Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 2 - I'm Playing with Fire - full transcript

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["Come On" by Chair Model plays]

♪ You've been, you've been
Running through my mind ♪

♪ And I've been thinking
That it's just about time ♪

♪ We get together, get together, whoa ♪

♪ So come on ♪

♪ Come on ♪

I think Michael's walking around
with some, like, BDE this morning, bro.

-What? Oh, wow.
-Some big dick energy.


You walk in the kitchen just like,
"Yo, good morning, fellas."

Like, "What's up?"

[Kamari laughs]

You walked in with Laura?

-Is that her name?

Roxy's face was
like... like, "What the fuck?"

[Michael] Really? What does that mean?

Ro... Yeah. Wait. Roxy was, like, jealous...

-Not jealous but like...
-She wasn't jealous but she was like...

-I don't know. She may be feeling you.

-[Kamari] Yeah, she may be.
-Wow. I had no idea.

I don't think Roxy's
been flirting with me.

I just think she's being
a nice human being to me.

Maybe she views it
as charity work, you know?

Abbey was on some shit last night.

With you?

-What do you mean by that?
-[Kamari] She's very flirtatious.

Know what she said to me?

She's like, "I'm definitely
better in bed than you."

I'm like, "First of all, little girl, I..."

[Bruce and Keauno chuckle]

"Pipe down. You don't know shit about me."

If we were to hook up
and... and that shit went left,

then everything else gonna go south.

She's a very, like, assertive,
aggressor type of flirter.

She got them blue eyes
that she just pierces into your soul.

-And I'm just like, "Oh, shit."

["Feel Something Good" playing]

[Natalie] I know that, for men,
their G-spot is in the ass.

[Keauno laughs] Stop!

[Natalie] But I know that my girlfriend
said it felt like she was pooping.

-I poop easy.

[Natalie] I am dead.

♪ Feel something good ♪

♪ Feel, feel something good ♪

-Hello. How's it going?
-Yo, what's up?

I'm trying to get a job. Check this out.
Triple-A affiliate for the Texas Rangers.

-Come on.

Okay, I kind of know what that is.
It sounds familiar.

-I don't know what it means but...

So I moved to Austin
for, you know, a new job.

Um, maybe potentially,
uh, get into a relationship

with a young lady down here.

-So you've got an interview.
-Get out of here. I got an interview.

Do you know what
you're gonna wear to the interview?

Shit. No.
I literally didn't bring anything.

I'm literally the fashion person here.

So I feel like we should
check out some boutiques.

I'm down 100%.

Isha, she's got her own fashion line.

She's gonna help me go shopping and
pick something out. So, kind of excited.

What do I get out of it
if I help you choose your clothes?

-I mean...
-What's my prize?

I'll cook you dinner. Take you out to eat.

[upbeat music playing]

[Raquel] I've been
dropping hints at Michael.

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Or should I drop it in someone else's lap?

Before you go get your bagels,
we were talking about you...

-That's actually freaking hilarious.

What'd you guys have to say?

We were kind of curious

as to like the date situation
that you never dished?

-Yeah. Yeah.
-No, not, "Yeah."

-Come on, dish. Come on.

-What do you want to know? I don't know.

Is that your thing? Is that your type?

I don't really have a type or a thing.

It's just like I want
to try some new things.

-I'm just trying to have fun.

-[chuckling] Yeah.

"Just trying to have fun."
That's the vibe that you're on right now?

Yeah. Yeah, I think, like...

Just get to know someone
a little bit. Play it by ear.

I have no plans for the future, you know?

Just take it one step at a time.

Dude, you're...

-Can I be honest?

You're so hard to read.

-I don't know.

-I feel like I'm pretty good with people.

And... I can read them.

And sometimes you're hard to gauge.

So, like, okay...

What's your, like, type?

Like, are you a womanizer?

No. Definitely not.

Um, so, like,
I've never had a girlfriend before.

-Oh, yeah?
-Yeah. Yeah.

I'm, like, kind of a novice. You know?


So, like...


I'll just tell you. I'm a virgin.

-Okay. Okay.
-Uh, yeah.

But that's something
that people are pretty taken aback by.

-No, yeah. My back is taken.

-Um... [chuckles]

I can't say I can
give you tips or pointers.

