Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 9 - I'll Still Be There for You - full transcript

It's spooky season.

Oh, my gosh. Oh, my...


-[Michael] You have a tiny penis.

All balls, baby, all balls.

-Team work makes the dream work.

-This'll put us in the Halloween mood.
-[Kamari laughs]

-Yeah, big spooky season vibes.
-[Adam laughs]

[Abbey] You know how
this morning I was like, ugh,

because things aren't going very well.

Well, the new roommate
really was the... the little spark.

One of the girls here expressed

that she kind of
had a little crush on him.

And then I... I...

I got caught flirting with him.

So much of my self-worth is based
on male attention, male validation.

That's part of what
I'm working on with myself,

is not needing that because I think
that the day I can break that chain

will be a day I just feel free.

I don't feel like a snaky person
but maybe I am. I don't know.

[upbeat music playing]

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-Good morning.
-[Adam] Good morning, sir.

[Kamari] You're not
going to the gym no more?

-Kinda beat you.
-[Kamari] Oh.

-[Adam laughing]
-You're bullshitin'.

Work. Work day.

-I feel that. What you about to do?
-I gotta hit some bars, couple stores.

Well, shit. Good luck.

All right, man, catch you later.
Have a good day.

-Yes, you too.
-Sell that shit.

[Adam] There's a lot of pressure on me
to make Austin a successful market.

If I can't get this thing
off the ground in Austin,

then I am on a one-way ticket
back to Seattle.

Uh, they took a risk on me,
I know the stakes,

I'm absolutely ready
and failure, honestly, is not an option.

-Hey, how's it going?
-Hi, good. How are you?

-Good. Are you the beer buyer here?
-[woman] Yes.

-Right on. I'm Adam.
-Michelle, nice to meet you.

[Adam] Nice to meet you.

I'm with a company
called San Juan Seltzer.

We are a craft seltzer out of Seattle.

-That's delicious.
-[Adam] Thank you.

If you're open to it, we can partner up
for a happy hour or something.

Yeah, we can arrange that.

I usually do two or three promo parties,
happy hours, a week.

I feel like I got a lot
riding on this first sale.

The first one's always the toughest
and they snowball after that.

-[woman over phone] You sound upset.
-[Keauno] I am.

What's wrong?

Um... Just boys.

-Have fun, you little kissing queens.
-[Abbey] Okay.

Abbey's cool.
She's a little mysterious, I think.

I hope she's a little bit into me.

What's that smell? Wait.
Something smells really familiar.

Like patchouli.

-Like what?
-Patchouli, you uneducated swine.

I only know like five things.

[Abbey chuckles]

They're very useful.

Being around Abbey is easy.
I don't feel like conversation's forced.

I don't feel like I have to be
anybody else around her.

I'm definitely trying to pursue this thing
and see where it goes.

-Hope it goes good.
-[Michael] Yeah.

[emcee 1] Let's keep the party going.

[Michael] I've been in Austin
for a few months now

and the stand-up is not going well.

The only thing to do now is keep trying
'cause we can only go up from here.

[emcee 2] Put your hands together now
for Michael Fractor, everyone.

Let him hear it.


[Michael] Comedy in a park.

Usually I'm not allowed
within 300 feet of parks,

so this is really exciting for me.

[scattered laughter]

It's weird when you're goin'
through puberty.

It's the time you're most self-conscious
about every part of your body.

But it's all anyone wants
to talk to you about, know what I mean?

I'd be at my grandparents', they'd say,

"Michael, look how hairy you've gotten."

And I'd be like, "I know."

[scattered laughter]

All right. Thanks, guys.



That was embarrassing. Not a fun time.

[emcee 2] Everyone, keep it going
for Michael Fractor, everyone!

Every time I bomb, I'm kind of wondering
what I'm doing with my life.

I feel like the right thing to do
might be going back to LA

where I can just worry about stand-up
and not finances.

I'll holler at you. I'll see you later.

Send Michael over.

-[Natalie] What the fuck?
-Gonna kill it.

-[Natalie] Ew, it's ugly and fat.
-It's gonna crush.

-[Natalie gasps and screams]
-[Abbey screams]

[both laughing]

Isha also summoned you.

