Twin Peaks (2017): Season 1, Episode 16 - Part 16 - full transcript

Dougie's loved ones care for him in the hospital, and Cooper's doppelganger heads towards the coordinates. Meanwhile, Diane makes a confession to the FBI.


So we're here.

What now?

Pay attention.

You'll find out.

I'm looking for a place.

Do you understand the place?


Three people have given me
coordinates to that place.

Two of the coordinates match.

What would you do, Richard?

I'd check out the two that match.

You're a very bright young man.

And we're very close
to the two that match.

It says it's right up there.

We're going up there?


We're going up there right now.


Dear God.

Is this it?

I'll bet it's right
up there on that rock.

I'm 25 years your senior.

Take this and get on up there.

It'll beep when you're close

and make a continuous
tone when you're on it.

Let me know what you find.

I'm there!


Good-bye, my son.

Bad, bad binoculars.

Bad binoculars!

Bad, bad, bad binoculars!


You hear that bird this morning?

Sure as shit did.

Who's this here?

What the hell are they doing here?

Well, it looks like nobody's home.


And how did you deduce that, Sherlock?

Wilson, you son of a bitch, go
grab a car and park somewhere

over there out of sight
and stake out this house.


Come here.

I'm gonna check out
the place of business...

Lucky 7 Insurance, hmm?


Get going!

Good riddance.

I just heard what
you've been telling me.

He's in a coma,

but his vital signs are good, strong.

Yeah, but when people go into a coma,

they can stay there for years.

Oh, Dougie's not gonna do that.

Mom, does a coma have something
to do with electricity?

No, honey.

Well, in this case, it did.

Well, just...
I told you I'd carry it.

I just don't know...
here he is. Here he is.

Bushnell, we came as soon as we heard.

These are the Mitchum
brothers, Janey-E.

- They're friends of Dougie's.
- Oh, oh.

Um, Sonny Jim, these
are the men who, uh...

who bought your gym
set and... and the car.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.

- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.

Every kid should have a gym set, huh?

Let me see that. Look at that.

We've seen this before.

Uh, this sort of thing happens,

and you don't feel like cooking.

You don't want to eat hospital food.

- But...
- Oh.

Jimmy, you've got to eat.

These are what you
call finger sandwiches.

Go ahead.

You pick it up with your fingers.

Very good. That's why they
call it a finger sandwich.

Girls, go... go...
go bring in the, uh...

the folding trays.

Hey, hey, maybe we should eat outside.

No, no, no, no, no,
we're not gonna stay.

This is all for you.

We just want to be
as helpful as possible

and, uh... and, uh...
and, uh, pay our respects.

All things considered,

he looks good.

Yeah, well, the doctors
are very hopeful.

If I can trouble you
for a key, Mrs. Jones,

we're gonna go stock your house, too.



Okay, um...

Here you go. Thank you.

It was...

like, what?



I have to go pee.


Let's go find you
the little boys' room.

This is Bushnell.

- Uh, Phil Bisby here.
- Hello, Phil.

The FBI was just
here looking for Dougie.

- What?
- The FBI.

The FBI?

Yeah, they were
looking for Dougie.

Looking for Dougie?


Wha... what's he done
now? He's in a coma.

Uh, I-I-I...

Did you tell them we're here?

Yeah, I did, and then they left.

- You did?
- Yeah.

When did they leave?

About ten minutes ago, sir.


Looks like it's gonna be a long day.

Remember that guy Sammy?


He passed away.


He was a good guy.

I owed him money.

You feel bad about that?


What is this now?

Is one of them guys Dougie?


Do any of them look
anything like our boss?

No, stupid, none of them is Dougie.

Will you settle down now?

It's the last bag, Hutch.

It's the last fucking bag.

You on the rag?

What if I fucking was?



Looks like a fucking circus parade.

Stretch limo...

girls in pink.

No Douglas Jones.

What the fuck?



You're in my driveway.

We're not in your driveway.

We're not even close to
your fucking driveway, asshole.

Go fuck yourself!

I move car.

That fucker!

What the fuck, Chantal?

That douchebag is really pissing me off!

Ah, Chantal!

Fucking winged me!

This shit is fucking up the whole thing.

Get us the fuck out of here.

What the fuck kind of
neighborhood is this?

People are under a
lot of stress, Bradley.



Put the gun down!

I said put the gun down!

Now slowly
back away from your gun.

Put down the gun, okay?

Let's get the girls and
get out of here, all right?

I need backup and an ambulance

at Lancelot Court.

Lancelot Court!



One hundred percent.







Do you have the seed?

Do you have the seed?

I need you to make another one.





Hello, Sonny Jim.

Oh, my...


Hello, Janey-E.

Dougie's back!

I knew it.

Janey-E, would you please
go find a doctor right now?

- Yeah.
- Sonny Jim...

why don't you go with your mom?


Bushnell, pass me some
of those sandwiches.

I'm starving.

The office just called.

The FBI was there looking for you.


You sure came through
this pretty strong.

Whoa, whoa, what do you
think you're doing?

I no longer need this IV.

