Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 12 - Just the Beginning - full transcript

["1, 2, 3" by Power-Haus playing]

♪ Ain't no way
I'mma break under pressure ♪

♪ Number one, champion,
No one better ♪

♪ So much heat,
Mercury can not measure ♪

What do you know about that? [grunts]

♪ Let me see ya ♪

♪ Let me see you work
Let me see you movin' ♪

♪ Show me what you're worth,
With the burn in the shoes, yeah ♪

♪ Let me see you work
Let me see you movin' ♪

♪ Show me what you're worth ♪

[birds cawing]

♪ Come on everybody let's go
One, two, three ♪

♪ Let's go ♪

[Isha and Michael chuckling]

This is cute. It has a pool. [gasps]

-Miami vibes.
-[Keauno] We're in Miami?

Oh, my God. Let's go swimming.

[all laughing]

-[Keauno] Oh, my gosh.
-[Natalie] Oh, my God.

-Cheers. One of our last nights.
-[Natalie] All right.

[Keauno] One of our last nights!

-Cheers to that. Love you all.
-[Kamari] Cheers to that.

We're getting towards the end.

Are we staying in Austin?
Leaving? What's your plans?

Finger on your nose
if you're staying in Austin.

[Raquel gasps] Are we all staying?

[Michael] Uh... yeah, no.

[somber music playing]

My stand-up here is really stagnant.
I'm not moving up in the ranks at all.

I need to just go back to LA
and work on it, you know?

Try to figure out what I'm doing wrong
and how I can get better.

-Michael about to go chase his dreams.

-You got to go.
-I got stuff I gotta do.

I went to one show with Michael
and, before, he gets in game mode.

Then I get up and just eat a bag of dicks.

-It's awesome.
-[all laughing]

-What's wrong with eating dick?
-[all laughing]

[Keauno] Shit.
I'm kidding. I'm just kidding.

I'm fucking dead.

[all laughing]

-[Natalie] You got me dead.
-Just kidding.

-Oh, my God. I love that, Keke.
-[Abbey chuckling]

-Are you sure you're done?
-Yeah, but it was very weak.

-I need more. Let's get turnt.
-[Natalie] I want more alcohol.

Old-fashioned, please.

-Whiskey sprite.

[Natalie] I love watching bartenders
deal with the drinks.

[Isha] It can be fun.

[Natalie] But tell me,
how are you feeling?

[Isha] Um...

I definitely feel sad
about Michael leaving because...

When something fulfills you
in one way and that thing leaves,

how do you fill that hole?

I genuinely thought that I saw myself
dating him after this experience.

And I thought that we would introduce
each other to each other's parents

and get to know each other
and I felt like he really liked me.

Not saying he doesn't, but I don't know.

They say, "When you don't know,
it's not a good sign."

I think you need
to lay it all on him on the table.

I think you need to be like, "Look..."

You need to be honest with him
and be like, "This is what I'm feeling."

I feel, like, annoying bringing it up
because I don't want to be the simp.

[Natalie] Yeah. I feel you.

[Adam] How are things going with Isha?

-She kinda likes you.
-She does.

That's the scary part.

I almost wonder, "Is he even
capable of falling in love?"

I'm sure he is capable
of falling in love with somebody,

but I don't know if he's capable
of falling in love with me.

Do you think that you're on your way
to falling in love with Isha?

I could see that being a possibility.

["Do It" by Chair Model playing]

♪ Do it ♪

♪ Got the word from the mama bird ♪

♪ She ain't liking
All the stuff she heard... ♪

[Keauno] Natalie.


-Can I join you?
-Yes. Come.

Is this clean?

Sit down. You're so annoying.

Leaving the house is so sad.

I don't want to leave.

But as long as I have Natalie with me,
I think it's definitely gonna help me.

-On a serious note, what do you wanna do?

I think Austin is the beginning
of the life I actually want to live.

Like, I've grown so much
and I've, you know...