-[Michael] Huh?
-I said, Isha summoned you.


-Are you gonna go over there or not?

I just need some time to myself
to get my thoughts in order.

I'm trying to figure it all out.

["Them" by FLAVIA playing]

[upbeat music playing]

Yo, I got a confession.
This is my first time carving pumpkins.


-Starting pumpkin carving.
-[Raquel] Okay.

[Natalie] Thank you.

Wait. Am I goin' right now?

-This is cute.
-Hi, guys.

We have the whole setup.

-Have y'all carved pumpkins before?

Damn. So maybe I'm just out of the loop.

[Natalie] It's your first pumpkin?

Yeah, this is my first time
carving a pumpkin.

It's my first time too.

How have neither of you
ever carved a pumpkin before?

I've just never said
I wanna carve a pumpkin.

-Yeah, it is kind of a random thing.

It'd be random
if you did it in April, but...

[Kamari laughs]

-[Isha] How do I make it angry?
-It's so easy.

[Isha] Michael's definitely
been distant with me lately.

I pick up on
other people's energies a lot.

I think all women do.

[Natalie] Oh, my God. This is easy.

I always like to give people their space.

I wanna know
what is going through his head.

-Damn, Michael better mind his Ps and Qs.

-[Isha chuckles]
-What are you talking about?

[Kamari] It's like... I don't know.
Somethin'... I'mma just roll with it.

It's definitely easier
to carve than I thought.

-Hey, guys.
-[Kamari] Yo.

I know a couple of cool people
at this skating rink nearby.

And there's this costume party
for Halloween,

and I was wondering if you peeps
wanted to roll on and skate out.


-Roll out!
-[Abbey] Sounds really fun.

I'm obsessed with mine.
Look at it right now. Amazing.

That's dope.

All right. Here we go.
This is me right here.

Got a little Screamaction.

-What do you guys think?
-[Kamari] Let me see.

He looks like a sugar daddy.

-The moustache.
-Gotta go.

[all laughing]

All right. It is finished.

[Natalie] Abbey's is amazing.

[Raquel] Y'all, look at Keke
with this pumpkin on.

-[Kamari] Yes, Keke.
-Oh, my God!

-[Kamari] Keke's so cute.
-[Natalie] You're so cute.

-He look like bro from Halloweentown.
-[Natalie] He does.

-[Michael] Keke wins.
-[Kamari] The boys got this.

-[Natalie] Boys won.
-Look over here.

-See you tomorrow.
-Good night, buddy.

-Love you.
-Love you guys.

Love you, bro.

[upbeat pop song playing]

[Isha] I realized when it comes
to painting toenails specifically,

it's less about the polish
and it's more about how you cut it.

-What does that mean?
-[Isha] Like...

-[cell phone ringing]

-Who's interrupting our quality time?
-It's from the boutique.

Sorry. You can answer it.

-[Emily] Hi, is this Isha?

Yeah, hi.

-Is it Emily from Feathers?
-[Emily] Hi, it's Emily.

Hi, how is it going?

[Emily] Good. How are you doing today?

I'm doing good.
I'm painting my toenails. [laughs]

[Emily] Nice. Well, hey,
I just wanted to give you a quick call

and let you know that yesterday we sold

your beautiful blue corset blouse
that you brought in.

Oh, my God! You sold another piece!

[Emily] Yeah, that leaves you
with just one piece in the shop,

and so would love to talk
about you bringing in

-some more pieces sometime soon.

Oh, my God! That's so exciting!

-[Emily] We'll talk soon, okay?
-Perfect. Talk to you soon.

-Oh, my God.

-[Raquel] Congratulations!
-Why am I nervous?

-I'm so proud... Don't get emotional...

-[Raquel] Oh, my goodness!

-[Raquel] I'm so proud of you.
-I'm sorry.

-No, no...
-I can't believe it's happening.

-I'm gonna fall on your beautiful toes.
-I just felt like...

I worked really hard
for a really long time

and I didn't see any... any success.

-It just makes me really happy.

[Isha] Having sold more pieces means

that I might actually have
a long-term, you know, career here.

That's like my dream,
I think, is to be in a city,

living somewhere, going to a coffee shop,
seeing someone behind me,

or walking down the street
wearing Hut Mentality.

