Twin Peaks (2017): Season 1, Episode 14 - Part 14 - full transcript

Gordon remembers an important moment from his past. Andy, Bobby, Hawk and Truman go to the forest. James hears a story about a glove on his birthday. An unknown facet of Sarah is revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station.

Is that you, Lucy?

Director Cole.

You've been there
all through the years, Lucy?

Well, actually,

I have gone home,

and Andy and I have
taken some vacations.

One year, we went to Bora-Bora.

Would you like to speak
with Sheriff Truman?

Yes, Lucy.
I'm returning his call.

Okay, I'll connect you!

Sheriff Truman?

FBI Director Gordon Cole
is on line one.

That's the blinking one,

the one that's
blinking right now.


It's Gordon Cole, Harry,

returning your call.

Uh, no, no, this is, uh,

Sheriff Frank Truman,
Harry's brother.

Where's Harry?

Harry's sick.

He's, uh, in the doctor's care.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I'll give him your regards, sir.

What've you got for me, Frank?


I just thought
you should know this.

Uh, it's gonna sound strange.

Something's been found,

something Deputy Chief Hawk

Missing pages from
a certain Laura Palmer's diary

that could indicate

two Coopers.

I don't know any more
than this, but, uh,

I-I just thought
you should know it.

Uh, maybe it means
something to you.

Thank you very much, Frank.

Although I can't comment
on this information,

I want you to know
I really appreciate it.

All right, Director Cole,

uh, I understand.

And all the best

to you
and all the best to Harry.

Thank you, sir.
I'll pass it on.


Case number one.

This started the whole thing.

Nineteen seventy-five.

Two young field agents
investigate a murder

in Olympia, Washington.

They arrive at a motel
to arrest a suspect

named Lois Duffy.

They hear a gunshot outside
her room and kick the door in.

They find two women inside,

one on the floor dying from
a bullet wound to the abdomen.

The other holds a gun,
which she drops

as she backs away
when they enter.

They recognize the wounded woman

as Lois Duffy.

She speaks her
last words to them:

"I'm like the blue rose."

She smiles,

then dies,

then disappears
before their eyes.

The other woman
screaming in the corner,

they now notice

is also Lois Duffy.


By the way, Lois Duffy
did not have a twin sister.

Then while awaiting trial

for a murder she swore
she didn't commit,

this Lois hangs herself.

Those two arresting officers

were Gordon Cole
and Phillip Jeffries.


what's the one question
you should ask me?

What's the significance
of the blue rose?

And the answer?


Blue rose does not
occur in nature.

It's not a natural thing.

The dying woman was not natural.


What's the word?

A tulpa.


Coffee time.

Albert, think I've got it.

And Diane's on her way.

Come on in, Diane.

Make yourself at home.

Enjoy some coffee.

Deputy Diane reporting.

Diane, that last night
you saw Cooper...

did he, by any chance,

mention Major Garland Briggs?

I don't want to talk
about that night.

I understand.

All I want to know

is, did he mention Major Briggs?

Fuck you, Gordon.



Diane, as you know,
we've been investigating

an old case of Cooper's
involving Major Briggs.

Briggs died in a fire
at his government facility

25 years ago.


We thought.

Turns out he died a few days ago

here in Buckhorn, and...

we found this in his stomach.

The ring was inscribed:

"To Dougie with love,


Oh, my God.

What is it?

My sister's name is Jane,

my half sister.

She's married to a man
named Douglas Jones.

But everybody calls him Dougie.

And her nickname's Janey-E.

Where do they live?

Last I heard, Las Vegas.

When did you last
speak with her?

We're estranged.

I hate her,


I haven't talked
to her in years.


get the Las Vegas office
on the line.

Las Vegas office, please.

Uh, I have Director Gordon Cole

on the line for you, sir.

- Gordon Cole?
- Mm.

Director Cole, sir, I...

I want everything

you've got or could find

on a Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jones
of your fair city.

These people are
wanted in connection

with a double murder

and may be armed and dangerous.

Put caution in the shotgun seat.

Douglas Jones.

- Yes, sir.
- High priority.

Get back to me.

Your man has my info.

Yes, sir.

There's 23 Douglas Joneses
in the greater metro area.

How are we gonna
find the right one?

Wilson, how many
times have I told you...

this is what we do in the FBI?

Thank you, Diane.



Before I came up,

I was on the phone
with Sheriff Truman

in Twin Peaks.

He told me
they are onto something

from Laura Palmer's diary

indicating two Coopers.

And last night, I had
another Monica Bellucci dream.

Oh, boy.

I was in Paris on a case.

Monica called

and asked me to meet her
at a certain cafe.

She said she needed
to talk to me.

When we met at the cafe,

Cooper was there,

but I couldn't see his face.

Monica was very pleasant.

She had brought friends.

We all had a coffee.

And then she said
the ancient phrase...

We're like the dreamer,

who dreams and then
lives inside the dream.

"We are like the dreamer

who dreams

"and then lives
inside the dream."