That's okay.
That's for me to discover. You know?

I was confused at first,
but it all makes sense now.

I am not the person to take virginity.

I... I can't.

I think that's something...

The sacred cucumber
is best for someone else.

You know, I've done my fair share
of, like, hand and mouth stuff.


-Okay. Yeah.
-Uh, yeah, no. But, uh...

Yeah. I feel like it's probably time...

"Hand and mouth stuff"
is literally still sending me.

I'm trying not to smile,
but I'm screaming inside.

Weird way of putting it.

"I've done my fair share
of hand and mouth stuff."

Little bit of foot stuff,
but who's asking?

-Oh! Hey...

[upbeat music playing]

[Keauno] I'm going to the gym.

-Oh, have fun.
-Thank you.

I'll see you later.

-I'm excited for this. Gonna be fun.

-Hi. How's it going?
-[woman] How are you?

-Hey. How's it going?
-[woman] Welcome.

Let me know
if I can help you find anything.

He's here shopping
because he has an interview.

-[woman] How exciting. Congrats.
-I know. I'm excited.

I definitely think a collared shirt.

[Isha] What about this?

-You're the girl with the fashion line.
-Oh, my God.

Looking at these shirts,
they cost like $175.

I was just like, "Oh, my gosh."
I almost laid an egg.

It was way out of my budget,
way outta my price range.

I'm more of a, uh, Goodwill,
thrift store kind of guy.

I feel like this is where, like, a very
high-powered CEO would come to shop.

What do you think about
dressing rooms with curtains?

I get anxiety about them.

There's that little sliver
where someone can see...

[Bruce] I feel at any moment
someone could come rip the curtain open,

and I'm just, like,
standing here butt-ass naked.

-I like this one.

This is classic interview material.

-I could literally go jacket, no jacket.

Tucked in?

I could own it. So... [snaps fingers]

You're giving very much
Ken and Indian Barbie vibes right now.

-I could wear this on a date, 100%.

First date vibes?

Bruce is not like other guys I've dated.

I tend to go for the Timothée Chalamets,

not really the jock, Channing Tatum vibes.

I think he's hot,
but knowing he's from the South

kind of has me speculating
on where he stands politically.

I mean, he wears
cowboy boots unironically.

I feel like we vibe very well. I think
we're very complementary of each other.

-Does that make sense?

-I thought we appreciate the same things.

-Appreciate you.
-Of course.

Thank you.

I think we both understand
that we come from

two completely different sides of the US.

I think that's what makes us get along.
'Cause we're both very understanding

and just, like, banter back and forth,
laugh, have a good time.

That's the kind of girl I'm into.

[upbeat music playing]

-[Michael] Where's the baking soda?
-[Bruce] Here.

-[knock at door]
-[Keauno] She's here. Hello?

-[Natalie] Hey, guys!
-What's up?

-[Michael] You know how to make cookies?
-Yeah, but this doesn't look right.

It's gotta be right.

Okay. "Step one,
one cup butter, softened."

Can this go in the microwave?

-[Bruce] What can I do?
-Just use the biceps. Here we go. Okay.

-[Bruce chuckles]
-[Natalie] I could do better than that.

-Come on. Amp it up, baby.
-Oh, my Lord. Get outta here.

So I went to my second lunge theory class.

I saw this guy. I could...

You know when you can tell
someone notices you?

-I could tell he noticed me.

I came out pretty late.
I came out when I was 25.

I've never hooked up with a guy.

I haven't even kissed a guy before.

I want to learn to be gay
or be Gay Keauno in Austin.

Has Abbey told you about Friday?

-The party?

-They're having a pride party Friday.
-Oh, my God. How fun!

I don't know if I'm overthinking things.
Is this just a friend? A date?

-Sounds hot.
-[Natalie] Right? Yeah.

I'm gonna have dinner
with this guy I met at the gym, Nate.

I don't know. I just feel like
he's interested in me and, uh...

I don't know.
I'm sweating right now thinking about it.

[Isha] Did you and Michael hang out?

Yeah, we went to this mini-mart
and we got some things for the house.


And I... I learned
a little bit more about Michael.

-Oh, shit.
-Did you guys know that he's a virgin?

That's fucking crazy.
I was gonna ask him that.

That's amazing.

