Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 8 - I'm Wide Open Baby - full transcript

["Big City" by City Wolf playing]

[Keauno] New roommate's almost here.

New roommate's coming. [whooshes]

Are you excited? Nervous? Anxious?

-[Michael] I'm nervous.
-All the above. is deprecated, please
implement REST API from

[Keauno] I'm still really nervous.

Our house dynamic
can be completely different.

Like, everything can change.

Everything can change.

-Hey, what's up?
-[Michael] How's it going, man?

Good. How you doing?

-[Kamari] New roomie!
-Let's go!

My name is Adam Davenport,
I'm 24 years old,

I'm from Duvall, Washington.

-What's going on?
-How are you?

-I'm good. Yes, sir.
-Good to see you.

[Keauno] Hi.

-[Michael] It's your only bag?
-Nice bag.

Everything I do, I do big,
so my relationships are big,

when I party, I party big,
when I chill, I chill big.

I do everything
to the fullest extent that I can.

What about you?
What's your day-to-day like?

Uh, pretty much wake up,
go right to the gym.

-Yeah. That shit is... Yeah.
-See you there?

-Cool, don't have to go with you anymore.

Told him, "Bro, you're coming to the gym.
You're working out with me."

-Thanks for movin' in.

[Natalie] You nervous
for the new roommate?

I don't know. I'm always nervous. [laughs]

Let's bring a boy in.

[Natalie] Let's just say I'm gonna shoot
my mother-effing shot.

You know in all those stories,
the hot guy next door?

That whole trope?

When you read books and movies
and it's this whole romantic like,

summer affair with the hot guy next door,
that's what I'm hoping.

Is my makeup okay or it looks dry?

[Abbey] Looks really good. Very natural.

The new roommate.


You look like you don't drink soda.

I don't drink soda.

[all laugh]

I work with a Washington-based
hard seltzer company.

I probably have the best job on Earth.

It's one of the few jobs
that you get to drink on the job.

What are you looking forward to?

Gettin' to know everybody.
I just got to meet you guys.

We have a long way to go,
and then meet the girls too.

I would be intimidated if I were you.

[all laugh]

They're crazy.

They're fun.
They're an interesting dynamic.


Adam is cool.
He seems very chill and laid-back.

I'm thinking
the girls are gonna love Adam.

Like, my man is tall.
He got the long surfer hair.

Are they single? Have any of you guys
been dating with them?

I'm kinda dating the Indian one.

I was messing around with Abbey,
but like, that is no masas we speak.

We're great though. We good,
we're on great terms, we're friends.

-Not what she said.
-Oh, gosh.

[all laugh]

He's joking.

Oh. Yeah, nah, so that's...
Shit, that's it for real.

And Nat and Roxy are single too.

-[Kamari] Yeah.

They haven't seen him, right?

Well, hey, here's to everything coming up.

-This is gonna be a blast.

-[Keauno] Glad you're here.
-Appreciate y'all having me.

["Let's Get Together"
by Chair Model playing]

-Hey, guys.
-[Natalie] My God! Is the roommate here?

Roommate's here.


-What's up, guys?

How we doin'?

[Natalie] We are... Just awkward "hey!"

[all laugh]

-[Natalie] Hi!
-I'm Adam.

-Natalie. Nice to meet you.
-Natalie, nice to meet you.

-I'm kinda gross, but hi!
-Nice to meet you.

Adam is a tall glass of water, baby.

I'm into it.

How's the last couple of months been?

-Amazing. Yeah.
-Solid? You like it?

We've had so much fun.

Sorry. I'm sorry, Adam.
I feel a little nervous.

-That's okay.
-Me too.

-I don't know why.
-It's making me feel more normal.

Should we start getting
ready for the barbecue?

-Yeah! Gotta get some meat.

So good to meet you guys.

-You, too. Bye.
-See you soon.

-[Kamari] See you.
-[Michael] Bye, guys.

Right off the bat, I'm walking
into a house of four beautiful girls.

