Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 6 - That Came Out of Nowhere - full transcript

["Showtime" playing]

[music stops]

-What's up, Keek?
-Does it look better?

-I did it bottoms.

You did bottoms?

-Bottoms are placed...
-How many clothes do you have?

Remember, I got kicked
out of my apartment.

I had to bring everything.

Yeah, but I was able to bring
my entire house in a duffel bag.

-This is insane.
-[chuckles] These are just the clothes.

Your date!

-Oh, yeah.
-I'm dying to know.

It was good. It was interesting, you know?

-We touched lips at the end of the night.
-You kissed her?

-[excitedly] Stop!
-Yeah. It was tight.

Have you told anyone?

-I'm dead.

-I'm not that kind of guy.
-That's cute!

Yeah. It was good, though.

I'm excited to, you know...
[chuckles softly]

-Where were you?
-Do some more stuff.

-Why not? I'm open to it.


[upbeat music playing]

-[Isha] You're gonna freak out.
-[Natalie] I wanna hear.

[Isha] It's actually pretty funny.

-We made out.
-[Natalie] You guys made out?


I might have a little bit
of butterflies going on down here.

In my stomach. Not in my vagina. [laughs]

I put my hand on his thigh. God, Roxy.

And he leaned in to kiss me.

And we were like, [gasps] "Yay."

He's not a bad kisser.
He's a really good kisser.

I feel like I'm having
a really good time with him.

But I'm happy
that we're taking things slow

because I did come here
to work on Hut Mentality

and to be a boss bitch fashion designer.
And to get into stores.

I need to dedicate
a lot of energy to that.

["Go" by Neahe Ashain playing] is deprecated, please
implement REST API from

-All right. So, this is Home Run Dugout.

-Yo. This is unbelievable.
-This is what you thought?

Think you can see this at a ballpark?

Yeah. I've never seen
anything like this in my life.

Like I said, everything here at a minor
league stadium is all about experience.

The Round Rock Express is the minor league
baseball team in Austin, Texas.

I had my first interview a while back

and, honest to God,
I thought that ship had sailed.

But I got invited back
for my second interview.

And it's going to be make-or-break.

I'm pretty nervous,
but I'm also pretty freaking excited.

Any of the 30 major league stadiums
you want to hit at, you could do it here.

-[Bruce] Okay.
-Right? There you go.

-It's your home ballpark.
-[Bruce] This is legit.

-This is it, dude.
-[Bruce] Come on.

[man] There it is.

[Bruce] Any opportunity to get
into professional sports

is something that I want to do.

Working in baseball specifically
holds a special place in my heart

because that's something
I grew up playing.

[man] The person I need
has to be super flexible.

They're still a part
of my front office team

working on my marketing
or operations team.

When I looked at your resume
and met with you, I was impressed.

Young kid like you.

This could be something
right up your alley.

Yes, sir. I could definitely
see myself in this role.

I'll get our HR team to reach out
in the next few days.

Get the ball rolling and talk specifics.

-[man] That work?

That's fantastic.

[man] Let's have some fun,
watch the game. We'll go from there.

I appreciate it.

Move! Get out of here, ball!

I'm sitting here,
enjoying the baseball game.

I'm taking in everything. And it hit me.

By taking this job, by accepting this job,
I'm moving to Austin permanently.

It's like, "Am I ready
to move to Austin, Texas?"

It's a big move,
from South Carolina to Texas.

Moving that far away from my family
would be pretty tough too.

So I've got a lot to think about.

It's a lot on my plate right now.
So, I gotta figure it out.

Yes, sir.
Damn, he hit the shit out of that.

[crowd cheering, clapping]

Oh, yeah.

["Feeling Unstoppable"
by Nicholas Burke Cramer playing]

Perfect. Yes. Move the arms
around a little bit more. Yeah.

Kind of like you're doing
a really slow swan.


Perfect. Yeah.

So the name of my fashion line
is "Hut Mentality."

I've been working on this line
for the past four years.

While I'm in Austin, I need to dedicate
more time and energy into this venture

because I still feel like I haven't moved
at the pace that I would have hoped to.

-You're my new favorite model.
-[camera clicking]

-Oh, my God. Amazing.

Okay. That's really cute.

It is really important for me to,

you know, make this a huge hit
and a huge success.

For me and my family.
I want to do them proud.

And, yeah, I'm hoping that
that time is now, in Austin.

