Twin Peaks (2017): Season 1, Episode 15 - Part 15 - full transcript

Ed Hurley and Norma Jennings have a relationship breakthrough. Evil Cooper tries to reconnect with an old friend, while Dougie Jones reaches an electrifying discovery.



Ed, I've come
to tell you something.

Honey, where's your car?
How'd you get here?

- I walked.
- You walked?

What's with the shovel?

That's what I want
to talk to you about.

- It is?
- Yes.

Ed, I've come to tell you

I've changed.

You have?

Yes, and Ed, you know
I love you so much...

I know you do, Nadine.

But I've been a selfish bitch

to you all these years,

and you've been a saint.


Listen to me.

I've known since forever

you love Norma
and she loves you.

I kept the two of you apart
because of my jealousy.

And I manipulated you, Ed.

No, no, you haven't, Nadine.

Oh, no, you know it's true.

I guilted you to stay,

and you're so good you stayed

and gave up your love.

Oh, God, Ed,

I want you to be free.

I'm fine now.

You asked about this shovel.

Well, I'm shoveling myself
out of the shit.

Have you been watching
that show of Jacoby's?

You know I have.


Don't worry about me.

Run to her.

Enjoy the rest of
your lives together.

I am so happy

just thinking of you two

being happy.

Ed, I love you and always will,

but true love is

giving the other
what makes them happy.


you big lug,

how beautiful is this!

Nadine, I want you
to think real hard about

what you're saying because
you're not making any sense.

Honey, tomorrow,
you're gonna wish

you never said these things.

Ed, I told you,

I walked all the way here.

I had plenty of time
to think, turn back,

but I didn't

because this is how
I really feel.

And you can thank Dr. Amp,

our old friend, Dr. Jacoby.

To me, he's about
the only one around here

telling it like it is.

So, the gist of it is:

Ed, you are free.

Go and enjoy.


Am I right?

Let me hear you say yeah.

All right.

Norma, everything has changed.

I just spoke with Nadine.

Walter's here.

- Did you get my flowers?
- Oh, lovely...

What can I get you, Ed?

Cup of coffee.

Coming right up.

And a cyanide tablet.

So I asked you to stop by

because I have
something to tell you.

You're changing the name
to Norma's Double R.

I knew you'd come around.

No, actually, um,

I'm exercising my option

for you to buy me out.


Is this a joke?

No, you heard me, Walter.

But why?

Family reasons.

I thought you told me
you didn't have any family?

No, I have a wonderful family.

And I want to take care of them.

I just spread myself too thin,
worrying about all these diners.

I... I want to spend
more time at home.

Here you go.

Norma, I respect your decision,

even if I don't understand it.

I'm just sorry
you're not going to be part

of what is going to be
a great success.

Oh, and I know it will be,

and I-I wish you
the best of luck, Walter.


I looked at my contract.

I'm gonna keep
the Double R as agreed,

and you're gonna buy my shares
of the other franchises.

Soon to be seven.

Seven diners full of
happy, satisfied customers.

And I'm happier with just one.

For the record,

I'd just like to say,

you're making a huge mistake.

And I believe
you're going to regret it.

Marry me.

Of course I will.

I'm looking for
Phillip Jeffries.

Oh, it's you.


Thank God.

Why did you send Ray to kill me?


I called Ray.

So you did send him?

Did you call me five days ago?

I don't have your number.

So it was someone else
who called me?

We used to talk.

Yes, we did.

Well, now,

I'm not gonna talk about Judy.

In fact, we are not gonna
talk about Judy at all.


You showed up at FBI
headquarters in Philadelphia

and said you'd met Judy.

So, you are Cooper?


Why didn't you want
to talk about Judy?

Who is Judy?

Does Judy want something
from me?

Why don't you ask Judy yourself?

Let me write it down for ya.

Who is Judy?

You've already met Judy.

What do you mean, I've met Judy?

Who is Judy?

Who is Judy?

I recognized you
back at the farm.

You're FBI.

How do you figure that?

'Cause I seen your picture

in your fancy FBI suit.

Don't come any closer.

Where'd you see that picture?

My mom had it.

Who's your mom?

Audrey Horne.

And your name's Cooper.

Don't ever threaten me again.

Get in the truck.
We'll talk on the way.


There is no why.

I did do it.


No, she did it.

She did it.

I can't.


I did it.

No, Steven.

Steven, stop it.

You didn't do anything, okay?

You were fucking stoned.

What the fuck did she give you?

Give me the gun, okay?


Are you gonna come up with me?


No, and you're not going either.

Look at me.

I'm a high school graduate.

I'm a high school graduate.

Oh, fuck...

You see this, yeah?


Stop it, don't do that.

I'm gonna get this thing in.


No... don't, no.

I'm gonna put this thing here...

No, no.

Right through here.


No, Steven.

- No.
- It's...

It's gonna end it.


And when I...
When I see you come up...

But... but...

I may not even

see you there, I mean...

I mean...

I mean gone.

Where will I be?

Will I be with the rhinoceros?

The lightning in the bottle, hm?


It's okay.
It's okay, okay.

Or will I be completely, uh,

like... like...



I feel something.




This is the end.

I got a duty to do.

Do whatev...
Whatever you want.

I liked fucking you.

Did I tell you?

I liked it a lot.

I liked to get down
and fight with you

and fuck.

Just so you know...