I told her I understood.

And then she said...

But who is the dreamer?

"But who is the dreamer?"

A very powerful uneasy feeling
came over me.

Monica looked past me

and indicated to me to look back

at something
that was happening there.

I turned and looked.

I saw myself.

I saw myself from long ago,

in the old Philadelphia offices,

listening to Cooper

telling me he was worried
about a dream he had.

Gordon, it's 10:10 a.m.

on February 16th.

I was worried about today

because of the dream
I told you about.

And that was the day
Phillip Jeffries appeared...


And didn't appear.

Is that you?



meet the long-lost
Phillip Jeffries.

You may have heard of him
from the academy.

And while Jeffries
was apparently there,

he raised his arm

and pointed at Cooper
and asked me...

Who do you think that is there?


I hadn't remembered that.

Now, this is really something
interesting to think about.


I'm beginning
to remember that too.


All right.

Turkey and cheese.

Ham and cheese.

Roast beef and cheese.

And just cheese.

Who ordered just cheese?

I did.

It's all old business, Chad,

from long before your time.

Where you guys going?

Up the mountain.

And you are under arrest, Chad.

What the fuck?

What's this all about?

I think you know.

Andy, Bobby,

take him downstairs.

You're making a big mistake!

You made the mistake, Chad.

We've been watching you
for months.

Take his badge, too,
and lock him up.

You're making a big mistake.

Shut up.

There's your roast beef
and cheese.


This used to be
the road, where we're walking.

My dad's listening post station
was right through there.

Nothing left of it now.

Took everything away.

And what all did
your father do up there, Bobby?

I don't know.

It was all top secret.

Took me inside a couple
times when I was little,

but all I remember is

lots and lots of machines.

He would take me here, though.

Just a sec.

This is it,

Jackrabbit's Palace.

You know, we'd sit here

make up great tall tales.

Two hundred and fifty-three
yards due east.

And we have to put
some soil in our pockets.

Let's hope this is not one

of your father's tall tales.

I hope so too.

I don't think so.

We'll soon find out.

Father did tell me

never wander around here
without him.

Let's go.

She's alive.

It's 2:53, fellas.

Got a light?

We need to get her
down the mountain.

She's very important,

and there are people
that want her dead.

She's fine physically.

We need to put her in a cell
where she'll be safe.


Don't tell anybody about this.

What happened to us back there?

I don't know.


But I don't remember a thing.

Same with me.

I hope these pajamas are okay.

They've been in my locker

since the time that dog
got lost in here.

They're beautiful, Lucy.

Do you remember
that night, Andy?

Yes, I do.


You're a joke, Andy!

You're no kind of cop!

You're no kind of cop at all!

You're no kind of cop at all.

You're a very bad person, Chad.

Give good policemen a bad name.

Good policemen a bad name.

Shut up, you fucking drunk!

Shut up, you fucking drunk!

God damn it, I said shut up!

Shut up!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Fucking nuthouse.

Fucking nuthouse.

I better do that.

What'd you want me
to do with the crates?

Just leave them.

I'll throw the linens
on them in the morning.

It's easier for them that way.

There you go.

Take it easy.

We're cool.

Okay, Jimmy.

We got one more delivery,

and then it's hit the Roadhouse.

Who's playing?

Don't know.

You want to see
if Renee will be there.

Yeah, maybe.

But she's married.

I know.

How old are you, Freddie?

Going on 23.

I remember being 23.

It's my birthday today.

Is that right?

Well, happy birthday, Jimmy.

This is a real occasion.

So you really can't
take that thing off, huh?

Nah, I can't.

I don't understand.

It's, uh,

part of me.

Doctor tried
to take it off once, and...

I started bleeding.

Where'd you get it?

I'm, uh, not supposed to tell.

It's my birthday, Freddie.
You gotta tell me.

Come on, I'm not
gonna tell anybody.

Eh, you ain't
gonna believe me anyway.

So you may as well tell me.

Freddie, come on,
tell me the story.

Come on.


I told the doctor.

I, uh... I guess
I can tell you.

And seeing as
how it's your birthday.

I was still living at home, see?

Where was that?

That would be London Town,
East End.

About six months ago,

after a night down at the pub
with me mates,

I'm walking home alone.

I get this peculiar feeling
as I turn into this alley

I use as a shortcut.

It strikes me that
I'm wasting me life, Jimmy.

Hanging about,

hitting the pub every night,

when I should be helping people.

With this feeling in me
on this particular night,

I see in the alleyway
a high stack of boxes,

and I jumped,

you know, like, for fun.

I jumped onto this
high stack of boxes.

And all of a sudden,

I was sucked up into the vortex

of this massive tunnel
in the air.

Next thing you know,

I'm floating in thin air,

way up somewhere,

like a void.

And this bloke's there.

The Fireman's what
he's called himself.

And he says to me,

"Go to the hardware store
near your flat."

And there you will find

a rack of green
rubber gardening gloves.

One package will
already be open,

with only a right-handed glove

Purchase that package

and place the glove
on your right hand.

