
proceedings as soon as possible.

He'll have his day in court.


Everything will be all right, Ben.

Hawk, take Ben upstairs
and release him.

- Leland?
- That's not Leland.

How did you know?

Laura told me in her dream.

We're gonna need
a lot stronger evidence than this.

How about a confession, Harry?

You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be appointed for you.

Oh, yeah. I suppose you wanna
ask him some questions, huh?

Did you kill Laura Palmer?

That's a yes.

How about Madeleine Ferguson?

- What do you think?
- I'm asking you.

- What do you think?
- Answer the question.

Oh, gosh, gee, gee whiz.
I guess I kind of sort of did.

I have this thing for knives.

Just like what happened to you
in Pittsburgh that time.

Huh, Cooper?

Oh, Leland.

Leland, Leland.

You've been a good vehicle

and I've enjoyed the ride.

But now he's weak and full of holes.

It's almost nearly time
to shuffle off to Buffalo.

Does Leland know
what you've done?

Ah, Leland's a babe in the woods

with a large hole
where his conscience used to be.

And when I go, children,
I will pull that ripcord

and you watch Leland, remember.
Watch him.

But not for long.

That's enough for me.


could you come with me, please?

Okay, here's how
this is going to work.

- I'm going to keep my baby.
- Oh.

That's not open for discussion.

- I see.
- Be quiet, let her talk.

Got a light?


You were saying.

There's only one way to handle this.

They have a test to determine
the blood type of the father.

It could be you

or it could be you.

They won't be doing this test
until after the baby is born,

during which time
I expect complete cooperation

from each of you two gentlemen.

Whatever you say, Lucy.

I mean, it is your baby.

Thank you.

Ben Horne's blood test,
he's the wrong type.

Harry, the answer was right in front
of me from the very beginning.

What did the little man do
in my dream?

He danced.

After Laura's death,
Leland danced compulsively.

We were told that Bob the killer
was a gray-haired man.

When Leland killed Jacques,
his hair turned gray overnight.

Leland said when he was a child

the gray-haired man next door
was named Robertson.

Mike said the people Bob inhabited
were his children.

Robertson, son of Robert.

The letters under the fingernails:
R, O, B, T.

Bob was spelling his name.

A signature on a demon self-portrait.

Why would he kill her?

Laura was writing about Bob
in her diary.

Leland found it, ripped out the pages.
She knew he was on to her.

It was Leland who placed that call
from Ben Horne's office

to Laura the night she died.

He was the third man
outside Jacques' cabin.

He took the girls to the train car. It was
his blood we found, not Ben Horne's.

- Then why kill Maddy?
- Maybe she reminded him of Laura.

Maddy was going home.
He couldn't bear to part with her.

He wanted to relive the experience

or maybe she realized
Bob was the killer and he found out.

Now, this Bob.

He can't really exist.
I mean, Leland is just crazy, right?

Through the dark of futures past

The magician longs to see

One chants out between two worlds

Fire walk with me

I'll catch you with my death bag

You may think I've gone insane

But I promise I will kill again!

Harry, hurry.

The key.


Harry. Leland.

Call an ambulance.

Oh, God, Laura.

I killed her.

Oh, my God. I killed my daughter.

I didn't know.

Laura, forgive me.

Forgive me.

- Oh, God.
- It's okay.

It's all right.

I was just a boy.

I saw him in my dreams.

He said he wanted to play.

He opened me and I invited him
and he came inside me.

He went inside?

When he was inside, I didn't know.

And when he was gone,
I couldn't remember.

He made me do things...

...terrible things.

He said he wanted lives,

he wanted others.

Others that they could use
like they used me.

Like Laura?

They wanted her.

They wanted Laura,
but she was strong.

She fought them.

She wouldn't let them in.

Oh, God.

They had me kill that girl, Theresa.

And they... They said...

...if I didn't give them Laura,

they'd have me kill her too.

But she wouldn't let them in?

She said she'd die
before she let them.

And they made me kill her.

Oh, God, have mercy on me.

What have I done?

Oh, God, I love her.

I loved her with all my heart.

My angel, forgive me.


Leland, the time has come
for you to seek the path.

Your soul has set you
face to face with a clear light

and you are now about to experience it
in its reality,

wherein all things are like the void
and cloudless sky

and the naked, spotless intellect
is like a transparent vacuum

without circumference or center.

Leland, in this moment,
know yourself

and abide in that state.

Look to the light, Leland.

Find the light.

I see it.

Into the light, Leland.
Into the light.

I see her.

She's there.

Into the light, Leland.

She's beautiful.

Into the light.


Don't be afraid.

He was completely insane.

Think so?

But people saw Bob.

People saw him in visions:
Laura, Maddy, Sarah Palmer.

there's more in heaven and earth

than is dreamt up in our philosophy.


Well, I've lived in these old woods
most of my life.

I've seen some strange things
but this is way off the map.

I'm having a hard time believing.

Harry, is it easier to believe

a man would rape and murder
his own daughter?

Any more comforting?


An evil that great
in this beautiful world...

does it matter what the cause?

Yes, because it's our job to stop it.


Maybe that's all Bob is.

The evil that men do.

Maybe it doesn't matter
what we call it.

Maybe not.

But if he was real, if he was here,

and we had him trapped

and he got away,

where's Bob now?