Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 11 - The Morning After - full transcript

[upbeat song playing]

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-I'm dead.
-[door opens]

-[Isha] Oh, ho, hi!
-Oh, my God.

[Natalie] Oh, my God, hi!

What's popping, B?
Y'all got a towel I can steal?

-[Natalie] Yeah.
-All my shit dirty.

-[Kamari laughs]
-[indistinct chatter]

[text message tone whooshing]

I'm so tired.

-Guys, we're having fun, huh?
-[Kamari laughs]

We're definitely having fun.

Wait. Uh, Kamari...

[Kamari] What's popping?

Did you hook up with Roxy last night?

-Did that happen?
-[Kamari] Uh-huh.

-[Kamari chuckles]

Yeah. No. We maybe... possibly did.

-[Kamari laughs]

Y'all be so funny.

[Abbey] Last night,
I could hear Roxy having sex.

Um, it did go through my mind
that it could be Kamari,

but I was like, "There's no fucking way."

Then it was confirmed in the morning
that that had happened.

["Come Thru, Pt. 1"
by Mucho Deniro playing]

[text message tone whooshing]

[Abbey] I do want to talk to Kamari
about him hooking up with Roxy.

Because I was right next door.
And, um, I could hear them.

This doesn't really have anything to do
with Roxy. We're still friends.

It has to do with me and Kamari.

I feel like, given the relationship
that Kamari and I have,

he could've been more
considerate of my feelings.

And I want him to understand that.

Good morning. What's up?


-You know what's up.
-I know.

-You mad at me?
-I'm not mad.

I'm just, like,

right next door.

-And I heard...
-Oh, my God!

-No, it's not... It's just kind of fucked.

[Abbey] I don't know.

I just feel like...

[sighs] How do I feel?

Just to keep it hot, like, I was
a little taken aback by the fact that

Abbey was pressing me with questions
about Roxy and I, 'cause I'm like...

We were friends with benefits
from the jump. We had an agreement.

And once we ended that... Excuse me,
not we, shedecided to end that.

And then she decided
to pursue Adam, so it's like,

I'm not trying to have
this conversation at all.

I'm just not trying to do this right now,

but I did this to myself
so it's a conversation that has to be had.

I didn't want to hurt your feelings.

I wasn't gonna hold back
from something that was natural.

Um, and it was definitely
a heat of the moment thing.

Okay. I don't need to know that.

Yeah. If I was you, I wouldn't want
to hear that either. I would be...

Kamari, that sucked.

You know that feeling in the pit
of your stomach... I'm not kidding.

It sucked. It was weird.

It felt really weird.
I didn't expect any of it,

and I walk in my room
and I'm like, "What the... Fuck!"

It fucking sucks.

I just feel like you don't respect me.
That's the reality.

I'm sorry.

[Abbey] Okay. It's fine.

I wish that would've been
approached differently.

That would've been much different.

I got to have some empathy

because I understand,
if she was sleeping with somebody else,

I wouldn't want to literally hear it, so...

At the end of the day,
I'm glad she could accept my apology

and we can move forward as friends.

I don't know. That sucks. It just sucks.

Anyway... We can be done.

Honestly, that was like the final straw.

I'm done with Kamari and Adam.

I've spent so long seeking
male attention and male validation

and I'm really tired of seeking that.

I have to start focusing on
what's best for me

and figuring out
what I want and going after that.

-[sighs] I'll talk to you later.

["Dream" by T. Kelley playing]

-[Natalie] I need to sit for this.
-[Raquel laughs]


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


-Wait. Roxy, I'm picturing it right now.


I was like... [laughs]

-I was like hungover and tired.

-That shit woke me up.

That's intense. That's amazing.

The kisses were nice.
The kisses were soft. I was like, oh...

[Natalie] Mm...

And then before I knew it,
we were making out. [chuckles]

-[whispers] I was like, "Oh, my gosh."
-Oh, my God.

[in normal voice] I don't know.

Am I going to be able to
look at him the same way?

-I hope this doesn't complicate things.

But I could see myself, like,

falling for him, and that...

-Is scary.
-Scary, yeah.

I think we'll have to have
a conversation about that.


[Raquel] I've been attracted to Kamari
since we got here.

I think there's potential
for it to go somewhere,

but in past relationships,
I have been extremely vulnerable.