Me getting into boutiques
makes that dream a little bit closer.

Oh, my God!
I'm so embarrassed I got so emotional.

-No! I love that.
-I haven't cried like that in a while.

-It was kinda cathartic.
-[Raquel] I love that.

I do enjoy being around Adam.

He is just like a bright ray of light.
He's really sweet and he's really hot.

That's just objectively true.

But I feel like it's something
that needs to be put aside,

honestly, for the sake
of my friendship with Natalie.

And I really hope that he can understand.

[pop song playing]

[indistinct chatter]

I really appreciate you guys comin' out

and hopefully we'll have
some good stuff in Austin coming up.

Allow me to butt in.
Looks like we're hating it.

-I think I'm takin' a half day.
-[Adam] Liked it?

-[man] Yeah.
-I love you guys. So hyped up.

This is going really well.

This is my first
on-premise event in Austin.

If Lustre Pearl does end up
bringing in 10,15 cases,

this is gonna be
a pretty big account for us.

[people laughing]

-You're like a rep for your company?
-[Adam] Yes. The traveling rep.


-What's going on?
-What you doing?

-Slinging some seltzers. What's going on?

Coming to show some support.

-I do have an ulterior motive a bit, but...

-I wanna apply here.
-Oh, yeah?

Try and get a bartending job.

You'll be in good hands
with Michelle. She's sick.

-This is my roommate Abbey.
-[Michelle] Hi. Nice to meet you.

She says she's here to support me
but I think she's trying to apply here.

I do have an ulterior motive, yes.

Um, I was wondering, are you hiring
bartenders or anything like that?

Yeah, if you have a résumé,
you can shoot it over.

-That'd be amazing.
-I could put you guys in a group text.

-Totally. Okay.

Man with a plan. All right, sweet.

-Thank you.
-Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.
She made me nervous. She's pretty.

So what's going on?

-Do you have time to talk a bit?

[Abbey] There's never a good time
to tell someone that you're gonna change

the dynamic of your relationship.

But I feel like today is as good as any.

[strained groan]

-Ooh. That's a sigh.

I feel like everybody definitely

knows what's up.

Um, and I know that,
like, it's not that serious,

but I definitely feel like
there's some tension still in the house.

-There's just, like, a weirdness.

So I feel like we should probably stop
whatever the fuck we were doing.

-No, there's no...

-"Whatever the fuck," I love that label.


Yeah, for the best,
to keep the house easy,

but there is just one thing that I need
to make sure that you know. Um...

Even though we're gonna be making
this switch over to the friendship side,

I do want you to know
that I'll still be there for you.

I'm playing it cool,
but I don't love this conversation.

We were kinda just getting things started,

so it's impossible not to be like,
"What would've happened?"

But I get it.

Okay, cool. Cool, cool, cool.

-We're on the same page.

Well, time for me to go
sling some seltzers.

-Okay. Yeah.
-Good deal. I appreciate you.

["Upside of Down"
by Little Hurricane playing]

-[Natalie] Keeks?

-[Keauno] What're you doing?
-I was just in my room. What happened?

-[Keauno] Guess what?

I have a date for Halloween party.

-It's not Oscar.

I'm just in a really sad place
about Oscar.

And I'm the sad person
that will stay in bed all day,

order a pizza, eat cookies.

I don't need to stay in my room.

I moved to Austin for a reason,
so I just wanna put myself back out there.

-My heart's beating.
-Dude, he's so hot.

Hold on.
Did you tell him specifically it's a date?


I will admit I do have low self-esteem
and low self-confidence.

I also was like,
"Keauno, you don't know what you like."

"You dated one guy."

There's still so much for you to learn.


-Can I see your two guys?
-[Natalie] Yeah.

-Do I know any of them?
-No. One of them is Zach.

They're from Hinge.
And the other one is Aaron.

I think I'm gonna ask Zach
to come to the party with me.


-Yeah, he's cute.
-He's artsy.

-You like that.
-I like that. That's super hot.

I've never been sexy for Halloween.

So for one night I wanna be,
like, bad, sexy, mischievous.

-Yes! Sexy.
-So I just like...