Your right hand will then
possess the power

"of an enormous pile driver."


And I'm back in me room,

waking up the next morning.

I got up, got out of bed.

Dragged a comb across me head.

And I went downstairs
and had a cup.


Just kidding about that part.

So I pop round the corner
to the hardware store,

find the rack of gloves.

And, sure enough,

there's the open package

with the one right hand.

Off I go to the counter,

lay down the package
for the clerk,

and he says,

"I can't sell you that one.

You have to buy one
that hasn't been opened."

So I say, "That's all right.
I want this one."

He says, "I can't
sell you that one."

I says, "Listen, mate."

I want to buy
just the one glove,

"and I will pay you full price."

"No, it's already been opened.

I can't sell it to ya."

Now, where I come from,

we call a bloke like this

a "jobsworth."

That is a person
who delights in acting

in an obstructive
or otherwise unhelpful manner,

as in, "I can't do that."

It's more than my job's worth."

So I says to Mr. Jobsworth,

"Listen, I'm buying this glove."

And I put me bees on the counter

and walk towards the door.

Well, Jobsworth leaps after me
like a possessed puma,

screaming that I can't have
the glove from the package

which has already been opened.

I bolt out the door,
hit the cobbles,

hoping to leave Mr. Jobsworth
in the dust,

slipping the glove on
while I go.

Then he slows me down a mite.

And before you know it,
Jobsworth puts a tackle on me

worthy of a red card

and sends me skidding
on the field.

On instinct, to defend myself,

I popped Jobsworth one in
the loaf with me green glove.

I hear a crack, and...

by the way his head's tilting
and him trying to talk...

I fear I've snapped his Gregory.

And then,

in that moment,

I remember something else that
bloke up in the sky told me.

"Once you've got the glove on,"

go to Twin Peaks, Washington,

United States of America.

And there,

"you will find your destiny."

So here I am, Jimmy,

on your birthday.

Many happy returns.


Thank you, Freddie.
That's a great story.

The pleasure's all mine, sir.

Why you?

I mean, why do you think
the Fireman picked you?

Well, that's a good question.

I asked him myself, I said,

"Why me?"

And he said,

"Why not you?"

And when I went to buy me ticket
to fly over here,

they told me
I already had a ticket.

Don't forget.

We're supposed
to check the furnace.

You wait for the delivery.

Don't forget
to sign the invoice.

I'm gonna go check the furnaces.

Bloody Mary.

Coming up.


You drinking all alone tonight?

Mind your own business,


That's not very polite.

It wasn't meant to be polite.

Would you sit back

where you were,


I'll sit wherever I want.

It's a free country.

It's a free country.

It's a free cunt-ry.

Maybe you're one of them
bull dykes.


Come to think of it,

you look kind of like
a bull dyke lesbo.

You like to eat cunt, huh?

I'll eat you.


Like hell you will,
you miserable bitch.

I'll fucking pull your little

lesbo titties off.

Do you really
want to fuck with this?

What the hell?
What happened?

He just fell over.
I don't know.

What, with half
his neck missing?


You have something
to do with this?

You-you saw me.

I was just sitting here,
having my drink.


Call 911!

We got a dead one at the bar.

We'll see about this.


Sure is a mystery, huh?

That's because you're
hanging out at the nuthouse.

I'm not.

Getting high in there.

I'm not.

I'm getting high in my room.

Flying in my own room.

Just don't go in that nut place.

Fuck you.
Who said I would anyway?

Nice sweater.

Where'd you lift that?

It's Paula's.

It's nice.

Have you seen Billy?

No, not for a couple of days.

I heard you were the last
person to see Billy.

It was so fucking scary.

He was in the kitchen
with me and my mom.

Think my uncle was there.

I'm not sure, um...

You know, at the window,
we see Billy.

He's jumped over a fence,
a six-foot fence,

lands in our backyard.

He comes running like crazy
to the back door.

And I can tell
he sees me through the window.

And he had this look
in his eyes.

Comes slamming in the back,

stumbles in the kitchen.

I start screaming, and I think
my mom screamed too.

And there was blood coming
out his nose and mouth.

And he goes and hangs
his head in the sink.

Blood's just gushing
like a waterfall.

And he turns and looks at us,

real strange and all bloody.

And then he bolts
out the back again.

We're like, "What?"

And you didn't tell anyone?

We-we just
didn't know what to do.

I mean, we didn't know what
the hell was going on with him.

And I know my mom and him
had a thing.

What? Really?


Up until pretty recent,
at least.

I mean, I just caught wind of it
from time to time.

The smile in her face
whenever his name came up.


What's your mom's name?

It's Tina.

Then he just ran out again?

Yeah, just, like,

he was in our kitchen
for maybe, like, ten seconds,

and then he just took off,
real fast and crazy.

And after, we see
all the blood on the floor

and some on the wall.

Took a while to clean it up,

me and my mom.

I don't remember
if my uncle was there.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Roadhouse is proud

to welcome Lissie!