Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 7 - Putting a Label on It - full transcript

-[Bruce] What's up?

-How are you?
-[Bruce] How are y'all?

-[Michael] How's it going, guys?

[Isha laughs]

Isha and I are getting closer.

[Bruce cheers]


I just got my first kiss!

Like, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy!

Let's go!

I love the hype-up.

I'm better in bed, so...

-You're better in what?
-In bed.

Bruce signing off. I'm out.

-Let's go!
-Let's go!

I think Abbey and I
taking a step back from this situation

is going to be beneficial for both of us.

I've always been attracted to Kamari.

Roxy. This came out of fucking nowhere.

Lord have mercy! Jesus, take the wheel!


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[Raquel] Last night was unexpected.

Kamari is naturally a flirtatious person.

But it just feels really like...
giddy, I guess.

I don't really know what's going on,

but I'm feeling a little
bit differently about him now.

[chuckles nervously]

[Abbey] Kamari and Roxy,
it just kind of shocked me.

Because Kamari wasn't a crush,

it was someone that I had
a very close relationship with.

Um, I don't think it'll be fun to watch.

I will absolutely be staying in my room.
I don't really want to engage.

It's hard to navigate because...

I have so much love and respect for her.

-I got your text. What happened?
-[Keauno giggles]

-Guess what?

We're starting to look for a new roommate.

-No, Keke, are you serious?

I need to tell the girls.

I just got the list.

Look at the last name.

-Scarrata... Sorry.

-Hey, Keke.
-You came in at the perfect time.

This guy right here, top left,

he and Isha might get along
a little too well though. Um...

What about the next guy? Oh, shit.

[whispering] There's girls.

-[girls] Yes?

-I have news.
-[Raquel] Good news? Bad news?

So I just spoke with Keke...

and he told me
we're getting a new roommate.

-Oh, God!

[Michael] Uh, I say we keep
this process to ourselves.

'Cause those snoopy-snoops will try
to stick their nose in our business.

It's our roommate.
I think we gotta pick it.

-I might've spilled the beans.
-What you mean? What'd you tell 'em?

I told Nat we're gonna start
tryin' to find a roommate. I'll stop.

Don't tell her that we have
potential people, you know?

["Don't Swerve" by Annie DiRusso playing]

-[Kamari] Y'all hungry?
-[Raquel] You cooking?

I'm tryin' to make shrimp and grits.

I don't think we have what I need though.
I'm about to go to the store in a minute.

You guys want to ride?

You take a trip to the store with me,
you get a plate.

I'mma pick up a couple of things.

-[laughs] Yeah.

-[Raquel] Just for the sake of.
-You guys have fun.

-I'm gonna go, um...
-[Kamari] Where?

I have to go do stuff, so...

[Kamari] You know what? That's fine.

Roxy and Kamari, I mean,

I love them,
they're such good friends of mine.

[laughing] And I'm like,
I don't know what to say.

It's getting messy, people.
It's getting messy.

I shipped it at first,
but now I'm like, I don't know.

-All right. Well, see you two, okay?
-[Raquel] All right.

[Kamari] See you in a bit.

Remember the first week
when we went to the grocery store?

And got that watermelon.
It still hasn't been cut.

-[Natalie] Yeah!
-[Kamari laughs]

[Kamari] I got my little
chocolate drop with me.

We both love to cook,
so I think it's gonna be real fun.

Just to get to kick it with her
and see what's up.

I'm not gonna lie,
I've been a little, like, homesick.

For real?

Yeah, just missing
my grandma's cooking a lot.

What is soul food?

I need mac and cheese,

I need the yams
to touch the mac and cheese.

[Kamari] Okay, so if I look up a recipe,
like, I'mma kill that shit.


But as far as gourmet dishes and whatnot,
I leave that to my brother.

-He's the chef.
-I know, I saw that.

I told him to send me
a simple but good recipe

and he sent me the shrimp and grits.
So I was like, "Yeah."

-You really about to make it for real?

-I love to cook. That's the thing.

Now that we're having a chance
to be around each other,

it's kind of like a little light bulb.
Like, "This is fun."

She's dope. I do enjoy her company.

I've been to a few good spots out here.

I had some great tacos
while I've been out here.

I've never seen my grandma
ever in her life make a taco.

I haven't either.

Not gonna lie.
I ain't never seen Grandma make a taco.

I ain't seen her eat a taco.

-Me either!
-That's crazy. That's weird.

Something like a bun, like a hot dog...
No, I've never seen it.

I ain't never seen
my grandma eat a hot dog.

-Not even at the cookouts.
-[laughing] No.