He smells good.

[Adam] I definitely have
a flirty personality.

So I just kinda thought
anything could happen.

Taller than Kamari.

[Adam] Bro, this is so...

[Kamari] I got the burgers.

Anyone want bug spray?


Here we go.

Let's go!

What's up with the flies?

Right? We do need to cover them.

[Natalie] Hey. Who wants
to play volleyball with me?

-Yeah, you wanna bump that thing around?
-[Natalie] I'm so good at it.

Hell yeah, that's the Miami in you.

The beach.
I actually don't like the beach.

You know what? Let's do it.
I'm gonna take a chance.

[Natalie] Nice! [grunts]


[Natalie] Yes! We're doing so good.

I know that Natalie
thinks that Adam is cute,

I mean, I also think he's cute. Duh!

Like, he's eight foot twelve.

And he's got the hair and the big smile.

He's got so much presence and energy.
He's very attractive.

-[Adam] Yeah!
-We're doing so good!

[grunts] Oh, my God!

Okay, Natalie, now we know,

volleyball, not that sexy.

-[Abbey] What?
-I like that shirt.

Oh, thank you. It's thrifted.

[fly buzzing]

-Did she get one?
-Oh, she got one.


So Kekes, where's Oscar?

I actually haven't seen him in a while,
so I invited him tonight

-to meet the new roommate. He's amazing.
-[girls exclaiming]

I'm really into Oscar.
Oscar was my first kiss.

I just think, naturally,
the next step is boyfriends.

So I wanna talk to Oscar

and see where
our relationship is in his eyes.


I'll have asthma after this.

Hello. Hey. It's Oscar.

-[Natalie] My God. Hi, Oscar. Love you.
-Are you here? Okay.

So now that I see names to the faces,
which one are you talking to?

Ah, Isha.

-[Natalie gasps] Oscar!
-[girls exclaiming]

-[Isha] Nice to see you again!
-You look beautiful.

-[Isha] Thank you!
-[Oscar] How's it going?

-[Keauno] Aw.
-[Oscar] Oh!

[Keauno] Our new roommate.

-Hey, I'm Oscar.
-It's good to meet you.

-How are you?
-Heard great things.

I heard you're the grill master.

-I'm sous chef.
-[Oscar] You guys makin' him work.

-I know.
-[Oscar laughs]

We're breaking him in.

I'll eat a chicken leg and burger.

-Is it good?
-It is.

Thank you, Uncle Mikey.
I'm proud to be related.

I've been here for four hours

and I feel like I've clicked
super fast with everybody.

This is probably the most welcoming group
I could have asked for.

It's your turn. What do you wanna do?

I just finished Yellowstone.
I'm trying to get on a horse down here.

[Oscar] I'm in Texas.

That would be dope. Very Texas-y.

-That's something we could do. All of us.
-[Natalie] Yeah.

-Horseback riding?
-[Kamari] Yes.

Have any of y'all been on a horse?

-I have but I almost died.
-Me too. I have horse trauma now.

-But it's still so fun.
-Horses scare me.

Just don't fall off and you're fine.

-You like horses, right?
-I love riding horses.

-Should we do it this week?
-We should.

-We haven't hung out one-on-one...
-I know.

I know. And we should.


-We should.
-Because you're so busy.

-Am I?
-Yes! Why are you...

I mean, I'm busy enough.

[Keauno] I really wanted some alone time
with Oscar today,

but we got too caught up
getting to know Adam.

I guess I'll have to wait.

I don't know. This is all frustrating.

I think we should do a toast to
our new roommate and our new friend,


[all cheering]


[Oscar] Salud!

[Natalie] We're happy you're here.

Now, romantically, who in the house
would go for Adam? [laughs]

-[Abbey] Natalie?

-[Natalie] What?
-You think he's cute?

I think he's cool, yeah.

He seems to vibe.

If he wants to bite, I'm wide open, baby.

[Raquel] Gonna scream.

Most of the girls, they have people,

they're on Hinge dates,
they have other priorities.