You know. You know what I mean.

So I don't want it to stop.

You want to be roommates?

100%, Keeks, yeah.

If I go back to Miami,
I'm gonna stay stuck.

I have to tell my parents
that I'm gonna permanently leave.

I'm just worried
that they're not gonna understand

or that they're gonna disown me.

And if I'm gonna make this huge leap,
I need their support.

I don't think I've apartment hunted.

-I've never done that.
-We don't have much time.

-We have to find a place fast.
-Yes. This week.

Oh, my God. Okay. We got this.


That is being in sync.

[imitating beats]

You're the dynamic duo.

You guys literally have
the same physical build.

It's crazy.

[both laughing]

-[Natalie's mom] Hola.
-[in Spanish] Hi, Mom. How are you?

[Natalie's mom in English] Oh!
Hi, stranger. I can't wait to see you.

I'm really nervous about telling my mom
that I want to move to Austin.

I want to do what's best for me,
but at the same time,

I don't want my parents to think
that I don't care about what they think.

-[Mom in Spanish] How's it going?
-[Natalie in English] Good. I love Austin.

-I love everything I'm doing.

But I wanted to tell you,
I don't know, like...

How would you feel if I wanted to stay?

[Natalie's mom] Stay where? In Texas?


[Natalie's mom chuckling] Okay.

[speaking Spanish]

[in English] Do you like it that much?

Yeah. I love it. Yeah.

[Natalie's mom] Okay.

My parents, you know,
they're very traditional

and they think,
"Usually a person leaves the house

when they're married,"
or something like that.

That's what my sister did, but...

I'd be doing this
just to become independent.

And it'll be hard for them
to maybe understand

that me going away from home isn't like
I'm never gonna speak to them again.

It's more just like
I'm gonna try to be independent.

[Natalie's mom in Spanish] Well, clearly
I'd like to have you here in Miami.

[in English] I feel the most myself here.

I want to be brave and make my own life

and figure out who I am
and get better opportunities, right?

[in Spanish] Yes.
I totally understand. I get it.

I didn't think you'd like it
enough to stay.

But you know that
I'll always support your decisions

and whatever makes you happy.

[in English] Thank you, Mom. I love you.

[Natalie's mom] I love you too.
I miss you a lot.

[Natalie] I'm so relieved.

It feels amazing to have my family
supporting me on my journey.

Thank God.

[squeals in excitement]

["Beep Beep" by Chair Model playing]


That's how you be doing it.

I was...

[blender whirring]

♪ Let's get ready for the occasion ♪


♪ Come a, come a, come a
It's a new vibration ♪

♪ Hey, hey, come read all about it... ♪

-[Michael] Did you hear that?

[Michael] I hear a fish.

How do you hear fish? They swim. Silently.

Maybe it was a turtle
that jumped in the water.

Oh. It was a... It was a turtle?

-Huh. I like turtles.

[Isha] I want to stay in Austin.

My clothing line
is doing really well here,

and I want to see my career through.

Selfishly, I also want
Michael to stay here.

I mean, either way,
I need some more clarity

on where this relationship is headed.

And we need to have
that conversation today.

I want someone to want to fight for me,

and just talk like,
"Hey, I really like you."

"How can we make this work?"

"If we're leaving soon,
where are you gonna go?"

"Where do you think you're gonna stay?"

There's just no discussion of that.
So I just kind of end up backing away,

when maybe I should just
have brought it up earlier.

Mm-hmm. I should've brought it up more
'cause you have brought it up.

I think I want to vocalize,
like, I do want to make it work.

I really like you
and so I don't really care

-if we're far apart or whatever.

We can make this work.

You have to really like somebody

to make it work when things
aren't convenient sometimes.

[Michael] Mm-hmm.

[Isha] I am skeptical about long-distance
relationships, even with Michael.

And, in a lot of ways, I kind of feel like
it's just prolonging a break up.