And I'm just kind of nervous
'cause if I'm that vulnerable and honest

and it's not reciprocated,
it's like, "Damn."

If something... 'Cause I know myself
and I've done this before,

where a guy's like,
"I wanna go with the flow."

I'm like, "I don't.
I wanna know your intentions,

because if they don't align
with mine, what're we doing?"


I don't know. But I do like him.

-I can tell you like him.
-I think I solidified that.

-You light up when you talk about him.

-How do you feel? You look happy?

I'm like, question mark?

-No, I am happy. Very happy.

Whoa! Nice! That's what I thought, I mean...

[both laugh]

But it wasn't awkward and it wasn't weird

And I'm just hoping that seeing him after
will not be awkward or weird.

-Right. The morning after.

Yeah. After...

-Good night.
-Oh, my God.

["Churros" playing]

♪ All night long, no minute men ♪

♪ Ah, ah, no minute men ♪

♪ I want it, I got it ♪

Did I flush the toilet?

[Michael] It's a lot of poop in here.

Shut up.

[upbeat music playing]

[text message tone whooshing]

-Good morning.
-[Adam] Good morning.

'Sup with you, man?

-You ready for some volleyball?
-[Natalie groans]

-[Kamari] 'Sup, girls?
-[Adam] Volleyballers.

[Raquel] Hop in!


[Raquel and Kamari] Ooh.

I know I'm getting older 'cause I never
used to make noises when I sat down.

-[all laughing]
-Be getting in the car and... [grunts]

-[Natalie] Oh, yeah.
-[Raquel] Yeah.

Adam wants to play volleyball,

and Roxy and Natalie
want to come, so that's cool.

It's the first time Roxy and I have been
together since we hooked up.

I'm hoping since it's a physical activity,

there's not gonna be much room
for serious conversation.

'Cause Abbey just had
a serious conversation with me.

I'm not trying to do that again.
I just need a minute to breathe.


It's too much.

♪ We doing it brave ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ This ain't no mistake ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

[Kamari] Oh, man. The city of Austin.

-[Raquel] Mmm.
-I'm excited to see this volleyball place.

Yeah, same. Y'all good at volleyball?

-Did you ever play growing up?

Um, I never made the team in school,
but I... I got a few skills.

[upbeat music playing]

-Oh, it's cute!

-Look at that lot.
-[Raquel] Heck yeah.

-You guys are going... down.

-Let's get it.
-[Natalie] Get it.

[Kamari] Let's get this shit.

[pleasant music playing]

-I love this street.
-I know. I'm obsessed.

Everything's super cute.

-Okay, we have to go into a book store.
-[Keauno] This is cute.

If you pass a book store
and don't go in, it's a crime.

I have known I was bisexual for... [blows]

...a very long time, like 20 years at least.

I had a few experiences
in which I explored that,

but it didn't really stick
and I went back to dating men.

Um, and then I got married.

In my marriage, in particular,

I lost so much of myself.

I didn't pursue things
that I wanted to pursue.

[hesitates] It's almost as if
I was afraid to do those things.

But going forward, I want to date women.

I want to push into that space.

And I think that I would be
disappointing myself in a lot of ways

if I didn't let... Uh, if I didn't do that.

[Keauno] I don't know what I like.

-[Abbey] Okay, but do you have a type?
-[Keauno] A type? Oh, my gosh.

I've definitely, you know... I know I'm bi.

Like, I've gone far enough
into that territory,

but I don't know what I'm looking for.

Even personality-wise...

Physicality... I don't know if I like more
feminine gays, or girls, you know?

I've no idea.

I'm honored Abbey's coming to me
for advice on dating women.

I'm no Hokage.

I'm no knowledge of, you know,
how it is to date the same sex.

But I'm gonna help her as much as I can.

-Um, can I ask you a personal question?

Uh, what is your experience with women?
Have you dated?

Oh, my God. [chuckles]

-You don't have to answer.
-Um... No, I want to.

I have, like, throughout my life,
normally, my female friends kind of

become something else.

For some reason,
that seems to be what I attract.

But, um, I've never done the proper...

-"Let's date."
-Are you trying to date girls?

Yeah, absolutely.

Since I ended things with my ex,
I've been, like,

trying actively to assert about myself
because I'm tired of putting it

on the back burner. I'm like... Mm.

So scary. I don't know.
I'm scared to talk about it.

I'm scared to expose myself.
I feel like an impostor.