You're such a natural.
I don't even have to direct you.

No, please. [laughs]

I got my job offer
with Round Rock Express.

I still haven't accepted it. Um...

You hit crossroads,
unsure whether you go left or right.

That's where I'm at.

I don't know
whether to settle my roots here

or if I want to go home
and see what that looks like.

I'm just... I have a bunch of emotions
going on in my head about...

what I want for myself.

I think like a lot of people
wrestle with that.

"Where am I gonna be happy?
The most long term?"

-I'm confused. Is this like...
-Yeah, man.

-Is this you saying bye?

-That's me flirting with the idea of it.

[Bruce] I wanted to let you in
on what I'm thinking.

-No, I appreciate it.
-[Bruce] 'Cause I've got a lot, man.

I mean, I got a job offer here.

It's a big deal.

You know, if I accept that,
there's no moving back.

I know Bruce.

He talks to his family every day.

He's been kind of homesick lately.

And so if he accepts this job in Austin,

that would mean
he's permanently living in Texas.

I don't know if he can handle that.

This whole moving to Austin thing
has all of a sudden become real,

because I've got, you know...
I might have to file taxes.

Right? Once you got to file taxes
somewhere, you're there. [laughs]

["Not The Same" by Hannibal Leq playing]

Don't say anything to anyone,
'cause I don't know like...

-[Natalie] I want the tea.

But Bruce is debating
on going home or not.

-You really think he'll leave?
-It doesn't feel real to me.

Again, I don't know how serious it is.
That's why I'm like, "Don't tell anyone."

The possibility of Bruce leaving
is very hard on me,

in that he is my best friend in the house.

I cannot imagine living here without him.

There would be a clear void
if Bruce were to leave.

That's crazy.

No, that's really crazy.

You have retainers?

Mm-hmm. Remember, you smelled it?

Did it smell like vagina?

Don't remember?

You said, "Wonder if it smells like mine.
Mine smells like vagina."

Then you smelled it and you said,
"Smells like mine."

[upbeat song playing]

There's this guy that I matched with
on Hinge a hot minute ago.

Um, and...

I get in these moods
and I can feel them coming on.

Where it's like this need to be...


[Natalie] You're home, baby.

How the fuck was it?

A lot.


I'm so self-destructive, Natalie.

Holy fuck.

What the fuck?

How am I still doing this shit?

Last night... There's this guy
I matched with on Hinge.

I went and hung out with him
and ended up crashing at his place.

It was a night.

I really don't remember.

I think now I have
a distinct memory of maybe sex.

Listen to me. When I'm on
a path of self-destruction,

literally nothing can stop me.

So, it is on no one but myself.

I don't want you to do that anymore.

For so long, I shaped a lot of
my personality around being someone

that would get attention from men.

It's almost like an addiction
and I'm falling back into old patterns.

Look at me wearing Kamari's shirt
that he left here.

-You look cute.
-You can have it.

No, I feel weird about him now.
I feel weird about everything.

I think the friends with benefits
thing worked for a while.

But continuing things with Kamari
is not necessarily in my best interest.

So I think that I just need to go back
to focusing on myself right now.

[upbeat music playing]

[Raquel] So, how are you feeling?

You'd tell me if my tits out, right?

No, they're not.

-But they look good.
-Thank you.

You look good.
About to go sell some Hut Mentality.

I'm holding myself to high standards
with this fashion line.

Also, my parents have a stake in this.

Not just emotionally,
but financially as well.

So, you know, if it doesn't work out,
I would be devastated.

-I'm Isha.
-Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.
I think we spoke on the phone earlier.

I'm the designer from LA.
I just moved to Austin.

I brought some of my pieces,
and I just kind of wanted to

see if there's a potential for us
to work together and be stocked here.

I can take a look at them.
I'll hang them all up.

To kind of tell you
a bit about everything,

all the pieces are sourced
from fabrics that are made by

different artisan groups throughout India.

And to me, the best part about it is
oftentimes they make these things

and stitch these textiles
and they don't know

if people are going to buy them.

So what's inspiring to me about it,
and why I call it "Hut Mentality,"

is this whole idea of creating art,
creating something gorgeous and beautiful,

just to do it,
just for the sake of creation.

It is immensely important for me

to prove to my family that I can do this
and make this line successful.

And also that
I can support myself through it.

And my mom always tells me,
"You have so much potential."

"You're so creative."

"I see the potential in you,
but you just have got to commit

and be willing to work hard."