♪ Here's to better
Here's to all right ♪

♪ Here's to learning
How to live without you ♪

♪ Here's to learning how to live without ♪

♪ Blue ♪

♪ And maybe I'll figure out something... ♪

-[Natalie] We're here.
-[Keauno] It's cute.

Suburban neighborhood. Cute.


-Is that our realtor?

Are you Keke and Natalie?


-[realtor] Well, come on in.
-This is cute.

[realtor] Yes!

-We should get a cat.
-I thought you were allergic?

I am.

-Does this doorbell work?
-[doorbell rings]

-Oh! And it sounds adorable.
-[Keauno] A doorbell!

The living room.
Does it come with this furniture?

It does come with the furniture
if you want it to.

I am currently looking
for housing with Keke.

I'm moving here permanently.

I feel like this is the city
that most of my growth has happened.

I want to continue that growth. So,
I'm gonna figure it out, make it happen.

-[Keauno] Is it comfy?
-[realtor] Do you guys like the furniture?

Um, yeah. It's doable.

[both laugh]

No, I do like it.

-I like this type of, um, material, right?
-[realtor] Yeah.

It's soft.

I want to stay in Austin
because I've grown so much as a person,

but I realized
there's still so much for me to do.

It feels like such a home, you know?

It feels like we're husband and wife,
we're moving in. "Where's the kids?"

-I am done...
-Is that bad or good?

-What are you thinking?
-It's different.

[Keauno] What are you thinking?

[Natalie] This is pretty good.
It feels doable.

I feel like this is a good start.

-I'm so stressed. My psoriasis is flaring.
-[Natalie] I know.

It'd be amazing
to have a house and come to Austin,

but I've never done that. It's like scary.

Oh, God, I'm gonna cry.

[emotional music playing]

[whispers] What's wrong?

[sobs] Sorry.

It's just so much change.
So much change, so quick.

So to do this step is so huge for me.

It just is a lot, but...
[sighs] I need to let that out.

-I'm here for you.
-Thanks, Keekers.

You're a part of my family now.

-And as they say, "pa'lante,"right?

-I love you, Natalie.
-I love you.

[Natalie] All right.

-[Keauno] Ready to talk to Andrea?
-Let's go. Let's tell her.

-Did we scare her off?
-Oh, maybe. [chuckles]

[Andrea] So?

What do you... What'd you guys decide?

What do you think?

What're you feeling?

-[Natalie] We'll take it.
-We love this find.

[Andrea] Wonderful. It's a nice place.

["Let's Get Together"
by Chair Model playing]

♪ Let's get together ♪

♪ Let's get together ♪

♪ Let's get together ♪

♪ Let's get together ♪

♪ With you ♪

♪ With me ♪

♪ Your eyes, darling ♪

♪ Today could be... ♪

[Natalie] That looks amazing.

If you mix red wine and white wine,
does it make...

-It makes rosé.

-Didn't know that.
-[Raquel] It makes pink wine.

No. Not how it works.


I feel like I'm, um,
in a very nostalgic headspace,

eating this meal with everybody and, um...

I don't know.
It just feels like the end of an era.

I'm gonna have to get another one soon.

Things are coming to an end.

I know we've all grown.

And I know that we're all
gonna continue to stay in touch

and lead really amazing lives.

It's just sad that we're not
all going to be together.

I just... It's very bittersweet.

Fuck! I love you guys.
This was just amazing.

This was an incredible experience.

I don't know,
I'm just very grateful for all of you.

I'm down for saying that.

-I'm thankful for all of you.
-[all] Aw!

And, um, thankful
for this journey in Austin.

And each one of you have played
such a huge part in my life. Okay.

-That was really well done.
-Thank you. Keekers.


I'm a proud gay man.

-I never would have said that...
-[Adam] Hell yeah, Keeks.

[Keauno] Even before I came here.
I remember, um...

-You were the first people I told.