-Mysterious. Dark villain.

Sex God under the sheets.

Yes! To dates!

♪ We did it, we did it, we did it ♪

♪ We're gonna hook up on Halloween ♪

Sing it with me.

[both] ♪ We're gonna hook up
On Halloween ♪

["Trap Door" by Yachtmoney playing]

[Natalie] Ladies, Halloween is my thing.


Oh, my God. Look at the alien.

-Is it okay?
-It's a girl.

[Isha laughs]

I love horror. Like, give me
the blood and guts, you know?

This one's really fucking cute.

Oh, my God. That's super cute.

-I love the feathers.
-I know.

It'll be too long though.

It's Halloween,
I want to dress like a skank.

I know. I feel you. I like this one.

You know, feeling like she heard me

and she understood
where I was coming from,

I'm ready to forget about all this,
forgive her

and just go back to being
the friends that we always have been.

-That one's really cute.
-Wow, this one's really cute. [laughs]

So cute.

[Isha] I wanted to do
a couple one with Michael.

I was gonna say both me and Michael
should do the sexy girl version of a cop.

Please put him in this one.

Halloween's definitely
my favorite holiday,

so I'm really excited
to just have fun with Michael.

And hopefully we get a chance
to reconnect a little bit more.

-Is there a sexy prisoner?

-[Isha] A sexy prisoner one.
-We'll have to find one.

[Isha] It's better if
I'm the cop and he's my prisoner.

-You have the right to remain my man.
-[Isha laughing] Yeah!

[Adam speaking indistinctly]

-It's already four o'clock?
-Oh, my God, he's yelling. Um...

[Adam exclaiming playfully]

It's literally happy hour time.

[Michael] Nappy hour in an hour?

"Nappy hour"? I love that saying.

[Michael chuckles]

["I Like That" by Ratchét playing]

[Abbey] Let's go.

Oh, that's so cute. The neon sign.

-So exciting.
-Here's a store that appreciates color.

Even, like, the cool outside.

-Yeah, it's like a textile.
-This is your place.

[Isha squeals]

-Hi, Emily.
-Hi, Isha.

I made a space here on this rack for you,
if you wanna take a moment,

set up all of your pieces.
So excited to see what you have.

-Yay! I'm so excited.

Hey, I have a little something for you
for the items that you sold last month.

Why do I not know how much is in here?

[Isha and Emily laughing]

[Isha] That's a lot of money.

[all laughing]

This moment definitely is
almost a symbolic sign from the universe

that I should stay in Austin

because I've had so much success
in such a short period of time here

that it is very promising.

[Abbey] This one is so cute!

I feel people here
would wear this stuff. A lot.

-[Abbey] Yeah.
-You know?

-Do you wanna stay here?


I mean, I think I should
stay here because...

-Because it's a sign.
-That's what I'm saying.

You're doing so well here. You thrive.
Look at all that you're doing.

Like, that's real.


Is Michael gonna stay here?

[Isha] Um, I hope so.

I wouldn't want to make
such an important decision,

career-based decision, where to live...

-Based on a boy.
-Yeah, boys like...

This is important.

A younger version of myself
would have done that.

I feel like y'all are so connected.
That's what it seems like.

I don't know. Watching from afar.
But he really seems like he likes you.

[Isha] Yeah. I'm like, I do feel

like very magnetically drawn
and pulled to him. I think...

[Abbey] I think he's the same.

-I feel like he pulls to you.
-It feels really equal.

Hut Mentality. This is so cool.

-[Isha] Just imagining people...
-From beginning.

I'm manifesting right now
people walking in.

Intentions. Okay, we're good.

[Isha chuckles]

-Don't forget your purse.
-Yeah, okay.

-Let's head out.
-We should probably...

I need to eat.
I'm very hungry from all this excitement.

[Michael groans]

So mine and Isha's future together
has been weighing on me.

I wanna go back to Los Angeles.

I'm not sure if she wants to come with me

or she wants to stay here
and continue working on Hut Mentality.


The future is pretty uncertain.

["Goosebumps" by Sam Shrieve playing]

[Natalie] I'm trying to put on
these lashes but it's not working.

[squealing] Aw, you guys look so cute!