It's so cute.

Thank you.

We like to work a lot with
really high-quality fabrics.

And I can tell that they're all
obviously artisan-made, like you said.


I'm worried they might not be
the right fit with our customer base.

But they're really beautiful, still.

-[Isha] Thank you.
-Love them.

Okay. That's, um...

That's disappointing.

There's a bunch of other boutiques
and I would definitely not give up.

You're very, very talented.

-Thank you so much.
-It was lovely to meet you.

Thanks you for showing me
your beautiful collection.

[Isha] Of course, thank you.

-Have a great day.
-[woman] You too. Thanks.

I think I should do
a little bit more research

and try to look for stores
that do fit the vibe of my pieces more.

It doesn't feel good to be rejected.

It's definitely a blow
to my self-confidence.

But I have to really start hustling
because the clock is ticking for me here.

We're going to knock 'em out the next time
and the next time and the time after that.

That was very symbolic.

All good. Yes.

Yes. Dust the dirt off. You got this.

Hi. My name's Isha Punja.

I'm just calling in regards to
your boutique that I came across online.

Oh, my God.

Okay. That sounds good.

["Do It" by Crazy C playing]

[Abbey] I think that things got
kind of weird between me and Kamari.

It's getting complicated.

I'm definitely feeling
anxious about talking to Kamari.

It's not... Not necessarily
the conversation that I want to have.

How are you feeling about our

current situation?

[Kamari] Uh...

It's a lot.

It's just a weird space
to navigate. Honestly.

-[Abbey] I know.
-What about you? How you feeling?

I didn't really expect this, you know?

But it's definitely...

"distracting," I guess, is the word.

It's like...

my same pattern.

All of those things together,

I just feel like
we should probably put an end to this.

Uh... I mean...

I understand. Um...

I support Abbey's decision and I think
she's making the best choice for her.

When you start to do
the whole friends with benefits thing,

eventually it starts to get tricky.

I'll miss the benefits a little bit,
but I think this is a good spot for us.

You just got out of a marriage.

I mean, I definitely...
I feel the same way in a certain sense.

I am glad that he feels
the same way that I do.

I definitely think that
this was the right decision.

I think I need to choose myself right now.

I guess my main thing
moving forward would be

to make sure we're good,
because friends before anything.

I don't want you to feel weird around me
or feel like you can't talk to me.

I think Abbey and I
taking a step back from this situation

is going to be beneficial for both of us.

I mean, I'm just glad that, once again,
we're on the same page.

We're friends before anything.
So, I think we're in a good space.

-[Keauno] Kamari.
-'Sup, man?

-[Keauno] What's wrong?
-Just a conversation with Abbey.

No more friends with benefits?

Shit gotta move on, so... [chuckles]

Abbey told me that
her and Kamari are done.

-They're not seeing each other anymore?
-Mm, yeah.

Why would she do that? He's fine as hell.

I am done with Roxy's reactions.

[Raquel] When I first got here,

I saw that tall, dark and handsome
piece of chocolate on the balcony, okay?

He is... chef's kiss, okay?

[upbeat music playing]

[Raquel] So how are you feeling?

Okay. You know, I feel like
I'm not nervous in my gut,

but I'm feeling lightheaded.

So I think
I'm a little nervous actually. Yeah.

[Isha] Last time that I went
to a boutique, it didn't go well.

There's too much at stake at this point

for me to fail and it would probably
be the biggest failure of my life.

Are you ready?

There's nothing I can do now.
I just have to go in and do my thing.

-Take charge of your destiny.
-[both chuckle]

-Oh, my God. This store is so cute.
-It is.

-[gasps] Everything is so good.

-This is like my wardrobe.
-I'm here if you need me.

-I'm nervous. [sighs]
-[softly] You got this. You got this.

I'm way more nervous
than I was the first time.

I felt like it would happen.

And then it didn't.
So, now I'm like, "Fuck."

Hi, Emily?

-Hi. Yeah.
-Hi. I think I called you earlier.

-That's right. Isha?
-Nice to meet you.

You pronounced it correctly.
Maybe that's a good luck sign.

I saw your store.
Everything is so beautiful.

So I wanted to come in
and show you some of my pieces.

And see if maybe you'd be interested
in potentially stocking. [chuckles softly]

This right here is a corset top

that's actually inspired by
the Victorian corset tops.

As I'm pitching my line,
I'm definitely very nervous.