-I remember. Throwback! Remember?

-I was terrified.
-[Abbey] Oh, my God.

[Keauno] I have to thank Natalie because
I remember almost holding that back.

But, when us four were talking, you were
so open about your family and everything,

I was like, "If this girl,
from day one, is gonna be real..."

-"That's what I came here to be, is real."

So, from day one,
I was 100% because you were 100%.

-I'm gonna cry. Thank you, Keeks.
-This whole experience was crazy.

I cannot believe
this is our last night here.

[Natalie] What about you and your new job?

-Yeah. No, I got a job. Finally.
-[Natalie] Whoo!

Took me a fucking hot minute.

But, yeah, I've been planning
on staying in Austin for a while.

Putting some roots down.

Finally getting it together.

-[Natalie] Yes.

-Thanks, guys.
-Adam, what's going on with you?

I just found out that I got a promotion.

-[Natalie] Yes!
-[all cheering]

Thank you, guys.

I'm doing marketing and sales
for all of Texas. We're going statewide.

-[Kamari] Shit.
-[Isha] Congrats.

[Adam] Thank you.

-Okay. Who wants to do a shot?
-[Kamari] Could do a shot.

-I'm actually down.
-[Natalie] I'm down.

-I'm on it. As the resident bartender.
-I'll help.

-[Abbey] As the redeemed bartender.

I fucking will gag, Kamari.

-Only 'cause I had that drink.
-[Abbey] One time!

I'm gonna be real,
that one drink was gym sock.

[Abbey] Redemption!

[all laughing]

[Michael] Guys,
let's do a little toast, yeah?

Cheers to a fucking wonderful experience
and our last night in the house.

-[Natalie] Yeah!
-[Raquel] Cheers!

[Natalie] Cheers!

Love you all!

[bittersweet music playing]

♪ I hear the sound ♪

♪ Of my heart beat loud ♪

♪ It's telling me to get goin' ♪

♪ Take a chance ♪

♪ Don't be scared ♪

♪ What do you say we get goin' ♪

[text message tone whooshes]

♪ I'm craving the road less traveled... ♪

Damn, top floor, it's been a great time.

The fact that this whole experience
with my roommates is coming to an end

is really bittersweet.



I've grown to have a good bond
with everybody in the house.

It's an adjustment not being with them

just 'cause we spent so much time
in each other's space.

But, at the same time,
I'm really, really excited

to see what everybody goes out
and accomplishes.

And just watch everybody grow as a person.

You know I really love you, right?

I really love you too. Gonna make me cry.

-No. I'm gonna cry too.

You're like a brother to me.
You know that, right?

[Kamari] Coming here to Austin
has shown me that

anything I put my mind to,
I can accomplish.

I want to do a lot of things in life,
and I know this city has a lot to offer.

So I'm definitely
gonna lay some roots here.

And the sky's the limit for me.

[exhales heavily]


-We've been through a lot, Abbey.
-I know.

-[Kamari] Don't hate me.

[Abbey] I don't hate you.
I don't hate you at all.

-[Kamari] Thank you.
-I mean, I understand.

-[Kamari] You'll keep in touch?
-[Abbey] Yeah.

Maybe. [chuckles]

Look, we said
we'd be friends before anything.

-[Abbey] Yeah. No. I know. It's just...
-So let's remain that.

-Thank you.

Motherfucking Abbey Humphries.
Lord have mercy.

Abbey and I went through a lot.

Deep down, Abbey has a really good heart.
I know she's been through a lot.

But I'm glad that we were able
to create a certain bond.

I think we'll be friends for life.

And I wish nothing but the best for her.

Okay. You put that shit on.
Good little airport jirt.

You know what I'm saying?
It's giving worker, but sexy worker.

-Yeah. Definitely sexy worker.

So, right now, everything with Roxy and I
is going really well.

She beautiful as hell.
We got a lot of common interests.

I feel like she's always somebody
I can lean on and talk to.