I feel like if it's my moment, it's now.

Adam, I'm coming for you.

What about you? You think he's cute?

Well, obviously he's cute, but...

Say, if he liked you,
would you go for him?

Why are we doing this?

-[Natalie] You did it to me.
-I don't want to do this.

-[Natalie] She did it to me.
-I wouldn't. That would be weird as shit.

["LLT" by Leo Islo playing]

["Do My Thang" by King Flexx playing]

[Kamari] You about to show off for Oscar.

He loves riding horses. I'm like,
"Now I have to hopefully be good at this."

-I'm so excited to ride these horses.

I want something to happen here
with me and Adam.

Riding a horse could be sexy,
my hair flowing in the wind.

My... Nice movement going on, you know?

[Natalie] Look, everyone. Lassos!

-[woman on horse] Hey. How are ya?
-[all] Hi!


-[lady on horse] All right, welcome!
-[Michael] Okay.

Welcome to Spicewood, Texas.
Dan Keen Horsemanship.

You're actually gonna learn
how to rope that plastic cow right there.

-Hopefully, you don't rope yourself.

But it probably will happen.

Throwing a rope at a piece of plastic,
that's how I wanna spend my Saturdays.

Like a true American.

Then you follow through, when you let go,
your hand should be out here.

Oh, I'm gonna look at his biceps now.

-[Abbey] Go, Adam!

-All right!

Oh, my God! That was so hot. Amazing.

-[man] First try.
-[Natalie] You did it!

-[Adam laughing] Yeah!
-[exclaims] Yes!

Abbey surprised me
with the lasso, you know.

She knew what she was doing with the rope,
which I was kinda like... "Okay." [laughs]

All right, baby, you're mine.


-What the hell?

[all exclaiming]

Wait, that counts, right?

-[woman] Counts.
-[Natalie] Okay.

I knew I was gonna be good at this.

[softly] Cowboy's probably having
an aneurysm watching us.

-[Abbey] He hates us.
-[Adam] "Holy shit."

-[Adam] "These city slickers."

[Adam and Abbey laugh]

[Abbey] I do wonder if he's getting a vibe
that I'm flirting with him.

I mean, I am,
but that's really just how I interact.

I don't really know how to talk to people
without flirting with them.

But like I can't... [sighing] Oh, God.

I have no self-control. I can't help it.

I stand for love and justice.

[all laughing]

"I stand for love and justice."

Hi, Oscar.

Ah! So close! Oscar!

I don't know what's making me
more nervous, the horses or Oscar.

Okay, Kekes.

[all cheering]

Good job.

I love you!

[all laughing]

Yeah, Keke!

[Keauno] Oscar!
I can't believe you came. Thank you.

-I got you a hat.
-[Keauno] Really? Aw.

-Does it fit? Yeah!
-It fits. Do I look good?

You ready to try something new?
Do a little horseback riding?

-[all] Yes!
-All right! Come on, let's go!

[woman] All right, guys.
These are your horses.

[Abbey] Ah. I'm actually really scared
to get that close.

[Natalie] Come on, babe. Don't be shy.

[Michael] You're like Fabio.

Yes! Fabio vibes.

Careful there.

Careful, Ginger.

I feel a little insecure right now. Um...

-[Adam] Fender bender.
-[Abbey] Cheers.

Abbey and Adam
were flirting a lot. A lot, a lot.

And so I didn't really appreciate it.

-Come on, girl.
-[horse neighs]

Easy, baby. Easy.

Okay, he's going too fast. Whoa, baby.

So I am really scared of horses
and I do feel like it's valid.

I got on this horse and I knew immediately
what this horse was about.

It was just running around.

It was not happy to have me on its back.
I was not happy to be there.

Hey! Wait! Guys!

[Adam] Pull it like you mean it.

I'm trying. Fuck.


I could tell Abbey was uncomfortable
and didn't want to be on the horse.

But not gonna lie,
she looked good doing it.