And I feel like I have a hard time
finding the right words.

This actually used to be a... door hanging.

There is just so much
that goes into this line

that it's hard for me to deliver it
in a 30-second pitch.

So I kind of reconstructed
it into a corset

and I added these sleeves.
Which are hand-dyed, like a tapestry.

I love the energy.
I love the vibrant colors.

I feel like this is really on-brand
with my store.

I tend to offer consignment as a way
to dip our toe in at the beginning.

And you, basically, tell me
what your bottom line is.

And then I mark it up from there.

Should we start with two?
Or maybe we can do...

-To me a collection is three pieces.

Oh, my God.
It's so weird that I'm leaving them here.

[both laughing]

-So, let's go with the dress too.
-[woman] With those three pieces?

[Isha] I feel so happy.


It's just a win on so many levels.

So, me starting with consignment
at an amazing, high fashion, cool,

artsy boutique,
is definitely a win for me.

-She took three pieces.

[softly] Okay. Play it cool. Let's go.

-That's a lot of money.
-That's a lot of fricking money.

[softly] Girl, that's really good.
I'm so proud of you.

["Something Good"
by Pink Shark Music playing]

Here we go.

-What up, dog?
-What are you doing?

I got some crazy shit to tell you, bro.

[Keauno] What?

I'm leaving, man.

I started weighing out my options.
You know, what it looked like.

It's not an easy flip of the switch of
moving from South Carolina to Texas

and picking up a new job.

What am I leaving behind
in South Carolina?

You know, I'm leaving behind
my mom and my dad.

Long term, you don't get that much time
with the people that you love.

And I don't know if being 16 hours
away from them is

something I want to do for a long time.


Got to do what's right
for my family and myself right now.

It sucks because I've had
a lot of fun getting to know you.

Bruce. [sobbing]

[whining] I know you need to go,
but selfishly, I'm really heartbroken.


Bruce is this loud, straight Southern guy,

and I'm this quirky, gay Mexican.

And he accepted me from day one.

Let me give you a hug?
Give me a hug, bro. Love you, dude.

-Gonna miss you, man.
-[Keauno] I'm gonna miss you more.

It really taught me that
friendship can have no barriers.

I am going to miss him

so much. I have no words for

how much I'll miss him.

Love you, bro.

["Glimmer" by Nicole Serrano playing]

-[straining] Oh.
-What's cooking with you?


Y'all mind if I...
Mind if I told y'all something?

-Yeah, what's up?

Dude, it's like... The last couple
of days have been wild, man.

Thinking about life and everything.

I've decided not to
take the job with Round Rock.

Bro, what?

-I'm gonna move back home.
-Oh, you're tripping. [chuckling]

-For real?
-[Michael] Serious?

Dead serious, man.

[Michael] It sucks to see Bruce go.

He's just one of the guys.
We're all pretty sad that he's leaving us.

-[Kamari] Crazy.
-We're gonna miss the fuck out of you.

-I'm gonna miss y'all too, bro.

[Bruce] I think I'm just
going to move home.

-[Raquel] Wait.
-Are you actually going to move home?

-Instead of taking the job?
-[Bruce] Yeah.

[Natalie] No.

So, you're just out? You're done?
You made the decision?

-Are you sure?

Yeah. I think it took me getting the job
with Round Rock Express.

-I'm very fortunate that they offered.
-It made it feel real?

-Then it becomes real.
-It's not gonna be the same, Bruce.

You just spun it on me.
Now I'm getting emotional. [chuckles]


-What's up?

-Hello, Bruce.
-[Isha] Hi, Keke.

Um... It's been a tough decision,
but I have a flight this afternoon.

-[Raquel] No!
-What? This afternoon?

-[Kamari] Like this afternoon?

-Yeah. This afternoon.
-Damn, Bruce.

My time here has been great.
I've really enjoyed my time.

And I'm just blessed
that I was able to meet everyone here. Um...

Me and the guys have really
developed a brotherhood.

-You gonna leave me your hoodie?
-[Bruce] Hell no, bro.

Obviously me and Kamari,
we work out every day together at the gym.

Uh, Michael is probably the funniest guy
I've ever met in my life.

And last but not least, is Keke.

I look at him as being
one of my best friends. [chuckles softly]

-See you, girl.
-[Natalie] Bruce.

-Can we do "Baby Brucie" one more time?
-No. My Lord.