[upbeat music plays]

-[Bruce] Appreciate you giving me a ride.
-[Michael] Of course. Mm-hmm.

Are you excited? Nervous?
How are you feeling?

I'm really excited, but the nerves
are creeping in just a little.

-It's like pregame butterflies.

A big goal of mine in moving to Austin
was to get back into professional sports.

The more I sit and think about it,
the more I realize how real this is.

It's going to be, uh, tough.

[Michael] Do you know how much you'd make?

More than what I'm making now.

-Which is nothing.
-Right. Yeah.

You know, being unemployed, I'm just
living off my savings right now. So...

What about you? Comedy?
Anything... Anything new coming up?

Uh, still doing it, you know?

-Still trying. Yeah.

I've only been doing stand-up
for three months.

I'm as bad as it gets. But, uh...
Some view that as a negative,

but I just view it as,
"I can only get better."

Hopefully. You know?

We're in Pflugerville.

When I had my waiter job,
it was here in Pflugerville.

-Yeah. I'd get off this exit every day.

-[Bruce] Wow.
-Yeah. For a week.

[chuckling] You were
only a waiter for a week?

-Yeah, one week. I was horrible at it.
-What happened?

Um... [chuckles nervously]

On my third day, I spilt salsa on a baby.


And, uh, that was... That was enough for me.


[Michael] Yeah. [chuckles]

-This is it? Nice.
-[Bruce] Dell Diamond, baby. That's it.

-[Michael] Good luck. I'm excited for you.
-I need all the luck I can get.

-[man] Bruce? How we doing?
-Mr. Jackson.

-Tim Jackson. Thanks for joining us.
-Nice to meet you. Thanks for having me.

Let's head outside.

[Isha] Can you tell me
if Bruce is conservative?

I can't 'cause we haven't...
We haven't discussed politics in the crib.

What do y'all talk about?

-Protein shakes?

You're funny.

There's a lot
of cultural differences, I think.

Okay. Yeah, clearly.

I don't think we align on certain beliefs.

Not that I've really asked him about it,
but I'm very politically liberal.

But you don't even know his views yet.

Isha's getting in her head about
all these things concerning Bruce.

She needs to forget about it
and see if she actually likes him or not.

You gotta be clear
with your intentions. You feel me?

Let's say y'all go to dinner,
have a great night.

-[Isha] Mmm-hmm.

...what if he, like...
What if he tries to kiss you?

I was talking to Kamari.
I feel like he's definitely right.

I need to just bite the bullet and
figure out more of what I need to know.

I feel like you did
flirt your way into this.

-I'm about to say...
-So weasel your way out.

I don't know how
to get myself out of this.

[upbeat music playing]

-[Michael] Hello.

-Guess what?

-Dude, I think I crushed it.

-Yes, man.
-Fuck yeah, dude.

♪ Closin' our eyes, we feel the sunrise ♪

♪ Takin' over, pull me closer ♪

♪ 'Cause I just wanna breathe
Set my spirit free ♪

♪ Stop countin' minutes
Start being in it, yeah ♪

♪ We're chasin' flames... ♪

-Let's go. Let's go.

You need to do your hair, dawg.

-It's a mess?
-Bro, yeah. You Jimmy Neutron-looking ass.

-[both laugh]

-[Abbey] Hello.
-[Natalie] What are you doing?

Well, I think Kamari and I
are gonna do a little day drinking.

-Wait. Can I come? Yes!
-You wanna come?

-Of course you can come.
-I can come?

-I just...

The more the merrier.
It's fun when it's the three of us.

-I know. We vibe.
-Definitely. Fuck yeah.

You have to help me find what to wear.

That's cute. Yes, I like that.

It gives, like,
maybe, like "housewife," but, like...

-...ready to have an affair.

-I'll get fried pickles.
-[Kamari] Don't know.

-Okay, yes.
-You like fried pickles?

-We're like best friends now.
-[Abbey] You besties?

-[Kamari laughs] Yes.

Wait. Kamari, that was so smooth.
Did you see that?

-He just put it...

He put the straw in his mouth
and he just went...

-[Kamari] Oh, my God.
-So smooth.

[Abbey laughing] Anyway,
what were you gonna say?

Yo, she keeps me laughing.

[Natalie] Do you speak Spanish?

