Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 3 - Don't Break My Bed - full transcript

["It's My World" by Y2 playing]

♪ La da dee da dee
I'm a walking party ♪

♪ I'm just getting started
Sorry I'm not sorry ♪

♪ Ooh, I think I like it
I get too excited ♪

♪ Every day's a dance floor
You know where to find me ♪

♪ You ain't get the memo, baby ♪

♪ It's my world
And you're just living in it ♪

♪ It's my world
And you're just living in it ♪

♪ Mine ♪

[indistinct chatter]

Good morning.

-[Michael] Well, well, well.
-What's up with y'all?

[Michael] Look who we have here.
Were you at the bar last night?

-Uh, yeah, I had...
-I couldn't find you.

Your face was buried in Abbey's all night.

He's been fucking waiting.

-Wait, you kissed Abbey?
-I think she kissed me.

-Oh, my God.
-[Michael] Okay.

[chuckles] Nah, it was definitely
a night to remember.

My, um, first gay bar.

-So, yeah.
-Yeah. And you're in love now.

-I wouldn't go that...

I wouldn't go that far. I'm about to, um...

I'm about to go
clean up the pool a little bit.

-[Michael] All right, cool guy.
-Yes, yes, yes.

Last night, me and the housemates went out

and when we got back
we had a little after-party.

I had to come this morning and clean it up
'cause, honestly, I'm a neat freak.

-[Keauno] Was it Abbey?

-Oh, yeah, they were all over each other.
-[Kamari] Shut up!

-Like raccoons in a trash can.
-[Keauno laughing] Stop!

♪ Let's just play it back
Let's just play it back ♪

♪ I need a second to recap
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Just turning off my phone
Doesn't mean it's really gone ♪


-Hello. Good morning.
-Well, well. What's up?

Last night was crazy.

And in the bar, um, Abbey and I kissed.

It was just a kiss
and nothing else happened,

but, damn, did I just start something?

Um, I'm looking for... you know
the little thing I was wearing?

-The little, like...
-Yeah. Yes.

-It's a sarong. That's the word. Yes.
-The shit, shit? Uh...

[clicks tongue] I don't...

[Abbey] I am very attracted to Kamari,

but I did not come here
for a relationship.

I just got out of one.

And I don't wanna do that again.

Um, I just really need to focus
on getting a job at this point.

-Oh, wow.
-I've never used this before.

Thank you.

-She's really in there.
-Yeah. No, she is.

You're lucky I fuck with you.
I'll push you in the pool right now.

-Please don't. I have such a headache.
-I really want to.

-[Kamari] Ooh, look at that. One take.
-That was amazing.

-It was very graceful. Yeah?
-It's not too hard.

-All right, you gotta... Yeah.

-Can you just dump her over?
-Go ahead, handle your business.

[both laughing]

♪ Let's go, let's go
Let's go, let's go, let's go ♪

♪ I get what I want if I want it
I'mma cop it ♪

♪ Ride foreign whips
Valet, double park it ♪

♪ Let's go, here we go
Let's go, let's go ♪

♪ Let's go, here we go
Let's go, let's go ♪

I don't know. It's been fun so far.
I just need to get a fucking job.

[both chuckling]

I'm just sitting here,
like, broke as fuck, like, um...

Living off my...

[in British accent] ...tiny, little savings.

Your girl is very poor.

"Run out of money. Please, sir."

-[Abbey's sister] Have you been looking?
-Yeah, some. Why do you say it like that?

-I don't like your fucking tone.

Yes, I've been looking.

[Abbey's sister laughing]

[chuckling] You're such a bully.

I have been job hunting for a few days,
but the pressure's kind of on

because I don't really
have any money of my own right now.

But I do have a job interview today. So...

[upbeat music playing]

Okay, now, so like I was saying...

-Okay., I do have a little bit of, um...

Hang on. You're gonna
connect to the car. One second.

-Let me...
-Abbey, can you hear me?

I can hear you. I think you're gonna
connect to the car. One sec.

This is so fucking confusing.

Annie, are you there?


-You remember me talking about Kamari?
-[Annie] I sure do.

So we did, um... We did kiss a little.

-We did have a nice little smooch...
-Interesting, Abbey.

You didn't tell me right after?

-I know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I don't know. I feel weird about it.

I don't feel weird about it.
It was good kiss.

You think it's stupid?

Um, I feel like you need to, like, chat.

Maybe, like, try and have
a nice little chat.

[Abbey] I feel like I'm overthinking it.

[Annie] After your last relationship...

-My marriage?
-[chuckling] How everything...

Your marriage.

