Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 10 - Last Chance for Greatness - full transcript

["Heat of the Sun"
by All Good Things playing]

♪ Hard to move around ♪

♪ I dodge my dreams
As they come crashing down ♪

♪ Then the wind ♪

♪ Swept you away ♪

♪ I'm nowhere to be found ♪

Do you want subtitles for any video?
-=[ ]=-

[Natalie] Guys, tell me now about Michael.


It got real to me.

this is what happened, was like...

-Michael's might move to LA.
-[Raquel] Mm-hmm.

[Isha] I'm staying here.

That's why it felt real
because I think I would want to stay here.

-And I just started crying.
-[Raquel gasps]

I didn't even notice.

[Isha] We have built this relationship
based off how close we've gotten.

[Raquel] Yeah.

There aren't many guys in my life

that I've felt this healthy
of a relationship with.

And it's taught me about how to be treated

and I don't have to ask
to be treated nicely.

He just does.


I have broken down a lot of walls
that I had previously built up.

I didn't even know if a guy
could genuinely like me for me

until Michael came along.

If this relationship were to end
and I weren't to see him again,

I would be devastated.


-Isha, don't cry again. Ish, we love you.
-[Raquel] Aw...

Oh, my God.

Don't cry.

-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God.

You know?

["Cycles" by Svrcina playing]

♪Letting go of cycles ♪

♪ Two steps back can set you forward ♪

♪ Ecosystems of my orchard ♪

♪ I'm running 'til the finals ♪

♪ Letting go of cycles ♪

♪ Let go of cycles ♪


-[Michael] Hi.

-What's up?
-Just chilling.

Can you help me
get these Halloween decorations down?


-Yeah, let's do it.
-Are they heavy?

[chuckling] No, bro.
It's a fucking spider web.

[Michael groans]

If we don't do it,
ain't nobody gon' do it.

-You had fun for Halloween?

You and Isha were cute.

-Y'all were cute.
-[Michael] Yeah.

Y'all was in the cut
at the skating ring for a minute.

Yeah, man,
we had a pretty serious talk there.

-For real?
-[Michael] Yeah.

-What y'all talk about?
-She wants to stay here.

-[Kamari] Okay.
-[Michael] In Austin.

But I've been thinking
about going home lately.

-Back to LA.

The ultimate goal is to be a writer.

I wanna do stand-up,
but I also wanna do writing.

So I feel like there's just more,
there is more opportunity in LA for that.

-[Michael] It seems like the right move.

-But it sucks. I don't know.

I'm at such a crossroad.
I have no idea what to do.

Me and Isha have developed
this beautiful relationship together.

And I really want to keep it going.

But moving to LA might fuck it all up.

I've never had a girlfriend before.

That's what I'm saying,
you finally found yourself...

-Y'all look good together, it's natural.

I haven't made up my mind yet,
but I know the clock is ticking.

And it's just a really tough decision.

[Kamari] There's a lizard in here?

-[Michael] Wanna grab him?
-I'm good.

[both scream and laugh]

[Kamari] Oh, that boy hanging.

Look, this is like you...

Yeah, I am hanging by a thread.
Oh, that had to hurt.

-That boy's gone. See?

That's what you look
like running from Austin.

You just gonna let Isha go like that?

-When's last time you had a girl for real?


-Okay, so you finally got you one...

-Can't let that go.

[upbeat pop music playing]

[Isha] You know
how they mark your face for surgery.

-Snatched, right?

-Will you please do that to me?

-[Natalie] Okay.
-Can I do it now?

Please, do my makeup.

[line ringing]

Hey, how are you doing?

I'm doing well, I can't complain at all.

Um, my name is Kamari Bonds
and I'm looking for some representation

in the state of Texas.

Okay. You guys don't have
any interviews for the rest of this month?

All right, thanks. Bye-bye.


I moved out here to Austin
to expand my modeling career.

I've been slacking when it comes
to getting signed to an agency.

I feel like I really
just got caught up in the lifestyle,

started partying too much,
having too much fun with the roommates.

Out here in Austin,
I only got a few more weeks left.

So I need to find a new agency
to represent me out here ASAP.

-[Keauno] Kamari?
-Yeah, what's up, man?

-Can I come in?
-Of course.

-I never come up to the...
-I know, right? Like, damn.

-Keke, you don't fuck with me, bro?

-Nah, what's up with you?
-What are you doing?

Um, sitting here,
running through agencies,

trying to find somebody to get signed to.

What does that process look like?
Like, is it you just applying and...

So, literally, with modeling,
when an agent sees you,

they gonna look at you
and know if they like your look or not.