["In the Moment"
by JS AKA The Best playing]

-Hi, Michael.
-[Michael] What up, Ish? What's going on?

Uh, nothing much.

-I just got a really disappointing text.
-What was that?

From the lady at that store
that I sent my clothes into.

She accepted the pieces on consignment,
which means that if they don't sell,

then she has to give them back to me.

-Well, they're not selling. No.
-They're not?

I mean, what if the pieces don't sell?

What does that really say
about Hut Mentality?

What does that say
about the potential of this line?

To succeed in a city like Austin
where the environment is perfect,

the weather's warm,
the people are progressive,

they like eclectic clothing.

If it doesn't succeed here,
I don't really know where it would.

You have cool clothes.

I think they're cool.
I just think they're...

Maybe I have to build
a niche for myself. You know?

A Ni-sha? Yeah.

A Ni-sha. I have to build a Ni-sha.

-Yeah, exactly.
-What happens if you don't sell it?

-What are you gonna do?

I just don't wanna
find out that it was all

a waste of such critical years of my life.

-The clothes are cool. They're gonna sell.

You gotta believe in your product.
You work hard at it.

-Thank you, I needed that.


[Isha] I feel comfortable around Michael.

I feel like I don't have to hide
who I am around him.

He's the sort to calm me down,
be like, "No, your feelings are valid."

That is a very special thing
when guys can make you do that.

Well, I think that,
just hold on a little bit, you know?

Kamari and Abbey are no longer together.

I know the way that I am.
I'm very territorial.


Maybe Abbey's more mature than I am.

[store clerk] Need help with anything?

[Kamari] Yes, I need some shrimp.

Can I get a pound? Unfrozen though.

-[Raquel] We have butter? You need butter?
-[Kamari] Yeah, I need butter.

We got a couple things we gotta get still.

But don't be inviting everybody over,
because I'm just cooking for me and you.

-Appreciate you.
-Thank you.

Shorty gonna be like,
"Oh, my God, you never cooked for me!"

-Oh, no!
-[Kamari laughs]

No, but seriously,
what's going on with that situation?

Like, is it completely cut ties?
Are y'all like friends with benefits?

No, we like...

We're friends, like just friends.
Not with the benefits. Just friends.

[Kamari] Now that Abbey and I are over,
I don't wanna hurt shorty.

But I'm definitely playing with fire.
Like, roommates?

But at the same time,

I don't think it would be fair
to Roxy or I to shy away from it

just because of the whole
situation with Abbey and I.

Especially when we were never exclusive.

So are y'all thinking, like...

"We need a handsome roommate
who's gonna be nice."

Maybe the person who comes in
are like... Him and Natalie.

I know that's what y'all want.
I know that's why y'all in our ear.

Y'all worry about love,
we worry about living.

-We worry about rent.
-Two different ends.

We worry about living,
y'all talking about love.


Or maybe just a good time.


[Kamari] I'm weak.

[line ringing]

-[Isha's mom through phone] Hello?
-Hi, Mom.

Hi, sweetie.

-How's it going?
-How's it going? Oh! Jinx!

[Isha laughs]

My mom is very supportive
of my fashion line.

She gets disappointed
when she doesn't see me

putting in the work
that it requires to be successful.

Sometimes I have tendencies
to wake up at noon,

roll out of bed, I'll have days like that.

Other days, I work very hard,
but I'm not consistent.

[Isha's mom] You've taken it this far.
You've gone there for this purpose.

And you have to,
you know, give it all you got.

You are going to get a hundred noes
before you get one yes.

[Isha] My biggest fear
when it comes to my fashion line

is that I am not equipped
to be the leader of this brand

or to take this brand
where I wanna take it.

Getting a no or failing at something,
I take that very, very hard.

[Keauno] How would I do it?

[Natalie] Oh, my... Oh!



What's up?

It smells really good in here.

I told you I was gonna try
and do a little something.

Do you need any help? I feel like
I might help myself to some wine.

-Enjoy yourself. Pour up.
-[Raquel chuckles]

-Would you like some?
-Oh, yes, please.

Abbey and Kamari
progressed so quickly that...

The possibility of something
between us was never an option.

So I guess now that it's over,

I'm not going to let fear
or the past hold me back.

And I'm willing to take that risk.
[whispering] Period.

What do you need, chef?

I didn't get cayenne pepper.

Ooo. We having it spicy.

You did say you like spicy food too.

Let me prepare my palate.

I'm just warming up.

At this point it's like
something's bound to happen.

It's definitely at that tipping point.

I'm just leaning in to it.

[Kamari] All right. Boom!

-[Raquel] This is beautiful.
-Go ahead.