My whole-ass marriage and divorce.
You remember that?

That cheeky little thing?

-A little casual thing.
-No big deal.

No, I just feel like...

I don't know. You've just gone
through so much. It's not...

I feel like not everything
needs to be a big deal.


In that sense.

And I just think it could be fun.

So being married,
I was in school most of the time.

So I relied a lot on my ex, financially.

Now that I'm outside of the relationship,
it's been such a struggle for me.

I have a lot of bills
and a lot that I have to pay off.

So, yeah, it's on my mind a lot.

And I really need to just
kind of get on my feet by myself.

[Annie] You have your important interview.
You're going to do great.

I'm just gonna, like, bullshit it.

[Annie chuckling]

-Let me know how it goes.
-[Abbey] Be safe.

-I love you very much. Bye.
-[Abbey] Okay. Bye.

["We Comin' in Hot" by Windsor,
feat. Tamara Bubble playing]

-[Abbey] Hi.
-Hi, how are you?

-I'm good. How are you?
-Hi, I'm Cassey.

-Nice to meet you. I'm Abbey
-Nice to meet you. Abbey?


-Did you find it all right? Yeah?

-Are you from Austin or no?

-But I'm familiar with the city.

-Medium familiar.

-Where are you from?

-I come here a lot.

-Have you bartended before?
-Yes. A lot.

I waitressed.
And I bartended at a country club.

Why do you think you'd be a fit here?
It's more of a dive bar kind of...


-I've never been here but...

It looks very cute.
I mean, I don't know. I...

I thrive in environments
with a lot of people.

-So I just feel like...

I do well behind a bar.

-I like to... Yes.
-Very friendly.

-With regulars and that sort of thing.

-We have a lot of regulars.

I can tell. I feel like
this is a regulars bar, for sure.

Well, just to see how you flow
with everyone here and all the regulars,

would you be interested
in coming back for a trial run?

-Trial shift?
-Yeah, definitely.

-See if you're a fit.
-Yeah. Bring my A game.

-Yeah. Well, you gotta.
-[both chuckle]

["Come & Get It" by 80AM playing]

♪ What are you waitin' for? ♪

♪ Come and get it ♪

Know that moment when you jump
into the pool and it's freezing?

-Yeah. I hate that.
-I hate that.

Why would you bring
that pain upon yourself?

-It is so cold.
-You know?

I can only do...
This sounds so fricking annoying,

but I can only do salt water.

-Because of my eczema.

I think I'm a land animal.

[Raquel] Really?

-Hey, guys.
-[Isha] Hello.

[Raquel] Hey.

[Michael] What are you doing?

-Talking about eczema.
-[Raquel chuckles]

-[Michael] Really?

[Michael] Is it fun?

A little itchy conversation.

Yeah? Cool.
I just came out here to do my midday laps.

Wait, do you actually swim for fun?

[Michael] Not fun. For exercise.

That's how I keep up my physique.

-Midday laps.
-[Raquel] I support.

[Michael] Do you need anything
before I go in and get wet?

I would love a water.
A sparkling water. Thank you.

I'll go get you guys some water.
You want one too?

-Please. Thank you.

[Isha] That was really nice
that he's offered to get us water.

I didn't know he was so chivalrous.

That's not the vibe
I got the first day at the pool.

That's probably, like,
first guy friend in the house.


-You said, "Friend."

-So you guys don't have a thing?

No. Not at all.

When I saw you guys going to the bodega,
I was like, "They're..."

By all means, friend,
if that's your cup of tea, sip away.

-I got sugar. I got stevia...
-Who said that was my cup of tea?

-Is it that obvious?

That I think he's kinda cute.

Okay. This is the thing.

I think I definitely was initially
really attracted to Bruce.

I don't know why
because Bruce isn't even my type actually.

-I just think we're so different.

I basically felt like he and I
are actually not compatible at all.

-But with Michael...

He is the cousin of my type.

It's not that he is not my type,
it's just he's his own genre.

I don't think I've ever met
a specimen quite like him before.

It's like he's so interesting
to watch existing.

-Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ooh.
-And I'm attracted to that.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.

[laughs softly]


You don't like sparkling.

Oh, my gosh, bestie. You better know
something about me. Thank you.

-I wanted sparkling. Thank you.
-[Michael] Nice.

-Knocked it out of the park.
-Thank you.

[Michael] Yeah. Of course.

All right. I got some laps
I gotta swim, guys.

Rip that shirt off.
Let's see the torso. Let's go.

[Raquel] Torso!
[in British accent] Thanks for my water.

-Yeah. You're welcome.