I can see it going somewhere.

You got all your stuff together?

I do. Would you be a doll?

-Yeah. I'll take some of your stuff down.
-I can't take all this down by myself.


What Kamari and I have going on right now
is absolutely wonderful.

We're going to the airport together.

Gonna go spend some time
with our families for the holidays.

And then, right after that,
I'm headed back to Austin

to do adult things like pay bills.

-I love you. I will be back.
-I love you so much.

I would be crying,
but I'm gonna see you again.

-I know. Austin buddies.
-I know you're in a rush.

[squeals] I love you!

I'm very, very excited
because one major goal I had

was to move out of my parents' house.


I just didn't see
my life blossoming back at home.

I was happy because I had my family.

But I didn't really, like,
see a full picture for me.

And this journey just kind of
helped me move this paintbrush around.

I feel like there's so many possibilities.


And I'm just really grateful.

I'm really grateful.

♪ Rewrite this story ♪

♪ With love and glory ♪

♪ For crying out loud
Wanna hold you right now ♪

♪ I would die to... ♪

This is just the beginning,
but... [chuckles]

...what a freaking journey it's been.


Yeah. [sniffles]


[door closes]

-Ooh! Bump that AC, please.
-[Raquel laughing]

[Michael] I'm busy right now.

Okay. This was fun, man.

[Michael chuckling]

Bye, Adam.

I love you.

It's gonna be weird not seeing
all seven of my roommates every day.

[Isha] Adam!

I'm going to miss you so much.

These seven people, so different,
thrown into a house together,

have made me grow leaps and bounds.
More than I could have ever expected.


-Are you leaving?
-I am leaving.

I think Abbey and my relationship
taught me the most.

I've loved every bit of this with you.

[Abbey muffled] I know. God.

-You're coming back, right?

The way that she opened up with me
in the relationship that we grew, uh,

was incredibly unique.

-Have fun.
-I'll see you.

[Abbey] Bye.

No. Don't close the door.
That's ridiculous.

-[Adam] No, no, no.

-[Adam] Yeah. My bad.
-Of course not.

[Adam] Even though romantically,
things fizzled out...

-[imitates farting]
-[chuckles] Fuck you. You're so annoying!

[Adam laughs]

...I got a friend in her
that I will have forever.

♪ If I didn't have you ♪

♪ If I didn't have you ♪

♪ Thought I had nothing to lose ♪

♪ But that's not the truth ♪

♪ I don't know what I'd do... ♪

[Adam] I'm not ready for it to end,

but what we have behind us,
as a group, will always be ours,

and I'm excited to see what comes next.

-[text message tone whooshes]
-[Keauno] Nat finally replied.

-She's ready.
-[Michael] She's ready?

Am I ready?

Yeah. I don't think you have a choice.


Is this goodbye, Keke?


Austin has been amazing to me.

I've had my first kiss here.

I've been an open gay man here.

I don't know if I can do this.

I made eight lifelong friends that are
stuck with me the rest of their life.

Let's do it.

And I also know that I'm only
scratching the surface of myself.

Uncle Mikey. Am I forgetting anything?

I think you got it.

♪ Through the struggle
And all this searching ♪

♪ We will find ourselves again... ♪

[Keauno] Keauno moving in before Austin

wasn't proud of being a gay man.

I used to just hide it.

But I'm so confident in that skin.

I'm just so thankful for that, like...

I can be gay and people will love me.

-I'm ready!
-[Keauno] Stop!

I'm ready!

Hi, Keekers.

I definitely think that I am a stronger
and braver person from this experience.

I was always so scared
to go out of my comfort zone

and I feel like I've become a new person.

I've become the person
I've always wanted to be.

That's huge.

That's, like, everything. So...

-This is just the beginning.

If I don't find a job,
can I come work for you?

-Oh, my God. Please!
-[Natalie] Yes!