-Oh, that's what you're trying to do...

An agency, right?

I'm just trying to get in front
of an agent, so I can get signed.

And then at that point...

-[phone vibrates]
-...I'll be able to get...

Wow, what do you know?
One of 'em is calling me back right now.


Hi, this is Caroline, returning your call.

-Hi, how are you?
-[Caroline] I'm well, thanks.

Um, my name is Kamari.

So I just moved here from North Carolina

and I only have representation

in North Carolina
and South Carolina right now,

so I was looking for an agency
in Texas to represent me.

You can submit your resume

directly on our website
and we'll get back to you.

That sounds good. I'll be in contact.

[Caroline] Thanks, great talking to you.
Talk to you later.

All right, thanks. Bye-bye.

Before I moved here, I was only modeling.
That was my main hustle.

I don't have a regular day job.

If I get signed to another agency
out here, that would be very big.

If I don't get signed
by an agency in Austin,

then, I mean, shit, I'm not really
gon' be able to afford to stay out here.

I only got two options.

I either get signed
to a new agency out here

and I start working and making money,
or I pack up and go back to North Carolina

and I'm back to square one.

Damn! Can I get an interview
so I could get some work?


["Better" by Alus playing]

♪ I'm better ♪

♪ Cut from a different satin material ♪

♪ When I do it, ain't nobody better ♪

♪ When I'm good, I'm good ♪

♪ But when I'm bad, I'm better ♪

-[Isha sneezes]
-[Michael] Bless you.

God damn it, you got that on me.




Ever since the Halloween party,

I feel like there's a little bit
of a dynamic shift between us.

And I do feel my walls
starting to come up again

because that's kind of
my protection mechanism

that I do to keep myself from getting hurt

when I feel like someone's
kind of pulling away from me.

-I just feel like you're being annoying.

How am I being annoying?

[indistinct chatter over TV]

♪ When I'm good, I'm good ♪

♪ But when I'm bad, I'm better ♪

[upbeat music playing]

-[Kamari] Natalie, Roxy!

-What's up? You ready? That's cute.

Thank you.

-What smells so good?
-It's me. I always smell good.

[Kamari] What's that fragrance?

I had so much fun
with Zach at the Halloween party.

And, you know, I know that Roxy and Kamari

have a little flirtation going on,
so I thought, "Why not do a double date?"

[Natalie] I get really competitive.
Get ready.

[Raquel] Natalie!


Oh, my gosh. It's cute.

-Oh, this is nice.

-They got miniature pins.
-So cute.

-You excited?

This your second time with him. You good.


-She's nervous.
-I know.

She got her stress ball. She's shaking.

Is my lipstick good?

-[Kamari] Yeah. Let me see?
-[Raquel] Looks good.

Just go into it with an open mind.


It's Natalie
going into it with an open mind.

[imitates Natalie] Mm-hmm.

-My God. Hi.
-[Kamari] What's up?

-[Zach] Hi.
-Hi, Zach.

-[Zach] Hi.
-How you doing?

-What's up, man?

-How are you? Hi.

-How are you, darlin'? I'm doing great.

What's up, y'all?

Oh, hello.

-I'm good.
-We're twinning.

-I know, we're both wearing flannel.

-Did I do that right?
-That's cool.

Wanna take a selfie?

[indistinct chatter]

Aw, cute. Thank you.

What's up, y'all want drinks or...

What's the vibe?

'Cause I'm getting a mimosa.

-Yeah, I want...
-[Raquel] And a water.

Yeah? Let's go grab 'em?

Yeah, let's go grab 'em.

-We'll be back.
-[Raquel] Thank you.

-[Natalie] Bye, Kamari.
-Bye. [laughs]

-[Raquel] Bye, Zach.
-[Zach] Bye.

[both laugh]

He's cool, right?

If he can hang with us now,
I'm like, "Okay."

How are you and, uh, Kamari?

He's just really sweet.

We'll see how things play out.

But, right now, I'm just hoping...

-...that things stay normal.

-Because I like him as a person.

It's weird because now
my friend kind of gives me butterflies.

And I'm like... Ah!

I wanna dab you up,
but then I wanna kiss you.

I don't know, like... [kisses]


I don't wanna make it weird. So, yeah.

-Got the food!

[Kamari] Me working at a restaurant.

Typically in the beginning,
with most guys, I have all of my walls up.

But I feel like I'm starting to build
a deeper connection with Kamari.

-Appreciate you.
-[Raquel] Cheers, guys.

To food and great people.

Fun day!

["Maps" by Baxx Future playing]

Things are still tense
between me and Isha,

and I feel really bad that she cried.