[Natalie] You look fucking hot!

Girl, throw that thing
back at me for good luck.

-Oh, oh! Oh, oh!
-[Raquel] Hey!

[Kamari] Oh, shit! Natalie!

["Go BOOM" by Danger Twins playing]

-It's time to heat up.
-I don't know how to skate. [screaming]

[laughing] Thank you.
You're gonna save me.

[Michael] You're a lot better
than I thought you'd be.

-I'm good at everything, Michael.
-I know.

-Tee-ball, golf...

You have to get low to the ground.

-Maybe I can go between your legs.
-Yeah. Probably.

Maybe we'll save that for the bedroom.

[laughing] I feel like
I'm gonna fall. Stop.

-[speaking indistinctly]


You know,
Keke and I are both having guy problems,

but I'm hoping these new guys
will put a little pep in our step.

My legs aren't burning,
that's why I'm doing it wrong.

[Keauno] My back's hurting.
Does that show my age?

I shouldn't say that
when Brandon's here, right?

[Natalie] No, do not.

Brandon! Oh, my gosh, I can't stop.

Oh! We're starting strong.

Starting strong.

[Keauno] You made it.

You're so cute. Keke, I love it.
Have fun, babe.

Go on and get him.

You said you're good at skating, right?

-Yeah, let's go. Pick up the pace.
-Oh, my gosh! [laughs]

-[Raquel] Where's your date?
-[Natalie] I don't know.

Did he stand me up?

No, don't say that.

[Natalie] Dating sucks.

It's fun, but then
it gives me a lot of anxiety. It sucks.

[gasps] You caught your woman.

I'm running away with her.


Oh, my God.

-[squeals softly]
-[man] Hey, Nat!

-Zach, is that you?
-[Zach] It's me.

-[Natalie] Hi.

[Natalie] Uh...

-I got you.
-[Natalie] How are you?

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to finally meet you.

[laughing] Sorry.

-You look good.
-Well, thank you.

I'm so happy Zach made it.

If I was stood up, I would've been pissed.

But he came and now I'm ready to party.

I'm really bad, Zach, it's not even funny.

-I'm actually bad.
-I'm bad too.

You too? We both suck? Okay.

-Should we hold hands?

So, how... I just went like, "Oh, my God!"

That's Zach.
This is Keke, my alien brother.

I would stop but I don't know how.

[Brandon laughs]

-I'm so awkward.
-I know.

You said, "I know"? Stop.

Just giving you a hard time.
Do you have any siblings?

-[Keauno] I have three younger sisters.
-No wonder you're gay.

-[both laugh]
-[Keauno] Stop!

I'm having a lot of fun with Brandon.

He's in his sexy little cowboy costume.
He looked so cute.

I completely forgot Oscar. Oscar who?

Can we talk for a second?

-[Isha] Yeah.
-[Michael] Thanks.

I'm gonna let you see my real hands.
This is a big step.

-This is very serious, okay?

In the alien world,
we are not allowed to do this, but...

-How do I look?
-You look gorgeous.

Thank you, Zach. You deserve
a touch because of that. [laughs]

I like what we have going on obviously.

We've been having a lot of fun,

but, uh, do you think
you're gonna stay here?

I mean,
I definitely feel like I should stay here

because everything's doing
really well with the boutique and...

Right. You have a lot of momentum.

You know, you got a whole rack at a place.

-A whole rack. [laughs]
-A whole rack.

Yeah. Uh...

It's just not really happening
for me here, you know?

I think that after all this,

I'm probably gonna have
to move back to LA.

Just 'cause it's not really working
out here, career-wise, for me.

-That's where I'm at right now.
-[Isha] Like...

Like, why LA? Why not somewhere else?

My family is there, you know.

It just seems like a right fit.

It doesn't make sense for me to stay here.

It just depends on how strong
you think our connection is.

It feels real to me.

Yeah, me too.

Uh, I don't know what this is me saying.

It's more just like
I wanted to let you know

that that's kind of
where I'm at right now.

I really like you,

more than I've ever liked
anyone before, you know?

If this was the end
and I didn't see you again,

it would crush me. You know?


-[crying] Sorry.
-That's okay.

[melancholy song playing]

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