That I like your cunt.

Like, sometimes,
it's so amazing.

You're making me cry.

Stop it, cunt.


Fuck, fuck.



He lives in that trailer
right there.


on the Roadhouse playlist

is one of our favorites.

"Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top.

It's good to see you, Renee.

You got a death wish?

'Cause I'll fucking kill you.

Don't talk to my wife.

I wa... I was just saying...
I was try... I was just trying...

To... to what?

I try... I was just
trying to be polite.

I-I like her.

Stop it, Chuck, stop it!

Stop it, Chuck, stop it!

Stop it, Chuck!


You better stop this.

Fuck you, punk!

Chuck, talk to me!


Are you all right, mate?


Hey, anybody,

these guys are really hurt.

Dial 911 now!

I tried not to hit them
too hard, James, honest.

It's okay.

Thanks, by the way.

I am so sorry, Renee.

I did not
mean for this to happen.

I really didn't.

Chuck, baby, talk to me.

Oh, God.

His eyes don't look right.

Um, they're here, sir,

Douglas Jones
and his wife, Jane,

ready for questioning.

He give you any trouble?

Uh, no, no.

Um, but the kids
aren't too happy.





Roger, get in here a minute.

Yes, sir?

have we heard from Anthony?

No, sir.

Well, find him for me.


Hi, hun.

Oh, shit.

Hold on.

Yeah, one down, one to go.

Yeah, French fries.

And extra ketchup.

Put him in eight.

Put him in eight.

Back up.

What'd that gloved freak do now?

Shut up, Chad!

Shut up, Chad.

What's he doing in the cell?

Don't pay any attention to him.

- Hawk.
- Hm?

Are those guys okay?

Both in intensive care.

They're both in intensive care.

What the hell?

Shut up!

Shut up!

The government
does it all the time.

People get paid for it,
too, just like us.

Damn right.

Two-faced fucks.

Christian nation.

Might as well be

"thou shalt kill."

"Show no mercy."
"Forgive no one."

Fuck 'em in the ass.

It's a nation of killers,
killing all along.

Killed damn near
all the Indians, didn't they?


But my fun's over when
we actually kill someone.

It's no fun torturing a corpse.

I haven't got to torture anybody

in a fuck of a long time, Hutch.

I know.

Just hadn't worked out lately.

It's fucked.

You know I hate it

when you get me
these little ketchup packs.

I'm sorry.
It's all they had.

Did you get me dessert?

You know I did.

I love you, Hutch.

I love you, Chantal.


Beautiful night.


Here you go, Dougie.

Is it delicious?


Oh, Dougie.

It's like all our dreams
are coming true.


Good-bye, Norma.

We'll see what they can do.

I'm not worried.
Everything will be fine.

The old team together again.

Nothing can stop us.

The old team.

- Good-bye, dear.
- Good-bye, Mr. DeMille.

How'd it go?

It couldn't have gone better.

It's practically set.

Good he has to finish
this picture first.

Mine will be his next.

Get Gordon Cole.

Tell him to forget
about our car.

Tell him he can get another
old car someplace...

Mom, what was that?

Deputy Hawk?
Deputy Hawk?

Margaret Lanterman's
on line one.

Okay, Lucy.

Margaret, what can I do for ya?


I'm dying.

I'm sorry, Margaret.

You know about death,

that it's just a change,

not an end.


It's time.

There's some fear,

some fear in letting go.

Remember what I told you.

I can't say more over the phone.

But you know what I mean,

from our talks,

when we were able to speak
face to face.

Watch for that one,

the one I told you about,

the one under the moon

on Blue Pine Mountain.


My log is turning gold.

The wind is moaning.

I'm dying.

Good night, Hawk.

Good night, Margaret.

Good-bye, Margaret.

What's up?

Hawk intercommed us,

told us to meet him here.

Margaret Lanterman
passed away tonight.

The Log Lady's dead?

I'm just tired of
waiting for the phone.

Billy hated that place, but...


You got your coat on.

Of course I do.

We're going out.

We're going to the Roadhouse.

I will need my coat.

Yeah, well, yeah, I just...

You're really something,

What the hell?

Put your coat on, Audrey.

It's already late
and I'm so sleepy.

Let's go.

Would you just stop complaining?

God, what a pain
in the ass you are.

I mean, can't you just
do something for someone else

without ruining it
by continually complaining?

You're such a whiner,
it's like being with a sick dog.

Are you gonna put your coat on

or talk me to death right here,

on the threshold?

You know,
when Billy and I go places,

he never speaks to me
the way you do, Charlie.



I am Charlie

and he is Billy.

And I like Billy better.


Now, are you gonna
put your coat on

or shall we stand here
all night?

Here you go again.

You can't stop
for one fucking second.

Audrey, seriously,

in one fucking second,
I'm taking my coat off

and staying in for the night.

You're the one that
wanted to go to the Roadhouse,

not me.

It's impossible.

I mean, I see it
right before my eyes,

but I never really
saw it before.

It's absolutely
fucking impossible.

What is it now, Audrey?

You, Charlie, it's you.

I-I-I just never
really saw you before

the way I'm seeing you now.

Like I'm meeting
a different person.

Who are you, Charlie?

Okay, off comes the coat.

How can you be like this?

I hate your fucking guts!

I hate you!

Do you know how much
I fucking hate you?

I'm waiting for someone.