[Adam] Let's go hang out by the truck.

Ignore your friends.

-Do you want it to be close to you?
-A visit?

I don't know if I like
the look in his eye.

-The what?
-He's giving me a look.

-Don't know how I feel about it.
-[Adam] He's asking how you're feeling.

I am actually kind of rattled.
The horse really just... [clicks tongue]

Um, so I think it's very sweet
that Adam is making sure that I'm okay.

-[Abbey] Did you have fun, Natalie?
-[Natalie] Yep. Super fun.

-[Abbey] You okay?
-[Natalie] Yep.

Are you fucking serious right now?

I'm honestly very hurt because I feel like

when you go after the guy
I literally told you I liked,

and then the second I do, you go ahead
and start flirting with him...

Like, you are trying to hurt me.

-[Keauno] Are you glad you came?
-[Oscar] Super glad.

-This is my favorite thing. [laughs]
-You look natural. I'm nervous.

-[Oscar] Have you brushed a horse before?
-[Keauno] No.

[Oscar laughs]

Talking to Oscar, I hope that
he shares the same feelings that I have,

and to me, the next step would be
making our relationship official.

So I'm just transparent,
you know me. I, like,

ideally want to date you.

-In hopes to be your boyfriend.
-[Oscar] Mmm-hmm.

But are you looking for a boyfriend?
Do you have time

-for like...

-Do I have time for a boyfriend?
-You're so busy.

Oh, gosh.

I've never done this before,
so I don't know...

[Oscar chuckles] Mmm-hmm.

Where is this going?
What's next? What do you think of me?


-I mean, I think...
-Am I being awkward? [laughs]

No. I mean, I think those
are valid questions to have.

Are we dating or...

We're brushing a horse, that's for sure.

-Oh, my gosh!

No, really, I don't...

To me, if I went on
a date with another guy,

I would feel bad for you.
But I don't know like...

Do you feel that way or...

I wouldn't feel bad if you did it.

I don't want to.

No, that's what I'm saying.
That's completely your call.

And, uh, I don't want to slow you down
in any of your things.

In your own experience.

I feel like it's going well,

and then all of a sudden,
I just see in his eyes, his pupils widen,

he stares off into space,
I'm like, "Oh, no!"

"I have scared him."

I've never scared a man before,
but now I know.

You know that look once you see it.
And I don't know what to do.

Would you wanna just go to dinner maybe?


["Cold On My Skin"
by James Mclean & Huxley Ware playing]

♪ It's heavy on me ♪

♪ Take all my sins ♪

♪ I'm found ♪

-[both laughing]
-Oh, my God!

You're nuts.

["Busy" by Thanks playing]

♪ You know I've got a lot to say ♪

♪ Deep down... ♪

[laughs hysterically]


I don't know anything about you.
What stuff do you like? Weekends?

Um, I like being outdoors.

I just like to be around him, I think.

You know, there's a lot of tension.
So it's fun.

Whatever happens here,

you're gonna get the blame.
I won't get any of it.

-You're such a fucking asshole.
-[both laughing]

[cell phone ringing]

-[Keauno] Hola.
-[Oscar over phone] Hey, how you feeling?

I would love to hang out one-on-one to...

talk about anything or I don't know.

[Oscar] Yeah, I've definitely
thought about it.

Continuing to be honest with you, um...

I can't give what I've understood
is something that you're needing.


But... I don't know. I don't wanna
leave it as a hypothetical, um,

I don't wanna risk, you know, uh...

pursuing something
I'm not ready to deliver on.

[hesitating] But I think
you're a very special person.

I thought it was important that...
I thought you deserved this conversation

and me being honest with you. Um,

so I just wanted
to say that to you, Keauno.

Thank you, Oscar.

Uh, I know you're busy. I'll let you go.

[Oscar] Take care.

["Blue" by Anderson Rocio playing]

♪ And I'm not supposed to
I'm not supposed to say ♪

I'm like, um... I don't know.
He clearly wasn't into me. Ugh.