I wanna, hopefully,
make her feel a little better.

I just walk in, she's with a guy.

-[both chuckle]

It's too little, too late.

Like this?

She's gonna lose it.

I know I'm a little new at all this,
but what girl doesn't like flowers?

I'm confident, you're all going down.

[both laughing]

I'm trying to let you know...
You talk shit, I'mma turn up.

-I'mma keep talking. 'Cause...
-That's in all aspects.

-Yeah, 'cause...

I'm so happy right now.
Look, they're so cute.

-You saw the way he looked at you? Whoa!

[Kamari] Me and Roxy
been kicking it a lot lately.

Honestly, I'm definitely feeling her.

But at the same time, it's like,

I know I don't want a relationship,
she knows that,

but neither of us are holding back.

So I'm just seeing where it goes.

[Natalie] Nice, Rox.

There's no way.

-Oh, my God. Weird.

Bend at the knees.

[Raquel] Hell, yeah!

Yes! I found my method. Boom!


Roxy, this is your last chance
for greatness.

Mm. It's over.

-[Kamari] Oh, my mama!
-It was a good game.

-[Raquel] Beat!
-Good game.

-I was trying to throw it...

-[Zach] See that second arrow right there?
-[Natalie] Yeah.

[Zach] Aim for that.

That's better. You just gotta practice.

-I'm just kidding. Look...
-Oh, I was like, "No."

-Good shot.
-[Zach] Yup.

-[Natalie] So good at everything.

["Stars Running Free" playing]

[Keauno] My first bite was really good.

What did you get, Keek?

The same thing.

-The beans are good.
-The beans are good.

They're sweet.





Hey, Roxy!

I genuinely feel
like this is the sweetest thing

that any guy has ever done for me.

No one has actually ever
brought me flowers before.

Uh, in my past,
I have tended to go for assholes.

And, you know,
what comes with that is, um, gaslighting,

ghosting, flakiness
and not giving you flowers.


-[both chuckle]

That is so...

-Oh, my God.

-There is a picture of you two.
-I don't wanna touch it because I'm so...

-I wanna take a picture.
-So cute! [gasps]

Oh, my... I have to text this to my mom.

I still don't know what's gonna happen
between me and Michael

and whether or not he's gonna
end up moving to LA.

But, you know, the surprise flowers
are a welcome distraction,

and it's kind of making me feel
like I just wanna enjoy the time

that I have with him now and just
enjoy the present moment with him.


-No, this really...
-Wait, where is he?

He's at the guys' house. [gasps]

-[Isha chuckles]
-He's not here.

This so cute.

This... No, this...

I think he really likes you.

-Thoughtful. Thoughtful.
-[Isha] Oh, my God.

-[Isha squeals]

[cell phone vibrating]

-[woman over phone] Hi, is this Kamari?

-Yes, this is.
-[woman speaking indistinctly]

I'm good. How are you?

[woman] So good.
Are you free for a few minutes to chat?

Uh, yeah, I can chat.
I'm not doing anything.

[Heather] Well,
we received your application.

And we actually think
you might be a good fit for our agency.

-[Kamari] Really?
-[Heather] Yes, really.

But before we make a decision,

we actually wanted to see

if you're available
to do a test photo shoot.

We have a studio nearby
and we really like what you sent us,

but we wanted to see
a little more from you.

So, you could do the photo shoot,

we can take a look at the photos
and then we can go from there.

So I got a call from a big agency.

I'm super excited.

I'm not gon' lie, this is pretty big.

All right, cool.
That sounds good. I appreciate the call.

-[Heather] Thank you, Kamari. Talk soon.
-All right, thank you.


I'm about to bring my A game for real.

Oh, yeah, baby, we live!


-Thank you. [chuckles]
-Oh, my God. Is that real?

-You did that? That's so cute.
-Oh, my God.

[Isha] Thank you.

[Natalie] Oh, my God.

-You look amazing, Isha.
-You do.

-No, really, Michael, thank you.
-You like it?

-I know this doesn't change anything.

And I still need to decide
if I'm staying or leaving,

but at least for now, it made Isha happy.

'Cause all I want in these next few weeks
is to have a good time with her.

-That was such an awkward kiss.
-I have beans on my lips.

-[all laughing]
-Oh, my God.

[upbeat music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[photographer] Come forward more.
There you go.

[Kamari] Austin's a different market
when it comes to modeling

compared to the Carolinas.

So I really got to get signed out here,

so that way I can just
expand and grow as a model.

I feel if I come out here
and I don't accomplish that,

kind of like I'm letting myself down.