[Abbey] He doesn't speak Spanish,
but he really likes to pretend he does.

Since I am newly out of a relationship,
out of a marriage,

um, I definitely have been trying
to just, like, do what I want to do

because I have a tendency
to get co-dependent.

[in Spanish] So, Abbey?

What's up with you and Kamari?

-[in English] No.

-My name...
-[Abbey in Spanish] He understands.

How are you feeling?

-[Kamari] Eh...

-[in English] Y'all gotta cut this.
-[Natalie laughs]

[in Spanish] Is there flirting?

-Is there...
-Yes, yes, yes.

Do you think that tonight is when you...

-You know what.

[Abbey] Seriously, stop!

He doesn't understand.


-[in English] Oh, shit.
-I'm gonna be real.

-The sexual tension is palpable. Okay?
-[Abbey] Stop.

-It turns me on a little. I'm sorry.
-[laughs] Stop.

No, but seriously...
So you guys gonna fuck? [laughs]

-[laughs] Stop!
-[Kamari] Holy shit.

-I'm kidding.
-No, you're deadass.

-Oh, this is fun. I'm having a great time.
-[Kamari] No, I'm serious.

-I'm definitely getting another one.
-Yeah. Maybe three more. Light 'em up.

-Can I have a shot?
-[Kamari] You're such a good time.

I love when people think I'm being funny,
but I'm serious.

She's deadass.
That's why she's not laughing.

-[Natalie] I'm literally so serious.
-[Kamari] I'm gonna kill you. [laughing]

-You're funny.
-How do I do this?

I don't even know where it comes from.

-[Kamari] Yeah, no, this is fun.
-Recovering from the...

This might be one of
the best dynamics in the crib.

-I love this.
-[Abbey] I agree actually.

-[Kamari] Yeah, good time.
-No, but seriously, let me know.


Let me know. Let me know if...

You'll be the first to know, all right?

-[Kamari] Yeah, you will.
-Pinky swear. Look at me.

Natalie is a great wingman,
let me tell you that.

If I was trying to pull some girls,
I'm definitely bringing Natalie with me.

-Don't start when I leave the table.
-[Abbey laughs]

See, y'all crazy.

-Like, you know.

-You know...

Obviously. Obviously, yes.
I am attracted to him.

-And there's definitely something.

But I don't wanna
dive into something too fast.

Think if you have sex
it'll change something?

Sometimes it does.

-And I don't know him that well.
-Makes sense.

That's exactly what I'm waiting to see,
actually who he is.

-Because I think that...

-I don't wanna fast-forward too much.
-Right. Right, right.

And then be like,
"Fuck. Why'd you do that?"

I've done a lot of things
like that in my life.

I dunno. I'm trying to learn
from my fucking mistakes.

-That's what our twenties are for.
-I know.

But I keep making the same mistakes.

[pop music playing]

♪ You've got my heart racing, body pacing
I can't catch my breath ♪

-♪ Tongue-tied, starry-eyed... ♪

Hi! I'm a hugger.

-Are you?

-[both chuckle]
-[Keauno] Good to see you.

What are you drinking?

-I had to get a marg 'cause I was nervous.

I'm so excited to go out with Nate.

I don't know if this is, like,
friendship or boyfriend-ship,

and so I want to get to know
more about him and see, like,

if he'll make a move
or maybe I'll make a move.

How long have you lived here?

-Uh, two years this month, actually.
-Oh, my gosh.

What made you choose Austin?

Um, I was just looking to... like,
for a change. Yeah.

-I only know my roommates.
-Yeah, that's crazy.

I'm a gay-by.

-So, like, I'm very inexperienced.

And so, like,
I want to come... I want to go out.

Are you, like,
looking to meet somebody soon?

-Yeah? Okay.

-Like... Like soon soon?

Because I'm definitely willing to help.


So when I moved here I was looking
to meet people to make friendships.

And, like, down the road, yeah,
like, I started dating.

-I'm talking to somebody now.
-[disappointed sting]



It's just like... It's the pushing yourself,

and, like, you're figuring out...

who you are and what you...
You know, what you do want

out of this community,
out of, you know, your move to Austin.


Totally don't have to go
if you don't want to,

but my roommates and I,
we were going to go to a party at,

I don't know if it's a bar or a "club..."
A bar called Rain?