Doctor, will you confirm
that my vitals are A-okay?

I'm leaving.

Bushnell, my clothes, please.

The cabinet behind you.

Dougie, are you sure
this is a good idea?

It's a good idea.

It looks like
it's a pretty good idea.

I'll prep your release papers.

Janey-E, please bring
the car around front.

I'll get dressed and
meet you downstairs.

Okay. Come on, Sonny Jim.

Daddy thinks we should
get the car around.

Thank you, Bushnell.

Dad sure is talking a lot.

Yeah, he sure is, Sonny Jim.

Bushnell, I'm gonna need
to borrow the 32 snub nose

you wear in the shoulder
holster under your left arm.

Sure thing, Dougie.

Is everything all right?

Can I help you in any way?

You can get the Mitchum
brothers on the phone.

Sure thing.

They gave me their personal number.

I got it on speed dial.


Yeah, t-this Brad?

Oh, Rod.

Listen, uh, hold on.

Dougie's got to talk to you.

Rod, I'm bringing my family
to the casino in 20 minutes.

- Meet us in the lobby.
- Whatever you need, Dougie.

And then I need a plane
to Spokane, Washington.

We're gassing up the jet.

We're gassing it up right now.

Bradley, we're headed
to Spokane, Washington.

Meet you in the
lobby in 20 minutes.

You got it.

Yeah. Gas it up.

- We're going to Spokane.
- Let's go.

Meeting Dougie in the lobby.

Girls, let's go for a plane ride.

Wonder what Dougie's up to now.

Let's go!


I have a feeling a man named
Gordon Cole will call here.

If he does, read him this message.

You're a fine man, Bushnell Mullins.

I will not soon forget
your kindness and decency.

What about the FBI?

I am the FBI.

Move over. I'll drive.

- But, Dougie...
- Janey-E, it's okay.

What's going on, Dougie?

Fasten your seat belt.

Janey-E, how do we get to
the Silver Mustang casino?

You're not gonna start
gambling again, are you?

We're going to see
the Mitchum brothers.

Dad can drive...

really good.


I remember.


Oh, Coop.

I remember.

I hope this works.

Come in, Diane.

You asked me about the night
that Cooper came to visit me.

Well, I'm gonna tell you.

You want a drink?



it was three, maybe
four years after, uh...

after I stopped hearing from Cooper.

I was still working at the Bureau.

One night...

no knock...

no doorbell...

he just walked in.

I was standing in my living room.

Oh, I was so happy to see him.

I held him so close.

And we, uh...

we sat on my sofa.

Started talking.

I just wanted to hear everything

about where he'd been and...

what he'd been doing.

He only wanted to know about, uh...

what had been going on at the Bureau.

It felt like he was grilling me.

But I...

I told myself he was just...

he was just excited to
hear about Bureau news.

And then he leaned in.

He leaned in...

leaned in to kiss me.

It only happened once before.

But as soon as...

As soon as his lips touched mine...

something went wrong.

And I felt afraid.

And he saw the fear in me.

And he smiled.

He smiled.

A-and his face...

And that's when it started.

He raped me.

He raped me.


he took me somewhere.

He took me somewhere like a...

an old gas station.

Uh, old...

an old gas station.

I'm in the sheriff's station.

I'm in the sheriff's station.

I-I sent him those coordinates.

I'm in the sheriff's station...

because... because...

I'm not me.

I-I'm not...

I'm not me.

I'm-I'm-I'm not.

I'm not me.


They're real.

That was a real tulpa.

Sheriff's station?



I know.

Fuck you.

- Dougie!
- Oh.

- You look great.
- You look good.

We're all set. The
plane's standing by.

Where are we going?

Fellas, give me a moment.

Janey-E, Sonny Jim, come with me.

You know, Dougie's talking
with a lot of assurance.

Maybe something to do with the coma?

Side effects.

I have to go away for a while.

But I want to tell you
how much I've enjoyed

spending time with both of you.


You've made my heart so full.

What... what are you saying?

We're a family.

Dougie... I mean...

I will be back.

You're not Dougie?



You're my dad.

- You're my dad.
- Yeah.

I'm your dad, Sonny Jim.

I'm your dad,

and I love you.

I love you both.

I have to go.

You'll see me soon.

I'll walk through that red door,

and I'll be home for good.

Don't go.

I have to.

Whoever you are...

thank you.

Dougie, let me get this straight.

Wait, wait, wait, I
want to hear this, too.

Candie, where's my Bloody Mary?




You don't sell insurance.

You're an FBI agent...

who's been missing for 25 years,

and we need to get you to
a town called Twin Peaks,

to a sheriff's station.


we love you,

but we are not traditionally welcome

at such places.

Or by such aforementioned people...

law enforcement types.

I read you 100 percent.


that's about to change.

I am witness to the fact

that you both have hearts of gold.

They do.

They really do.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the Roadhouse is proud to welcome

Edward Louis Severson.

Two martinis.

Thank you.

Here's to us, Audrey.

Here's to Billy.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Audrey's dance.


Monique! That's my wife, asshole!


Charlie. Get me out of here.


Wha... what?