-[Raquel] Torso! Torso! Torso!

This is the torso
that every girl dreams of.

-[Raquel] Yeah!
-[Isha] Yes!

I guess I have the green light.

I heard you can tell a lot about
how someone makes love by how they swim.


-I left my glasses on.
-[Isha laughing]

[Raquel] Can you see underwater? No?

Did you forget to take your glasses off?

Yeah. I realized as soon
as my head hit the water.

[Raquel] Aw.

♪ Maybe I'm a little upset ♪

♪ Ah! This is the best ♪

A possum jumped on me.

[Raquel] Girl! No, you let
the spider fucking in.

[Natalie exclaiming]

-[Abbey] Is that a spider?

[Bruce] What's up, bro?

-What you doing? What's up?

[laughing] What's up, bro?

-I need help.

-I said, "I need help."
-What you need help with?

Oscar's texted me.

-But I don't know what to do.

I just don't know what to text Oscar back.
Or if I should have, like, a...

-I don't know.
-All right.

So let's get this straight.
You got Oscar, who you met at Rain.

-That's exciting.
-It was.

Oh, my gosh. Like, this is hitting me.

I'm learning to be gay.

I'm being gay
and I would say I'm very inexperienced.

I've never hooked up with a guy.

I haven't even kissed a guy before.

I don't know. All of this is so new to me.

I'm, like, confused and overwhelmed.

Obviously there's a lot
between you and Oscar.

I think you genuinely do like him
and I think Oscar likes you back.

So then maybe you need to,
you know, test the waters.

Take him out on a date, man.

And if you don't wanna go out
on a second date with him, don't do it.

How do I even ask him out? Do I text him?

No, dude.
Bro, you gotta FaceTime him. Call him.

You just gotta do it.

You gotta rip the Band-Aid off
and just do it.

I've never asked a guy out before.

I am sweating just thinking about it.

I can barely dial the phone
'cause my Chihuahua syndrome's kicking in.

-[dramatically] Oscar.

-[Bruce] Bro, just go.
-It says loading.

[line ringing]

-[Oscar] Hey!
-Hey, Oscar.

[Oscar] How are you?

Uh, how was your day?

It was good. It was a...
It was a good, busy day.

How was your day?

It was a good day.
Hanged out with my roommates.

But I called you because...

I had a lot of fun, um, at Rain.

Uh, and I was just wondering
if you'd be interested

in maybe going on a date this week?

-Absolutely. Yeah.
-[mouthing] Let's go!

-I would love to. That's so sweet.
-[mouthing] Let's go!

A little Keke dance.

Oh, I'm excited.

[Oscar] Me too.
Do you know what you wanna do?

[Keauno] Something Austin-y, right?
That sounds fun.

Yeah. Dinner,
you know, or out on the lake.

There's so much to do in Austin.
You gotta fall in love with this city.

Well, I'm excited to see you this week.

[Oscar] Me too. It's gonna be fun.

Have a good night.

Buenas noches, bye.

-Oh, my God!
-Let's go!

-That was so crazy.
-Hey! Yes, sir.


-Oh, my God.
-Let's go!

-I have a date.
-I'm happy for you, bro.

-Let's go!
-I'm scared.

♪ Watch out
I'm on the road now ♪

♪ I got that rhythm
From my head to toes now ♪

♪ I got a good, good feelin' ♪

♪ Good, good feelin' ♪

-Hey. Hello again.
-Hey, girl. Welcome back.

-You ready?
-I am. A little nervous.

-Don't be.
-I need to refresh my memory on stuff.

-Yeah. You've bartended before, right?
-It's been a while.

I have been given an opportunity,
so I would very much like to do well.

I really need money,
so I really wanna get the job.

I'm hoping,
you know, fake it till you make it.

So the drafts are gonna go
from Zilker to Budweiser.

These are all the cocktails, cans, drafts.

This is our well with all of our liquors.
Tequila, gin, rum, whiskey.

This is the mezcal,
so we have that one mezcal drink.

-And peach schnapps.

Which is pretty easy.

So have any questions yet?

Yeah, um, a multitude.

To say that I'm nervous
is an understatement.

I haven't bartended in years.

[Cassey] I'm just gonna do
a pour test with you.

So what I normally do is that you really
just wanna put it totally vertical.

I have lotion on my hands.
I'm scared I'll drop it.

-Just hold it here. That's easier.
-Oh, duh.

-All right.
-Then just put it all the way over.

Good. That was a little over.

Little too much.
Trying to get everybody fucked up.

-We wanna do that but also make money.
-No, that's right. That's right.