So I have to make it happen.

You're 6'4". Can I get your help?
Can you turn that?

Adam said he wanted to come
to the shoot and support me,

so I figure I might as well
bring him along,

just show him how I do it for real.

-Yay! Thank you.
-So useful.

What we thinking? A little...
I've never done anything like this.

-I'll direct you.

-We're literally only three quarters.

But basically, when I say,
"Turn three-quarters,"

-just slightly turn, really showing abs.

This is just... Is this a test
or are we doing it for real?

Oh, this is for real.

[Kamari] I'm not gonna lie.

I haven't shot since I've been in Austin,
so I'm definitely feeling a little rusty.

Gotta get back in front of the camera,
get comfortable, get loose.

[photographer] Give me the smize.

No, wait, hold on.

[photographer] There's someone
you're flirting with,

but couldn't talk to,
how would you do that with your eyes?

-[laughs] Okay, okay, okay.
-[all laughing]

Who are you thinking about?
Give me the girl's name. Come on. Yeah.

Good. Put your hand in your pocket.

You look good.

Open your jacket.

That's the look.

There you go.

I think that's it for this look.

-Do you want to go back to wardrobe?
-[Kamari] Okay, I'm gonna go get changed.

I got a small head.

I always get...
No matter how many times I do it,

every time I get in front of cameras, I'm...

-[Adam] Do you get nervous?
-Bro, what? Hell, yeah.

-I just started this year.

-I'm not no Gerber Baby.
-[both laugh]

Like, yo, bro, like...

Seeing you do this, this is 100%
what you're supposed to be doing.

-I'm gonna get changed. All right.
-All right.


I think we got that. You look so good.

-[Kamari] Ooh.
-[photographer] Oh, shit.

That's commercial.
Agents are gonna love that.

Hey, you are my boy.

[all laughing]

I got a lot riding on this shoot.

I gotta kill it so I can show the agency
what I'm capable of.

I definitely see
why I got to work on my movements.

-But if Versace hires you, call me.
-[both laugh]

[Natalie] Guys, Zach is coming!

Wait, is he?

I need at least one person to pre-game.

-[both] Aw!
-[Natalie] Oh, my God!

He said, "Should be there shortly."


We're throwing a house party tonight.

I want to see Zach again
because I feel like he's very attractive

and he gets my humor and gets me

and I just feel like
we have really good chemistry together.

Maybe something could happen.

My bestie!

[all cheering]

I ain't gonna lie,
the vibes for the night, super high.

Everybody vibin', chillin', drinkin'.

We just having a great time.

But I'm locked in on Roxy right now.

Shorty's looking beautiful.

Fine as hell. I'm like, "Fuck it."

[indistinct chatter]

Kamari and Roxy, get together and dance.


[all cheering]

What the fuck.

[groans] What the heck
is taking Zach so long?

He said he'd be here over an hour ago.

[Isha] I am done.

Oh, my God, he's pulling up! [screams]

If I was stood up, I'd have been pissed.
But he's here, it's all good.

I'm ready to party
and Natalie is ready to get loose.

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]


Zach and I are vibing.

He's looking sexy. The drinks are flowing.

[all] Whoa!

I'm feeling super confident.

I'm feeling myself
and I don't want the night to end.

-Good night, y'all!
-[Natalie] Love you, Keeks.

Love you.

[Natalie] Oh, my God. Zach...


["Joyride" by Libra, feat. Foxxi playing]

["Only Going Up From Here"
by Ruby Amanfu playing]

So, last night, Zach and I did it.

Oh, my God!

I'm so happy I got laid,
[chuckles] because who wouldn't be?

He spent the night,
he left at 5:00 this morning.

And I don't know,
I'm just waiting for him to text me back.

[Kamari] Oh, shit.

[upbeat music playing]

What do you think would be more fun,

a pool-cleaning business
or pressure-washing business?

Pressure washing.

-More satisfying.
-Seems great, right?

-Hey, Kamari.
-[Kamari] What's up, my boys?

-Hell, yeah, guess what?
-[all] What?

I got signed by an agency.

-[Michael] Really?
-[Kamari] Yes.

Look at God.

Oh! I swear, you gon' do it. That boy's
favor ain't fair. Let me tell ya.

-To model. I'm a little bit...
-[all laughing]

I'm not gonna lie,

getting signed
to an agency out here finally,

it means everything to me.

I feel like I came out here with a goal
and I accomplished it.

So I'm pretty happy with myself
and I'm ready to get to work.

Like I told you,
it's an uphill battle, but...

-Kamari the model.
-[Kamari] Never stop.