He clearly wasn't into me
as much as I was into him,

that's why I feel stupid crying,
but I really liked him.

You shouldn't feel stupid.

-I feel like I put so much into it, which...
-I know.

I feel like the relationship is done.

Can I even say that was a relationship?

I don't know, there's a pain
that I've, like...

I've never felt before.

You know, Oscar's...

He's the one who started your chapter
but he's not the end of it.

There's going to be so much more to come.

You just gotta trust it.

Yeah. Go back now. But I love you.

-I need a change.
-I love you. [kisses]

-I love you.
-Thank you, Natalie.

-Love you, babe.
-I love you.

You're not alone, remember.

[blows nose]

["Breaking My Heart" by Lizzy Cruz,
Tiffany Tapp & Therry Thomas playing]

♪ Are we trying to get it right ♪

♪ It keeps falling apart ♪

♪ It keeps breaking my heart ♪

♪ It's breaking my heart ♪

["Damn Baby" by Rochelle Jordan playing]

[cell phone pings]


[door lock beeps]

What's going on?

I'm not sure what to do.

You have a little bit of mascara there.

Appreciate it. Better? Am I beautiful?

What the fuck?

-Hey, Abbey!
-Hi, I like the yellow.

[Natalie] Thank you.
What are you doing? Dishes?

I'm putting them away
so we can load them again.

-That's the trick.
-It always gets piled up.

Exactly. 'Cause we can't
put them away as we go.


So I was wondering
if we could have a little talk.

[sighs] Yeah.

I will never say
that I really like someone

unless I'm sure I'm being supported
and I feel like there's a chance.

So for me to say that and then

look at my friend
make a connection with a guy

that I kind of have feelings for is hard.

I hope that we can talk it through
and hopefully, like,

not let a guy ruin our relationship
because I hate when that happens.

What is up?

So, um...

I feel like when Adam came in,
you did not seem interested at all.

That even gave me
more confidence to be vocalizing like,

"Yes, he's cute, he's hot,
I would totally go for it."

I think ever since then
something switched in you where...

I don't know.
You weren't really like supporting me.

You know that I'm here crushing on him.

You didn't come up to me once and say,

"Hey, Natalie,
I'm starting to be attracted to him."

"I might go for it."

As your friend, I want this relationship
to be more important than that,

and your actions showed me that it wasn't.

Natalie, the truth is... I promise...

I really have been
thinking about you, and...

-[Natalie] How so?
-I swear...

I don't know.

I don't know how to fix it.
I don't know how to fix any of this.

I am sorry, Natalie. I really am.



I really, really, really, really,
really like you. I promise.

You're incredibly capable of empathy,
more than anyone I've ever met.

I really value you.

But I think I'm putting
my need for male validation above that,

and you're right.

That's what I'm doing.

And I do want everyone to like me.

Men, always.

I fucking need it.

If they don't, it's like,
"What's wrong with me?"

And it's insidious. I fucking...

I hurt people because of it.

Like, I'm really sorry.

Because I promise
that is something that I...

I want to work on myself
really badly in that way

because that is such a shitty...
This is so fucking tight.

That is such a shitty personality trait.

How are you ever gonna have fucking
good relationships with people?

[sighing] Oh, my God. I don't...

It's like been a pattern my entire life.

And that's the root of this and it comes
before even how much I like you.

Because I'm still doing it.

I think that, like...

The fact that you can see that
and realize that and be aware of it

is like such a huge step.

Because most people can't admit that
and be vulnerable and say that.

It's literally like an addiction for me.

What do I need to do? Do I need therapy?

Do I need to go do ayahuasca in Peru?

I literally don't know.


I would like to be...

And I will be focused on myself
and building my own future.

And pulling power from within myself

instead of finding it externally
through the male gaze.

It's literally just being like...
Actively try to be better. That's it.

I'm really sorry that I hurt you.

And I'm sorry if you feel like
you can't trust me. [sniffling]

["Darkside by MØØNWATER playing]