I definitely feel like, um,
I was thrown in without a life jacket.

-Which is a good way to learn.

-Yeah, um... I'm...
-I'll be here. I'll help you.

All right. No, we're good.

It's fine. It's fine.
I know how to make drinks. I got this.


[upbeat pop music playing]

[Abbey] Oh, shit.

Maybe not as easy as I thought. All right.

I'm learning. I'm new, all right?

Tequila, lime juice.

-I tried.
-[man 1] Thank you.

[Abbey] Did my best.

-Sorry. Don't wanna underserve.
-[man 2] Yeah.

[Abbey sighs] I am struggling.
Oh, my God. Sorry.

Really getting my hands in there.

-Can I get a mule?
-You can. Okay.

Let's get into it.

I'm... I'm learning.

[upbeat pop music playing]

I'm sweating already 'cause I'm nervous.

I grew up in a small conservative town
and my family was very religious.

And I didn't know
if they would accept me being gay.

That's why I came out so late.

And so, it's wild,
now I'm in Austin, Texas,

proudly out, learning to be gay.

I'm about to go on my first date.

This is like a dream.

[Oscar] Hey, Keauno.

-[chuckling] Oscar.
-How are you?

-I'm well. How are you?

-It's good to see you.
-You too.

I'm glad we get to
spend some time together.

Yes. Well, it's beautiful out here.
I've never been here.

You've never been to this lake?
Oh, my gosh. I love it.

It's my favorite part of Austin.

I've never done this. It's so cute.

[Keauno] Oscar seems like a dream guy.

I've always believed in fairy tales.

I realize I might sound crazy,
but I'm all in for Oscar.

[Oscar] Here we go. We're moving.

-[Keauno] Wait. This is hard.
-[Oscar chuckling]

-This is fun.
-Can we go anywhere?

-This is fast. Faster than I thought.
-[Oscar] Yeah.

[Keauno] I don't want,
like, Titanic to happen.

-[Oscar] Do you like chardonnay?
-I think. I like any alcohol.

-I'm just kidding.

-Yay! Got it.
-[Oscar] Yay!

-Strawberry. Can I feed you?
-That's right.

Thank you. Ooh, that's good.

-To our first date.
-[Keauno] Yes.

[Oscar] I'm feeling funny.

'Cause the club was so loud.
I was trying to talk to you

and ask you stuff,
but I couldn't hear most of it.

I have a low voice
and I was so nervous, like...

That was my first gay bar in Austin.

[Oscar] You gotta tell me more about that.

-I need a drink.
-Yeah, salud.

Are you very close to your family?

[Keauno] Um, I think not being...

Them not knowing I was gay
made me, like, internally have a wall.

And so I only went home
three times a year.

-[Oscar] Which is very little for us.

-[Oscar] Anybody else would be like...
-My sisters live with my parents.

-[Oscar] Exactly. Same. My sisters...

-[Oscar] Until they get married. Same.

But my parents are so loving.

We grew up very poor.
We still are poor. And, like...

But they are the happiest people on earth.

That's... that's why to me,
they symbolize love.

Because they don't have anything,
but they're the happiest people.

-'Cause they have each other.

This is so freaking nice.

And you're killing it at driving the boat.

I feel really special.

I feel really special that you're choosing
to spend this valuable time with me.

Uh, today's been
one of the best days of my life.

Is that cheesy? I'm a cheesy person. Uh...

I love it. I love it. [chuckling]

I'm living a life I was scared to live.

I came to Austin
to focus on personal life Keauno.

And that's what I'm doing.

I'm so happy and... I don't think
even "happy" can describe it.

Would you be interested
in going out again?

I would love to go out again.
I would absolutely love it.

-But may I give you a kiss?
-Oh, my gosh.

-[both chuckling]

♪ It's my desire, so let's go higher ♪

♪ Yeah, we're chasing flames ♪

♪ Yeah, we're chasing flames ♪

I just got my first kiss!

Like, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy!

Like, cloud nine! I'm like,
"Can we do that again, please?" Like...

[Keauno chuckles]

I was not expecting that.

Oh, my gosh.

I don't know if I believe you,
that I'm your first kiss.

[Keauno] Stop.

I'm so embarrassed. Can we go faster?

I'm just kidding.

Oh, my gosh.

-You're so funny.
-I'm, like, sweating.

I'm like, "That's turning me on."

-I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding.
-[Oscar laughing]

♪ Nothing can stop my vibes ♪

♪ I'll keep riding high ♪

♪ I'mma do what I want
I do whatever I want ♪

[hip-hop playing over speakers]

[Natalie] How are you feeling about
going to watch Abbey making drinks?