["New Touch" by Caveboy playing]

[Kamari] Roxy, don't play.

Kamari knows what he's doing.

And if he keeps this up,
he know there's gonna be trouble.

-You like that for real?
-[both laugh]

Oh, yeah. For real?

[whispering] This shit bustin'.

-That shit's good.
-Yeah, I'm geeked up.

Yeah, no, you did this.

[Natalie] Pile that puppy up. Nice.

Sleeve it, lid it, hit it.

[Michael] I'm a struggling comic.

I quit my day job to do comedy

and I haven't even seen a dollar yet.

But I'm going to buy
this piece and support Isha

because it would mean a lot to her
and make her really happy.

Maybe she needs a little boost,
'cause her clothes are awesome.

-[Michael] Hello.
-Hi there.

-How's it going?
-Good. How are you?

Good. Uh, I wanna buy this.

What a lovely choice.

-[Michael] Right?

How much is it?

-This one is actually $464.

I didn't look at the price tag
when I grabbed the piece.

So when she threw that number at me,
I was definitely in a little bit of shock

and just kind of like,
"Fuck, what am I doing?"

But then I remembered,
"You're doing this for a good reason."

Isha's gonna be really happy.

-Let's do it. Why not?
-All right. Excellent choice.

Thanks. Do you guys ship?

-[woman] Of course. Yeah.
-Okay, cool.

I'm gonna ship this to my sister.

-Oh, nice. Where is that at?
-Yeah. LA.

[woman speaking indistinctly]

[Abbey screams]

[girls screaming consecutively]

[Kamari] Yo.

-[Michael] Hi.
-What's up?

Y'all ready?

I'm so nervous for today.

I don't want to replace Bruce.

I was missing Bruce last night,

but I think a new person
will hopefully get me over that.

He texted me. "Y'all are gonna
replace me?" I'm like, "Yeah."

I'm like, "Yeah, bro."

The most important thing
in picking a roommate today

is that they fit into our house dynamics.

So keep the current positive,
uplifting dynamic that we have.

[Isha] Wanna spy on them?

Where can we spy?

[Kamari] Look at this
fucking setup we got.

[laughing] About to get interrogated.

Keke, you gotta be the bad cop.


[Natalie] Oh, my God. Fuck, he's here.

Oh, oh.

Oh, my God.

Fucking dead. He sees us.

[Natalie] Penis!

[girls laugh]

-[Raquel] Penis!



-My God.

-Are they cat calling them?
-[laughing] Yeah.

-[screams] Penis!

[all laugh]

I'm like, "I apologize for my neighbors."

Have fun.

How y'all doing?


[Nigel] Yes.

[Natalie whispering] He's so cute!

-How's it going?
-[Natalie] Hi.

-[Raquel] Goldilocks.

Also, a blond man? Come on.

What is your, like, bathroom etiquette?

Will it bother you
if I sing in the shower?

-[Keauno] No.

I prefer it.

I do courtesy flushes as well.

If I take a shit,
I don't let the shit sit in there.

I drop, flush, drop, flush.
You know? So, you know.

You cook?

I almost brought focaccia.
You guys know focaccia?

-[Michael] The cheese?
-No, it's bread.

[Jacky] It's like this dimply, olive oil,
crispy bread.

I made it, and I was like,
"Maybe I should just bring it."

-You should've brought it.
-[Michael] That would've been tight.

You got any hidden talents or anything?

Dude, I sell alcohol.
Clearly I have no talent. [laughs]

♪ Baby, you've been on my mind lately ♪

♪ The thought of you is driving me crazy ♪


-That was good.

-That was good.
-Thank you.

I fuck with it.

It was a long day.

We interviewed a lot of people,
but it was a fun process for me.

Thank you so much, dude.
It was great meeting you.

-Talk soon.

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you guys.

[Michael] Fucking love that guy.

[Kamari] I like him.

[upbeat music playing]

Um, I told her.

Wait a minute.


[Emily through phone] Hey, this is Emily
from Feathers. How are you?

[Isha] Hi. I'm good. How are you?

[Emily] Good.

I just wanted to call and let you know

that we sold
your fabulous little black bolero.

[Isha gasps]

Oh, my... No way.

-[Emily] Yes.
-Oh, my God. Who'd you sell it to?

[Emily] A really nice guy.

He decided to get it
for one of his siblings.

Oh, my God! Wait, that's so exciting!

-[Emily] Yes.
-The black jacket, right?

[Emily] Yeah, so I just wanted to call
and give you the good news.

Aw, thank you. You just made my day.

[Emily] All right. Bye.

Bye, Emily.