-Oh, yeah. Rain.
-You know what it is?

-It's fun?
-[chuckling] Yes.

We're... There's, like...

-All the roommates, we're all gonna go.

I'm, like, so nervous.

My roommates are more excited
than me. I'm like...

You will be so fine. You will be so fine.

If you're free, you can come.

Yeah. No, I think that would be fun. Yeah.

Go rock this party tomorrow.

[chuckles] You'll be just fine.

Thank you.

He says he's just "talking" to someone,

and, you know,
maybe something romantic can happen,

so I want him to meet my roommates

and come out and experience
my first gay bar in Austin.

-You're my first Austin friend.

I'm glad I helped you on your treadmill.

[Keauno] Oh, my gosh. Thank you.

[Nate] Of course.

[upbeat music playing]

[Bruce] Hey!

-[Abbey] Gnarly.
-I'm gonna fart. I'm sorry. [farts]

[both laughing]

[laughing continues]

[pop music plays]

♪ Dedicated to the better days...♪

[Michael] I've only ever let
a handful of people

come to watch me do stand-up.

But I'm closest with Kamari, so I figured
he'd probably be a cool person to bring.

You know, it's a super embarrassing thing,
bombing in front of a friend,

so I'm just hoping this one goes well.


[indistinct conversations]

This is dope. This is a nice little setup.

Yeah, it's a cool vibe.

-How you feeling?
-I'm always nervous before a set.

-Bro, you're funny.
-Thanks, man.

So just walk out for real.

Hopefully you still
have that opinion after this.

I'll probably be the only one laughing.

This is gonna be dope.
I've never been to stand-up before.

Really? This is a bad first one to go to.

-But we'll take you to a real one.

I think if Houston is the armpit of Texas,
then Austin is the clit

because conservatives avoid it.

[audience laughs]

Little about me,
I identify as sexual prey.

-[audience laughs]
-I buy Plan B, but at the last minute,

I just, like, toss in a pacifier.

[Kamari laughing] Oh, my God.

And I'll say to the cashier,
"We'll see how the night goes."

Oh, shit.

[audience cheering, applauding]

[host] Hell yeah.

Time to go embarrass myself. [chuckles]

Your next comic... Put your hands together
now for Michael Fractor, everyone.

Let him hear it.

[audience cheers]

All right, you guys are probably
wondering about all the cameras and stuff.

I'm on a new show.
I think they said it was called Dateline.

Supposed to meet a chill-ass 12-year-old.
Next thing I know, I'm here.

All right, now, time for jokes. Uh...

Uh, we have cool words
like "hand job" and "foot job."

I think it's time we start calling sex
a "pussy job," right?

'Cause right now, it's just what my
parents call my career at Forever 21.

[crickets chirping]

[laughs in disbelief]

This isn't my act, by the way.

I'm just proofreading my suicide letter.

You guys ever push so hard
while you're pooping

that you accidentally let
some pee out from tomorrow?

When I went through puberty
my dad gave me the talk.

He ran into my room one day
and he said, "Michael,

you know what they call someone
that doesn't wear a condom?"

And I said, "No."

And he went, "A father!"
And he just ran out.

[crickets chirping]

All right. Thanks, guys.

-[audience cheering]
-[Kamari chuckles]

-Keep it going for Michael Fractor.
-Can't win 'em all.

-[Kamari] Good job, man.
-[Michael] Not my best.


[audience laughing]

[Michael] That was
a real piece of shit there.

["Help Me" by Jon Worthy playing]

♪ There's no laughter these days ♪

♪ When am I gonna wake up and say ♪

♪ I have no reason to be ashamed ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Help me
I can't shake this feeling away ♪

♪ Help me, I feel like I'm going insane ♪

♪ Help me
I got nowhere to go, I'm afraid... ♪

[Kamari] Michael!

Give me a hug.

[Raquel] Hi, Michael.

-I just destroyed my room.
-[Kamari] Yeah.

-[Kamari] It's normal. It's normal.

That was single-handedly
the most embarrassing...

-[Isha] Really?
-Embarrassing moment of my life, yeah.

-I did not do a good job.

A big thing I learned
from doing stand-up in Austin

is I'm not as funny as I thought I was.

Uh, another thing I learned is...
Oh, what else did I learn?

That's all I've learned.