-[Kamari] Gosh.
-[Natalie] Kinda sexy, huh?

I mean, I saw you guys
lip-locking at the club.

-You know?
-Oh, you saw that?

I mean, who could not see that? I mean...

Yeah. That was...

Once you catch a glimpse
you want the whole thing.

Yeah, that was... Shut up!

[upbeat pop music playing]

[Kamari] Oh, man, good old Austin.

And... Oh.

No, I did it wrong. See?

It's okay.
I think we can fix it. We can fix it.

-Hi, guys. Welcome.
-[Kamari] Yo. What's up?

-Abbey. Oh, my God.
-[Abbey] Hey.

I wanna be at Abbey's bar training session
because I want to show her support.

I know if a friend is there supporting her
she's gonna have the confidence she needs.

And I'll be there for my girl and be like,
"Mm, delicious," you know?

What you gettin'?

[Natalie] Okay, so...

What's a drink you'd give
a guy that you're into?

Oh, my God. Natalie.

Something really strong, you know?
Get him nice and fucked up.

-Kidding. I'd never.

-Just whatever. Surprise me.
-I would never.

-Really? All right.
-[Kamari] Yeah.

-[Abbey dramatically] For you.
-Thank you.

-[normally] Try that.
-[Natalie] What's this again?

-[Abbey] Just try it.
-[Kamari] Uh-oh.

-Don't lie. Don't lie.

-Oh, my God. What is this?
-[Kamari] For real?

-It tastes... You're gonna freak out.
-[Kamari] Can I taste it?

[Abbey] Don't try it.

Please taste it. No, actually taste it.

-[Abbey and Natalie laughing]

-Abbey, what the fuck?
-[Natalie] Tastes like armpit.

-It tastes like sweaty socks.
-Ew! That shit is disgusting.

[Natalie] Oh, my God.
Did you do that on purpose?

-Oh, my God. It tastes... [retches]
-[Kamari] Wait, what is that?

Love the girl but... You gotta pick
another career choice, baby.

I mean, alcohol is supposed
to make you happy not...

Not make you feel like
you're being poisoned.

Maybe extermination would be great.

Have you ever been a bartender before?

-It was a long time ago. Can you tell?
-Yeah? [chuckles]

Here's the thing,
people fail in life all the time.

We all know how amazing you are.

-Like... This isn't gonna taint anything.

We know how amazing you are. For sure.

Kamari knowshow amazing you are.

Not yet. Oh!

-[Natalie gasps]

[Raquel] What's going on?

[Keauno] I'm kinda sad. My, um...

My grandma is not doing too well.

-I'm so sorry.
-Thank you.

I just needed to share with someone.

Feel how you feel. Have you been
keeping in touch with family?

Yes, that's what...
I need to call, um... 'Cause...

'Cause of COVID only her
and one other person can be there.

-So it's hard to get a hold of her.

So, yeah,
I think I'm kind of into Michael now.


Yes! Sweet, I love this.

Oh, my God.
This is actually so cute for you.

Next time we go out,
you, like, flirt with him,

and then you see, like,
what sparks are gonna fly, you know?


[cell phone ringing]


[woman over phone] Hi, Abbey,
this is Michelle from Latchkey.

-Hi, how are you?
-I'm good.

I just wanted to let you know

I don't think it's gonna be
a right fit for us at the moment.

Um, we appreciate you coming in.

We're just looking for someone with
a little more experience at this time.

Yeah. Okay. I understand. Thank you.

Have a good one. Bye.


[pensive pop music playing]

[Bruce] Honey, honey, honey.
I love this place.

[upbeat pop music playing]

[Kamari] Okay. Desert Door.

Y'all pretty excited?

So today, I thought it'd be fun
to bring the gang to a local distillery.

Pretty exciting if you ask me.

So hopefully everyone has fun.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Not now. Okay?

Too crazy for right now?

-Yeah, we're not even drunk yet.

I'm not gonna lie,
when I picked out my outfit today,

it was definitely
one of my better outfits.

So I'm feeling good,
feeling flirty, feeling fun.

I figure it's a great time for me
to get to know Michael a little bit more

and, uh, try to flirt with him one-on-one.

All right, y'all.
I got some flights here for you.

-[Abbey] Wow!
-[Natalie] So nice!

-[Bruce] Appreciate it.
-That's what I like.

We're excited.

-[Kamari] Take one, pass it down. Yes.
-[Keauno] Potions.

[Bruce] Yes, potions.

Cheers, kiddos!