One of my main goals,
coming to Austin, was to date women.

I have matched with women
on dating apps before.

But I haven't actually pursued it.
I haven't given it a chance.

Now is the time.

I need to push myself.
I need to actually go after what I want.

I'm terrified. It's just
a scary space to enter, but...

I have to do it. You know?

["Crash And Burn" by Just Kait playing]

♪ I wanna crush and burn ♪

-[Natalie] Good jo...

-[Kamari] Okay.
-It was out.


Your girl played volleyball
in high school.

Yes, I made varsity, period. Okay.

Who have you known
to play volleyball with claws on

and still kill it? Exactly.

-Mine! [grunts]

-[Kamari] I got you.
-[Natalie] Oh, my God!

Please! Oh, my God!

This is too hard.


-That's three-O.
-[Raquel] Okay.

Kamari is definitely my type of guy.

You know? Chocolate in the sun.

Sometimes it melts.


[exhales] It's getting a little hot.


[Raquel exclaims]

Oh, my fucking God! Please, Lord!

-I got you. I'mma set you up.

Come on, Adam. Come on.

It's up to me.

[both laughing]

Oh, yeah, I like it back here.

Roxy and I vibe off each other,
and she fine as hell, so...

Shit, I ain't shying away from it.

I could definitely see
a friends-with-benefits situation.

And I'm open to that option 'cause

we clearly got
some attraction to each other.

-Ah, good game! Damn!

[Natalie] Oh, my God.

You guys collided. It was beautiful.

-[all laughing]

Good game.

["Confetti" by Laurell playing]

♪ I love this dress, feeling this fresh
Even the mirror says yes ♪

♪ Ain't no doubt, impressed
Bringing out my best... ♪

I met Brittany on a dating app.

Um, and I am now going
on my first date with a woman in Austin.

I'm usually pretty good at dating,
first dates, that sort of thing.

But I feel like such a beginner right now.

But I'm [squeals] nervous.

I really hope I don't suck at this.

♪ Riding this adrenaline ♪

♪ On the up and up
I'm just getting started ♪

♪ You ain't ready
'Cause I'm feeling confetti ♪

♪ Confetti babe ♪

["Out Here Livin'" by Lightminded playing]

♪ Out here livin my best life ♪

♪ I got extra sauce, high-key I'm boss ♪

♪ I'm real, it's rare
You can't compare... ♪



-Yes. Hi. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

-This is exciting.

-We're going on a boat? Cool.

-Very cool.
-Let's get in. Let's go.

-I'm scared I'll fall.

[Abbey] She is really fucking hot.

I got butterflies in my stomach.

I feel like this is
the start of something new.

♪ Out here livin' ♪

♪ Out here livin' my best life ♪

Bat City is the nickname for Austin.

-Is it? I actually did not know that.
-[Brittany] Yeah.

-Have you seen or done this before?
-I've done the bridge.

I believe that this bridge
was rebuilt in the '80s.

-So you do know things.
-And it became a home for these bats.

And their population
has been growing for years.

[Abbey chuckles]

I do love that people come from...
Almost every single night to watch this.

[Brittany] This is an Austin thing.

-It is the most Austin thing, I think.
-[Brittany] Yeah.

-Besides Matthew McConaughey.
-[Brittany] You can't... [chuckles]

I am struggling a bit 'cause I'm not sure.

If I was on a date with a guy,
I'd be touchy and flirty and lean in.

But with her,
I feel very unsure of myself,

like I'm on my first date ever.

I hope she doesn't think
I'm a giant loser. I don't know.

♪ I can
I'm learning who I am ♪

♪ 'Cause I've been outta my head ♪

♪ Don't, got any real plans ♪

♪ But I'm following feelings
Running through the red light... ♪

-[Natalie grunts]
-[Adam] Yeah.

[Natalie grunts] Fuck.

-[Kamari] That was fun.
-That was fun. I got sand in my nose.

For real? Did you get it out? [chuckles]

No, I keep, like... It keeps... [laughs]

-It keeps going deeper and deeper.

-I think I'mma grow a beach in my belly.
-Oh, my God. [chuckles]

Kamari and I haven't had a conversation
since we did the deed.

And I feel like it could be
something more than just

the physical intimacy that we shared.

And I don't know. I just want to check in
and see where his head is at.

I'm feeling like there is
a very strong possibility of rejection.