But at the same time, it's like,
"Don't give up yet, you little baby."

"Just keep trying."

[Natalie] Michael?

-No, Michael.
-[Michael] Yeah, I'm fine. It felt good.

[Isha] I think I can understand
why Michael is so upset.

I feel like he is a little bit
of a perfectionist.

Trying and constantly wanting
to get better at something.

That's the sort of person
that I definitely wanna be around.

It was nice to see that side of Isha,
that she has that kind of caring side.

Because it was definitely
a thoughtful act.

[Isha] He only has ten shirts, but
the ten shirts he owns are fucking fire.

[pop music playing]

-[Abbey grunts]
-[Natalie] Yeah. Stretch it.

-This is your twenties.
-This is rough.

-Figuring out how to get a bedsheet on.
-How to make a bed.

-[Abbey in Australian accent] Excited?
-[Natalie] I can't wait.

I am super excited for Keke because
I feel like this is his opportunity.

This is, like, his moment.

I know. To really just express
who he is and meet someone.

I think we should angle
to get him, like, a kiss.

I want to go all the way, but I'm extreme.

-So, kiss. You're right.
-[laughs] Start with kiss.

Tonight is a huge night for Keke.
He's going to his first gay bar.

Um, but I'm worried that he's attached
and just has Nate in his head.

So I really hope
he gets out there, he flirts a lot,

and he sees what Austin has to offer.

-Finished product.

-Oh, wow, your bed is comfy. [chuckles]
-Okay. Pillow fight.

[upbeat music playing]


[Kamari] Oh, not my ChapStick
just floating in the pool.

-This damn Burt's Bees. Need that.

[chuckling] I'm dead.

-Who knows what we'll run into tonight?

I'm looking for myself, but we...
We have to secure something for Keke.

We gotta feed him some drinks,
get him feeling good, get him loose.

Realistically, let's get bro, like...

He wants a farmer.

-Wants a farmer?
-What if we found him a farmer?

-Dude, if we find him a farmer...
-That's love at first sight.

I think everybody is excited
to take Keke to his first gay club

and just help push him
out of his comfort zone, honestly.

You and me, we gotta be
the best wingmen we can possibly be.

-Shit, Michael too. Pull him into it too.
-Yeah. Dude, that party's coming up.

We gotta go shower.
Can't go smelling like pool water.

-We got it.
-We got it, baby.

[mellow music plays]

Okay, we have a lot of shit here.
This is low-key mysterious vibes.

-This is very Keke.
-Day one.

I'm gonna model this for y'all.

[all cheering]

Fashion show.

I'm excited Nate is coming tonight.

I'm hopeful that he is into me

because how awesome would it be,
my second week in Austin, to meet a guy?

-[Isha gasps]
-Oh, my God.

-I love
-[Isha] I like.

Wow. You're so attractive.

-[Keauno] Yes! What do we do?
-[Natalie] Yay!

[Bruce] Let's go!

Where do we go?

[Kamari] Whoo!

[Natalie] Hey!

You're beautiful.

Oh, yeah!

[upbeat pop music playing]

-[Bruce] What's up? How are you?
-Hi. I'm great. How are you?

-[Bruce] Good. What's your name?
-I'm Extra.

-[Bruce] Extra?

-Extra, like...
-Like, "Girl, she's extra."

-I was about to grab that if I...
-[Bruce] You like... Yeah? You like that?

That's nice, right?

-[Extra] Oh. Wow.
-[Bruce] Whoa!

Y'all are... Y'all are gassing me up.
It's going to my head.

[Extra] Let it go to your head.

-Ya gotta calm me down.
-Which head?

-[Bruce] Oh, shit.
-[all laughing]

[Bruce] I'm dead. Y'all smooth.

[Isha] My perception of Bruce is changing.

I feel like maybe
he's a little bit more open-minded

than I initially gave him credit for.

That is definitely
an interesting twist in the night.

Are you having fun though? Like...

I invited my friend.
I don't see him though.

-[Natalie] Where is he?
-[Keauno] I don't know.

Nate isn't anywhere in sight.

It doesn't look like
he's going to show up tonight.

-Let's go mingle. No, you got this, baby.
-I'm scared.