-[Abbey] Love y'all.

-[Keauno] I love y'all!
-[Kamari] Cheers, Michael.

I don't know if I can do it.


-I'm feeling mine. It was okay.
-Actually good.

-You did it all.
-It's really good.


Is the drink better or worse
than the drink Abbey made you?


[Keauno] Oh, my gosh!

Definitely better. I feel so bad.

-Abbey was good.
-[Kamari] No, it's okay.

-She was training.
-[Natalie] Training, yeah.

-Didn't y'all say it was fun?
-[Natalie] Fun.

-Yeah, it was so fun. It was so fun.
-[Kamari] It was good.

-[Isha] I wish I was there.
-What happened?

[Abbey] It was really bad. Um...

I fucked as many things up in a short
period of time... I'm not kidding.

[Kamari laughing]

[Natalie] My baby girl.

So embarrassing. I'll think
about this for the rest of my life.

[all laughing]

Um, other than that,
she looked so hot behind the bar.

Oh, fuck off!

[Natalie] That's half the battle.
You're good.

[Abbey] I'm not getting that job.

But yeah, it was fun. It's... It's fine.

-It was a learning experience.
-[Natalie] Yeah.

Yeah. Oh, my God.

Anyway, let's talk about anything
other than that.

-[Bruce] Shoot, Keke, though.
-[Kamari chuckles]

-[Bruce] Keke, we diving in.
-What's up with the date?

We gotta hear about this date, my guy.
You gotta fill us in.

Um... [sighs]

I think I'm in love.

-[all exclaiming]
-It was one of the best days of my life.

-That's awesome.

And as soon as he showed up,
he kissed me on the cheek

and I was not expecting that. I was like...

I don't know. I'm crazy.
He seems like the husband.

-Like husband material.
-I get it.

So we're definitely going on another date.
We've been texting.

Sounds like he's liking some Keke, man.

[Keauno] And then,
I end up having my first kiss.

-[Natalie] Oh, my God. Yes.

I feel like my lips are raw today.
I'm just kidding.

-[all exclaiming]
-[all speaking indistinctly]

[Natalie] Needs a break.

I'm like really hungry.

There's a food truck right outside.

Do you wanna get me a taco?

-I'm broke. I'm poor. Help me.
-[Michael] Sure.

H&M's doing real good right now.

-I'll get you a taco.
-[Isha] Cool.

Yay, I get to have
alone time with Michael and...

I mean, I wasn't really hungry
but that was the best trick up my sleeve.

When you have to flirt on the spot,
you do what you can with what you have.

[upbeat pop music playing]

I have no idea what kind of food this is.

A taco truck.
There's only one thing that they can sell.

[Michael] Oh, that's true.

Funny story. One time I was on a date
and, uh, we went to a taco truck.

And I got mole tacos
and apparently mole has peanuts in it.

I got an anaphylactic reaction
in the middle of the date.

-He had to drive me to urgent care.

-And I had to get a shot in my butt.

And I went into
a separate room to get the shot.

They were like,
"We're giving you a shot in the butt."

I was like, "In my butthole?"
They're like, "No, in your butt-cheek."

I come out and he goes, "All I heard
you scream was, 'In my butthole.'"


-We never went on a date again.
-Can we get two mole tacos?

-I'm kidding.

Isha is a beautiful woman
and, uh, she's got a great personality.

Some might say
she's a little out of my league.

I don't know what league I'm in.

But I think it's at least one below hers.

She's like a model.

This isn't a good combo.

This isn't a good convo?

"Combo." Convo is great.
Fries and gazpacho, not.

What y'all think...
Isha and Michael out there?

I was about to say the same thing.

-There is something brewing. Yeah.
-[Kamari] You think so?

-Those tacos must be pretty good.
-[Natalie] Yeah.


-I don't know.
-Have y'all picked up on anything?

-It's hard to see that dynamic.

But complicated to start hooking up
with someone in the house, I'd think.

-Maybe they shouldn't.
-Oh, yeah?

-I don't know.
-[Natalie] Abbey, you're projecting.

Could be complicated. Who knows?

-You think so?
-[Abbey] Yeah.

-Hmm. I don't know.

[Natalie] There were some cross fires.

[Kamari and Natalie imitating gunshots]

-[Keauno] Bruce.
-[all laughing]


Is this a date?

[Michael] Um...

If it is, we're probably
the weirdest people in the house.

-And that'd make sense.

As I start to talk to Michael more,

I start picking up on potentially
him being interested in me.

I noticed when he looks at me,

it's weird, I feel like he's kind of
admiring me when he looks at me.