Bruce always knows how to make me laugh.

And not having him in the house
is... It's going to feel different.

It's gonna feel weird.

-See y'all. Bye.
-Bye, Bruce.

I really enjoyed getting to know Bruce.

I do really, really wish him well.

And I can see him starting
a beer company or something. [chuckles]

-I'll be close.

[Natalie] Are we group hugging?

-I'm giving this guy a hug.
-Thanks, Mike.

You know, this is kind of
a once in a lifetime experience.

Uh, so, it was really special
to share it with Bruce.

And he's going to be missed by all of us.

It's definitely going to be
a piece of the puzzle missing.

[Natalie] Do the "Let's go!"

-[Bruce] Let's go!
-[all] Yay!

-The Bruce is literally loose.
-Appreciate y'all. I love y'all.

Love you, dog.

My guy! I'm gonna miss you, bro.

Don't cry. You already cried last night.

See y'all.

-[Kamari] Bye, Bruce!

I'm sad to see my boy Bruce go.

But at the end of the day,
I'm glad he's going home.

I'm glad he's following his heart.

I know he made
the right choice for himself.

["Never Look Back"
by The Franklin Electric playing]

This is Bruce signing off.

I'm out. So, you know I'm gonna
give it to you one last time

because y'all going to miss my loud mouth.

But... Let's go! Whoo!

["Can't Break My Vibe"
by Hot Kicks playing]

I know Bruce would not want me
to stay at home in bed.

And so I'm going to channel my own
inner Bruce and have the best night.

[Natalie] Go, Keeks!

So, even with the fact of
Bruce going home,

he wouldn't want us to stay in the crib
and just mope over it.

So, me and the housemates decided
it's only necessary we still go out.

We're kind of honoring him tonight.


Let's do a cheers to Bruce.

I'm going to miss him, but I know
we came in to follow our hearts.

-He's following his heart still.

One... two... three.

[all] Let's go!


I want y'all to get drunk enough
to get fucking wild.

This is the first night

that Kamari and I are going out
just actually as friends.

Shooters gonna shoot.

I have no claim,
but I still [chuckles] am a little loathe

to watch him flirt with a bunch of people.

-What's up?
-[woman] Hi.

-How are you?
-[woman] Good. How are you?


I'm definitely excited to get out here,
have fun and spread my wings. So...

It's a whole lot
of beautiful women out here.

Shit. I'm just enjoying the night.

Miss Roxy.

How have you been?

This is my friend.

But tonight it's just the light
hitting him a certain way.

And I'm like...

The sweats! [chuckles]

I feel like we don't... We don't...

-You know, we don't be talking, man.
-Oh, God.

We don't be talking.

Abbey and I just ended
our whole friends with benefits thing.

And Roxy and I...
There's definitely some chemistry there.

I don't know where this is gonna go.

I'm hoping this shit
don't blow up in my face.

-[Natalie] Where's Kamari?
-Talking to Roxy.

-[Kamari] What is that face?
-[Raquel] Nothing.

I was about to say, "Damn.
You're just gonna pop out like this?"

-You know!
-[Kamari] Looking like that?

I'm just trying to match your fly.

I've always been attracted to Kamari.

But he hooked up with Abbey so fast,
I couldn't put the moves down on him.

Was I shocked? No.

But they're not exclusively together.

So, I'm hoping
that this isn't a big mix-up

because that's gotten me
in trouble before.


I'm about to say,
"Come on now. All right."

Damn. Temptation is just...
Is very relevant in this situation.

But if we were to hook up
and then went left.

Then everything else
is just gonna fall apart.

We be getting it in. I be getting it in.

[Raquel] I'm ready.

Roxy. This came out of fucking nowhere.

Lord have mercy! Jesus, take the wheel!


Guess what?
We're starting to look for a new roommate.

What makes you a good roommate?

I do courtesy flushes if I take a shit.

Drop, flush, drop, flush.

Is this the fucking circus over here?

[Keauno] I'm scared I'm going to fall.


[Abbey] Oh, my God!

I stand for love and justice.

[all cheering]

I don't know how to change.

-[Natalie] No! No, no.
-I fucking hate this day, dude.

[whining] I don't know what to do.

[Michael] If this was the end and I didn't
see you again, it would crush me.


-[Natalie] Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God!

[Isha] Oh, my God!

Sorry, camera.

Use your imagination.

[Raquel chuckling]

["BAEwatch" by Laurell playing]