Oh, my gosh.
Is that your first Austin sale?

-That's exciting, right?

I know a designer.
Should we go tell the girls?

I mean, this sale definitely means
that I'm one step closer to my dream

of getting stocked in boutiques
potentially across America.

And concrete proof of the potential

that Hut Mentality has
to be incredibly successful.

[Isha's mom through phone]
You did such a good job.

Thank you, Mommy.

[Isha's mom] I am so proud of you!

Okay, love you.

-[mom] Bye, sweetheart.

-Aw, I love her!
-[Isha laughs]

Me and my mom are so close,
and she's so invested in this.

-[girl] Michael!
-Hi, guys.

-Miguelito, how are you?
-[Michael] I'm good.


-Did you tell him the good news?
-Oh, yeah.

One of my pieces got sold.
The most expensive one.

Really? Good job, man. Are you excited?

I'm really excited. Called my mom.

I dropped a lot of money
on this piece for Isha.

But seeing her this excited

kind of makes eating ramen noodles
for the next two weeks okay.

-Well, congratulations.
-Thank you.

Oh, boy. Dating Isha's really dope.

It's also super expensive.

["Ride" by Halo Sol playing]

I just ripped a real stinker,
I'm gonna be honest with you.

This is why you should've
taken a poop before.

-Like me.
-I didn't have to poop.

Why didn't we get in the left turn lane?
Who is driving?

-It's so bad.
-[Isha laughing] Okay.

I smell your fart.

-Yeah. Sorry.


I think I'm gonna ask
Isha to be my girlfriend?

Don't know how to do it
'cause I've never done it before.

Uh, I'm pretty nervous.

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, what are we cheers-ing to?

-You sold a jacket.


Do that smile more often, it's so cute.

-[waiter] We gonna do the crema de elote.
-[Michael] Nice!

-Thank you very much.

Oh, wait. Ready?

This is like when you asked me
to go on a date at that food truck.

I was eating gazpacho soup.

-And I was having fries.
-[Michael] Yeah.

Look at us now, huh?

Good soup.

Where do you think we're going?

To more soup and fries.

Think we're gonna be
eating some more soup in the future?


With our wonderful significant others.

No, I meant you and me.

[chuckles] I was joking.

[gentle, romantic music playing]

I feel like we're going
down a path right now

that could result in us, like,
being boyfriend-girlfriend, you know?

Kind of putting a label on it.

I just, you know,
I've never had a girlfriend before.

Same here.
I've never had a boyfriend either.

Yeah, I don't necessarily know where...

Like when this becomes
boyfriend-girlfriend, you know?

But, like, uh... I kinda...
I-I want it to, you know?

'Cause I like where we're going,
so I would want this to become that.


I mean...

-How do you feel about that though?
-[Isha] Um...

I do feel us getting closer,

and it seems like
we're at the precipice of...

How do I start this conversation?


It's just like my own thing where I have...

I don't know what you call it.

Intimacy phobia or...

-[Isha] I don't know.

-But I...
-You get anxious in the moment, right?

-I get anxious.

And I think, for me,
that's kind of made me

end up actually not getting
very close to a lot of guys.

-It's like a scary, hard thing.

So I think that it makes
perfect sense to me.

[Isha] For me, it's like...

I don't know, just like stripping
down naked in front of a stranger

is something
that I probably wouldn't wanna do.


That is a very vulnerable experience.

Yeah. No, I get that.

Like, I think it's better
to explore that realm with someone

who is like in a similar
ballpark as me, you know?


That's refreshing

because we're two old souls
in a world full of sex, drugs and...

-Yeah, tell me about it.
-[Isha chuckles]

-It's been fun. I like you, you know.

-So let's see how this goes.


All right.

Um, no, but I actually... I like you a lot.

["I Wonder" by Caveboy playing]

♪ In the night, I wonder ♪

♪ If I could hold you ♪

♪ But it makes me colder... ♪

So if you're my boyfriend...

you're gonna have to buy me tampons.

Oh, okay.
Is that what being a boyfriend is?

That's the only thing
I think you need to know.

There's a few others,
but that's definitely helpful.

I'll make that my number-one priority.
The tampons.

Not too hard.
All you gotta do is ask. Who knew?

-[Isha] Hi.
-Thank you.

Thanks so much
for taking care of this, Michael.

I mean, you sold the clothes, right?

I mean, a boyfriend of mine
would definitely pay for it.

-Yeah, you're right.
-[Isha] Oh, my God.

That's the most
romantic thing you've ever said.

-[Michael] Hey.
-New roomie!

[all chuckling]

["Feel Food Real Good"
by Red Red Lips playing]