[hip-hop music playing]

♪ Give 'em what they want
Give 'em what they want ♪

♪ Shorty, she built like a stripper ♪

♪ I'm off there drinkin' that liquor ♪

"Sex, music and rain."

That's a badass shirt.

I need to get one of those shirts
by the end of the night.

-[man] You have to take it off me, man.
-Really? There's only one of 'em?

You wanna switch shirts right now?

-You wanna do it right now?
-I'll switch shirts right now.

Jersey swap!


Let's go!

My guy! Yes, sir!

Let's go!

-Yeah! Oh, yeah!
-[woman laughs]

♪ Give 'em what they want...♪

Go, Keke!

Let's talk over here. What's up?

I feel like I...

-I've only ever lived in California.

I have never really been
around, like, Southern people.


And I had a perception of you
that was probably incorrect.


I didn't think that you actually liked me.

I thought that you, like...

pretended for the camera.

[Bruce] No.

And I also thought that
you were a Trump supporter.

-I mean, I'm very much a moderate.

-I mean, respectfully.
-Yeah, I know.

I hope you can respect that.

If you want me to be brutally honest,
I don't want you to stereotype me,

and I want to let you know
from the bottom of my heart

I'm not stereotyping you.

I know we come from completely
different sides of the country,

but at the end of the day,
we're both human beings.

I love the person you are.

-I really do.

-It's been amazing getting to know you.
-Thank you. Yeah.

-And I really do mean that.
-Me too.

And I want you to know that.

[Natalie] Where can we look
for some single cuties?

It looks like Nate isn't showing up.

I'm really disappointed.

This isn't how I pictured
my first gay bar experience.

-[Keauno] I'm so embarrassed.
-[man] Don't be.

This is... It's how it works.

Case closed and, uh, I'm sad, honestly.

[dance music playing]


I'm Keauno. We're new here in Austin.

[man] Hi.

[Isha] Keke is the most amazing person.

[man] I think that we'd be besties.
If I'm being completely honest.

Just as I'm sad about Nate,
all of a sudden it feels like

all the club lights shine on this one guy.

Here comes this cowboy,

and I'm like, "Who is that?"

-[Keauno] I love the hat.
-[man] Thanks.

In Texas, if you work in politics,
you wear your hat, you wear your boots,

and you kiss your gun.

Talking to him, he's so smooth,

and we start dancing,
and he's all up on me.

I've never been this close
to a guy before.

[man] You have to message me
so I can take you out.

[Keauno] Why?

[man] Because I think
I can show you a really good time.

I'm in love.

Not like "in love" love,
but, you know, like, this is amazing.

Is he single?

[man 2] Yes, girl!

Are you ready, bitch?


Yeah, you got it.

You're so fucking cute.

[Keauno] You're so hot.

I didn't get my first kiss.

However, I got his number,

so maybe I'll text him
and see what happens.

[Kamari] As long as he's good.
As long as Keke's having fun, we're good.

I got my mini me with me.

-I'm your "mini"? Your "mini me"?
-Yeah, you wanna be like me.

Why you copying me with the drinks?

Why you looking at me like that?

'Cause I'm worried. I'm worried.

You worried?
What do you got to worry about?


-...going through, right?
-[Kamari] What do you mean?

-We all gonna... Yeah, we got you.
-Y'all are gonna take care of me?

We got you. You know I got you.

-You got me?
-Yeah, I got you.

I think Kamari, um, and I definitely, um...

magnetically are drawn to each other.

Abbey Humphreys, oh, now you fine.
You know that.

You know that.

You put me and Abbey in the same spot,
shit starting to heat up.

I ain't even gonna lie. I don't think
either one of us wants to catch feelings,

but definitely feel like
I'm playing with fire at this point.

[sensual pop music playing]

[sighs wearily]

Oh, man.

[laughing] I knew this was gonna happen.

I don't know why I did it,
because I said I wasn't gonna do it.

And this shit... I don't know
what's about to happen now.


["Wild" by Beacon Light plays]

♪ Tonight we goin' wild
Wild, wild, wild, wild, wild ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Tonight we goin' wild
Wild, wild, wild, wild, wild ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, ballin' ♪

♪ Tonight we goin' wild
Wild, wild, wild, wild, wild ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, ballin' ♪

♪ Tonight we goin' wild
Wild, wild, wild, wild, wild ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Dance club ♪