Kamari the model. It's got a ring to it.

Are you self-conscious
about any part of your body?

Dude, yeah, everybody has insecurities.

-Really? I couldn't imagine.
-[Kamari] For sure.

I have baby ears.
Look how small my ears are.

-That's weird. Put those away.

I have small ears,
I have an outie bellybutton.

-I don't want to say nothing, but...
-Stretch marks like... Oh, my god.

You got outie biceps.

What's your go-to model face?
Say you gotta...

Uh... Smile. That's so like...

-Show those white teeth.
-Yeah. Most definitely.

Michael has a pretty good thot face.

-[Keauno] Stop!
-[Kamari] The lips. [laughs]

The nostrils.

[Adam] Oh, shit!

[all laughing]

Wait. Get the cameras ready.

-Bring him on.

[imitating camera shutter]

-[Michael] Yeah.
-[Keauno laughing]

When it's coming down, I'm trying to lock.

That'd be a crazy shot.


That was... Okay... Yeah.

-For real though?

Big step in your career. Proud of you.

-This is why you came here. Cheers.

-I'll share the bottle with you.


-Cheers, y'all.
-To Kamari.

-To Kamari for real.
-[Kamari] Love y'all boys.

[Michael] I'm really happy for Kamari,

but knowing that he's staying here
and Isha's gonna be here

and she wants me to stay,
it gives me some FOMO

and kind of makes me jealous that
they're all gonna be together and I'm not.

It definitely makes
my decision a lot harder.

I got a lot to think about.

-Can I get a hug?
-Yeah. Love you, man.

Thank y'all.

["Something From Nothing"
by MotoGirl playing]

♪ Today I got ghosted,
There's no way to reach you ♪

♪ My feelings are frosty
My coffee is cold too ♪

[Natalie] Who needs stupid guys?

I know.

[Natalie] We have each other.
Fuck all the guys.

So I still haven't heard back from Zach

and I'm pretty sure he ghosted me,
which is really shitty

because we were intimate
and I don't deserve that.

I'm happy I have Keke
to talk to about it 'cause this sucks.

♪ Spin me around
Watch me go down ♪

♪ Here I go again ♪

I just feel like, what's wrong with us?

I don't think there's anything wrong,
but why is it not working out?

Like, how am I gonna find someone?

Like, it's going to be hard.

I can't seem to find the right guy.

All these guys
are either ghosting me or standing me up

and just being disrespectful.

But I'm not gonna let this discourage me.

This is just more fuel for me
to keep going and keep looking.

I'm not gonna settle.

I know what I deserve,
and I know what I want and...

I'm gonna find it.

[Keauno] Natalie, I know
you're gonna find someone special.

[Natalie] Aw, Keeks.

[atmospheric music playing]

-[Kamari blows raspberry]

-Muthafucka, what the hell!
-[Kamari] Get some sleep.

-Love you.
-[Kamari] Love you too.

-I'm so tired. Please leave me.
-[Kamari] Bye, Roxy. See you tomorrow.

[Raquel] See you tomorrow.


-Did you hug me?


Okay. Thanks. Now I'm happy you came.


Good night.

No, I won't.

What was that laugh?

-That was real.
-[Raquel] Wait, what?

You guys are real.

-[Raquel] No. No. No.
-You lie.

-[Raquel] He just picked me up.

That's hot!

I either pull the trigger
and say, "Fuck it,"

or I keep holding back,
but it's like, it's a lot of tension here.

She knows what she's doing.

[pop music playing]

-[Keauno] Have fun.
-I am having fun.

Oh, you... Oh, you ready?

Okay, babe.

Where's my hair tie at?

Oh, it's getting hot in here.

At this point... Oh, shit.

It's a fucking roller-coaster.
I done hopped on,

and now we really riding the wave.

Sorry, camera.

[Raquel] I have a magic trick
I want to show you.

-[Kamari] Use your imagination!

[Raquel and Kamari laughing]

by Mad Circuit, LG and Sereda playing]

♪ Like it when you whisper words
Get naughty ♪

♪ Imma need you simmer down
Light sum ♪

♪ Ride that beat while hittin' your drum ♪

♪ Tryna see if you can catch my tempo ♪

♪ Never easy, keep it simple ♪

♪ But he gonna give me praise
Like deliverance ♪

♪ Imma have your mans speaking gibberish ♪

♪ Na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na ♪

♪ Na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na ♪

♪ Na-na-na, na-na
I go berserk! ♪

♪ I don't need your man
He a nerd ♪

♪ Can tell by my walk
I might put on a show ♪

♪ I bet they watch
From a distance for sure ♪