I'm just like sweaty and clammy and just

a little nauseous,
if we're gonna be honest.

-What's going on?
-How you feeling?

I feel good. Um...

Just trying to figure out
how to navigate this space.

Obviously, we're more
than friends at this point.


I was like, "It's going to be weird..."

But it feels organic, you know?

Yeah, definitely. I'm on the same page.

-I feel like we're in a good space.

I don't think it's weird
or awkward or anything like that.

I'm comfortable around you.

We've been kicking,
vibing, having a good time.

Yeah, you just easy to be around.

You feel very familiar.

-It doesn't feel heavy.

Your light and the feeling is always
just like warm and welcoming.

I don't know, I just really like...
I like the way I feel when I'm with you.


I don't know. Ah...

Throughout this process,
nothing has gotten serious enough

for me to really want to let somebody in.

With Kamari, it's like,

I'm just really ready
to let that guard down

and open up to the idea of love again.

Fingers crossed.

-Not me trying to get sappy.

You over here...
Damn, okay, tell me how you really feel.

-Nah, dude.
-I'mma keep it a buck.

The energy is definitely there.
Whenever I'm around you, it's like,

I feel like I hold myself to

a certain standard
'cause you're passionate about everything,

like, from your family
to standing on what you really believe in.

You care about the people close to you.

And you gonna go to war for them...

-...and yourself.

So, I don't know,
it's easy to be around you.

[Raquel] Mm-hmm.

[Kamari] Honestly, when I moved to Austin,

I didn't come out here
to find a girlfriend or a relationship.

But it's like there's something
different with Roxy and I.

Time in the house is winding down.
We only got a few more weeks.

As we continue to spend more time together
and I get to know her more,

I feel like in that time
there can definitely be some growth

in Roxy and our relationship.

Who knows?
We may end up dating or being exclusive.

[blows raspberry] Wow.

We don't have too much time out here.
I may stay here, you may stay here.

-So we could just see...

Just... come out here, you feel me?

-Get out the nest.

-Let's keep it going.

Tonight, we can kick it a little bit.

Maybe sip some wine and talk.

-I'd like that. Mm-hmm.

Pull up on me,
or maybe I'll pull up on you.

But we right across the street,
so it don't matter.

-[squeals] Listen...
-That was a thud.

That butt... Hey, look. That shit...

[Raquel] Let me get the wine now.
You want red or white? [chuckles]

♪ Every time you smile ♪

♪ My heart cannot stop ♪

♪ Beating for this love ♪

[imitates bird call]

Yeah, give them the bat call.

-Give them the Bat-Signal.

-[chirps] I don't know. What sound...
-[Brittany chirps]

This is, on paper, just a first date.

I feel like for me, personally,

I'm stepping forward
into the person that I want to be.

I'm kind of proud of myself. I don't know.

-Look. Follow it right there.
-[Abbey] You got it?

[Abbey] Oh.

Never seen that.
Looks so much cooler from underneath.

Yeah, it looks really cool.


♪ Am I living? ♪

♪ Oh, what a funny thing to say ♪

♪ But there's alive
And then there's living ♪

♪ Am I living for today? ♪

-This is crazy.

I didn't know there were this many.

I mean, I guess I did.

-[Abbey] This really was fucking cool.
-It was kinda neat.

-I had a really fun time.
-Me too.

-How are we going to top it?


Good question. I have to
come up with something cool.

I definitely feel a chemistry
between me and Brittany.

[both chuckle]

I think she feels it too.

We're getting to that point
where it's like, mm...

Are we gonna kiss? I don't know.

-That was really cool.
-That wasreally cool.

-The city looks insane.
-It really does.

-You know.

It's kind of perfect.

♪ Away? ♪

♪ But your momma always said
Look up into the sky... ♪


♪ Find the sun on a cloudy day ♪

♪ But your momma always said
Look up into the sky ♪

♪ Find the sun on a cloudy day ♪

♪ On a cloudy day ♪

♪ But your momma always said
Look up into the sky ♪

♪ Find the sun on a cloudy day ♪

♪ On a cloudy day ♪

♪ But your momma always said
Look up into the sky ♪

♪ Find the sun on a cloudy day ♪

♪ But your momma always said
Look up into the sky ♪

♪ Find the sun on a cloudy day ♪

♪ Day, day, day ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ On a cloudy day ♪

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