And, like, that makes me really happy.

I haven't really seen a lot of guys
look at me like how Michael looks at me.

Like, I feel like it's really sweet
how he looks at me.

-[Michael] We could go on a date.
-What would we do if we did go on a date?

I don't know. You wanna go bowling?

Can I have a second
to, like, figure it out?

-You think about it.

-I'll plan something cool.
-I'm high maintenance.

-Okay. I'm not. I have six shirts.
-I know.

[upbeat music playing]


Wanna go outside real quick?

Can I bring my fries? You don't get any.

[Kamari] Yeah, I'm gonna eat 'em.

[Abbey] Where we going? You lead.

[Kamari] I feel bougie
with my little glass in my hand.

You look bougie.

-Do I though?
-Yeah, you kinda do.

-What's up?
-You good today?

Do I seem, like, off? Do I seem weird?

-Do I look rough? Tell me the truth.
-Um, not...

Did you bring me out here
to check on me? That's cute.

No, actually, I did. I just want to
holla at you, make sure everything is...

-Yeah. Yeah.

I'm definitely sensing a little bit
of confusion between Abbey and I so...

I don't want to hurt her feelings,

so at this point
it's necessary we have a conversation.

'Cause I'm not trying
to start a relationship right now.

So before it even gets
to that point with her,

we need to make sure
we're on the same page about things.

Part of the reason I moved here, honestly...

-I, um, was in a relationship.

I was actually, uh, married.

-Married? Like, married?

-Like married-married.

Yeah. Like, wedded.

-Lawfully wedded.

Me and my ex met when we worked
at a fast food restaurant together.

We became friends
and then it became something more.

And we dated for almost
a year and we got married.

I was 20.

We were married for almost five years

and it was just not working.
We were both unhappy.

I mean, his job was so demanding.
He never had any time.

He was always gone.

And I was alone all the time.

So we split in the very beginning of 2021.

I think it's for the better,
but it's been very difficult.

It was really hard afterwards and I'm not...

I don't wanna be in a relationship.

-Thank God.
-Basically. Yeah.

-That's where I'm coming from.
-I was worried.

I was like,
"She's going to fall in love with me."

-No, you can't take that.
-I did. I was like...

-"Yo, I already know how this is going."
-I hate you.

Too late, Kamari.

[laughing] Girl, fuck outta here.

-Yo, you're mad annoying.

That's where I'm coming from.

So, you know, you can speak.

I'm glad we're on the same page
as far as expectations.

We'll just move forward knowing that.

If you go play the field
and do what you do, and go on a date...

-I ain't gonna give you no side-eye.
-You're gonna be spying in the bushes?

-I'm not one of them.
-Aw, why not?

You would like that?

-Yeah. I wish. I mean...
-Shut up.

♪ Beneath the stars tonight
Intention burning bright ♪

♪ We've got time to make up
We've got life to shake up ♪

♪ I can see you and me
Goin' down in history ♪

♪ Like a force from above
Can you feel the love? ♪

♪ Can you feel the love? ♪

♪ Can you feel the love? ♪

[woman] Hi, Keauno.

I just wanted to let you know
that Grandma passed away.

Call Dad when you get a chance.

He can give you the details.
Okay. I love you, Keauno. Bye.



[line ringing]

-[man] Hey, Keauno.
-Hey, Dad.

How are y'all?

Uh, we're hanging in there.

Do y'all know, like,
a date for the funeral?

As soon as Mom tells us,
we'll let you know.

She'll probably put it
in that family group text.

-Okay. How is she doing?

Oh, it's hard.
[voice breaking]It's hard right now.

She does good and, uh,
then she breaks down.

She has a lot of good memories.

[Keauno] She's strong.

She's the strongest one.

[Keauno] I'm sorry. I love you.

I love you too, Keauno.

I love you, Dad.


["Hole in the Sky" by Jack Door playing]

♪ When you wake up in the morning ♪


♪ And you notice she's not there ♪

♪ There's a hole in the sky ♪

[Keauno] My grandma meant a lot to me.

Growing up, my grandma
raised me in the summers

and just had such
a positive outlook on life.

This is my first grandparent to pass away,

so this is a very difficult moment.

Not only for myself,
but for my whole family.

I got to FaceTime my grandma twice.

Before she passed, that day

she said, "Live your best life." Like...

[voice breaking] "Follow your heart."

I'm like, "That's what
I'm doing here." [sniffles]

[knocking at door]

[Bruce] What's up, bro?

What's up, man?

[Keauno sniffles]

-What's up?

[Bruce] What happened?