I'm gonna miss everyone so much.
I'm gonna miss my house guests.

I'm gonna miss the house.
I'm gonna miss all the memories.

I didn't say bye to you yet.

This is goodbye?

Aww! My Mikey.

-Natalie, baby.
-[Natalie] Oh, my God.

I feel sad, but I also feel so supported.

And I feel like this was
the breakthrough that I needed.

So I'm sad, but I'm also hopeful
for what the future holds.

Bye, Michael!


-[Natalie] Love you!
-Love you guys!

♪ We'll be all right ♪

[Abbey] Ish. Come here.


-[Abbey] Hi.

-Me so sad...

-I'm so sad.
-Aww, dude.

Jesus. [chuckling]

It was a long time packing for me.

I am going to stay in Austin.
I'm gonna keep my job at Lustre Pearl.

For the moment,
I'm gonna be going home for the holidays.

But when I come back, I'll be ready
to start the next chapter of my life.

♪ Tired eyes don't mind ♪

♪ 'Cause I don't wanna miss this moment ♪

♪ All I wanna do is soak it up... ♪

For me, and I think for everyone else,
the intersection of all eight of us,

I feel like, was somehow
destined to happen.

I think that we needed to meet each other

because the growth that we all did,
in such a short amount of time,

is unmatched.

♪ What a time to be alive ♪

♪ Oh, I feel it from head to toe ♪

♪ And I get so emotional... ♪

[Abbey] My life has changed just so much.

I went from being married to being
divorced. Moving across the country.

I'm doing the things I set out to do.
I'm dating women.

It's been tumultuous.

But I think that this is exactly
what needed to happen.

-[breathing heavily]
-[keypad beeping]

Uh... I'm, uh, heading out.




-[Isha sniffles]

Isha. [chuckles]

[Isha chuckles softly]

[Isha sniffles]

[Michael] Bye.

[Isha sniffles]

[door closes]



♪ The world could be so cold
It makes you shiver ♪

♪ You wonder if you'll
Ever see the sun again... ♪

I've never had such deep feelings
for someone before,

but I also have to think about my career.

It's just incredibly hard saying bye.

I really don't want to be doing this,
but I feel like I have no other choice.

Do you want subtitles for any video?
-=[ ]=-

♪ It feels so hard sometimes
To make a difference ♪

♪ And everything you do
Just feels like fighting... ♪


♪ A fight you'll never win ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

I'm not gonna go.


If you want to stay in Austin,
I'll stay in Austin with you.


♪ We don't have to save the world ♪

♪ But together, together ♪

♪ Together we can ♪

[Michael] I'm realizing
that a job's a job.

There's plenty of them out there,
but there's only one Isha.

What we have is a beautiful relationship,

and she's such a wonderful human being.

I just can't end that. I'm not ready to.

So me and Isha are gonna drive
to LA together for the holidays,

but then we're gonna come back
and start this new adventure together.

Are you sure you can fit
all my suitcases in here?

-Let's get out of here.
-Yeah. Let's do it.

[both chuckle]

Not only does it mean
that we're gonna stay together

and we're gonna figure out
the future together,

but that he is making sacrifices for me.

Which makes me want to make
those sacrifices for him.

And I am seeing things
getting even better between us

as we grow closer together.

["My Life" by Nina Schofield playing]

♪ I have always followed my own way ♪

♪ Different, but I'm never gonna change ♪

♪ You can talk, it doesn't matter ♪

♪ I don't wanna fit the pattern ♪

♪ It's my head, my heart
My skin, my life ♪

♪ My touch, my vibe ♪

♪ My la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-life ♪

♪ It's my head, my heart
My skin, my life ♪

♪ My touch, my vibe ♪

♪ My la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-life ♪

-♪ My love's golden, baby, I'm M-Midas ♪
-♪ My skin ♪

-♪ Can't buy it, this is how I like it ♪
-♪ My touch ♪

♪ My la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-life ♪