My grandma...


Uh, she passed...
She ended up passing last night.

She hasn't been, um...

-healthy for the last five, seven years.

-It's okay to cry, bro.
-She passed last night.

But my mom FaceTimed me yesterday.

I barely said anything
and I regret it, but...

[Bruce] Hey, it's okay. Hey, bro.

Come on, man.

It's okay to cry, man.

I was very thankful, beyond words, um,

for when Bruce listened
and was so supportive of everything.

I was so thankful
for the words Bruce told me

and the love he gave me.

She's listening
to this conversation right now

and she's smiling
and she's loving on you, bro.

And, I mean,
she's placed certain people in your life

to love you and be supportive of you.

And I think that's
one of the reasons you're here,

is to be surrounded
by people that love you.

And you've got me and you've got Kamari
and you've got Michael.

And you've got Nate and you've got Oscar.

You got the girls next door.

I don't think you've ever been so loved
in your life as you are now.

Life's too short to have any regrets.

And you know deep in your heart
she loves you, man. Stop.

I love you, dude.

["Youth" by Alex Di Leo playing]

♪ But all I know is
I don't wanna lose my ♪

♪ Youth ♪

♪But I keep coming back to ♪

So if you guys didn't know, I'm Latina.

[Abbey cheering]

I'm done.

So I made us
a traditional Cuban dish, picadillo.

When you eat this, you're eating me.
No, I'm kidding.

-[Keauno] Oh, my God!
-[all exclaiming]

[Bruce] Delicious. Thank you!

-[Kamari] Yeah. Thank you.
-It's really fucking good.

I wanna do a toast, um...

One for this amazing meal
led by our head chef, Natalie.

-[scattered cheers]
-Come on!

[Keauno] Um...

Throughout the day I've updated a few
of y'all, but so that everyone knows, um...

My grandma passed last night, um...

And it's been very hard, um...

So I'm gonna leave.
I'll be gone just for a little bit.


It's okay, man. We're here for you.

-Thank you.
-I'm sorry, Keke.

We got you, man.
You got a good support system.

You're weight's all of our weight.
We're here to help you carry that.

You don't want to go through
that alone. So we got you, bro.

-We love you.
-[Keauno] Thank you.

I feel like everyday I'm here,

I'm even more thankful
than the day before because of y'all.

My grandma... I love her so much.

Um... But I know she's in a better place
and she's looking down.

And she's so happy
for the people I have in my life.

So I'd like to do a cheers to my grandma
who is resting in peace,

for our family we formed,
I'm very thankful.


[all] To Grandma Toni!

I love y'all.

[uplifting pop music playing]

My grandma's very special to me.

I am currently living my best life,
working on myself,

finding out who I am.

However, family comes first
and I need to go home.

To be there for my family,

be there to support them, as well as to
be able to pay my respects to my grandma.

[uplifting music continues playing]

My dream is to

become the president of America.

-I got bad news for you.

[whispers] Not gonna happen.

I was born here.

[normally] It's not the race thing, dummy.

Like, you're a fashion designer,
not a politician.

Call me stupid one more time.

I called you "dummy."

-You're not stupid. Just a dummy.

I think you probably come across
a little ditsy too.


Yeah, just say smarter things.

[both laughing]

[Kamari] How you feeling?

You get on my nerves.

[Kamari] I mean, we are so cute.

-Fuck off.
-[Kamari speaks indistinctly]

I'm feeling pretty down
that I didn't get the bartending job.

It's definitely a low moment
because I wanted to get on my feet

and stabilize a little.

Um, but Kamari is definitely
a welcome distraction.

-[Kamari speaks indistinctly]
-Do you wanna go in there?

-[Kamari] Why you do this to me?
-[Abbey] I'm not doing anything.

I'm literally just standing here.

[Kamari] All right, come on.

[both chuckling]

[sighs] All right
all right, all right. Oh...

Yeah, this shit is becoming a lot 'cause...

Abbey and I, we kickin' it.
It's a lot of tension here and shit.

She knows what she's doing.

-Don't look at me with those eyes.
-[Abbey] I'm not doing anything.

Abbey, when she get in this mode,
she does this shit with her eyes.

Ball's in my court. I either do something,
or I don't do something.

But she lives right beside me.
I'm playing with fire.

I don't know... Oh, my gosh.
I don't know what to do.

Yeah, I wanna do what I wanna do
and, uh, maybe that's Kamari.

-[Kamari sighs]

[Kamari] You're so soft.

[Abbey laughing] Fuck. Don't break my bed.

For real.

["Connect" by Quise.B playing]